Finding Carter Recap 3/31/15: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Love the Way You Lie”

Finding Carter Recap 3/31/15: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere "Love the Way You Lie"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Wednesday March 31, season 2 premiere called, “Love the Way You Lie,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 2 premiere, Lori’s [Milena Govich] second kidnapping of Carter [Kathryn Prescott] forces the Wilsons [Cynthia Watros] to face some hard truths.

On the last episode, Max and Taylor’s relationship reached its breaking part. Meanwhile, Carter uncovered secrets that unsettled her family. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Lori kidnaps Carter for a second time; the Wilson family learns the truth.”

Be sure to tune in for FINDING CARTER on MTV at 10 PM EST and check here for a live recap of this all new show. Hit up the comments to tell us what you think of this new show called Finding Carter. In the meantime, check out the preview for tonight’s episode below.

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#FindingCarter starts with Carter waking from her drugged sleep. She’s dreaming of being a little girl and Lori picking her up and running off with her. She sees Taylor left behind. Lori tells someone on the phone that Carter is fine and resting and that she has it under control. She says it’s too late and the truth will come out. She asks the person if they’re threatening her. She sees that Lori has a gun.

Max asks Gabe if he can call his dad to ask why there’s no news about Carter’s kidnapping. Taylor shows up and tells the gang that it’s a media blackout. They ask if she should be at home but she says everyone is just sitting waiting to hear from her mom. She asks if it’s okay and Max says of course. She says she knows they’re broke up and Bird asks when this happened. Taylor tells Max she’s sorry.

He says he’s glad she’s there. She sits by him and he says he made a really big mistake breaking them up. He says he was going through a lot and she says that happens when someone shoots you. Max says he still wants to be with her. They hug. Elizabeth asks why they ordered a media blackout but the FBI guy says he can’t talk to her about it. He says she can’t work the case.

He says she doesn’t have the authority but he says he does and tells her to go home and let them know if Carter or Lori contacts them. Lori gets a glass of water for Carter who is still foggy. She tells her everything will be okay. Carter realizes she drugged her and Lori says she had to but it wouldn’t hurt her. She says she just needed Carter to hear what she had to say.

Carter asks what and Lori says she’ll know soon. Taylor asks Max if Carter would hurt Lori and he says no. He says but he never thought she would do this either. He says Carter isn’t a little girl now and is tough and smart. He says her sister will be fine. Elizabeth tells the family she’s off the case and says it’s her fault she’s gone. David asks if they said that.

David says it’s no one’s fault and says they’ll find her. Elizabeth says she can’t lose their baby again. He says it will be okay. Grant asks how he can say that and says he can’t know. Lori takes Carter out of the ratty hotel and to a car. Carter looks around. She asks Lori where they’re going and she says they’re going to get Taylor. Carter runs from her mom. Lori chases her as she runs into traffic.

Carter runs into the woods and Lori gives chase. She tells her to stop then tackles her. Lori says she and Taylor have to know the truth and Carter asks what Taylor has to do with anything. She clicks a selfie of them and says to send it to Taylor and set up a meeting with her. Carter asks why she’s doing this and tells Lori to stop. Lori tells her to think about them before all this happened.

She says she loves her and that Carter is everything to her. She asks her to remember them. Carter says she’s not the person she knew and Lori cries and says that’s not fair. She asks for one last chance and begs her to do it. Carter caves and does it. Taylor gets the text and tells Max and the others. She says she’s supposed to meet them in two hours alone. Elizabeth and the family talk about what to do. David tells Joan they will decide who’s going. He asks Elizabeth’s parents to step out.

David says they need to talk about Lori. She says it can wait while they focus on what to do right now. Taylor comes home and thinks back to playing in the yard as kids and seeing Lori pick up Carter and take her away while Taylor hid. She thinks about her sister in the car driving way. Then she recalls the house full of people flashing photos and her asking her mom where Lyndon is. Taylor comes home and tells them she’s going.

She says since she stood in the doorway and watched Lori drive off with Carter she’s had to live every day knowing she couldn’t help Carter, them or anyone. She says she dreamed many times about stopping her and says now she can do something. She says again – I’m going. Eddie comes over and puts a wire on Taylor. Grant comes in and asks what’s going on. Elizabeth says she’s going with her and Grant asks why the cops can’t just get their damned jobs.

David says he won’t let anything happen to her and Grant asks like he didn’t let anything happen to Carter. Taylor asks Grant if he can go with their grandma to pick up Max and bring him here since his mom never showed up. At the diner, Carter and Lori choose a booth and she tells Carter to act natural. Carter says she’s not hungry. Eddie says he’ll be right outside listening. David drives Elizabeth and Taylor there and they leave he and Eddie in the car listening. They go inside.

Elizabeth asks if Carter is okay. Lori says Taylor was supposed to come along and says it’s okay since Elizabeth will want to hear this too. Carter hugs Taylor and feels the wire on her back but says nothing. Carter asks Lori what was so important she had to kidnap her again. Lori says she’s not the bad guy. Carter asks what she is. Lori says she’s her real mother and Taylor’s mother too. They look at Elizabeth. Lori smiles broadly.

Elizabeth asks what she’s talking about and she rattles off some facts about herself. She was an egg donor. Carter asks what she’s talking about and Taylor tells Elizabeth to tell them. She says she couldn’t get pregnant. She says she and David tried for three years then they went to a clinic. She says they looked for an egg donor. Lori says they chose her. Max tells Joan and Grant that his mom had the wrong date. He asks if Grant has heard anything about Taylor.

