Elementary Recap – Sherlock, a Killer? Season 3 Episode 16 “For All You Know”

Elementary Recap - Sherlock, a Killer? Season 3 Episode 16 "For All You Know"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday March 5, season 3 episode 16 called, “For All You Know,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller]  is implicated in the murder of a woman who was killed during the height of his drug addiction.

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson investigated a series of murders in which the killer left enveloped of cash on the victims. The probe lead the two into the world of wrongful death compensation. Meanwhile, Sherlock made a generous gesture to Joan as she suffered through the aftermath of a personal crisis. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes is implicated in the murder of a woman who was killed during the height of his drug addiction. Sherlock investigates to find the connection between himself and the victim, but the evidence begins to shake his confidence in his own character.”

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#Elementary starts with a woman playing her guitar for Joan. She then plays her an ad from a bank that’s using her music. They hear a crash. Joan asks where she played the song and she says nowhere outside her studio. Joan goes up to check on Sherlock. He is trying to fall asleep and is holding a rope with pots and pans on it. He says the thinks sleep is a waste of time but says the moment between sleep and waking is perfect to solve problems. The pans rattling wakes him up. She says she’s meeting with a client and Sherlock asks if she needs his assistance. She says she just needs quiet.

He agrees to work higher up then gets a call from Gregson and says two detectives want to talk to him about a homicide. He introduces Demps and McShane. They tell him that Maria Gutierez went missing three years ago and her remains were just found in a park. They tell him she died from blunt force trauma to the head. He says he thinks she worked in the janitorial services. They ask if he knows her but then he explains how he knew this. They say they heard he knew tricks but he says reasoning is not a trick. Sherlock tells Gregson this is not a consultation but an interrogation. He asks why he’s a suspect and they show him a coffee shop receipt with his name and the time 8 pm. It was dated the day she went missing.

Demps says that is definitely his hand writing but says he does not recall her face and doesn’t recall writing this. They ask if he has amnesia. Sherlock says during that period he was addicted to narcotics and had black outs. They tell him the date and he says he has no recollection of her or anything that might have happened to her. Gregson says he knows Sherlock and knew about the drug issues. He tells them they’re done and says Sherlock will be in touch if he thinks of anything else. They leave.

Joan straightens the pans up when Sherlock comes home. She says she needed on of them to cook. She asks what’s wrong and he says if he hadn’t been sleep deprived he might have caught on sooner. He says Gregson believes the detectives are wasting their time. Sherlock says he didn’t have a phone then and used street urchins to carry his communications. He says some of the drugs made him quite paranoid but he doesn’t think his inherent ethics would let him commit murder.

Joan reminds him it was right after he thought Irene was dead. He says he used drugs for a distraction and it turned to crass dependence. Joan says he won’t figure it out and he says he was asked not to interfere and says they can’t show him anything since he’s a suspect. Joan says they’ll start by figuring out how he knew her. She says she didn’t promise anything and says she’ll go talk to her family. She tells Sherlock to look through his files and see if he can find anything about her.

Joan waits for Mrs Sandoval and she says she knows who Joan is. She says the detectives told her about Sherlock and her. Joan says she’s only there to help find who killed her sister. She asks if she knows how Maria and Sherlock would have known each other. Joan says he didn’t kill her. She says her sister was an undocumented illegal and stayed out of trouble and went to church. She asks Joan not to come there again. A guy is selling knock off handbags from his homeless cart when two women walk off.

Sherlock says they’re from China when the guy cracks a Godzilla joke. He offers to sell Sherlock a purse. He tells Oscar that he needs his help with something. They go to a diner to talk. Oscar says he can’t believe it’s been three years then says Sherlock looks good and asks if he’s clean. He tells Sherlock they were a good team. Sherlock says they weren’t a team – he says he just bought drugs from them and they used together. Oscar asks where it went wrong and Sherlock says when he stole a lot of stuff from his house.

Sherlock says he’s got some memory problems and says Oscar was around the most. He asks if he knows Maria Gutierez’s name. Oscar says he remembers her from the circus. Sherlock says that was Morena. He says Maria’s name again but Oscar says he has problems remembering those times too. Joan calls Sherlock and asks where he is. He says he went for a walk and she says no one wanted to talk to her. He says his files were fruitless too. She wonders if it’s a frame up.

