Elementary Recap – Flowers in a Pot and Pot: Season 3 Episode 10 “Seed Money”

Elementary Recap - Flowers in a Pot and Pot: Season 3 Episode 10 "Seed Money"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with with an all new Thursday January 15, season 3 episode 10 called, “Seed Money,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Watson  [Lucy Liu] and Holmes [Johnny Lee Miller] investigate the murder of a bioengineer whose death may be linked to a drug cartel. Meanwhile, Kitty searches for a runaway teen; and Joan makes a major life decision but worries it will have a negative impact on Sherlock.

On the last episode, when a nurse Watson used to work with asks for her help finding their missing acquaintance, the woman’s trail lead Watson and Holmes to another person who had disappeared. Also, Sherlock struggled with his sobriety when he found the recovery process monotonous. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “While Kitty tries to find a runaway teen, Sherlock and Joan work a case in which the murder of a brilliant bioengineer looks to be at the hands of a drug cartel. Also, Joan makes a major life decision but worries it will impact Sherlock negatively, not knowing that Sherlock has big news of his own.”

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#Elementary starts now. Kitty is at group talking about how life is strange and how she ended up in New York with her friend but that she was still hurting. Then she says she made another friend and then another. She says life is strange but also good. As she’s leaving, Miranda approaches her and asks if she could help her with something. She shows her a photo of Tess, her daughter, who’s been missing for three days. She says she’s gone missing before but this is different.

Kitty asks about Tess’ dad and she says he was her rapist and she never told Tess about it. She says last year, Tess started asking her about her dad and she finally told her the truth but that seemed to send her daughter into a spiral. She asks Kitty to help her find her. Marcus and Sherlock are at a crime scene when Joan shows up. She asks what’s up. The Kelleys have been dead for days. They’re an older couple but likely didn’t die of natural causes.

Joan wonders if it was a suicide pact with poison. Sherlock says he thinks it was poison from a crime committed elsewhere in the building. He sniffs around and found an odor near their air vent. He says it was a toxic byproduct of burning rubber. They go to the basement and Sherlock says they all share a main return line. Sherlock shows them a dead guy in the corner with a tire around his neck and it’s all burned to a crispy critter mess.

They go to the victim’s apartment upstairs and Joan looks at photos of the dead guy on the wall. Clay Dubrovensky has a doctorate in genetics and botany. She says he looks like Magic Mike meets Point Break and Joan asks how Sherlock is doing. He says he’s doing better and has resumed meetings. Marcus says the guy was living on an inheritance. Sherlock says the method of death indicated organized crime and it’s called necklacing.

Sherlock suspects Sangue de Sangue – the SDS. They bring in Courtney, his ex. She says they broke up last year because of his cheating but says they were off and on because of his bad habits. Joan asks about a drug cartel and ask if he was a grower for the SDS. She says he didn’t just grow pot, he was an artist that engineered it. She says he never smoked it, he just knew how to grow it better and started with grad school. She says he wanted a real lab and maybe he pushed them too far.

Sherlock is hanging from an inversion rack when Kitty comes in. He says Clay’s grow house was somewhere in Brooklyn. She tells him she spent the day talking to Tess’ friends and looking through her laptop and says she thinks she’s a brat who will come home when she’s ready. She asks if Joan talked to him today and he asks why. She says Joan hasn’t been around and asks him to tell her hello when he sees her.

Joan wakes to a noise in her apartment. She sees Sherlock in her kitchen making a smoothie. She asks why he broke into her place and he says she breaks into his all the time. She tells him he makes her do that. He says he thinks he knows where Clay’s grow house is because he found rubles in his pockets and some on his counters. He says he likely got them as change in a Russian neighborhood. Joan says that may mean Brighton Beach.

Sherlock says he used Gregson to find the largest consumer of electricity in that area. Sherlock asks what she wanted to talk to him about yesterday and says he knows she talked to Kitty about it already. She says she’s folding her private detective business and is going to be an in-house investigator for an insurance firm. She says it won’t change the work they do together and says she agreed to work for them only if she can keep working with the cops and him.

