Finding Carter Recap 10/13/15: Season 2 Episode 14 “Anywhere But Here”

Finding Carter Recap 10/13/15: Season 2 Episode 14 "Anywhere But Here"

Tonight on MTV Finding Carter returns with an all new Tuesday October 13, season 2 episode 14 called, “Anywhere But Here,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter (Kathryn Prescott) enjoys her secret job at the bar, but struggles to keep up with school.

On the last episode in the Season 2B premiere, Carter learned of the outcome of Lori’s trial; and decided she wanted to get to know her new brother, Ben. In other events, David and Elizabeth came to blows over Lori’s latest bombshell. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter enjoys her secret job at the bar, but struggles to keep up with school; Taylor and Max attempt to celebrate a big anniversary, and Crash receives a new assignment.”

Be sure to tune in for FINDING CARTER on MTV at 10 PM EST and check here for a live recap of this great show. Hit up the comments to tell us what you think about Finding Carter. In the meantime, check out the preview for tonight’s episode below.

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#FindingCarter begins with Carter working at her new waitressing job for Jared the bartender (played by Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper from Twilight!). He coaches her about broken bottles and says to develop a flow and keep her tray on her hip. He tells her eye contact with the alpha – the person who’s buying the drinks. She scrambles to do a good job. She tells Jared she’s getting the hang of it. She’s also juggling school with her busy work schedule but it’s hectic.

She seems to be zoning out in class. Crash can’t reach her and then when they’re together, she’s tired. Carter sneaks into her room and Taylor asks where she’s been and says their parents are flipping out. Taylor says she covered for her and Carter lies and says she went to a movie. Taylor doesn’t believe her and she asks where she’s been after school every day and every night. Carter says Mom is going to freak if she finds out and Taylor says they can keep it secret.

Liz remarks that Carter looks tired and David comes and says there’s going to be a book about them by some gossip blogger. Carter tells David to go ahead and write his and kill it with the truth. Liz looks at a bank statement showing the $10k he took. David says she was against writing it but Carter says things have changed since then. David agrees if they will review and be his critics. Taylor, Grant and Carter leave for school and Liz asks David to stay behind. Carter is in bed with Crash instead of at school.

He says he’s getting sent to California and she says that’s so far but he says it’s better than Afghanistan then says they knew this was coming. She says she’s just tired and asks how they can see each other. He says it won’t change anything. Liz rants to David about the money but he says it’s for Ben, his son, and she asks why he went behind her back. David reminds Liz that she went behind his back to Lori also. He says sorry about the money. He says Lori can’t hurt them anymore but Liz says Lori will use Ben.

David says he won’t let her. Gabe approaches Ben and asks about getting an ID. He tells him he can’t ask him for stuff in front of people. He tells him $100 and Gabe says Bird told him $50. Ben says it was $50 for her then says he’ll do it for $75 if he can drive his car. Taylor sees them leaving in his car. Carter comes home and they tell her the truant officer is there about her ditching school. David says there are laws about being in school and she can get in trouble and so can they.

Carter says she hates being at school and Liz says she did too. Carter says you can get an education elsewhere and says she wants to drop out and get a job. She says she doesn’t learn like that and learns from experiences in the world. Liz says she has plenty of time to go to work. David says she has just one year left and she says it’s an eternity. Carter says she learns nothing there and doesn’t care what they’re teaching her. She says she’s not Taylor. David says she needs a high school diploma.

They tell her no to dropping out. Gabe and Ben pull back up at the school and Ben gets out. Taylor asks how’s the new ride and he says it’s fast. Ben asks if she’s Gabe’s mom and she says his dad just died and he’s had a hard time. Taylor asks him to be careful with him then says he’s not a babysitter and says he wouldn’t like her talking about him like that. He walks away. Then Max shows up to pick her up and he asks what she and Ben were talking about. She says they were talking about Gabe.

