Downton Abbey Recap – Edith’s Baby Drama: Season 5 Episode 5 “Episode 5”

Downton Abbey Recap - Edith's Baby Drama: Season 5 Episode 5 "Episode 5"

Tonight on PBS a new episode of their popular drama Downton Abbey airs with an all new Sunday, February 1 season 5 episode 5 called “Episode 5” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Rose’s  [Lily James] handsome new acquaintance is met.

On last week’s episode we gpt to see the trials faced by Mary and Lord Gillingham, and Bates as well. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per say the PBS synopsis “meet Rose’s handsome new acquaintance and watch Bricker and Robert lose control.”

Tonight’s Downton Abbey season 5 episode 5 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Downton Abbey — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Downton Abbey.

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Rosamund comes to Downton. Rose reads the paper about a man who opened a nudist colony in Essex. Violet says it’s terribly damp. Isobel says she’s likely not their target customer. Rosamund tells Edith she wants to hear about the child she’s taken such an interest in. Robert says he’ll be out of town on business for a couple of days. Violet asks Isobel what she decided to tell Merton on his proposal but Isobel says she thinks she’ll tell him first.

Mrs Patmore says an old aunt of hers has died and has left her some money. Carson asks if she wants to know what to do with the money but Hughes says she should ask Tom Branson. Carson is a bit off put by that. Rosamund calls Edith to her room and asks about the farmer’s daughter. Edith tells Rosamund she knew she’d bring her child back. Rosamund asks if she can see the child since she gave up 10 months of her life to bring her into the world.

Edith tells her that the farmer’s wife thinks she’s a nuisance. Rosamund says this is a danger to her reputation with no reward in sight. Tom comes down for dinner and Robert pours him a drink. He tells him he won’t invite Sarah to any more dinners. Robert tells him that he knows he feels like an outsider sometimes. Tom says he doesn’t feel like a freak or a fool with her about his views. Robert says at least with them he’s seen both sides of the argument.

Robert tells him not to make nothing of this achievement. Carson calls Anna and says Sergeant Willis wants to talk to her this morning and Lady Mary. He asks her to warn Mary. Thomas is very interested. Violet goes to see Dr Clarkson and tells him that he must help. She says Isobel has developed some interests she’s not sure of and doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. Clarkson asks her if she resents Isobel getting a change of position.

Violet plays like the question confuses her and asks Clarkson if he wishes Isobel to live a hollow existence and a life of no worth. She says their duty is clear. Edith and Rosamund show up to see Marigold and Margie Drew. Tim comes out and his wife says Edith has brought her aunt. The girl starts to cry and Edith wants to comfort her but Margie snatches her up and away. She and her aunt leave and Margie tells her husband that Edith wants her daughter as her toy and its his fault.

Carson asks Hughes why he told Mrs Patmore he didn’t live in the world enough to give her money advice. She asks what advice he would give her. Molesley comes and says Sgt Willis brought a man from London and wants to talk to him. Anna goes and tells Mary that Willis has brought an inspector from Scotland Yard. Mary tells her she’s catching a train in the morning to see Blake and they need to leave early. Mary says let’s get this over with and they head down.

Sarah talks to Tom and he tells her that she’s making life hard on him. He says his child is one of them and clarifies that he doesn’t hate them at all. He says he’s glad to see he’s not the only socialist left on earth but says they need to call it a day on whatever this was. Mary tells the Inspector about the last time she saw Tony and how she had to make the train. The Inspector asks if it was a great surprise when she told Anna that Green was dead. She said it was a shock.

Willis is terribly interested in Anna being in London the day that Tony died – are they looking at her for his death? Violet and Isobel have tea and she tells her that her maid keeps talking about her mother being infirm and may leave. Violet says she’s infirm but Isobel says she’s no more infirm than Windsor Castle. She asks Isobel to come on Thursday and says Clarkson will be coming. Violet says Shrimpy is on the trail of the Princess and says she may be working in Hong Kong.

Isobel asks if she’s tell Kuragin but Violet says she’ll wait until Shrimpy is certain. Willis asks why Carson tried to hide that Anna was in London. Anna says that likely he just forgot. She says she liked Mr Green just fine. She says she’s in London often and is going with Mary tomorrow. The Inspector tells her to go no further. Robert tells Carson he’s looking for some new builders for the village. He points out one firm and says they should all be putting their money into building.

