Dance Moms Recap – Jessalynn Won’t Ever Shut Up: Season 5 Episode 4 “Bye Bye Pittsburgh”

Dance Moms Recap - Jessalynn Won't Ever Shut Up: Season 5 Episode 4 "Bye Bye Pittsburgh"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday January 27, season 5 episode 4 called, “Bye Bye Pittsburgh” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode LA is only one week away and JoJo and Jess return to fight for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again.

On the last episode with Maddie heading to Los Angeles early for a new exciting opportunity with Sia, the ALDC team was down another member and the moms questioned Abby’s dedication to the week’s routines since her favorite dancer was gone. Abby needed a sub for Maddie, so she called in new dancer JoJo, whose star quality threatened both the moms and the girls. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “LA is only one week away and JoJo and Jess return to fight for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again. As the team prepares for their big Hollywood adventure, Holly and Jill grow concerned that Abby’s focus will only be on her favorites and Nia and Kendall will be forgotten. After hearing about Maddie’s next big Los Angeles opportunity, Holly and Jill vow to take matters into their own hands.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 4– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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It’s #DanceMoms. The drama and cat fights start now! At ALDC, Holly and Nia come in and Nia says her granddad is really sick and she says when they go to LA, she may have to come home. Abby comforts Nia and says she’s never seen her cry and says it’s okay to cry but her granddad wouldn’t want her to be upset. She says it’s rough stuff. Abby says that hits her close to home watching a loved one deteriorate.

Abby says JoJo is back for one more week. Abby says she’s rude but fabulous on stage. She says it’s the last week before LA and they need to redeem themselves from their second place at the last competition. She asks the girls how they can expect to audition in LA when they’re second place dancers. Holly says setting up a new studio is taking time away from training the girls but Abby says she can do it all.

Holly thinks she has too much going on and is going to spread herself thin. She has Nia at the bottom of the pyramid for leading the number and it not winning. Holly doesn’t agree. Kendall is next and Abby says her feet were off and she’s thinking about her face too much. Kalani is next then Maddie for not being there. Maddie says she performed with Sia and with other celebrities and it was really cool. Abby says this is why we’re going to LA – for all the opportunities.

Abby has formed her own management company and is grooming them. She has JoJo next on the pyramid. Jessalynn asks if she’s taking them to LA and Abby says she doesn’t know. Abby says JoJo talks too much and Jessalynn says it’s a good thing. Kira says she heard JoJo on the phone with a store demanding free clothes because she was with ALDC. Mackenzie is at the top of the pyramid. This week’s competition is World Class Talent.

Kendall gets a solo called Clueless. Jill says she’s going to leave Kendall with Melissa because she has an event and Abby says she doesn’t care. Maddie also gets a solo. The last solo goes to JoJo. Abby says this is her last hurrah. The group routine is called Frozen Together. She says the group dance must be amazing. The moms head upstairs. Abby says it’s inspired by the Disney movie Frozen and says she doesn’t want another second place.

Holly tells the moms that doing LA on top of competing seems like it’s way more than Abby can chew. Holly says Nia hardly gets any attention as it is. Jessalynn asks Kira if she was making fun of JoJo’s voice. JoJo has a little lisp and Jessalynn reminds her that she got onto her for talking about stuff in front of the kids. Kira tells Jessalynn she needs to learn how to be a guest. Holly tells her she’s an instigator and Kira asks Holly to teach Jessalynn some manners.

Holly says school is out with her and there seems to be no class. Jessalynn and JoJo talk at their hotel about hopefully getting to go to LA and winning Abby over. Jessalynn is bleaching her daughter’s hair. She says she wants to do movies and commercials but also wants to be on Abby’s team. Next day, Abby works with her on her solo. Abby tells her that positive attention is good and says she’s bigger than life. She starts her solo routine.

Maddie and Kalani watch and Maddie says she’s good. Abby is impressed by how many turns she can do. Jessalynn asks the other moms if they can handle it if JoJo gets to go to LA. Holly say it’s a really big jump to think she’d go when she’s not even on the team. Jessalynn says it’s okay if they’re threatened by her and Melissa cracks up. Next up is Maddie’s solo and she tells her to be an old washed up silent film star for her solo.

Jessalynn says Abby knows who she’s going to market in LA. Holly agrees. Melissa says she has meetings set up for Maddie, Ryan Seacrest is interviewing the girls and Maddie is reading a script. Jessalynn asks if Abby set anything up for anyone else on the tip. Kira says it’s a mystery. Holly doesn’t speak up but is thinking the same thing. Abby asks Nia if she’s heard anything else about her granddad. She says he may be getting out of the hospital but still isn’t himself.

Abby gives her a hug and says she cares about her and him too. Time for the group number. JoJo is a beat behind and is doing her own thing. She’s watching the other girls in the mirror and Abby says some girls aren’t good group dancers. Abby says to be a successful working dancer you have to be able to do that. JoJo sasses Abby and she says she crossed the line. She says to go upstairs and tell her mom she’s out of the group dance. JoJo says she’s not even late on the part on she says she was.

