Finding Carter Recap – The Big Secret Everyone Knows: Season 2 Episode 10 “Rumour Has It”

Finding Carter Recap - The Big Secret Everyone Knows: Season 2 Episode 10 "Rumour Has It"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Tuesday June 2, season 2 episode 10 called, “Rumour Has It,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter [Kathryn Prescott] goes camping with friends.

On the last episode Carter and Max took a road trip after receiving unexpected news about Lori; and Elizabeth, Joan and Taylor dealt with drama at home. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “while camping with friends, Carter ponders revealing a secret that could change everything for the people she loves the most.”

Be sure to tune in for FINDING CARTER on MTV at 10 PM EST and check here for a live recap of this all new show. Hit up the comments to tell us what you think of this new show called Finding Carter. In the meantime, check out the preview for tonight’s episode below.

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#FindingCarter begins with Max saying he’s never felt so bad about anything in his life. He says he wishes he could take it back and hope it doesn’t ruin everything between them. He’s rehearsing with Carter to tell Taylor what they did. He’s not sure but Carter says the longer they wait, the worse it will be. Grant signs for a package for the parents. He takes it to them and says it’s their divorce papers. He tells them to have a nice day. David tells him to sit down.

Liz says it’s financial papers for their separation agreement, not a divorce. She says they don’t want them stressed but Taylor and Grant are not buying it. David says separation does not mean divorce. Grant says he’s going to a friend’s to play laser tag. David then bickers with Liz for not telling him before she filed a separation agreement. Carter goes to chat up Taylor who says they got their leading up to divorce papers today. Taylor says it’s Wilson Family Redux.

She says she needs a break from the family drama. Carter says they should go to Gammy’s cabin for the weekend. Taylor asks about inviting Max and Carter says it’s a really good idea. She says Max is downstairs and Taylor says she’ll go ask. She tells Carter good thinking. Taylor tells Max she feels out of touch with him and would like to be in touch. He agrees and asks if they can do something this weekend. She asks him to go to the cabin with them for a few days.

Max asks if Carter knows and Taylor says she’s into it. He says that would be cool. Carter packs up and they ask if she’s packing for the apocalypse. Bird, Madison are there with Damon and Gabe. They have movies and party stuff. Madison asks Carter if she’s okay. She asks Max to help her and they step aside. Carter says they can’t tell Taylor with everyone else there. He says they can ride together and tell her on the way. Carter isn’t sure it’s a good plan. Taylor says let’s go.

Taylor rides with Max and pushes the others toward another car. Carter stares out the window and Gabe says maybe Taylor and Max will make up. Damon asks what about Taylor and Ofe and Gabe says that’s over. Bird drives them and they talk about the food and booze they brought. They make jokes and small talk while Carter is distracted and looks worried. Taylor asks Max about the hospital. He says Lori told Carter to get out and told her she never wanted to see her again.

He says Carter was really upset on the way home. He says he pulled over so she could get some fresh air. Taylor says that’s awful and she should have gone with her. She says she should have been there for Carter but at least she had him. She says Max is a really good friend. She says she misses being friends with him. She asks if he’s okay. At the cabin, everyone gets out of the cars and looks around. Carter says three bedrooms so they have to bunk up. Bird and Madison agree to bunk together.

Madison says she loves it. Carter says the heating doesn’t work and Max says he’ll get kindling from the barn. Carter says she’ll build the fire and they ask how she knows and she says Lori taught her survival skills. Taylor rushes up to Carter and says Max told her what happened and Carter thinks she’s talking about the sex but then she says she knows it was hard to see Lori. Taylor says she should have come along to be there for her. Carter says not to apologize.

Taylor says okay and says she’s glad they’re all there. She walks off. Carter feels like crap. Bird brought candles and throw blankets. Madison teases her for treating it like a catalog shoot. Bird asks if Madison will talk to Carter about Lori and pushes her on it a little. They get into a tickle fight that looks sexy. Gabe and Damon wonder what’s up with them and if it’s girl on girl. Damon has a thing for Bird but says he doesn’t want to get in the middle. Gabe says the middle would be nice.

Damon says Bird doesn’t give him the time of day. Gabe tells him to go get in there and figure it out. Damon asks if they’re ready for the movies. Bird talks about the sexist treatment of women in the horror genre. He offers to sleep in their room if they get spooked. Madison says he’s a hero but they’re cool. Damon says the offer is open. Madison leaves to go find Carter. Back home, David’s TA shows up and surprises Liz. She says she was supposed to meet him at his office.

Liz says he told her he might work late. She says he didn’t answer then her phone died. She tells Liz she’s sorry and she offers to let her come in and wait. She thanks Liz for sparing her the traffic. Madison finds Carter out in the gazebo. She asks if she remembers when Lori let them camp out in the living room. She asks how it went at the hospital. Carter says she told her she never wanted to see her again. Madison says she doesn’t mean it.

Carter says the whole trip was awful and says she got herself into a bad situation. She says now she’s lying to someone she loves about it. Madison says sometimes you have to lie to protect people. Carter wonders if telling the truth hurts more. She says if it hurts the same, you should tell the truth. Madison asks what she did and Carter tells her she slept with Max. Madison says she was in pain and they love each other and one thing lead to another.

Carter says Max and Taylor are supposed to be together and now she’s carrying this awful thing around. Madison says people are messy and the whole truth can be hard. Carter asks if she would keep lying. Madison offers to fake sick to get the others to leave but Carter says she’ll just make it through the weekend and tell her when they get home. Madison says Carter has integrity but she doesn’t think so. Madison says people do things that seem unforgivable but then you see things from their perspective.

