Finding Carter Recap 11/3/15: Season 2 Episode 17 “The Consequences of Longing”

Finding Carter Recap 11/3/15: Season 2 Episode 17 "The Consequences of Longing"

Tonight on MTV Finding Carter returns with an all new Tuesday November 3, season 2 episode 17 called, “The Consequences of Longing,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter (Kathryn Prescott) and Ben  (Ben Winchell) square off over secrets and lies.

On the last episode Carter hit it off with someone new; and figured out how to save the bar. In other events, Max took Grant under his wing; and things came to a head between Max, Taylor and Gabe. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter and Ben square off over secrets and lies; Elizabeth learns the truth about Carter; and Carter fights to earn the trust of those around her.”

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#FindingCarter starts with Carter at work at the bar. She comes out of the bathroom with a mop ad smiles at Jared. He asks if the bathrooms are clean and then he points her out some more work but he won’t look at her. She says he hasn’t talked to her in a week and he says she’s lucky to still have a job. He goes in his office and shuts the door behind him. Carter scrubs the tables when Ben comes in to chat her up. He says they passed the home study and says the social worker bought Lori’s act.

He says her and David being there helped. Jared says less talk more cleaning and she introduces him to Ben. She goes into the back to put up some glasses and sees Ben messing with the card reader he put on the register. She asks what the hell he’s doing. She asks if he’s running one of his scams here then says this job means a lot to her. He says he’s not stealing from Jared and it’s a victimless crime. He says the bank covers the losses so it’s like it never happened.

She says she has to tell her boss or she’ll get fired. He says don’t mess with him on this and walks out. Taylor is packing and freaking out and Max tells her she’s adorably prepared. She’s packing for a weekend at a college she might go to but says she doesn’t like that Gabe is coming. She says she’s worried because Gabe told her he has feelings for her. She says she told Gabe that she loves Max and Max says she’s awesome and he can’t blame Gabe for caring about her.

Taylor reassures Max that she’s so into him and they kiss. At work, Carter talks to another waitress about another rave spot. Jared tells them to work harder. Carter sees Jared scanning credit cards and tells him the reader looks different. He takes it off and says someone must have switched it. He asks how she spotted it and she says she’s detail oriented. He says the last thing he needs is customers getting their card numbers stolen.

Ben sees the laptop shut down on the card numbers he was stealing and he curses. Taylor leaves for her trip. Ben shows up to Carter’s house and gives a DVD back to Liz that he borrowed. He asks how things are going and she says it’s hard with David away. She says it’s a lot to juggle by herself and asks if he’s heard from David. He says he’s heard from him a bit. She tells him Max is renovating the basement as a hangout for all the kids. He says she’s so cool to let Carter drop out and then work at a bar.

Liz plays along like she knew about it. Jared thanks Carter for alerting him to the card reader replacement. He says most employees wouldn’t have noticed. Liz shows up at the bar looking for Carter and is upset. Carter goes to intercept her and Liz asks how long she’s worked there and why she didn’t tell her then says Ben told her and she felt like an idiot. Carter says she’s still on probation and Liz asks if Jared knows how old she is and he says he does.

Carter admits that Jared thought she was 21 when she applied because she used a fake ID. Liz rolls her eyes. Damon, Gabe and Taylor are in the car talking about the school visit. Gabe says he’s going to play it straight and promises he won’t screw this up. Damon says he’s going to rebrand himself as a badass. Gabe and Taylor mock him. Liz tells Carter it’s a good fake ID and says she let her drop out of school and now she’s lying to her and working in a bar.

Carter says she knew Liz would react like this then calls her hypocritical. She says she let Gabe off the hook for driving drunk but is on her about working in a bar. Carter says she loves working there and Liz says there are legal jobs she can get. Liz and Carter argue and Liz says she can’t work there anymore. Carter says it’s not her call and says she can take care of herself. She walks out. Gabe and Taylor are on a tour and she asks about a semester abroad. He asks if she still wants to go to Paris.

