Grimm Recap 11/6/15: Season 5 Episode 2 “Clear and Wesen Danger”

Grimm Recap 11/6/15: Season 5 Episode 2 "Clear and Wesen Danger"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday November 6, season 5 episode 2 called “Clear and Wesen Danger,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) deals with big changes in his home life as he works to keep his child and Adalind (Claire Coffee) safe.

On the last episode, in the wake of his mother’s beheading and Juliette’s death, things had never been more chaotic for Nick (David Giuntoli). Having lost so much, Nick had to dig deep and decided what type of person he wanted to be, while also coming to gripped with fathering a child with his once sworn enemy, Adalind (Claire Coffee). His search for the truth lead him to FBI Agent Chavez (guest star Elizabeth Rodriguez) and puts him at odds with those close to him.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick deals with big changes in his home life as he works to keep his child and Adalind safe; at the same time, the rise of the Wesen continues; and Hank adjusts to a new partner while investigating a brutal murder at an investment group.”

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#Grimm begins with a man working late in his office. He looks over numbers about bank transfers then beings to panic. He runs to talk to Wemlinger. Childs says a half million dollars is missing and says someone is cooking the books. He tells him to bring in a forensic accountant while he calls the cops. Wemlinger comes in and interrupts the call. He says he knows who’s responsible and shows him a file. Then he woges and kills Childs brutally. He woges back and spits out some flesh then makes a call. He calls 911 and says – they killed my boss and he cries and says please come quick.

Adalind sleeps holding her son while Nick watches. Rosalee knocks and gestures for him to come outside with her. He does. Hank is there too and Wu and Monroe ask what happened. He says they killed Chavez and shows them something of Trubel’s that Chavez has. Rosalle stays with Adalind and Kelly while the others go to look for Trubel. They agree Kelly is a good name for his son. They go back to the warehouse where the bodies are. Nick says he doesn’t know who they were.

He says Chavez warned him to be prepared for an uprising. The bodies are all gone. Monroe looks around and he points out where they all are. Monroe says someone cleaned up all of this. He says it’s clean like it was with Juliette. He says Chavez phone got a call and he answered it and the man told him to keep the phone. Wu says he’ll run the last number. Nick shows them where the lone survivor left in a truck. Monroe wonders who it was. Nick says he thinks the people Chavez works for.

He points out paint over the mark. Hank wipes the wet paint away. Wu says it sounds like a conspiracy. Hank wonders if it’s time to bring in the captain but Nick says not yet. Monroe says they need to go before they end up dead too. They roll out but someone saw them there and he does not look happy about it. Adalind wakes in a panic asking for her son and Rosalee says he’s in the nursery. She tells her to get some rest. Nick shows up to check on her. She says Kelly is in the nursery. He says he was just there.

Nick tells Rosalee to go him then walks her out. He says nothing was there and the bodies were gone and it was all cleaned up. She says Adalind can go home tomorrow then asks where he’ll bring her. He says his place and Rosalee says they’ll help get her settled. Hank comes to see Renard and updates him on the baby’s birth. Hank goes to leave and Renard says he wants him to work with Pogue until Nick is back from vacation. Hank doesn’t like it.

Pogue comes in and says they’ve got a body so Hank rolls out with him. Wu is already there at the Childs’ crime scene. He says the employee saw two men running out and called 911. They see that he’s disemboweled. They see blood on the phone and Hank suggest they talk to Wemlinger. He says he was working late and didn’t even know Mr Childs was there. He says he heard screams then saw two men running away in ski masks. He gives vague descriptions.

He says one had a stick or weapon of some sort. He says he didn’t go after them because he was too scared. He says he tried to stop the bleeding but couldn’t do anything. He says then he called 911. Hank asks what he tried to do to stop the bleeding. He says he tried to stop it and then tried mouth to mouth. Pogue asks when did he call Mr Childs’ assistant. He’s crying and says he doesn’t know who did this and suggests they talk to Betty, the assistant. They tell him to sit tight.

