Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 7/1/15: Season 4 Episode 7 Margaret Cho and Holly Robinson-Peete Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 7/1/15: Season 4 Episode 7 Margaret Cho and Holly Robinson-Peete Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday July 1 season 4 episode 7 called “Margaret Cho and Holly Robinson-Peete Swap Lives,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Margaret Cho leaves behind her laid-back, no-rules lifestyle with her friends and swaps places with Holly Robinson-Peete, a married mother of four who beliefs in staying organized and keeping a tight schedule.

On the last episode, Vince Neil and Gunnar Nelson swapped lived, Vince Neil was an American vocalist and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. Gunnar Nelson is also a singer, but he is also songwriter international multi-platinum recording artist. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the ABC synopsis “Margaret Cho is a stand-up comedienne with numerous successful comedy specials who loves to push the envelope with her racy jokes. She also devotes much of her free time to fighting for equal rights and equality for the LGBT community. Residing in Hollywood, CA, Margaret lives with her best friend, comedienne, burlesque performer and actress, Selene Luna, and performance artist, Moni. Her close family often visits. Not a fan of cooking or cleaning, dirty dishes and old take-out containers are always a staple inside the home. She also prefers not to bathe regularly and rarely showers in her environmentally sound outdoor tent shower. Margaret, Selene and Moni don’t follow a set schedule and enjoy sleeping in late and drinking wine in their pajamas during all hours of the day.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 episode 7. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.



#CelebrityWifeSwap tonight features Margaret Cho and Holly Robinson Peete. Stand up comedian Margaret Cho is a wild child and she was married for a long time but now is split up. She works on marriage equality and has for a long time. She says her house is a mess but there’s a lot of love. She lives with her BFF Selena Luna. Margaret says they order a lot of food in and drink a lot of wine. Moni is a drag queen friend of hers who just moved in. Margaret says she never bathes unless she’s forced to. Her parents and brother come by often. She says they are old world Korean but are very accepting.

She says she’s swapped all over the country and knows she’s the best. Holly Robinson Peete is an actress and has been married 20 years to Rodney a former NFL player. They live in a nice LA neighborhood and have four kids. Rodney says they play sports all the time and coaches his kids. Holly says they have a busy schedule with sports practices and games and they go over their hectic schedule. 17 year old Ryan doesn’t like taking a back seat to the sports.

Rodney admits the boys take up most of his time. They run the HollyRod foundation and have offices on separate sides of the house. Holly says she wants her kids to win in society. Rodney says the new wife needs to know he runs his house. Margaret packs as does Holly. The hubby and kids tell Holly goodbye. Margaret says the new wife needs to have an open mind. Holly says she doesn’t spend a lot of time in this part of Hollywood.

Holly is shocked by the gold lions out front of Margaret’s place. They explore the homes before they meet the families. Holly goes inside and sees all the crazy stuff. She says it’s like a haunted house like the Addams Family. Margaret says the house is way too clean and is like a museum. Holly says the kitchen is nasty and sees the fridge is full of takeout. She wants to do the dishes. Margaret pokes around too. Holly sees a photo of Margaret and says she’s a fan of her comedy.

She says it’s crazy Margaret will be her kids’ mom. Margaret sees the photo and knows Holly immediately but is scared of all the kids. They both read the household manuals. Holly reads about who lives there – the drag queen and her assistant and says her relatives and friends are always there. Margaret reads about all the sports. She wonders how people live likes this. Holly says the lack of schedule is crazy. Now they meet the families.

Rodney hugs Margaret and says he knows her comedy and hopes she keeps it clean. Margaret says she knows nothing about sports and Ryan says she doesn’t either. Holly meets little person Selene, Margaret’s brother Hahn and Moni. She tells them Margaret has four kids now and they laugh. Margaret says it’s so crazy to be in this guy world. Holly chills with wine and asks them if there’s really no structure. Selene says there is no schedule.

She says they are all nightclub performers and are out late so they sleep late. She tells Holly she has to perform Margaret’s stand up. Holly says she needs to make it hers somehow and is appalled by what she reads. The guys come back from the game and tell Margaret to sit for a family board meeting. Margaret says they’re doing stuff every minute of the day. Rodney says to be a future star athlete you have to work hard. He tells Ryan to help get the boys ready. Ryan finds this annoying.

Margaret says her mind doesn’t work like that and she’s about creativity and flow. Holly heads out to make her stand up debut. Selene says the good thing is the crowd is usually tipsy. Margaret’s family is there to support her. Selene introduces her. She comes out and is bombing. She says it’s the hardest thing she’s ever done then tells the crowd about the show and that she hopes Margaret isn’t f-ing her husband. Hahn says she did great and it was great once she went off script.

On day two, Rodney says he has to take the boys to school and heads out. Ryan and RJ show her what they have for breakfast and she says she doesn’t usually eat. They make her the same fiber kale drink their mom drinks but Margaret can’t choke it down. Holly and the others are in their PJs relaxing. Holly asks what they have to eat and Selene says they don’t eat breakfast. Holly gives up and takes a glass of wine. The kids are at school and Rodney is working but Margaret doesn’t like being alone.

She says she’s bored and not creatively inspired and says she works with Selene all the time. Moni does a fashion show and she and Holly try on Margaret’s expensive clothes. Holly says she can’t remember the last time she played dress up and says she runs into her closet, changes and runs out. Holly is appalled that Margaret has all these expensive duds lying on the floor. Margaret has a lunch date with Rodney in the kitchen and asks why they don’t work together.