Grant asks why he didn’t stop him and says the whole family is with a crazy person and isn’t normal. He says Lori could kill them all but Max says they’re there with her and it’s okay. He says Carter is much smarter than Lori and is way ahead of her with a plan. He punches Grant and asks if he’s okay then says to get the nurse so they can leave. Joan tells Max he’s good with Grant and he says he’s a good kid. Joan says she can see why Taylor likes him but says all their women are bonkers.

Carter asks Elizabeth why they didn’t tell them. She says they never got a chance to. Taylor says they had a chance to tell her and Elizabeth says they didn’t want to tell her without Carter. Elizabeth asks what they want from them. Lori says she has rights and is their mother. Lori says maybe in the eyes of the law no, but in the eyes of God she does. She says she just wanted to be part of her daughter’s lives without the cops. Elizabeth says that will never happen.

Lori says then none of them are leaving here. They all look around nervously. Carter asks if she thought they would walk away with her and live happily ever after. Lori says they both know what it’s like to lose a child and thought Elizabeth would understand as a mother. Elizabeth says she kidnapped her daughter and won’t help her. Taylor tells Lori she ruined all their lives. Lori says they did, not her. She says she tried to contact them when they were babies but they refused.

Elizabeth says that’s the deal when you’re a donor but Lori says things aren’t as simple as they sound. She says they are part of her and her blood. Taylor says she’s not her mother and to stop saying that. Lori says the only reason she feels that way is because she had the decency to leave her. She says she could have taken Taylor too but didn’t want Elizabeth to lose them both. Elizabeth says Lori will get the prison time she deserves.

Lori asks Elizabeth what she thinks she deserves. Carter hugs her sister and pulls the wire out of the mic to signal something is wrong. Eddie tells David to stay put and he heads inside. Carter sees Eddie and then Elizabeth notices him. Lori hits Eddie with a glass then runs out with the girls. Elizabeth grapples with her and tells the girls to run. Carter takes Lori’s gun and puts it out of the way. Lori punches her repeatedly then David pulls her off. Lori hits him too then goes running.

David chases Lori while the girls check on Elizabeth. David tackles Lori. At the police station, David gives his statement while Elizabeth tells the girls she’s okay. Taylor hugs her mom who says it’s all over. Carter asks what happens now. Elizabeth says she gets to take her home and Carter says she meant about Lori. She says she’ll spend the night in jail then see a judge in the morning. Eddie tells Elizabeth her FBI friend wants to see her. Elizabeth says she’ll be back.

The FBI guy says she can observe them talking to Lori then says maybe the FBI should recruit more mothers. She agrees and leaves. Lori is being processed and asks Elizabeth how it feels living in denial. Elizabeth says she’s the one being fingerprinted. Lori says the egg donor deal isn’t the whole story. She say she knows the truth about the egg donation. She says to ask David about what he knows about important things she’ll want to know.

Elizabeth calls her a delusional felon and says that’s all she needs to know. Lori says David did a number on both of them and says she’s not the only one to blame. She dares her to ask him. Elizabeth comes home with the girls and everyone rushes to greet them. Joan is alarmed to see the bandage on her face. They tell their grandparents that David tackled Lori and Joan says she didn’t think she had it in her. Grant asks if he can hug her and they share a squeeze.

Max asks Taylor if she’s okay and says it’s a great family vibe. He says he’ll call his mom in the morning but they tell him he has to stay. Joan says he said he’d stay and says to stop pushing. Later the girls clean up the kitchen when David and Elizabeth come in to talk about the egg donor business. Elizabeth says the biology doesn’t matter. Taylor agrees and says what Lori said doesn’t change anything. Taylor says they should have told her but don’t ever need to talk about it.

She goes to help Max and David tells Elizabeth to give her time to process. Elizabeth tells Carter they want to apologize for not telling her before. She thanks them. Carter says to be clear, they are done with all the lies. Elizabeth says no more lies. She hugs them both. Taylor finds Max on the den sofa – he says the stairs are hard to navigate. She asks if he wants her to sleep down there too but he says it’s okay and they both need their rest. He kisses her good night.

Elizabeth tells David she’s scared but he says it’s over, the girls are home and Lori can’t hurt them anymore. She says Taylor is angry and distant. He says she just needs time. Elizabeth says she never wanted them to know and says she was going to take the secret to her grave. She says they won’t feel like she’s their mother. David says she’s the only mother Taylor has had and the only one Carter wants. He says nothing Lori says will change that.

Taylor finds Carter in the bathroom and jokes about this hair being her post-abduction look. Carter asks her if she will stay with her tonight. She says she doesn’t want to be alone. Taylor agrees right away. They lay down side by side and Carter asks again if she’s okay. Taylor says nothing is what she thought and she can’t wrap her mind around it. She asks how mom could not be her mom. Carter says she doesn’t even know what the word means anymore.

Carter says one thing they do know is they are sisters and nothing will ever change that. They snuggle closer. Elizabeth tells David she saw Lori again before she left the station and she said something strange. She says she knows she’s crazy but the donor thing was real. Elizabeth says Lori said he did a number on both of them and she wasn’t the only one to blame. She asks what Lori meant. David looks at her and says nothing.