Dance Moms Premiere Recap – Abby Under Attack: Season 5 Episode 1

Dance Moms Premiere Recap - Abby Under Attack: Season 5 Episode 1

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday January 6, season 5 premiere episode called, “99 Problems but a Mom Ain’t One.” On tonight’s episode the ALDC’s fifth dance competition season is off to a rocky start when a key member disappears and cuts off all ties to the kids and moms.

On the last episode the moms from both the Elite and Select Teams faced off against Abby to hash out their grudges from this season and accused her of blatant favoritism. Maddie took the stage to talk about her recent success in Hollywood with the Sia video, the girls presented new dances, and of course, Cathy makes an appearance to ruffle Abby’s feathers. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “the ALDC’s fifth dance competition season is off to a rocky start when a key member disappears and cuts off all ties to the kids and moms. With one dancer M.I.A., Abby calls in an old friend to join the team. Abby’s world comes crashing down when an ex-student threatens legal action and could jeopardize the ALDC’s big plans for the season.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 premiere – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Dance Moms tonight!

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At the dance company, Abby greets Mack Z and Maddie and then Nia. Melissa compliments Abby on her weight loss and how good her skin looks. Abby says it’s time to get to work. Holly says the girls won nationals again and it was great, but was also heated and angry so she’s worried. They wonder where Chloe is and Jill says she hasn’t seen her. Maddie says she hasn’t talked to Chloe since before the blow out at nationals but says she hasn’t texted her back.

Jill says she still thought Chloe was part of the team and expects she and Christi to walk through the door. Holly says she’s waiting on the other shoe to drop and says Chloe has been there with the girls since day one and says it feels odd without her. Abby calls the girls in and Abby congratulates them on the win at nationals – it’s just Mackenzie, Maddie, Kendall and Nia in the room with her. Abby says the incident with Christi really ruined things for them all.

We see a flashback to Christi calling Abby fat and Abby telling her that Chloe is finished. Abby tells them that Chloe was welcome to come back and says it’s her mother, not her. Abby says Chloe didn’t show up and the show must go on. She says the LA studio is happening and says they have four weeks to make it happen. She says they are going to act and sing as well and dance – she says they are preparing them to become stars in Los Angeles.

Abby says they have all the recording artists, movie studios and lots of opportunities for them. The pyramid has Kendall at the bottom next to Chloe. She say she can’t deal with Christi. Next is Nia then Mackenzie and, of course, Maddie at the top of pyramid. She says Maddie worked professionally and was an integral team member. Abby says they are going to Sheer Talent in Niagara Falls this week and says they have three solos.

She gives one to Nia, Kendall and Chloe but since Chloe isn’t there, she doesn’t get it. Abby says the group number is Freak Show and says they are all in it. She says it’s their fifth season and says they won’t be juniors much longer. She says soon they will be in shows, movies and music videos or lead singers. She says that’s what this journey is for. She says there is a method to her madness and tells the girls to go get ready.

Abby then talks to the girls alone and says she was really surprised not to see Chloe there. Holly says they can’t have a competition team with just four people. Jill says they don’t know what’s going to happen and Melissa says let’s go eat, drink and be merry and not worry about it. Abby is working on the freak show number and says it should make the audience uncomfortable. She made it for five dancers but now they have four.

Nia is playing the strong woman, Mackenzie the contortionist and Kendall and Maddie will be Siamese twins. Holly and the other moms are still waiting on Christi and Chloe to walk through the door. Jill asks if she should call Christi and they decide to do it. The call goes to voice mail. Jill says she just doesn’t get why they haven’t responded to any of the moms or the team since the girls are all good friends. She thinks something is going on.

Abby tells the girls to get into character and be dark and seedy. Holly says Abby has just ticked off all the moms she can’t stand and says it feels different. She’s tearing up and say the team is divided and fractured. She says this is not the way to start the season. Abby says she has an idea and makes a call. The moms wonder who she’s calling. She says she’s looking for a new team member and asks the person she’s calling to get on a plane and come to Pittsburgh.

They are shocked to learn that she called Kalani’s mom, Kira. She says they’ll see her soon. Holly says she never would have guess that since Kira took her away because Abby wouldn’t let Kalani compete head to head with Maddie. Abby goes back to coaching and tells Nia to think pop art for her solo number. Holly says this number is designed to prepare her for casting calls in LA and says she can make it unforgettable.

Abby tells Nia she knows the music is difficult but says she needs to face the challenge. Jill says Kalani coming back means for sure that Chloe won’t be back. Jill says they need to move on since Abby is and Holly says Christi and Kelly were like the old guard and she hopes these issues won’t derail their girls and all their hard work. Kalani shows up and Abby is so happy to see her. She thinks Kalani will look great for LA. Abby says she’s happy to have her.

Jill says she’s surprised and says Kira could live them again. Kira tells the moms that all the issues have been worked out and she won’t leave again. She asks about Christi and Holly says she thinks they’re done. Kira says Abby told her there had been changes but didn’t mention Chloe or Christi. Holly says Abby added fuel to the fire but it was Christi’s choice. Abby gives Kalani the solo she had for Christi and the moms don’t get that.

Abby has her doing a tango type routine to some sort of James Bond music. Kira says Kalani’s solo is challenging because it’s mature, she’s in heels and only has two days to learn it. Kira says if Kalani can win, it will prove Abby needs to let her go head to head with Maddie. Holly thinks it’s ridiculous and preferential that Kalani showed up and got a solo. Holly tells the other moms they needed her eight months ago and she comes in and expects to pick up where she left off.