Bird comes to get them for cocktails. Madison says not to beat herself up over a mistake. Carter tells them to go ahead. Bird says they need a playlist and Madison tells her she couldn’t tell Carter. She says she has enough on her mind and Bird asks what it is. Madison says she’s in a bad situation that happened on her trip to go see Lori but she can’t tell her. Bird says she’ll ask Max and then Madison says that will make it worse. Bird gets it and says Max and Taylor were broken up anyway.

Bird doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Liz pours wine for she and Hillary and talks about David’s foibles. Hillary says it’s getting late and she should go but it was fun hanging out. She leaves some files for David and goes. Carter tells Max that Madison knows. He says they just need to get it out in the open first chance they get. Downstairs, Gabe tells Madison and Bird about how much his dad Kyle likes Liz and he thinks he’s going to get his heart stomped.

He wants to talk to Taylor and Bird says not to talk to her now because it’s not a good time. Then Damon comes in and they try to figure out what’s up with Taylor. Damon asks what changed. They wonder if it has something to do with her and Max on the way up. Gabe says it must be about Max and someone else. Carter comes in and the guys look edgy. Gabe says he doesn’t want Taylor hurt and Damon says telling her will hurt too. Madison says it’s a secret and they have to shut up.

Damon says this is humiliating but Gabe says what’s humiliating is that she doesn’t know. Madison says to keep it a secret but Gabe says he’s not keeping this secret. Madison tells him no but he walks off. He finds Taylor making popcorn. She asks what’s up. They watch the movie. Everyone is on edge. Damon scares Taylor and she screams. Bird says they should go swimming now. They all go to change. Gabe lurks in the living room feeling bad about not telling Taylor.

They all go into the lake. Max and Carter watch from the dock as the others frolic. Gabe comes out to confront Max and says Taylor deserves better. Damon tries to get him to shut up. Gabe falls and gets hurt and Carter asks what the hell. Taylor helps Gabe back up to the house. Carter realizes they all know. She and Max swap a look. They head back up to the house and Madison says she’s sorry. Bird says she guessed, she didn’t tell her. Max says he’s not going to let Gabe be in charge of how this goes down.

Madison asks to talk to Carter about Lori. She says Lori is the reason she came to see Carter. She says Lori took her in when the police were looking for her before she kidnapped Carter a second time. Carter is stunned. Madison says when she realized the truth, she tried to talk her out of it. Carter asks why didn’t she call the cops. Madison says everything Lori did was because she loves her. Carter says that’s crazy and asks if she’s been talking to her this whole time.

Madison says she had no one else and was desperate just like Carter was desperate when she slept with Max. Madison says when you’re trapped you do crazy things. Carter says she can’t do this with her and walks off. Taylor does first aid on the cut on Gabe’s head. He tells her she can trust him. She says she knows that and he says he has to tell her something. He says it’s not about Damon. He says he knows she still has feelings for Max but wants her to be careful.

Max walks up then and asks to talk to Taylor and says it’s important. She tells him she’ll be back. It’s time for #TellingTaylor. Max asks what they’re talking about and Taylor says she’ll find him once they’re done talking. She says she’ll find him in just a minute and goes back to Gabe. David comes home and Liz says Hillary came by. He says he heard she spent the afternoon there and Liz says she’s sweet and likes him. She says he seems to like her too. David agrees that he does.

She says she’s going to go out. She says Kyle works the late shift and she’s going to meet him. He says to have fun then says he wants to apologize for being short about the legal stuff. He says they can go over it tomorrow. She agrees then goes. Taylor finds Max outside and says she’s ready to talk. Carter is in the kitchen when Gabe comes in and says he didn’t tell her. Carter thanks him. He says she should know and Carter says they’re going to tell her. He says Taylor really loves Max.

They agree they hope she’ll be okay. Taylor tells Max that Gabe was asking about their relationship. She says she told the truth that she misses him and started up with Ofe because she didn’t know how to feel. She says she’s sorry. Max says she doesn’t need to say sorry for anything. He says they were broken up. She says she just wanted to talk about it because being with him made her realize how much she missed Max. She says what they have is pretty incredible.

Max says it is. She says they’ve been through so much together. She says she doesn’t feel like herself when she’s not with him. She asks if he’s mad about Ofe and he says definitely not. She says she wishes it had been different. Max says it’s all in the past and they were broken up. She says okay and says it’s his turn now. She asks if she slept with Bird. She says it’s okay, he can tell her. He says he didn’t do that. She asks ever and he says never. She says oh god. She says she was nervous to ask him.

She says she knows they’ve been broken up but she’d be upset. She says he knows how long it took her to forgive crash and she has trust issues to work on. She asks if they can just stay out there and fall asleep. She curls up against him and he holds her. OMG he didn’t tell her! Carter sits drinking coffee when Gabe comes in. Madison and Bird follow them and asks what happened with Taylor. Gabe says he kept his mouth shut. Taylor says to pack so they can hit the road.

Max sits by Carter and tells her nothing happened. He says he thinks she wants to get back together but he has to tell her. Carter says she’s not sure if she wants to tell her then says Madison told her some unwelcome stuff last night. Max says they have to tell Taylor. Liz looks through the separation papers and says it all seems to be in order. He goes to fix her necklace. He twists it around like he used to and says – do you want to make a wish. Liz says she wishes they weren’t doing this.

The kids pack up the cars. Taylor thanks Carter for coming up with the idea for this. She says she just wants to see Taylor happy. Taylor says she thinks she and Max are going to work things out. Taylor hugs Carter and goes to get in the car with Max. She and Max share a look. Carter gets into the other car. Back at the house, Max and Taylor unpack the truck and she finds a necklace in the back of his truck. She asks why Carter’s necklace is back there. He just gives her a look.