Dance Moms Recap – Cathy’s Candy Apples Are Rotten: Season 5 Episode 12 “Abby’s Trash, Cathy’s Treasure”

Dance Moms Recap - Cathy's Candy Apples Are Rotten: Season 5 Episode 12 "Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday March 24, season 5 episode 12 called, “Abby’s Trash, Cathy’s Treasure” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the media is going crazy for Maddie’s second music video with Sia so Abby has all of the girls doing duets in her honor.

On the last episode, the ALDC headed to Philadelphia with a risky non-lyrical routine. Nia, Maddie and Kendall were feeling the pressure with solos, and Nia was singled out with an ultimatum from Abby. Frustrated with the lack of support from Melissa and Jill and tired of being victimized by Abby, Holly made friends with two unlikely allies, which angered and alienated the original moms. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “the media is going crazy for Maddie’s second music video with Sia so Abby has all of the girls doing duets in her honor. Not everyone is a fan of Maddie’s latest work, especially Cathy, who has assembled a new Candy Apple team made up of dancers who have all worked with Abby and are ready to seek vengeance on the dance floor.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 12 – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts with Abby hugging and smooching Maddie and saying she’s so proud of her new project with Sia called Elastic Heart and she danced with Shia LaBeouf. They ask about the video and Maddie says she was a wolf and Shia was a person trapped in a cage with her. Then Kira sees a Candy Apples post about Cathy competing against them with a whole new team. Jill tells Abby that Cathy scooped up a couple of dancers that have auditioned for Abby including Haley and Tessa.

Abby says Tessa is a good little dancer but says Haley’s mom stalked her and was signing her book. That got her daughter kicked out. Abby says now Cathy has some girls who can really dance. Abby says no more third places. Kendal and Nia are at the bottom of the pyramid for not placing top five on their solos. She says no more solos for a while. JoJo, Mackenzie and Kalani are on the next line and says their dance was good but didn’t win. She says they have to blow people away.

Abby has Maddie on top for her big win in Philadelphia and Abby says they’re doing Energy National this weekend. She says no solos this week but in honor of Maddie’s amazing duet with Shia, they will do three duets. Abby says it’s two people working as one. She puts Maddie with Kalani for a number called Walking Through the Storm. Abby says last time they did a duet they won. Next is JoJo and Kendall for a number inspired by Freaky Friday.

Lat is Mackenzie with Nia and it’s The Little That Lived Down the Lane. That’s a creepy 70s horror movie where Michael Douglas played a child molester. Odd choice. The group routine involves a murder. Abby says they have to learn to act because they are headed back to LA in two weeks. The girls all run and hug her. Abby says they have to redeem themselves. She sends the moms out to start the rehearsals. In Ohio, over at Candy Apples, Cathy welcomes her new dancers.

Cathy says she’s over not winning and needed a new team. She says it’s been two years since she beat Abby and says they need to be her soldiers. She has Chehon there as a choreographer. He won So You Think You Can Dance. Cathy had worked with him at nationals in LA. Haley’s mom tells Cathy they are there to make sure she wins and says they have it in for Abby. Cathy tells the new dancers they have to prove they have no affiliation with Abby and says they have to shun her or they can pack up and go.

Back at ALDC, Abby explains the group number. She says it’s based on Clue. Abby says Mackenzie is a hot mess and the others aren’t into their characters. The moms discuss that the choreography looks different and isn’t quite lyrical. Jess says they need to find out who Cathy’s choreographer is so she calls Renee. She tells her to get a f-king life and hangs up. Jill says that team has such a chip on their shoulder. She says they want to beat them so badly they can’t see straight.

Maddie is interviewed for a local paper. Melissa says there has been a ton of press. Maddie says she gets a lot of questions about the video and people didn’t really understand the story so they have to figure it out. Melissa says she’s so impressed with Maddie because she’s so humble. Over at Candy Apples, Chehon is rehearsing a lyrical number with the new team. The girls have all danced for Abby at some point so Cathy is very confident. She tells them to be Candy Apple winners this week.

Cathy gets a call from TMZ and shushes the dancers. They ask her about Maddie’s new Sia video. Cathy says she almost threw up and says most parents wouldn’t allow it and says it’s not an art form. She says it made her uncomfortable. Cathy trashes Maddie then ends the call. Back at ALDC, Mackenzie and Nia rehearse their duet. At least she’s not using the movie’s sick story line. She has one jealous of the other. Abby says Nia and Mackenzie worked well in the the winning Amber Alert last year.

Holly is downstairs talking to Aubrey O’Day telling her they’re coming back to LA and says Nia wants to do a music video. The other moms wonder if she’s going to get in trouble. Holly pulls Nia out of class to talk to her. Melissa says Holly could have done this phone call before rehearsal since they only have one day. She says it’s not fair to the other kids and says she doesn’t do that with Maddie. Holly comes upstairs and says it was the only time she could get on Aubrey’s schedule.

