Empire Recap 11/18/15: Season 2 Episode 8 “My Bad Parts”

Empire Recap 11/18/15: Season 2 Episode 8 "My Bad Parts"

Tonight on FOX Empire airs with an all new Wednesday November 18, season 2 episode 8 called, “My Bad Parts,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Battle lines are drawn when Lucious (Terrence Howard)  attempts to assert his power by releasing a rap by Freda (Bre-Z Murray) challenging Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) as his heir.

On the last episode, Lucious explored the possibility of partnering with Jago as he mapped out a plan to turn Empire into a global music monolith; at the same time, Andre struggled to find a balance between his newfound values and demanding career. Elsewhere, Hakeem molded Laura into a star; and Cookie pushed to get Lyon Dynasty involved in a major televised charity concert. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “battle lines are drawn when Lucious attempts to assert his power by releasing a rap by Freda challenging Hakeem as his heir. Meanwhile, Cookie’s spitfire sister pays her a special visit; Jamal works on landing a major sponsorship deal; and Anika receives some life-changing news.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 9:00 pm when Empire airs on Fox. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#Empire starts with Becky telling Lucious this has gone too far. He takes the stage at Lavaticus and says sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to get someone’s attention. He has bloggers and vloggers there and says he has a message for Hakeem from Freda Gatz. She takes the stage. It says daddy’s little son is acting like a daughter. It says you’re not as good as your brother. The whole thing is an insult to Hakeem. Becky tells Lucious that Hakeem is going to flip out.

Hakeem makes out with Laura and she tells him she’s a virgin then she regrets telling him. He says he wants to treat her right and shows her a bracelet he designed for her. He calls her his princess then kisses her and says they can take their time. They keep kissing then he gets a text about Freda going in on him. He pops open his laptop and plays the rhyme. It’s all about his little ass being kidnapped and he’s soft as butter and says she’s the son he always wanted. He’s furious.

The board watches a promo of Jamal for Pepsi who is thrilled. Lucious is annoyed they are talking to 10 other artists. Jamal tells him to chill out and the rep agrees to work with Jamal on a song. She says it has to be within a week and Lucious says he’ll work with him – Jamal looks less than happy about that. The Pepsi chick says the song is key. Andre tells Mimi that Jago jacked up the streaming deal terms but she says they have to close the deal or their stock prices will plummet.

Mimi tells Lucious to go for the win and he says watch your tone. She tells him to get it done and walks out. Andre says that’s not the way to come at their biggest investor and Lucious says as long as he wins that’s what matters and Andre says that’s why he’s humiliating Hakeem – to win. Lucious says Andre is better under his control and says to get Thirsty to dig up dirt so they can deal with Jago Locke. Jamal works on his song. Cookie listens and says his keys are shining. He says he loves working with her.

He says dad would kill them if he knew they were working together. He says this Pepsi deal is everything and he can’t let his dad go off and mess this up. Hakeem makes a video talking trash about Freda. He calls her his dad’s pet and says he’s going to battel Freda. His crew cheers him. Anika is in tears. She has a knife in her hand and a pregnancy test in the other. She cuts the box open and takes another. She has a whole stack of them. They’re all positive. She calls Hakeem and gets voice mail.

She says she needs to talk to him about something. Laz tells Cookie that Freda vs Hakeem are trending. Cookie asks Hakeem how he got suckered into this and Hakeem goes off on Laz. Cookie says they are working on the cookout and says if Freda wrecks him, they lose all cred. She says Freda is an animal and that’s not what he does. Hakeem goes off on Laz and says he’s on point then says he suckered Empire and this is promoting Lyon. Hakeem calls him a punk ass promoter and says do your job.

Laz goes to walk out and Hakeem comes at him. He shoves Hakeem and Cookie slaps him and says never touch my son. Then she pushes Hakeem back and says if he loses, they are Empire’s bitch. She says that’s the end of them. He says Freda is trying to take his name and he’ll lose more than just Lyon Dynasty. He says he’s going to make that bitch his bitch and she says he better. Cookie talks to Jamal and asks what’s up. The door buzzer sounds and it’s Lucious. He tells her she needs to get in the closet.

She runs off and then Lucious says he has a song for him and says he was in the studio all night. Jamal says he has something too but Lucious says no, this is it. Cookie makes a face when it starts. Lucious says it’s kind of tribal and Jamal worries it’s too edgy for Pepsi. He says come on, I’ve got the studio booked. Then Lucious sees Cookie’s jacket and Jamal says she’s always leaving stuff here. Jamal and Lucious leave.

Rhonda runs into Anika who looks upset. Rhonda keeps her company and Anika says she’s barely showing. She says they didn’t want kids for the longest but it’s now the happiest she’s been and says babies are kryptonite for Lucious. She says he’s always iced her but this pregnancy has changed everything. She says he drops by just to chat. Cookie video chats Jamal who says he wants to work alone and Hakeem comes in mad because she doesn’t have time to work with him.

He says she loves Jamal more and she ends the call. She says this is the biggest thing to happen to Jamal then she can get him there with us. He says he’s going to tell his dad and she calls him a snitch bitch. She says Lucious is trying to take his name and he wants to snitch to him. Hakeem says she better get on point before he airs her and Jamal out. She says she’ll meet him in the studio. Thirsty, Andre and Lucious are at the table and Thirsty says he has a mountain of dirt on Jago.