She says she asked Ben to look out for Gabe and he says no. Max says you need to let people heal on their own. He says tomorrow is their six month anniversary. He says they met six months ago. She says it’s nice that he remembered and he says he wants to cook her dinner. She says she made plans with Gabe and can cancel them. She insists on canceling them and says Max comes first always. She asks if that’s a gold or silver anniversary and he says plastic.

Carter goes to leave and Liz reminds her she’s grounded. Carter says it’s study group and Liz scoffs. Carter says she’s going to try harder at school and Liz agrees that she can go. Of course, Carter heads to her job at the bar. One of the douche guys talks smack to Carter and she says Stevie has six other tables. Carter insults him and says to give Stevie a break. The guy acts nicer to Stevie after that. Later, Stevie says they left her $100 and Jared says she’s ready for the training wheels to come off and they toast.

Carter falls asleep on the bus and misses her stop. She wakes and realizes she’s in the empty bus parked in the bus lot. Crash comes to pick up Carter and says she should have called him to pick her up at work. He says she can’t keep living like this. She says she likes working and says all of her skills make sense there and it feels amazing. He says he felt like that after basic training. She says she feels like a failure at school. Crash says something has to give.

At school, Carter tells Ben that she got a job at the bar and he says he likes her sneaky ways. She says she’s going to have to quit because she’s got a truancy officer all over her. She says her parents won’t let her drop out of school. He says she has another option parentally. She says no thanks to Lori but he says Lori told her she’d always be there for her. He says he’s just trying to help her get what she wants. Carter seems to be considering it.

Carter meets with Crash at the hotel and she says her head is all over the place. She asks when he leaves and he says two days. She says they have today. He asks doesn’t she need to go back to school but she says no. Her phone chimes and she sighs and he asks what’s long. She says she just found out she has to repeat the year. She goes to see Lori who tells her Ben isn’t there. Carter says she’s there to see her. Lori asks her to come inside. Carter tells her she needs something.

She asks Lori to sign the form to let her drop out of school. She asks if Liz and David said no. Lori says Carter was never a traditional student and says she practically taught her at home all through school. Lori says she doesn’t know and says they’ll be mad at her over it. She asks why she wants it so much. Carter says she wants to be good at something and says she’s sick of feeling like she’s swimming upstream. Lori says 99% of parents would never do this and Carter says yes.

Lori says lucky for her she’s the 1% and she signs the form to get her out of school. Taylor is stunned she went to Lori and says Liz and David will lose it. Grant had read David’s book and he reads part of it to Carter and Taylor. It says that Carter was an extraordinary person. Taylor says she was a challenge. Carter says she was a bitch. Grant says a mega bitch. Lori runs into Liz in town and Liz says she keeps hoping she’ll move then asks if Carter told Liz that she came to see her about school.

Lori says she learned you need to see your child for who they are and says Carter has never been an academic. Liz says she had no right and Lori says in the eyes of the state and Carter she did. Liz rants to Carter about Lori and says she welcomed them into their lives. She asks if she’s going to pit them against each other and says now they’re in a sick game. David tells Carter it was a bad choice. Carter says they can trust her and says she didn’t want to go to her.

Carter says she knew it was wrong when she did it so she tore up the form. She sighs and says she wants this but is still their daughter and won’t do it without their blessing. David says they’re fighting a losing battle because when she turns 18 in six months she can drop out on her own. David says they can surrender one battle instead of losing the war. They come upstairs to talk to Carter and tell her she has to get a job and a GED and help out around the house.

They tell her she has to drive Grant wherever he wants also. She hugs and thanks them and promises them they won’t regret it. Carter sees Crash later and he says he can’t believe she got Liz to sign off on the dropping out. She says it’s a good thing she doesn’t know she’s working at a bar. Crash says she has amazing powers of persuasion and says he’s proud of her for knowing what she wants and sticking to her guns until she got it.