She says she was going to tell him a few weeks ago but he was struggling and she didn’t want to send him running off. Sherlock gets a text from Gregson and they head to the grow location. A bunch of the pot plants are dead so Gregson thinks Clay was the only person that worked there. Sherlock says SDS may not know Clay has been killed. Sherlock tells them about an orchid that there’s only one in the room and it’s worth $250k, was stolen last year and is now sitting in the grow room.

Sherlock says maybe Clay wasn’t killed over a plant you can smoke but one you can’t. They bring the orchid to the police station and Sherlock shows Joan that he has Clay’s autopsy report and he’s even more sure the SDS didn’t kill him. Joan says he was dead from blunt force trauma before he was necklaced. Joan wonders if another cartel framed the SDS but Sherlock says cartels claim and sign their work. Sherlock wonders if Clay bought it on the black market.

He shows her how you put something innocuous up for sale with the real sale item in the background of the photo. He demonstrates with the can of Coke set in front of the orchid. He thinks a losing bidder may have killed him. Kitty lets in Lexie, one of Tess’ friends, who texted her. She tells her Tess called last week to tell her she thought some guy in a white Jag was stalking her. Lexie says she has the license plate number of the car.

Sherlock, Marcus and Joan go to see Barbara Conway, an officer at AgriNext. Sherlock rants at her about killing off bees then they ask her about Clay and the orchid. She plays dumb and Sherlock says she’s lying. Sherlock says they found a record of Clay selling the one of a kind orchid to her. Joan says Clay deposited a $89k cashiers check in his account but then he never delivered. They accuse her of having him offed for not handing the orchid over.

Barbara says she bought the bureau but says she only knew him by his account name and says he threw the flower in for free and it’s in the conference room. She takes them to see it and says they can take it if they need it for their investigation. Gregson and Kitty bring in the driver of the white Jag and he says he was in Baltimore last Saturday. He says his son’s lacrosse team had a tournament. She asks about his queer left thumb. He walks out and tells them to call his attorney.

Kitty tells Gregson he didn’t take the girl but she knows how to figure it out. Sherlock and Joan look at the two orchids and Sherlock says the bags of food aren’t right to feed that type of orchid. He unpots the orchids and says the root structures are identical and aren’t old enough to be the orchid. Sherlock says the thinks he cloned them from a cutting if not the original orchid. Sherlock says he may have scammed a lot of people selling fake rare orchids.

Joan repots the plants and then says she likes them and is going to water them. Sherlock follows her into the kitchen and congratulates her on her new job and says he knows why she delayed telling him. He says he has no right to monopolize her time. He says he’s thinking of making a change too. His phone rings, then hers does too. It’s Gregson. He asks for Sherlock and tells them there were two more necklace murders. The message left said – this means war – in Portugese. The murders were at AgriNext.

They go to look at the bodies of William Keller and Nelson Shelby, the CFO and one of the board of directors of AgriNext. They were kidnapped from home. Marcus says some employees told them off the record that it may have been Brazilian politics. Sherlock says AgriNext knows why there were killed but isn’t owning it. They tell Gregson about Barbara Conway. Gregson says a Hispanic male was seen lighting the bodies up.

Sherlock says the rope is intact and it should have burned. He says this is special fire resistant rope. Marcus says he’ll try to trace it. Sherlock says Clay wasn’t bound by rope. They think Barbara had motive to want Clay dead. They bring her in and Barbara says she started collecting flowers 10 years ago. She says she thought she was buying the one of a kind orchid but then figured out it was a fake. She says the money was nothing to her. She says she wasn’t angry, she was impressed.

She says duplicating that orchid was more than science, it was art. She says she tracked Clay down and offered him a job and that’s when she found about his other job growing for the SDS. She says that made them want him more since legalized marijuana growing is the next big thing. She says Clay was excited to go legit but couldn’t quit. She says they had to buy him out from SDS. She says the cartel wanted $10 million for him and they countered with $5 million.