He says the man flaunts his foulness so you can’t blackmail him. Andre says to back out now and then Lucious goes off and acts like a thug. He says he’s on the ledge and Andre says they need to get Mimi to go in with them to mitigate the risk. Anika shows up to see Hakeem who is in a mood. He says he’s been focused and she says the thing with Freda. He says he wishes he had never gone in on this. She hands him a drink and says he can’t let Lucious run his life. She tries to kiss him and he tells her to slow up.

She says she needs to tell him something and wants him in the mood to hear it. He asks if they can talk with no touching then pushes her off. He says he thinks he’s in love and she laughs. He says he’s never felt this way and says the two of them are still homies. He asks what she needed to tell him and she says nothing, she just wanted to offer support with this Freda thing. He tells Anika he’s sorry and she says don’t be. She leaves with a small backwards glance.

Jamal comes to see Lucious and says he loves his song but he has another one stuck in his head. He talks about combining them. Lucious asks to hear it and Jamal plays it. He says it’s sexy cute. Later, Jamal has some orchestral artists with him when Cookie shows up. He hugs her. She tells him the song needs some stank on it the Lucious shows up and asks what the hell is going on. He’s mad and says he won’t work with her. Jamal tells them both to slow up. He says he needs them to fuse their songs together.

He has the band start. He tells them they need his dad’s beat and bass line and her flutes and keyboards. He says they need to merge it and asks them to work together. Lucious says this is an Empire song and Jamal says he’s paying for the session. Lucious says his generation and then the band starts. They bicker and Lucious says she’s using Jamal to save his dead label. He says he can’t work with Cookie and tells Jamal to choose. She says it’s not the Disney channel and they have no happy ending.

Jamal says they are an embarrassment and he thought they could work together to do something that would change all their lives. Cookie offers a bet. If Hakeem wins the rap battle, she gets to do Jamal’s next album on her label. She says if Freda wins, he can have Hakeem. He says bet and she walks off.

Freda and Hakeem both rehearse for the rap battle. Later he hangs with Jamal and asks him to come to the battle. Jamal tells him not to follow that one trick fool and says work the crowd and give them real songs instead of battle raps and he’ll win it. Lucious and Thirsty meet with Jago who is being a cocky douche. Mimi is late. Jago says he thinks they’re leveraged. Thirsty says they need to bail now. Lucious says he’s buying Swiftstream but Thirsty says it’s too much.

Jago says he’s tired of waiting then Mimi shows up and says let’s wrap this up. She asks for the letter of intent and signs it. Lucious signs it too and says they’ll own the world in six months. Cookie and Lucious aren’t happy to see Jamal invited them both to the Pepsi thing and he married their songs. It’s awesome and Jamal tells them he has something better and says the song killed and was both of them and his album will be both of them too.

The Pepsi check says he got it and he swings her around. Everyone is happy for a change. It’s time for the Hakeem vs Freda rap battle. Lucious is in her corner and Cookie is in his. Freda says don’t worry, Hakeem will feel the blades. The crowd chants – where’s Hakeem after Freda takes the center stage. Then the door opens and he heads inside with his posse behind him. Flex says uh-oh, here comes the Lyon with his pride.

Freda and Hakeem stare down then the music starts. He does some damage with his first round. The crowd chants for Freda. She makes a crack about his mom then blows him a kiss. Now Flex says he’s dropping an old school jam. He tells them to make it happen. She insults him, Jamal and Cookie and Lucious raises his hands for her. Then it’s Hakeem’s turn. Hakeem lights into Lucious and says call him JHakeem and he don’t need the name Lyon.

He grabs the mic stand and turns out the lights on his last name Lyon. He tells everyone he’s just Hakeem now. We see a young Lucious sleeping on the street below a statue of a Lyon. Flex asks who won this and the crowd chants Hakeem, no Lyon and he goes and hugs his mom. Later, they’re at the club and Andre is there and congratulates him. Cookie says even if it’s just for one night she got to have her boys back. Lucious shows up and says they made a bet.

She tells Hakeem she had faith in him and that’s why she made the bet. Jamal sits by his dad and says let us have this moment and says he loves him. A guy comes to whispers to Lucious who says your sister is here – Candace is there screaming Loretha. It’s Vivica A Fox! Cookie asks her not to show up and embarrass her. Candace says their sister is on a bender and Cookie says what she smokes doesn’t make her choke. Candace says she dresses like a monkey and talks like a pimp.

Lucious thanks her for showing up and Cookie tells Candace she never liked her fake ass. She says she’s not concerned about Carol and says she’s greasy talking down her nose married to her white man. Candace says he’s rich and Cookie says her shoes are cheap. Cookie says Carol is a scammer and then Candace says Carol dropped her kids at her house and says this is all Cookie and Jermel’s fault. Cookie tells Candace they have to go to Philly.

Hakeem walks Laura to her car and kisses her goodbye sweetly. She gets in and he tells her to be safe. Anika is the driver and asks where to. She tells Laura to buckle up. Oh snap. What is she going to do to Laura?