Carter shows up late to the employee meeting. Jared is short with her and tells her to get to work. Max cooks for Taylor and she says it’s good and he says she’s lying. She says coq au vin is a hard dish. He says he followed directions. She says the right ingredients don’t always fit. He offers to order pizza but she says no way. She goes to recook the meal. Carter is hard at work and admits she screwed up four drink orders. Jared criticizes her and she sees Gabe is drunk and in her section.

She goes over to wait on he and Ben. Gabe says he was supposed to go out with Taylor but she bailed. Carter says he’s drunk and she can’t serve him. He wrestles her for the tray and then makes a mess. Jared gestures and the bouncer carts him outside. Ben follows and Carter glares. Jared glares at her. Max and Taylor are in bed after dinner when Gabe calls. He asks if she’s answering the call right now. She takes the call and it’s Ben, not Gabe. She says she can come then tells Max.

She says Gabe is out of control and she has to help but will be back soon. They cart Gabe home and they help him to bed. Gabe says he’s fantasized about he and Taylor in his bed but Ben wasn’t there. She says no. Ben tells Taylor he’s sorry then says he blew her off and he should have listened. He says it’s not just his dad and says he’s got it bad for her – anyone can see it. Carter talks to Jared after her shift and he says to close the door. He asks what happened.

She says she had no idea he was so wasted. She says she ordered the drink before she went over to him. Jared says he can’t trust her when she serves a guy like that. He says he’s concerned with her judgment and says he can’t have a server he can’t trust and he says she’s fired. He says she can pick up her last check tomorrow. Carter is with Crash on his last night and she tells him she got fired. He says he’s sorry then says it gave him an idea and he says he loves her.

He says she should come with him to California. He says they used to talk about it and says they can do it all now. He says she can get a job there and nothing is holding them back. He says to just think about it and she says okay. Later, Taylor and Carter look at pics of California and Taylor says she’s sorry about her job. Carter says it’s for the best and she says she owes Crash an answer today. Taylor offers to help her make a pros and cons list.

They say pros – California is beautiful and fun, travel plus Crash. Cons are she’d miss Taylor, Grant and their parents. She says she’d miss Ben too and would feel like she didn’t give life here a real shot. Then she says she might find a great life out there. Taylor says not to overanalyze. She says the difference between them is that Taylor will play the pros and cons game while Carter figures out what she wants and just goes for it.

Taylor says she’ll miss the hell out of her if she goes but she should do what’s right for her. Carter goes back to the bar to pick up her check. She sees it taped to the counter. She looks around. Crash is waiting on her to meet him. She looks around the bar and then at the office. Jared comes out and sees her cleaning up. He asks what she’s doing and she says the tables are grimy and he’ll get hit with a health code violation. Jared asks if she knows what fired means. She says she’s a slow learner. He agrees.

Taylor tells Max she’s sorry for bailing last night and he asks how Gabe is. She says he’s not great. Max says he’s lucky to have a friend like her then says he hopes he’s not taking advantage of her by leaning on her too much. Taylor says they’ve been friends since they were kids but Max asks if Gabe has feelings for her. Taylor says no. Max says he’s sure that he does. Taylor says she’s going to convince him that’s not true and kisses him.

Carter meets with Crash and tells him she’s not going with him to California. She says she loves that he asked her to go but says he’s on his path and she has to find hers still. She says sorry and he says okay. They hug and she says they’ll talk and he can see her on leave and they’ll figure it out. He says they’ll see and says she’s spent so much time helping him and keeping him straight and has changed his life. He says it’s her turn now and says she needs to do this on her own with nothing holding her back.

She says he’s not holding her back but he says maybe he is. He says he loves her but says they shouldn’t make plans or Skype or call and she should live her life and maybe they’ll cross paths again. He kisses her goodbye. He gets into his car and drives away. Later, she counts her tips and Jared says she killed it. He asks her to take the trash out and she calls him boss. He says it’s good to have her back. She grabs the trash and goes outside.