Barbara says he called the night he was killed to tell her that he decided to tell the SDS to take the offer because he was going to come work for AgriNext no matter what. She says that’s why he was killed. Tess wakes to find Kitty in her room. She says she’s a friend of her mums and she knows what she’s trying to do. She says she knows Grant Perryman, the owner of the jag, is her father and her mother’s rapist. Kitty tells her she’s sorry.

Tess tells her to go and not tell anyone she found her. Kitty says she can’t. Tess says her mom was just a couple of years older than her when he raped her. She says he got her drunk at a party and she says her mom didn’t tell anyone for weeks after so there was no evidence. She says Grant’s family offered her money to keep her mouth shut and she never told them she was pregnant. Tess asks how she knew and Kitty says 0.4% of people have clubbed thumbs and she has one on her left hand and so does Grant.

Kitty tells her she wanted to dredge up her mom’s rape by disappearing so she would have to tell the press what happened. Kitty says she shouldn’t put her mom through that and tells her that her mom chose her. Tess grabs her into a hug and starts crying on her. Kitty holds her as she cries. Joan looks over AgriNext memos that confirm what Barbara told them about trying to recruit Clay. Joan wonders if they were going to necklace him but he was killed in a struggle before they could.

Joan comes in and smells the wonky plant food. He says he was hoping the smell might trigger some thoughts. He tells her that they never finished talking about his change. Sherlock tells her that he values her and says she’s been a good friend and partner. She asks if he’s leaving New York and he says the opposite. He says Kitty has been a good protege but he wants matriculation. He says he has concerns about her history and her traumas.

He says he thought it would take years to develop her, but he was wrong, mostly thanks to Joan. He says he’s proud of Kitty and thinks she’s ready. Joan says she’s happy for them and thinks it’s a great idea. Her phone chimes and she goes to get it. Sherlock talks about the balance they have and says it won’t change it. The text is from Marcus – they got the killer of the AgriNext execs – a guy named Marco. They found it from the rope purchase.

The guy is writing up his confession and is taking credit for the executives plus a dozen others but won’t cop to killing Clay. Gregson and Marcus go talk to him. Joan says a cartel would have signed the killing but a corporation wouldn’t. Joan wonders if AgriNext killed Clay because he decided not to work for them and they framed the cartel after killing him. Joan gets a text from Clay’s ex-GF. She says the super won’t let her into Clay’s apartment without a cop.

She has a plan and says Clay made it and gave it to her. She says he gave her special food for it and she needs it. Joan escorts her into the apartment and then Courtney says he gave flowers to all the girls he was sleeping with – a yellow one just like that. She says he told her that was his move and he told her that. Joan gets a text from Sherlock telling him Barbara was unavailable. The food is the coffee ground and fish one.

Joan calls Sherlock and she says Barbara was the one that killed Clay and Sherlock was right all along. Next day, Barbara comes into the police station. Joan tells her she knows she killed Clay. She tells her she included food for a special plant that Clay had given her so she knows they were involved. She says she thinks she confronted him because he was sleeping with his ex. She says she should call her lawyer but Joan says this is her one chance to show contrition.

Joan says they are combing the area around Clay’s apartment looking for where she got the tire she used on him. She says the harder she makes the cops work for this, the harder it will be on her. Barbara says she loved him. Sherlock talks to Joan and says she should be happy that she confessed and they have it. Kitty is strapping on inversion boots and Joan asks if she’s told her about the matriculation. He hasn’t. Gregson calls Sherlock and says a body just showed up and says it has to be just him.

At the crime scene, Gregson tells Sherlock the victim, Melanie Lukas, is dead and was taken a few days ago, kept alive, then killed and was dumped last night. Gregson says she was kept alive. Sherlock asks why he couldn’t tell Kitty and Gregson tells him to check her back. It’s the same markings that Kitty has on her back from her attacker. Sherlock says the man that attacked her is in New York. Uh-oh.