Rose gets help carrying her parcels in the rain from a mystery man. He offers to walk her to the church. She tells him that she fixes tea and cake for some Russian refugees twice a week and he says he likes cake so she invites him along. He says he’s very sorry for the Russians and says he has some Russian blood himself. He introduces himself as Atticus Aldridge. Carson comes to Mrs Patmore and says she should invest in the building trade and says it would offer a good return.

She asks if he has any firm in mind. He says he hears their name everywhere. She asks if you can buy shares and if they’re public. He’s clueless but is trying to play knowledgeable. Carson is annoyed to see Sarah there but Daisy blows up and says that Sarah is leaving because of Tom. Sarah says it’s not quite like that – it’s just she got a better offer. Daisy says she always gets insulted there but Carson says she gets the reception she deserves. Hughes comes in and asks what’s what.

Mrs Patmore says Carson has given her investment advice and Sarah is leaving the village because Tom won’t stand up to Robert. Carson asks Hughes who Mr Viner is and she says he’s the Scotland Yard Inspector. He says he may speak to him and offer him some help. She tells him not to make trouble and he asks her shouldn’t he do his duty. She asks if he’s not feeling well and says he looks poorly. Cora tells Robert that Bricker is coming to take a photo for his book.

It aligns to when Robert is out of town. She says the mention in the book will increase the painting’s value. They squabble and he says she’s not forbidden from inviting him. She scoffs and says she already is. Daisy whispers to Tom and tells him that he’s making a big mistake letting Sarah go. She says she knows Sarah loves him and he should stop her. Daisy tells him that they’re the future. Carson is annoyed to see Daisy there but Tom covers for her.

Rose tells them she met Atticus Aldridge and Robert says he’s heard some controversy when his father got his title and they bought a giant manor. Thomas looks so bad that Violet comments on it. Cora and the women talk about how they like cocktail parties because they’re so much faster than an hours long dinner. Tom asks why all the rituals and costumes matter. Violet says otherwise there would be wild men. Isobel says when the rituals control them, they are obsolete.

Edith abruptly leaves the table and Rosamund says she’s just tired and will be fine tomorrow. Mrs Patmore brings tea to Hughes and tells her that Carson told her to invest in a building firm. She says she’s not sure if she should put her money into something she doesn’t understand. Hughes ask why she asked him and she says because he’s a man. She says now she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings and Hughes says if only men took their feelings into such account.

Mary tells Tom that he seems preoccupied and he says he’s thinking about a decision that could change everything. Mary tells him to make the best decision for him, not them. Violet sits Rosamund down and asks why she’s there. She prevaricates and Violet tells her to tell the truth. She says she knows about the child. She says Rosamund can’t leave until she learns the truth and offers to have a bed made up for her. Edith comes to see Tim and asks to see Marigold.

He says it’s a mistake to let her come round and says Margie thinks he wants her as a plaything. He says she has to stop coming or else Margie will make them move away. She says she won’t allow him to take Marigold away and he asks what she suggests, that he leave Marigold in the library of the Abbey. He says he sees no way around it. Clarkson, Merton, Violet and Isobel chat. Spratt comes in all stiff and pouty over the loss of Violet’s lady’s maid.

Isobel says he doesn’t like change and Merton says he likes change. He says all the rituals that everyone seems to like are all Victorian. Clarkson tells Violet, when they’re alone, that he thinks the two are a good match and that they need to be out of it. Bates asks Anna what the Inspector asked her and she fills him in. Bates tells her that nothing bad will ever happen to her again. She says she hopes that’s true. He says they’ll be safe by the fire with their children soon but she’s concerned she’s not pregnant.

She says she’s not sure about that many children and asks how many he wants. He smiles and kisses her on the forehead. Tom comes to see Sarah who’s putting her things in a car to leave. He tells her the school must be sorry to see her go. She says she hopes they’ll miss her a bit and him too. He says he’ll miss her a lot and she says she loved him and could have loved him more if he had let her. He says he’s glad to have met her and says she reminded him of who he is.

