Downton Abbey Recap and Review: Season 5 Episode 2

Downton Abbey Recap and Review: Season 5 Episode 2

Tonight on PBS a new episode of their popular drama Downton Abbey airs with an all new Sunday, January 11 season 5 episode two called “Episode 2″ and we have your weekly recap and review below. On tonight’s episode we learn how Rose [Lily James] tries to get a radio in the house and see the arrival of an art historian.

On last week’s episode old attitudes started to change and Robert was snubbed by the village.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Rose plots to bring a radio into the house; Sarah tutors Daisy; an art historian arrives; and Anna [Joanne Froggatt] makes an embarrassing purchase on Mary’s behalf.

Tonight’s Downton Abbey season 5 episode 2 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Downton Abbey — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Downton Abbey.

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Downton is being revamped after the fire. Anna and Mrs Hughes are cleaning up Edith’s room and they find a photo of a baby under her pillow. Carson and Lord Grantham walk with the committee to the site they want for the war memorial. He asks about income stream to support it but Carson has all the answers. They’re looking at an old cricket pitch that isn’t used. Grantham says it should be in the center of the village like most of the others are. Carson asks if theirs should be no better than most of them. He’s duly chastised.

Jimmy is leaving and tells Thomas he’s sorry he put him through so much trouble. He says if anyone had ever told him he’d be a friend with a man like Thomas, he would not have believed it. He says Thomas has been a great friend and tells him he hopes he finds happiness. Thomas wishes him the same. Jimmy shakes his hand and hops into the trap and they’re off. Thomas keeps his job and another good guy rides away from Downton.

Molesley is checking his hair while Daisy and Mrs Patmore talk. She asks how Daisy studies are going and she says slowly. Molesley is serving food and says he’ll take it all himself because he can’t be bothered finding Thomas. Molesley asks Carson now that Jimmy is gone if he’s first footman and Carson says he’s first, second and third. Mrs Hughes says those distinctions are almost gone. She asks Carson about the meeting and he says it wasn’t great.

Isabel asks about the fire damage and Mary tells Edith she was an idiot for starting the fire. Lady Grantham mentions a painting they have in the house and that Charles Blake is curious to see it. Edith says Charles is using it as an excuse to see Mary. Mary says she’s away with AnnaBell Portsmouth next week on a sketching trip. They ask Carson and Grantham about the memorial. Then they bring up all the Russian refugees in York.

Tom says he feels sorry for anyone exiled from their country. Isobel says Mrs Henderson donated a wireless radio to the hospital ward. Rose looks interested but Robert tells her no. Edith shows up to Tim’s house and he tells her to follow his lead. She scoops up Marigold and talks to them about the fire. Tim says it’s wonderful the interest she takes in Marigold. He says he hopes she keeps her interest in her since she’s basically a foundling.

His wife says she’s one of their own now but Tim says her ladyship’s interest would be a good thing. Edith says she has to think about it. Tim says if people get used to seeing her with Marigold, it wouldn’t be proper if she dropped out. Tim says she could be Marigold’s godmother and Edith agrees but his wife says she already has son. He says she should take Marigold up to Downton to meet her niece and nephew. His wife is hesitant but Tim is encouraging.

Isobel, Violet and Dr Clarkson are having tea and discussing medical progress with diabetes and that it’s no longer a death sentence. Violet says she’s been invited to tea with Merton and Isobel says Violet may be the real quarry. Violet says she’s too old. Isobel tells her she’s at the end of her tether with her teasing. Thomas hassles Baxter and says he hasn’t forgot she tried to get him fired. Molesley steps in and they have a mini confrontation.

Rose comes down to thank Mrs Patmore for the dinner and she asks Rose about Sarah. She asks if Sarah would be willing to tutor someone. Anna tells Mary they have to choose her clothes carefully for her trip since she won’t have her there to help take them off. Mary says he can help. Mary then tells Anna she doesn’t want any “consequences” from her trip and says she can’t just go into a shop and buy something. Anna says she wouldn’t know what to buy.

Mary says she has a copy of a book that tells you what to get. Anna asks shouldn’t the man take care of that and Mary says she can’t rely on him. Anna asks what if she’s recognized and Mary says it won’t matter since she’s a married woman. Anna takes the book but isn’t happy. The servants talk about Rose wanting Grantham to buy a wireless. Molesley doesn’t get the appeal. Thomas tells Molesley that Baxter is upstairs and Daisy tells him to stop being nasty.

Thomas tells Molesley that Baxter is a thief and is lucky to be working in a public laundry much less a fine house. Molesley says there must be more to it but Thomas says there’s not and said she was jailed until right before he brought her to Downton. Bates comes in and cuts Thomas short and Molesley agrees. Thomas reminds Molesley that he listened to what he had to say about Baxter. Bates asks what that was about but Molesley says it’s nothing.

Cora tells Robert that the visitors will be there at tea time and he says they’re not a hotel and should start billing people. Edith says she’s been talking to Tim Drew about an orphan they took in. She says she likes the girl and would like to help her in some way with school fees or something. Robert asks if Tim put her up to this but she says no, it’s her idea. He says she can do what she likes but can’t just give up the child when she gets bored.