Sherlock says if it is, it’s a poor one. She says she found that Maria put a lot of time in at her church’s soup kitchen. She says Marcus is helping her with this. Sherlock tells her he’s almost home. Someone calls his name and he turns. He’s jumped by two guys who beat on him. They knock him down and kick him. Then they run off. He goes to the doctor to get checked out and the doctor asks him to put down his phone so he can check him. The doctor asks why he’s there and Joan says she insisted.

The doctor leaves and Joan asks if he’ll call the police or she will. She says he was targeted and thinks it has to do with Maria. He asks her about Prentiss Gutierez. He says that’s who ambushed him. He stole the guy’s wallet while he was beating on him. He ran a search on him and says that he was accused of burgling a home a month before Maria went missing. He goes to see Prentiss and he plays dumb. He tosses the guy his wallet. He lies and says he lost it.

Sherlock says he bears him no ill will and says he knows he got his name from the detectives. Joan says an assault charge could send him back to prison. Sherlock says he’s not the man who hurt his sister. He asks Prentiss about the burglary he said he didn’t do. Joan says whoever set him up for that robbery may have hurt her. Prentiss says to stay away from him and his family. Sherlock follows him and says they’re on to something. He says Prentiss knows who robbed it.

Sherlock says he attacked him with fists instead of a tool. He says he didn’t want to kill him just hurt him. Sherlock says he can hurt him if he wants to. He says if he answers his questions he can hit him with a wrench. He says he’s not certain that he hurt Maria. Sherlock offers his hand and says he’ll likely break any number of bones in his hand. Joan tries to stop him but he persists. Prentiss says he did the burglary and his sister knew it. Joan asks who would want to hurt Maria.

Prentiss says she cleaned houses for a guy and someone who worked for Councilman Barclay was hitting on her. He says he told the police and they said it was a dead end and the guy had an alibi. Sherlock sees that the guy is a friend of the PD and they may have not really investigated the guy. Joan asks if he was really going to let the guy hit him with a wrench. They’re at Barclay’s office. He says Maria was sweet and he just saw her when she cleaned the office. He says he hoped she had gone back to her country when he heard she was missing.

Sherlock asks who the man was that was considered a suspect. Barclay says he was advised not to talk to Sherlock. Joan asks why he agreed to see them. He says he’s a fan of Sherlock’s. He says if he said he didn’t hurt Maria, he believes him. He says it was Tom Graves, his deputy press secretary. He says he wasn’t aware of it until after Maria went missing. He says he was out of state the night she disappeared but he fired the guy anyway despite the alibi. He says he’ll give them everything he gave the cops and says if Tom tricked the police maybe Sherlock can catch him.

Sherlock says he decided to attack the case as he would any other. He says there is even a strong suspect. She sees he has a photo of himself on the board. Joan says this is an Olympics in self-pity. She says he didn’t kill that woman. She says she knows him and Sherlock says she did not know him and points to the picture of his stoned self. He says he detached from himself and she can’t know what he was capable of since he was a difficult person. He says it was a relief that he couldn’t remember that period until now.

Joan says nothing will convince her that he killed her. Sherlock says what if Maria was in danger and came to him for help and he missed out on it because he was too high to help. Joan goes to answer the phone. Marcus says he ran down the soup kitchen regulars and got 24 names with arrest records. He says he emailed them over and says he’ll help them. Sherlock says he recognizes a name. It’s Oscar. They go roust him from his ratty apartment.

Sherlock slams him against the wall and says he lied to him about Maria. He says he was a regular at St Luke’s where she worked. Oscar says he still eats there. Oscar says he’s sick but Sherlock says he’s in withdrawal. Joan asks where he was the night that she disappeared then they ask her about the note. She asks if he tricked Sherlock into writing it. Oscar says he really doesn’t remember it then tells Sherlock that he killed Maria.

He says he feels good being clean and pretty but he wasn’t. He says he thought he was better than him, but he’s not – he’s worse. Oscar says he’s a bum and a junkie but not a killer. Sherlock says to tell him everything but Oscar says to let it go and count his blessings that the police don’t have more. Sherlock tells Oscar this isn’t over but he says it better be or Sherlock will spend the rest of his life in a cell. At home, Sherlock sits and thinks and Joan tells him she has a plan.