Holly says it was a pass and Kira says to take it up with Abby. Holly says she’s taking it up with her and says it’s wrong and how dare she. Maddie fills Kalani in on all the Chloe drama. The girls talk about how Chloe won’t respond to them on FaceTime or text. Maddie says she’s been dancing with Chloe since she was four and feels like she lost a friend and it doesn’t feel right without her. Abby is working with Kendall on a warrior themed solo.

She thinks Kendall needs to redeem herself for her ninth place at nationals. Jill says it’s nice but a lot of choreography. Abby gives her all her notes and shows her video and pictures of her mistakes. Jill says she’s seen worse and Abby says that doesn’t make it okay. She tells her if she wants to leave like Chloe to go. She tells Jill she can’t teach her, but can teach Kendall. She sends Kendall out. The group number is under construction still. Abby says it’s the last day and they need to get dark and weird.

Melissa says she’ll miss Chloe but not Christi since she was mean to her and the other kids. The moms talk about Christi’s social media posts. Then Kelly is re-tweeting her posts and causing a stir. Jill says they’re using social media to hurt other people and it’s wrong. They think it’s a campaign to try and destroy Abby. They’ve got hashtags and Christi has a lot of followers so it’s getting a lot of visibility. Holly says Christi is out to get Abby and it’s going to hurt their girls.

Kira thinks it’s horrible that Christi is trying to take down a team that she helped build. Holly says it’s a bloody war and lives have been drawn. The team is getting on the bus to head to Niagara Falls for the competition. Holly says there’s a lawsuit against Abby and it’s all over the news. Melissa says Paige is suing Abby and that she didn’t sleep and was up all night looking at everything. Holly tells Melissa she’s not being helpful and needs to calm down.

Melissa says they can’t let two people destroy their team. Now they have Kelly, Christy and their girls against them. Jill says they need to stick together and rally around Abby. The bus takes off and Abby says she’s given up most of her life for other people’s children and says some are grateful and some are bitter and ungrateful. Holly wonders what the public response will be and says the unknown is making them all uncomfortable.

They pull up at the show and Abby gets out to the usual crowd of screaming girls chanting her name. She smiles and waves. Jill says she didn’t know what to expect but says the kids and moms get them and support them and Abby. Jill asks Abby how she liked the crowd and says they love her. Jill says Abby can be tough but has always been the same. She says she wouldn’t bring her child there if it wasn’t the right place for her.

Abby yells at the girls to get ready. Abby says this is her life and livelihood and the girls have to represent her and win. Kendall’s solo is up first and Jill says she wants her to prove to Abby she’s better than ninth place. Her warrior number looks great. She makes eye contact and uses her prop well. The crowd seems to love it. Jill says she danced beautifully. Next up is Nia with her pop dance. She’s got bright yellow hair and crazy outfit. Abby nods her head and seems pleased.

It looks really cool and different and Holly says she saw a different side of her daughter with a lot of sass. Abby says all last season Kira wanted Kalani up against Maddie and says this is Kalani’s opportunity to show what she can do and says she needs to not blow it. Kira says Kalani is going to give it her best. Kalani heads out looking very adult in her heels and red dress. The number has a very James Bond feel to it. She’s graceful and lovely.

The crowd goes wild after it. Kira thinks Kalani looked amazing and showed Abby and the judges who was number one. The girls now get ready for their carnival number. Kalani is in a beard and they are all laughing then Abby seems to get bad news on her phone. Melissa follows her out and she closes the door and says she has to make a phone call. Abby got a message from her neighbor that news crews are at her house about the lawsuit.

The moms tell Abby that they are there to support her and are on her side. Holly says Christi is causing a media circus and says they are betraying them all. Holly says she knows Abby is going through a lot but says she has to hold it together so the girls don’t break down too. Abby gets up and talks to the girls. She tells them LA is going to be there before they know it and says people are saying things about her and pointing fingers at her.

Abby says she knows everything she does is for the betterment to her students and tells them to put everything on the stage and into the routine. She says to be on. She says win or lose, they are representing her and the legacy they generate. Maddie tells the girls they have to prove they are the winning team. The girls head out and the crowd is utterly silent. Jill says it’s important that they stick together as a team because of all the stuff that’s happening with Abby.

Mackenzie starts out then the Siamese twins do their thing. Nia lifts her weight and Kalani is working her beard. The number is so odd and interesting that it’s captivating. He crowd is immediately on its feet and Abby says she was blown away by the girls and the audience has their mouths open in shock. It’s awards time now. Nia takes second place in the pre-teen solos. Kendall takes first place in her solo category. Jill says she really redeemed herself.

In teen solos, Kalani took second place. In the group category, ALDC took first place. Abby says they are the overall high scoring group and all the girls placed. She says they need to keep going with their momentum for LA. The MC tells Abby that Sheer Talent supports her despite all the junk that’s being said on social media. He calls her up onstage and Abby says as a dancer, there are always critics, but you just have to love what you do, keep doing it and believe in yourself.

She thanks everyone for their support. Jill says they came in first and says she knows LA is cut throat and wonders what Abby has in store for them. She says the sky is the limit. That’s it for #DanceMoms tonight!