Rose reads an article to Robert about how wireless are now cheaper and more reliable but he tells her no again. Hughes asks Carson about the memorial and he says the Lord is fighting the garden idea. Hughes says she agrees with the Lord and would like to see it in the village so it could be seen more often. He says he’s disappointed in her and the Lord’s opinions and she says every relationship has ups and downs and walks off.

Anna goes to the pharmacist and asks to speak to a lady. He tells her to wait on the side. A male customer comes in and she waits on him then Anna steps aside to speak to her. Anna hesitates then shows her a page from the book. The woman says if you don’t want more children there’s always abstinence. Anna says she has health risks and then the woman finally sells it to her. She offers instructions but Anna runs out without her change.

Sarah and Daisy meet to set up her tutoring. Mrs Patmore organized it, is paying for it and has found the time for her. Cora asks her husband why he’s so against Rose having a wireless. He says they are thieves of life. Cora says it would be nice to have the news and says it would be a boon for the old. She asks Bates what he thinks and he says he can’t see the dowager with one. Robert says it’s a fad that won’t last.

Isobel and Violet arrive at Morton’s place. Isobel asks to see the gardens and Violet says Merton gets to decide what they do on the visit since it’s his house. Baxter asks Molesley what’s wrong and he says Thomas told her what she had done. He says his version was bleak. She says she’s not surprised. She admits to it all and says she was a senior maid in a wealthy household. He says Thomas said she stole her ladies jewels. Baxter tells him exactly what she stole and that she tried to cover it up.

Molesley asks if she had a cause or a reason. She asks what sort of and he says if someone had an emergency or something. She says she’s a common thief. He says he doesn’t believe her and she says that’s because he doesn’t want to. She says all she can say is that she’s not that person now. Merton has tea with the ladies and he says he read a book on quarantine and would like to talk to Isobel about it but she says they shouldn’t bore Violet.

He talks about the room they’re in that his mother decorated. Isobel says it’s enchanting. She says the library and drawing room are masculine and he says his rooms need a woman’s presence to make sense of them and says he feels like a bull in a china shop. Bates asks Anna why she’s not going with Lady Mary on her trip. She makes light of it then changes the subject. Cora asks Robert what she thinks about Edith’s generosity. He says she just wants someone to love.

He says he hopes the Drews don’t get sick of her and they worry she’ll drop the child when she has one of her own. Mary asks Anna if it was horrible getting the thing and she says it was and she hopes she can make do with just the one. Simon Bricker is there checking out the painting and says he’d like to see it in the daylight. He tells Cora and Robert he’s been in Egypt. Rose wants to invite Sarah to stay for dinner after tutoring Daisy.

Tom says Robert won’t like that but Rose is insistent. Charles is there and chastises Mary for not letting him know she didn’t choose him. She asks about Bricker and then tells Charles she’s sorry if she hurt him. She says it’s only lately she’s coming out of the mist and he asks if Tony Gillingham is the one coming out of the mist and she says maybe. He wishes her luck. Cora tells Tom he should invite Sarah to stay. Robert walks up and isn’t happy to hear that they okayed her to stay.

He calls her a tinpot Rosa Luxemburg. Rose asks who that is and Cora says she was a Communist shot and dumped in the river and says that wasn’t kind. Tom comes down to invite Sarah to dinner but she says she doesn’t feel like testing herself or Lord Grantham tonight and asks him to send her regrets. He offers her a car and she says she can walk. He says when in Rome and she says maybe he’s been in Rome too long. She says he could do anything he put his mind to.

He says it’s nice to hear her talk like he has a future. She says he could if he was away from them and their narrow thinking and says Sybil seemed to be a vastly different person from them. He says he can’t be the man again that Sybil tempted to run away with her. She leaves. Robert asks where Sarah is and then says plainly he’s glad she’s not staying to dinner. Tom doesn’t like his father-in-law’s attitude. Cora asks Bricker what he was doing in Egypt and he says escaping winter and seeing beautiful things.

Rose talks to Charles about collecting things for the Russian refugees. She says she wants to help and Robert says he’s glad Sarah is not there to chastise them. Tom speaks up and says he agrees with Sarah’s piece of mind. He reminds Robert that they killed Charles the first to get balance between parliament and king and Robert says he didn’t kill him. Tom says he didn’t shoot the Russian monarchs either.

Grantham asks Carson about the memorial and Rose tells Robert that the king is speaking on the wireless. Robert says if the king is using it, they should listen. Carson says maybe the king is giving in to the pressure of technology and Robert says they can just hire one for the day and won’t be corrupted permanently. Baxter goes looking for Molesley outside and he says he needed air before dinner. She says she knows she let him down but he says no, you made choices and paid the price.