Jess tells Holly that Melissa was complaining that it wasn’t fair to the other kids that she didn’t have Nia in rehearsal. Melissa says she’s lying and Jill’s eyes pop open wide at the lie. Maddie and Kalani start their dance. Abby says the problem is that everyone wants to see them fail because they’re both so beautiful and talented. Melissa tells the moms about Cathy talking to TMZ. Jill says Sia apologized about offending people. Melissa says she doesn’t read negative sh-t.

Jill thinks she’s sheltering Maddie and says now that Maddie is famous she will hear stuff. Melissa says there have been so many good comments. Jill pulls up a Huffington Post story about Sia apologizing for the video. Jill thinks Melissa should tell Maddie before someone else does. It’s the day before competition and JoJo and Kendall are rehearsing. Jess says it’s funny seeing Kendall look like JoJo. Now they do the group routine and bring out murder weapons.

There’s a candlestick, rope and the stuff from the game. A woman from Entertainment Tonight shows up to interview Maddie and Abby. Holly asks Melissa if this is different from Nia taking time out. Melissa has to admit it’s the same. Abby sends the other girls out. Jill says they can just all go home and this is all the do – the Maddie show – and they can’t compete. Jill says this may be the week they lose to Candy Apples. On competition day, Cathy shows up with her ALDC rejects.

Cathy goes into the ALDC room – it’s empty. Cathy says Abby must sit there because there are two seats. Outside, Abby is cheered by the crowd. The Candy Apples moms hide behind curtains in their room. Abby and the girls come into their room then Jill is startled when she goes behind the curtain. Jess says it’s like a Jack in the Box. Abby hugs a couple of the moms and then Cathy says they can’t be on her team if they don’t shun her. She pulls Renee away. Abby says Cathy is an idiot if she thinks those moms will be loyal to her.

Jess asks the moms if they want to touch JoJo’s jacket since it’s the closest they might get. Abby laughs. Then the other moms break into screaming. They are herded out. Cathy tells Renee that she told Abby would hug her. Abby comes in and says she’s known for Renee again. Cathy tells her to take her 80s hair and get her ass out. Abby tells her not to swear in front of the girls. Renee says she’s on Cathy’s team to win. Abby rolls her eyes and leaves.

Jill tells the girls they have duets like Maddie and Shia did and asks if they will have 22 million hits. Melissa and Kira talk to the girls to encourage their win. Abby says they have this competition and one next and then it’s back to LA where they got their butts kicked. She says to focus on winning and don’t worry about who else is there. Abby says Maddie just did a duet with a grown man who’s not a dancer but an actor so he could pull it off.

JoJo and Kendall’s duet is up first. It’s really cute – I’m not sure if the body transfer concept conveys, but it was fun. Jill says it was cute but she’s not sure that cute will win. Next is Nia and Mackenzie. Holly says Nia has to redeem herself so she’s nervous. Holly says it was powerful and they could win. She loved it. One mom tells Cathy it’s all the same six steps. She tells Melissa she should be embarrassed about letting her daughter do that video with a grown man.

Maddie and Kalani hear the fight. Jill says she tried to warn Melissa and now Maddie is hearing it from this ignorant mom. Kira turns to the crowd and asks if they support Maddie and the crowd all cheers. Melissa is in shock and says she hopes this nonsense doesn’t affect Maddie’s performance. She and Kalanie look beautiful in their lyrical number. The crowd cheers when they’re done. Melissa says she wants to scream because they did so well. Kira says she’s so proud of them.

Abby tells the other moms that you never say anything like that and says that mom would sell her kid to a stranger on the street corner to get her kid on TV. Abby says if the girls let those wretches beat them, she will never let them hear the end of it. Cathy tells the girls they have to beat her. ALDC goes out to do their Clue group number. Maddie dies at the end. Holly says it was good but she’s not sure it’s good enough to win.

The ALDC rejects that Cathy has brought in are ready to do their group number now. They have a set of steps as a prop and some of their timing is off. Abby says she liked the choreography and says it was interesting but if she loses against her, she won’t forgive herself. It’s awards time. JoJo and Kendall take 3rd place. Nia and Mackenzie win 2nd. Holly is thrilled. 1st place goes to Maddie and Kalani. For the group numbers, Cathy’s team takes 3rd place. ALDC takes 1st. Cathy says they were spotless.

She says they were robbed. Jess says they thought they were going to smoke everyone and it wasn’t even a contest. Abby says that shows that Cathy doesn’t know what she’s doing because those girls are good dancers. Cathy is in tears and says the Clue dance was awful and Kendall is terrible. Cathy tells Chehon and the girls will change directions next week. The other moms tell Cathy they will get her a win. Abby says she wishes they could do it like this in LA.