Jessalynn says not to let Abby make her cry since she’s not worth it. Abby comes to talk to the moms and says they can’t go plan things on their own and says she’s their manager and will handle availability. Holly wants to make sure that Nia gets the same opportunities. Abby says that JoJo can’t work with the other dancers but Jessalynn says she was just fine. That sets Abby off and then Jessalynn talks about what she gave up to be there. Abby says she’s getting something, not giving up things.

Kendall works on her Clueless solo based on the movie. Abby says Jill is kind of Clueless too. Holly says Kendall looks good. Melissa calls Jill to tell her how good of a job she did. Holly says it’s better when she’s not there and Melissa says Abby was smiling and happy. Jessalynn says Abby will realize it was a mistake to take JoJo out of the group when she beats Kendall at the solos. Nia’s dad takes her to see her granddad before she leaves for LA.

The day before the competition, they run the group number without JoJo. She stands in the back and follows along. The moms agrees the numbers is pretty. Holly says it sounds like Abby doesn’t have a solid idea for LA. Jessalynn says Abby has her favorite kids. Kira says Maddie and Mackenzie already have their breaks and the other kids need their opportunities. Abby tells the girls they’re leaving second place and asks if they’re going to walk in like that or as national champions.

They pull up to a screaming crowd. The girls warm up. Holly lets Nia talk to her granddad and he tells her he’s rooting for her and loves her. Abby gets a text and curses. She says they’re never coming back there again. The moms wonder what’s up. JoJo interrupts Abby and Gia and asks if she knows the order of the solos and Abby yells at her and asks if she’s learned nothing. Kira says she doesn’t like JoJo’s sass but that was totally unwarranted.

The mom’s talk and they wonder if someone is coming to try and beat Maddie. Abby comes out and says Kendall and Maddie are in the teen division here. That means the group is in the teen division as well. Only JoJo will be in the junior division. The moms are devastated too. Maddie is first out and the crowd goes wild. She’s worried that Maddie could tarnish her reputation by losing to someone who’s much older and more experienced.

She dances beautifully. The crowd goes nuts. Kendall is out next. Hers is really cute and bouncy and seems to be flawless. The crowd loves that one too. Jill says she’s nervous because she’s dancing against bigger, stronger, older dancers. Abby says JoJo has no excuse for not winning since her birthday kept her in the junior division. She’s channeling GaGa with her sassy number. Jill says the road to LA just got easier for JoJo and Jessalynn with this category change.

Abby gives last minute notes to the girls on the group number. Jessalynn tells her if she replaces one of her older dancers with JoJo it will drop them back down to juniors. That will leave Nia not dancing at all. Holly is furious she even mentioned it. Nia says she worked for her spot on this team. JoJo says she knows the steps. Jessalynn says the moms should put the team first. JoJo asks if she can do the group dance and Abby says no because she doesn’t blend well with others.

Jessalynn is shocked that she didn’t pull them down to junior and says she thinks they’re going to get eaten alive in the teen category. It looks very nice. The girls are all diverse in their strengths but they dance well together. It goes off without a hitch and the snow falling on them at the end. Holly says it’s the same old dance and choreography. First up in the awards are junior solos. Abby says JoJo has to win to prove she should go to LA but she only takes a third place.

Jill says she’s good but not all that. For the teen solos, Kendall takes third and Jill is pleased and hopes she doesn’t hold it against Kendall. Another girl takes second and Maddie takes first in the teen solo. Abby says Maddie is, as always, the only one she can count on. Now it’s time for group awards. The moms are really stressed. They take a second in the teen number. Holly says it hurts to see them lose two weeks in a row.

Holly and Jill talk and they worry that they’re going to LA without a win under their belts. Abby comes in and tells the moms that second place is starting to become a bad habit. She says it won’t be easy in LA. She says she wants to talk about LA before the girls come back. She says Maddie has booked Austin & Ally but says she’s for all the girls, not just Maddie. Abby says when they call her and ask for Maddie she has to give them Maddie. She says they’re not calling to ask for Nia. Holly says Abby has built Maddie’s reputation and Jill says she needs to give the other kids a piece of the pie.

Abby says Maddie’s work will create work. Holly says what she’s hearing is that she needs to get out there and find work for Nia. Abby says as Nia’s manager, she gets final say. Abby tells the girls that in an audition, there is no second place. Jessalynn asks where this leaves JoJo and Abby says she doesn’t need another third place dancer. She says says JoJo can’t be part of the competitive team but says she’ll represent her as a manager if Jessalynn brings her out there.

Abby tells her that she’s raising a brat. Jessalynn says she’s a hard worker and the other moms scream that their kids are too. Abby says she’s lucky that she’s even willing to represent her. Abby says she feels sorry for JoJo growing up with her. Jessalynn says JoJo is the most marketable kid there. Abby gets annoyed and says she can talk to Christi if she wants to find out what Abby thinks about unmanageable moms. Oh snap! Abby and the dance moms will be in LA next week. Can’t wait!