Margaret says Rodney should look for ways to spice it up with Holly since they’ve been married so long. She says the root of the family is your relationship and you have to keep it hot. He asks about her relationship. Margaret says you need sexual variety without threatening your partner. They go back to work. The Chos all go to an Asian market with Holly to buy stuff for a traditional Korean meal. Holly is hungry but Hahn says she may be in for a surprise.

The boys are back from a game and are hungry. Margaret is sick of the sports talk and chats with Ryan. She tells her she had two tests today. Rodney shows Margaret how to fix dinner and interrupts. Margaret says Ryan is being ignored and not getting the attention she deserves. Holly and the Chos sit down for dinner. Holly is shocked when she’s told the soup is cod semen. They all tease her and she’s worried she’s going to vomit. She takes a bite.

Selene says homemade Korean food is delicious but Holly is struggling. She tells them she can’t eat the semen soup. Rodney and the boys are outside practicing while Margaret hangs out at the pool with Ryan. Ryan tells her she takes photos of the pool and says she likes expressing herself creatively but her dad doesn’t see it. Margaret tells her that her dad didn’t understand the creative life she wanted but now they do. She says she missed out on time with them when they didn’t support her.

Margaret thinks Rodney needs to build a relationship with his daughter. Now it’s time for the rules change. Holly wants more structure and Margaret says she’s going to pop everyone’s balls.

Holly greets the Chos and crew and says there’s a new sheriff in town and Hurricane Holly is in effect. Margaret says no more structure and they need to relax. Holly says no more day drinking and Moni freaks. She says beds are or sleeping only. Margaret says no more sports and they will nurture creativity. Holly says they will all exercise and Moni says she’s done. Margaret says they need father-daughter bonding so they can hang out without the boys. Ryan is excited about that.

Holly says the house is a mess and they need to declutter. Moni says she doesn’t clean. Margaret handcuffs Rodney to her with pink handcuffs and says he’s always too far from Holly. Holly puts the family to work cleaning the house. They throw out all the take out. Holly says all Moni does is moan. Selene is nauseous cleaning the fridge. She says Margaret will turn it back in a second. Margaret takes Rodney to a sex expert at a dungeon. Rodney wants to leave but Margaret says it will be helpful.

Margaret wants him to spice up his marriage with Holly. Margaret thinks they need some role play to spice up their lives. The therapist suggests to him some role playing activities and he gets into it a little. Rodney says he ended up kind of liking it. Holly puts the Chos in matching tshirts and takes them ot to play kickball. Holly is getting pushback from Moni and she takes the ball and throws it away. She says she only goes to park to do something illegal.

Margaret then gets the kids to embrace creativity. One of the kids tells her he’s not really creative. She says they can make some jokes about his family. She gets him to come up with some jokes. He says his mom pretends like she’s in the game when they watch sports. She says to do that as a joke and says girls love funny guys. Holly made brunch for the Chos and wants to know why Moni is so resistant. She talks to Moni and she says they usually don’t have rules.

Moni and Selene agree to try harder. Margaret then takes Rodney and Ryan out to do some bonding. They go do some art. He talks to her about college then boys. Ryan says she’s been busy with school and says what if she ends up with an artist instead of an athlete. Rodney says as long as she’s happy, he’s happy. He says he loves her. They hug. He hugs her and says all she does does not go unnoticed. Holly, Selene and Moni clean up the closet next and Holly’s happy that Moni is playing along.

On the last day of the swap, the kids are all into creativity and they’re doing your mama jokes. Margaret laughs at them. Now the ladies pack up to go back home to their people. Margaret says she loves these kids and wants them to slow down a bit. Holly is worried about her husband being a swinger by the time she gets home. Selene, Holly, Rodney and Margaret meet to talk. She introduces Rodney to Selene. Rodney asks how it went. Holly says it was bizarre.

Margaret says that’s a great compliment. Holly says it’s a hot mess like you have never seen. Margaret says she restored the house and is proud of it then Holly goes off on the nasty mess. Selene tells her the house is organized and clean now and Margaret says it will get messed up again. Margaret says Holly and Rodney have so much going on, they don’t have together time and says their offices are so far apart she felt alone. Holly says being with him distracts her.

Margaret tells her she took Rodney to see Nina Hartley, a sex expert. Holly is shocked. Margaret says she handcuffed Rodney to her and took him to a dungeon. Holly is shocked. Rodney says it was uncomfortable at first and Margaret says it was about bringing something into the relationship and they talked about role playing. Rodney says he was uncomfortable at first and it’s kind of fun. He talks about the athlete being interviewed by the reporter after the game.

Margaret says it’s just bringing back the mystery. Holly says they can try it. Holly says her new rules were just about being productive and healthy and says they stopped drinking all day. She says they played kickball and Moni was resistant and was her problem child but then she came around. She says Moni helped clean the closet. Holly says it wasn’t about trying to change her but bringing another side of her out. Margaret says her rules were about creativity and Ryan and Rodney having time.

She says she took them to an art studio. Rodney says he doesn’t tell Ryan he loves her enough. Holly says that’s great and they need to work on that. She says she admits she should have more one on one time with Rodney. Margaret says her kids are amazing and it made her regret not having kids of her own. Holly says she can come by and hang with them anytime. Holly comes home and the kids run to hug her. She says she’s going to try and chill with her family more.

Margaret’s family is waiting on her with hugs. Margaret says she’s realized you can have career and a family. They break out the wine. Six week’s later, Margaret’s kitchen is a mess and the day drinking is back on. Moni is trying to keep the closet clean. Rodney is trying to spend more time with Ryan and Holly and Rodney still haven’t found time to do somerole playing.