General Hospital Spoilers and News: Ryan Paevey Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident – Nathan West Crushes Wrist

General Hospital Spoilers and News: Ryan Paevey Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident - Nathan West Crushes Wrist

What will Port Charles do now that top cop Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) has his gun hand out of commission? “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that GH show runners will have to do some scrambling to accommodate Ryan Paevey’s recent injuries from a major motorcycle accident into the script. And the kicker is, it’s all a woman’s fault. And the she-devil is known as Lilith!

In December, Paevey took up with sexy new lady love Lilith and now she’s gone and ripped him a new one. Specifically, Lilith crushed Paevey’s right wrist so badly that he had to have surgery. The brawl left Lilith needing some TLC as well, but looks like Paevey’s favorite lady is healing up faster than he is. Late last year, Paevey bought a Harley Nightster Motorcycle and dubbed her “Lilith.”

Since then, much of Paevey’s Instagram has heavily featured new lady Lilith as he takes her all over LA and out camping and hiking. And it was on one of these excursions that Lilith and Ryan’s love affair took a nasty turn and he took a nasty spill. Ryan was hanging out at Chilao Campground in the Angeles National Forest when he was injured, falling off his bike and crushing his wrist so badly surgery was required.

Paevey survived well enough to keep on Tweeting and Instagramming, so it can’t have been too horrifying of an injury if Port Charles’ sexiest cop is still fooling around on social media. Paevey announced that he had to have surgery including a titanium implant in his wrist and that he’s got a heaping helping of road rash. Fans responded on social media with well wishes, but there were also GH concerns.

Several of his twitter followers speculated how show runner Ron Carlivati would react to news the PC top cop was busted up. One said: “I’m glad you’re okay – wonder how Ron will react.” Another tweeted, “How fun was it to tell @carlivatiron about this?” And a third wrote: “Uh oh! Does Frank and Ron know?” With Nathan front and center in several storylines, what will GH writers do?

It’s no problem for his on-screen honey Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) to be seen nursing him, but he’s kind of out of commission as a cop, right? Not that Port Charles police seem to have a lot of luck actually capturing and prosecuting anyone. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is still on the loose and even has a kid working at the PCPD, so who knows?

The only person they’ve put behind bars that has stayed put is Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore). The rest of the criminals in Pentonville all ran off, so they seem to be fairly ineffective. The real issue for most female fans is – how will Nathan be able to pull off those tight t-shirts and show us his incredible abs with that bum wrist. That’s the real crisis!

Ron and Frank need to hire a special assistant to be in charge of peeling off his shirts so we don’t have to miss out any of his shirtless screen time. Volunteers, anyone? Imagine if they put that hiring call out there? The GH set would be inundated with eager women (and likely quite a few men) willing to lend Paevey a helping hand…

For now, all we can see is that b*tch Lilith better take better care of Paevey from now on. We need his pretty face and sexy bod intact so that he can keep on patrolling Port Charles and setting our hearts aflutter!

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