He says he won’t lose touch with that again and gives her a light kiss. The driver says they have to go to make the train and Tom helps her into the car. He folds her umbrella and gives it to her. He watches her go. Cora greets Bricker and asks about his trip. Robert is dressed to go and Bricker compliments his splendid costume. He leaves after a brisk hello, goodbye. Bricker says he’s beginning to find Downton home-like and she says he’s welcome as long as he behaves.

Atticus comes to see Rose at the church serving tea. He says he wanted to see her before he went to London to start his new bank job. She introduces him to Prince Kuragin who says he’s just Mr Kuragin here. Rose asks about Princess Kuragin and she says Mr Aldridge’s family was Russian too but started a new life in England. She says they’re from Odessa. Nicolai gets angry and says they’re not Russian and stalks off. Atticus says they think he’s not Russian because he’s Jewish.

She asks what’s the difference and he invites her to dinner when she’s in London. She says maybe and they’ll see. He’s pleased she’s not anti-Semitic. Charles brings Mary to dinner and finds that he’s brought Lane Fox to dinner too. Lane asks if he has in mind for them to all hold hands and get a beach house together. Both women are taken quite off guard and neither seems pleased. Charles says he has an idea that may be to their mutual advantage.

Baxter tells Thomas he needs to leave off what he’s doing and says it’s going to kill him. He tells her to leave him alone. Molesley asks Baxter if she’ll tell him the truth now that she’s told Cora. She seems to consider it. Lane is put off that Charles wants her to take her leavings. Charles says Lane still loves Tony. Lane says Mary crooked her finger and Tony dumped her. Charles says she’s cutting off her nose to spite her face. She says to eat her meal and she hopes he chokes on it.

Mary asks what Charles’ next plan is and he says that’s a scene they needed to play. Violet tells Edith she has a book she wants to show her in the library. Isobel asks Tom about Sarah and says disagreeing can be good. He says she left town today. Isobel says she’s sorry and then asks Rose about the young man she met. She says he went to London for a new job. She tells them about them being driven out of Russia by the pograms and says they’ve done well. Isobel is surprised but glosses over.

Rosamund, Violet and Edith talk about getting Marigold away from the Drews. Rosamund wants to take her to a school in France and says Edith can even visit as long as she doesn’t reveal who she is. Violet says it’s the best they can do. Mary tells Violet she’s going up and Rosamund tells Edith this is for the best. Baxter tells Molesley and she says she’s quite innocent but she disagrees. He tells her she needs to stop punishing herself.

Baxter says one thing she’s learned is that she’ll never be controlled again. Mrs Patmore has a cup of tea with Carson and Hughes and thanks Carson for his advice. He asks if she invested in building and Hughes says she’s investing in a building. She says she’s buying a cottage that she can rent and then later can take in lodges when she lives there. She strokes his ego and says it’s nice to have advice from a man of the world. He preens.

Bricker comes to Cora’s bedroom and says he waited until her maid was gone. She tells him to leave. Robert is home unexpectedly. Bricker tells Cora that there is something between them and he knows she feels it too. Robert head upstairs. Bricker asks Cora when someone last cherished her and her opinion. Robert comes into the room and says his dinner was over early. She says Bricker was just leaving and Bricker says he’s not there at her invitation.

Bricker says it’s terrible how he’s ignored a woman like Cora and says he must be blind to do so. Robert takes a swing at Bricker and soon they’re grappling noisily on the floor. Edith comes to see what the noise is and Cora says she and Robert were tussling and knocked over a lamp. Cora sneaks Bricker out and Robert says he’s going to sleep in his dressing room. Carson gives the morning orders over breakfast. Thomas asks Anna if she’s heard more from the policeman or if she will.

She says no and expects not to. Bates asks why he’s pestering Anna on this and Thomas says because he feels like it. Bricker creeps downstairs the next morning looking out of sorts. Carson tells him that his car is ready and his case is inside waiting. He hands Carson a tip which he’s none too certain about. Bricker sees Cora watching him leave from her window. Carson introduces guests at the cocktail party. Cora tries to make small talk with Robert who gives her the cold shoulder.

Violet tells Edith they can’t leave things as they are with Marigold. She offers to take the child to London. Isobel shows up with Merton. She asks him to let her sit and says she twisted her ankle getting out of the car. Violet rushes over to insert herself. Mrs Patmore finds Daisy at her books when Edith comes down. She says she needs to make a private phone call. She asks to use Carson’s and they leave her to it. She makes a call to London.