Taylor says she’s not sure she’s ready to leave her family and Max. Gabe says he’s not sure he even wants to go to college. Damon is pretending to be British and in a band. Their tour guide says the track team needs a new starter. The tour ends and the guy tells them to enjoy the visit then invites Gabe and Taylor to a party. Carter finds Ben at a restaurant and says she can’t believe he tattled to her mom about her working at the bar. He says he warned her not to mess with him.

Carter says she didn’t tell her boss about Ben just that the machine was different. She demands that he explains himself. She says she didn’t rat to her mom that he gave her the fake ID. She tells him he screwed up her life and he’s not the only one with problems. She says she’s done covering for him and he’s on his own from her on out. She walks away. Carter talks to her dad and asks if he’s talked to mom. She tells him about her waitressing job at the bar and says Liz wants her to quit.

Carter says it makes her happy and Liz wants her to stay a kid forever. She says Liz is smothering her and he says he’ll see what he can do. She says Ben and Lori passed the home study and them being there helped. Liz hears that and she didn’t know that her hubby and kid showed up for Lori. Liz comes down to see if she can help Max who’s knocking down some sheetrock. She beats the wall with vigor. She says she likes that Taylor is looking at a college close to home. Max says it feels further.

Liz says you can be in the same room with someone and feel 1000 miles apart. He says Gabe went with her and Damon and Liz says that’s a good thing. He says Gabe has a thing for Taylor and she reminds him that Taylor loves him. He asks about David and she says he hasn’t been a good communicator. Liz hits a water pipe and it starts spewing. Bird is with the deejay and they talk about décor for the next rave. Stevie is in charge, not Carter and Jared says to get a door man so no one’s mommy crashes.

Carter is annoyed. Taylor and Gabe head to the frat party on campus. He says he knows he hasn’t been present lately but says it’s getting easier to deal with his dad being gone every day and says she’s been a big help. They see Damon and go over to hear these lies – he’s talking about snowboarding. Taylor says he has a signature jump called the Damonator. He has to make it up off the cuff. The girl is clearly buying it. Liz and Max get the mess cleaned up.

Liz says she feels like she can’t do anything right lately. She says Carter is barely speaking to her and he says Carter likes to push limits and says not to take it personally. Liz says she knows that in theory and remembers being that age. Max says Carter wants to find her own path and Liz says that’s why she let her drop out but says Carter seems to just want to work illegally at a bar. Carter brings coffee to sit beside Bird who asks how she’s doing.

Bird says Jared is an idiot if she doesn’t see how fab Carter is. Bird says Seth is ridiculously perfect for her. Stevie and Seth tell them they lost the umbrella factory because it was declared a toxic site. Jared wants to pull the plug on the party and Carter encourages him to not give up. She says the party is what will keep the lights on and promises to find a solution. He says if she doesn’t find a new location by tonight, he’s shutting it down.

Liz tells Max that her mom was furious when she was a teen and her mom found out she was waitressing at a jazz club. He says that’s ironic. She says you want your kids to avoid making the same stupid mistakes you made. He tells her he has no idea what will happen when Taylor goes to college. He says he trusts Taylor but not Gabe. Liz says they’re like best friends like he and Carter are. She says he and Taylor work because they complement each other.

He says he wonders if she would be better off with someone she has more in common with and Liz says he makes Taylor happy. At the party, Taylor talks to the tour guide about the campus. He offers to get her a refill. Carter comes to talk to Jared and asks him to try and move past this because she’s got at her job and he kind of likes her. He laughs and says she’s okay. She says she’s fantastic and found them another venue. She says it’s an abandoned drive in and no one around for miles.

Jared says she pulled another rabbit out of her hat and he should stop underestimating her. Liz leaves David another message asking him to call. Damon is still working his game and says he’s number one in his class. A girl says she knows he’s lying. Gabe comes looking for Taylor and Damon says he last saw her talking to the tour guide. They wonder where she is. The tour guide drugged her drink and took her upstairs to his room. She says her legs feel funny and asks where they are.