She says they need to tell Gregson and bring Oscar in. She says Oscar has been convicted of purse snatching and assault. Sherlock says Oscar really believes that Sherlock killed her and says either way Oscar didn’t do it. He says it was easy to read him because of the withdrawal symptoms. He says it’s torture swimming through his old life. He says he has a profound sense of shame. The doorbell rings. It’s the two detectives. Joan asks what’s going on. Sherlock says they’re arresting him.

Joan is shocked. They read him his Miranda rights and take him away. Joan meets with Marcus and Gregson. They tell her that some new witness came forward that heard Sherlock threaten her life. Gregson says he doesn’t know who the witness is. Marcus asks Joan if he had luck with the list and Sherlock talked to him but he’s not a likely suspect. Joan goes back to see Oscar and says he looks better. She says she knows he’s the witness that got him arrested. He says that wasn’t him.

Oscar says this is bad for both of them and says he just wanted to scare Sherlock off. Oscar says he didn’t do it but Sherlock can take him down with him. Joan says she can help but she needs the truth. He says he knew Maria from the soup kitchen. He takes her to an underground area. He says he bragged that he knew Sherlock and Maria asked him to set up a meeting. That’s why Sherlock wrote the note. He says she went missing and then Oscar found this in his house. He shows it to Joan. He says he doesn’t think Sherlock meant to kill her.

It’s a bloody shirt and pants. He says he hid it there to protect both of them. He says he took the bag and a few things to pawn. Joan asks why he didn’t get rid of the bag and he says as insurance in case Sherlock came after him. Joan says he believes him and calls the cops. She says these will help exonerate Sherlock and calls the cops. She then goes to see Sherlock who says that spending the night in a cell is a reminder they are good places to keep bad people.

He asks if Oscar is the witness and she says no. She says Oscar took this bloody clothing out of his place after Maria disappeared. Joan says the clothes are the wrong size and the clothes are from a trauma. Joan says she thinks that Maria brought the clothes to her but the killer got to her. Joan says they’re looking into stabbing deaths from around that period of time to find the real killer. Sherlock says to look at missing persons too since he may have hid the body too.

Sherlock says he can narrow the margin. He says he recognizes the shirt and says he saw it recently. Joan, Marcus and Gregson wait on Barclay and she says they have some new developments in Maria’s case. He asks how he can help. She says a new witness came forward, named Eddie Bynam, who said he heard Sherlock threaten him. He says he doesn’t know the guy but the guy works for a contractor who he throws business too. Joan then asks if he knows Kelsey Prior.

The guy asks them to leave and says he’s going to call the commissioner. Gregson says he knows already. Joan says Kelsey was stabbed to death and says they thought she was having an affair but they couldn’t find any evidence. Barclay says this is ridiculous. Marcus says he stabbed him to death and had her blood all over him but then Maria saw him getting cleaned up. Gregson says Maria got her hands on the bloody clothes and he knew she took them so she killed him.

Barclay says he’s calling his attorney. Joan says they have the bloody clothes and some of his blood at the scene. Gregson says he needs to tell his attorney he has his work cut out for him. Barclay freaks. Joan tells Sherlock that the councilman came clean on Kelsey and Maria’s killings. Joan says Barclay never knew about Sherlock. He says he called her and asked to talk to Maria. He offered to get her brother clear of the burglary charges. He picked her up then killed her.

Joan says he picked her up at a hotel that she knows that Sherlock sometimes stashed witnesses. She says she doesn’t think Sherlock missed anything. But he says he forgot someone who needed his help. He says he’s going for a walk. He goes to see Oscar who is setting up his handbags. He asks Oscar if he ever tried stopping. Oscar says rehab is for quitters. Sherlock hands him contact information for a rehab facility and says he made him a standing reservation. Oscar says it’s nice of him but Sherlock says he despises him and would cut him out of his life but says he wants to make amends.

Sherlock says if he sees him again it better be because he’s ready to make reparations of his own. Oscar says he’ll see Sherlock again when he falls off the wagon and back into the gutter with him.

The End