Chris Brown Changed Man For Daughter Royalty: Stopped Partying and Smoking?

Chris Brown Changed Man For Daughter Royalty: Stopped Partying and Smoking?

Chris Brown wants everyone to think he’s a changed man after learning about baby Royalty. Rihanna’s ex claims to have turned his life around but some are thinking Chris is putting on quite a performance. Brown’s perfect parent act is great but Royalty’s dad still can’t shake whispers about his hard partying antics.

Chris has been cleaning up his reputation ever since having to fight for shared custody of his 1-year old daughter Royalty Brown. Chris may be off probation for the assault on Rihanna but he still has to keep his nose clean.

One false move and Royalty’s baby mama Nia Guzman could run right back to custody court and ask for his rights to be revoked.

Of course there is plenty of evidence that Brown isn’t reformed at all. For example, remember the TMZ report about Chris Brown and an alleged sizzurp addiction? The picture of Chris with an alleged sizzurp cup happened right around Halloween.

Brown won shared custody at the end of September. So he was already past the custody hearing and still was possibly using some pretty dangerous drugs.

MTO even suggested that Chris Brown might be telling on himself in a recent Coke photoshoot. Brown posed in several different photos while wearing a few different Coke (as in Coca Cola) branded shirts.

One of the photos was different though and none of the branded merchandise was showing. Instead, Chris was pulling his shirt up to show off his notoriously chiseled abs and shockingly, they were sprinkled with white powder.

MTO is suggesting that the powder either is or represents cocaine and that Brown is hinting that he may have a drug problem.

If Chris Brown really is trying to rehabilitate his image, dropping hints about a coke problem and allowing photos of the sizzurp cup is not helping his cause. Nobody is buying the sudden good boy act but there is no doubt that the singer loves his daughter Reports claim that Brown did quit smoking for his daughter.

We’re betting that is true because the singer was asked to submit to urine testing during the custody hearing when Chris was given joint custody of his baby with Nia Guzman.

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