She says she’s not who Molesley thought she was. She says she’s changed and he says he wants to know why that she did it and says he’s not persuaded she acted on her own. She says alone or not, she made the choice to steal and there’s no point trying to pass the sin along. She says she knows Molesley wouldn’t have done it no matter who asked him to do it or why. He says he wouldn’t want to see his family starve and she says she wasn’t starving.

She says she’d give a limb to rewrite that chapter of her life but can’t, not even for him. She walks off upset. Bricker asks about the little painting and she says the second Earl acquired it during the fall of the Bastille. She offers to show Bricker some other paintings tomorrow. Bricker is totaling flirting with Cora. OMG! Daisy tells Mrs Patmore that Sarah has made all the numbers so clear for her and she wished she had a teacher like her in school.

Hughes says to keep her praise quiet since Grantham doesn’t like Sarah. She says not to let on she’s been infected. Carson asks what it is and Hughes covers and says she’s worried she may have been infected with a cold from the delivery boy. Cora asks Baxter to tell her the whole story and says it makes no sense to have a jewel thief watching her jewels. Baxter asks if she’s fired and Cora says she doesn’t know and doesn’t know why not.

Charles asks what was wrong with Tom and Mary says he’s had no life since Sybil died and that their father doesn’t like his opinions. Rose asks if there’s any chance Robert will get a wireless. Mary says if he won’t get it for the king, there’s no hope. Mary asks Charles to be happy for her if it is Tony in the end. He says he wants to see her happy but tells her to be absolutely sure. He says she’s more clever than Tony and she says she thinks he’s as clever as she is.

She says she’s not a besotted house maid drooling over a photo of Douglas Fairbanks. She asks if he’s talking about sex or love and he says that’s the question of the ages. Robert rants about Sarah having a bad influence over Tom and Cora says she thinks Tom has just been sitting quiet. Robert says if Tom does want to leave, he can’t take little Sibby. He rants and says their oldest grandchild is about to be stolen.

Robert also rants and says to tell Bricker to stop flirting with Isis – he says there’s nothing in poorer taste than flirting with a man’s dog. (OMG – the idiot totally missed him flirting with his wife) Cora says she’ll tell him to stop flirting. Anna finishes her packing and asks Mary if she knows what she’s doing. She says she believes so. She tells Anna that life will be lived in closer quarters in the future, not with spouses in vast rooms apart from each other.

Anna tells her to be careful and Mary says she’s already has a lecture from Charles. Mary says she wants to marry again and doesn’t want a divorce. Anna wishes her luck and leaves. Carson and Grantham walk into the village to look over a possible memorial site. Robert likes it but Carson says he doesn’t like it close in. He says millions died and they’re remembering them with a convenient step to tie their shoes. They see a village woman – Elcott – and her son at her husband’s grave.

It makes an impression on Carson. Rose looks at the wireless and Daisy asks why it has so many wires if it’s wireless. The man sets it up and tunes it in. There’s music and Rose is thrilled. Mrs Patmore nods her head but as Carson comes in, they all scatter. Hughes says it’s exciting that Downton is catching up to the times they live in. He says that’s what he’s afraid of. Edith is playing with Marigold at the Drew’s house and her adopted mother picks her up.

Edith says she hopes they’re all united with the plan. Tim says they are but Margie is more hesitant. Margie tells Edith not to fill Marigold’s head with too many dreams. Edith promises to come again soon then leaves. Tim asks Margie what’s the matter and says she should be more gracious. Margie says she’ll cast her aside when she loses interest but he says he’s sure she won’t. The family listens to the king speak and they all stand as he speaks.

Mrs Patmore asks if he can hear them but Daisy says it doesn’t work like that. Mary checks into her hotel in Liverpool. She’s shown to her room and looks very nervous. The entire household listens to the broadcast then Robert shuts it off and asks Carson what he thinks of the king on the wireless. Carson says he prefers to think of him on his throne but Hughes says it makes him seem more real. Violet asks if that’s a good thing and says people might think the royal family is like them.

Isobel asks if that would be a bad thing and Violet says only if they want to stay at Buckingham Palace. Anna goes to talk to Thomas and says it must be hard now that Jimmy is gone. He says he’s not likeable and she asks if he would like to be. He says there are times he’d like to belong. She says that doesn’t sound funny to her at all. Then someone else comes in and Thomas sits alone. They ask to keep the wireless longer and Robert says to put it in the small library.

Rose says it’s a pity Mary missed it for her boring sketching trip. Mary takes off her jacket and then Tony is at the door. She says she feels naughty for using a fake name. She asks how he got the connecting room and she asks what’s the plan. He says out to dinner and then they’ll come back and make love all night and as long either of them has any stamina. Mary kisses him. Hughes asks Carson about the memorial and he says they settled on the village.

He says the walk to the village convinced him and says he’s happy he and she are now back in agreement. She says that flatters her and it makes her want to check the mirror to see if her hair is tidy. Thomas says there’s a policeman there to see him. Hughes sends Thomas off and asks him to sit down. He asks about Mr Green, Mr Gillingham’s valet and if he stayed here last year. The police says something has turned up and their trying to establish its significance. Hughes asks what has turned up and the cop says – a witness.