She then asks where her friends are. He says lie down and she’ll feel better. He knocks her back on the bed and she struggles. He says stop fighting. She cries as the drug takes over. Gabe bursts into the room and shoves the guy of her and picks her up and takes her out. Liz tells Carter she heard her talking to her dad and says it’s not fair to play both sides then says she and David were lying to her about Lori. Carter says they just went once to help Ben. Liz says she doesn’t know if she can believe her.

Liz says she’s tired of this and says work at the bar and do what you want because you will anyway. Carter says she doesn’t want to fight with her and says she’s sorry she didn’t tell her about the job and thanks her for letting her keep it. Liz says it’s hard with her dad away and she needs to trust her. Carter promises to be an open book and says she has to get to work. Liz advises her to wear sneakers instead of heels. Gabe loads Taylor in the car and tells Damon to keep an eye on her.

He goes back inside and drags the tour guide off the porch and then hits him repeatedly. He says think twice about drugging someone next time and calls him a freak. He leaves him on the ground. Liz finds Max still working in the basement and he says he has nowhere he needs to be right now. She thanks him for talking to her today. He says she has a serious future in demolition. He says he hasn’t heard from Taylor so she must be having a good time.

Liz says worrying is human and she says they should get Chinese takeout. They head upstairs together. Carter tells Jared she got a bouncer and a backup generator. He thanks her. Stevie comes by and asks if things are warming up. She says it’s moved up a little. She sees Jared flirting with another girl and Stevie says there are lots more guys out there. Liz gets into bed as her phone rings – it’s David and she says she thought he was dodging her calls.

She says she heard him talking to Carter and knows he went to Lori’s for the home visit. He says he didn’t want to upset her. Liz says she’s become a person who it’s hard to share things with and he’s become someone who avoids confrontation. He says he doesn’t want to be like that. Jared tells Carter he got a new fraud-proof machine. He says he suspects Stevie of putting the device there and says he’s caught her cutting corners. She says she doesn’t think it was her.

Jared says he can’t fire her and he says he can’t trust her. She says it wasn’t Stevie and says it was her brother Ben. Carter meets Ben for breakfast and tells him she told Jared he swapped the card reader and he needs to destroy the evidence. She says someone else was going to get fired for it. He says he has no idea what she’s done and she says to tell her. He says he has a friend in a bad situation and he was using that for extra cash. She asks if it was the girl she saw him with.

He says now he needs a new plan and he stomps out. Taylor wakes with Gabe driving the car and Damon sleeping. She asks where they are and he says on the way home. She says her head is killing her and she doesn’t remember drinking that much and it’s all a blur. She asks what happened and Gabe hesitates so she presses him. Gabe says the tour guide Ned drugged her. Liz comes to talk to Carter and she has a box for her. Carter opens it and sees cute little black boots.

She says those will be better for work and Carter thanks her. She asks how her mom knows so much about waitressing and Liz tells her she waitressed at a smoky cool place downtown that’s gone now. Taylor is stunned and says if Gabe hadn’t been there… He says he was and she’s okay. He says he kept his promise and just had one drink. She says no one else would have gone looking for her and he says disappearing isn’t her style. He says there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

He says he knows she’s with Max. She asks him to not tell Max what happened. She says she doesn’t want to upset him. He agrees. Taylor comes home and hugs Max. She gives Gabe a look. Carter meets Jared at his request. She asks if he brought her in public to fire her so she won’t make a scene. He says he knows it must have been hard to give up her brother like that to save Stevie. She says she didn’t have the full story when she told him. She asks if he can cut Ben a break and Jared says he stole.

He says he’ll keep it between he and Ben and she thanks him. Jared says he has never tried harder to not like someone then says she’s his Kryptonite. He kisses her. Jared comes to see Ben. He pounds on the door and then comes in. Jared says he should beat the hell out of him and turn him over to the cops. He says he gets a pass since he’s Carter’s brother. Jared says he’s going to call on him for a favor one day and he’ll deliver. Ben agrees. Jared tells him don’t say anything to Carter and leaves.