Hank says he doesn’t buy the guy’s story but Pogue says he doesn’t look like someone who could rip someone’s throat out. Betty is there and is crying. She says she came right over. She says they all got along well there. Wu comes and gives Hank a look. Hank walks over to him and says no one was coming or going in the last three hours. Wu says this must be Wesen. Hank says that’s a problem with Pogue. Monroe is trying to put together a mobile and says he’d rather be building a banjo clock.

Monroe and Rosalee share a look and she says someday. Adalind and Nick come in and Adalind is thrilled. Rosalee says she got some things for Adalind too. Rosalee says he’s cute then shows Adalind where all the baby gear is. Nick thanks Monroe who says he has a bad feeling about this. He says this house has too many bad things that happened here. He says he should think about moving. Rosalee tells Monroe they need to go and Rosalee says call for anything. Adalind thanks them and they go.

Nick tells her she can use the guest room upstairs and says he’ll get Kelly. She sits on the bed and says the last time she was in this room she was with Diana and asks if he’s heard about Juliette. He says she’s dead and says Trubel killed her to save his life. Adalind says she thought she left with the royals then tells him she’s sorry and thanks him for doing this. He goes without a word and looks upset. Adalind lies back on the bed. Nick goes into his room and stares at the space he shared with Juliette.

He goes to the closet and looks at one of her dresses. He remembers zipping it for her. He hangs it back up and closes the closet. Back at the PD, Pogue and Hank have nothing on Wemlinger yet. Hank wants to bring him in and says there is no blood trail and nothing on the security cameras. Pogue asks where the murder weapon is. Hank insists they bring him in and sweat him and Pogue reluctantly agrees. Nick makes food when Adalind comes down. She says she couldn’t sleep and he offers her a sandwich.

He offers her ham and cheese then she says she’s allergic to tomato. He says he’s thinking of selling the house and moving them someplace safer. She’s surprised he wants her around. Then he asks if she’s allergic to anything else and she says just raw tomatoes. Hank calls and checks on him then asks if he can come in to see if a guy is a Wesen. Nick tells her he needs to go in and Adalind says she’s fine. Nick tells her to call if she needs anything and he heads out.

Kelly wakes and starts crying and Adalind heads upstairs to tend to their son. Pogue shows Hank the ME report that says Childs throat was torn out by an animal. Hank says they still need to talk to Wemlinger. Wu comes up and says they got the prints back and the guy is a known embezzler. Pogue is now interested. Hank and Pogue have Wemlinger in interrogation and Nick watches through the glass. Wemlinger plays dumb and they ask if any money was missing and he says no.

Hank pokes at him and asks if he knows Bankers Trust in Sacramento or the name Simon Kincaid. He lies and says he wasn’t stealing. He says he saw two other men. They tell him the security cameras caught no one. Hank whispers that he knows he’s Wesen as he pushes him against the glass. He woges and Nick sees. Wemlinger says he wants a lawyer. Nick says he knows what he is and he could have ripped out his throat. Pogue is surprised to see him then gets defensive.

Pogue says two US marshals showed up and want Wemlinger. They tell him they’re taking him to California and they tell him he’s on a murder case here. The marshals have a warrant so they trump the. Nick says they have no idea what they’re dealing with and Nick says he has to warn them. He follows them out. He tells them to be careful with him. He says he’s dangerous but they scoff. The guy woges and glares at Nick. They leave in ignorance with the very dangerous man.

Wemlinger smirks at him from the back seat as they drive away. Renard asks why Nick is there and they tell him about the marshals that just took Wemlinger. They go in his office and Renard says Nick is going to lose his job if he keeps poking into things. Renard says he’ll tell the marshals there’s a death threat on Wemlinger so they’ll beef up security. He tells Nick to go home and not come back until he calls. Hank says this job is even harder when you can’t do a damn thing about what’s going on.

Rosalee shows up to visit Adalind. She says Nick went to work and says it’s strange being there. Rosalee says Kelly is so handsome and Adalind says he’s been good. She says she’s happy to be a mom again and says Nick has been great which is a nice surprise. Adalind tells her she doesn’t want to be a Hexenbiest again after what happened to Juliette. They wonder if the suppressant will last much longer. Adalind says Rosalee is the only friend she has and tells her she just wants a normal life like she and Monroe have.

Rosalee says it’s not quite normal then says she and Nick have Kelly and it’s a good start. There’s a knock and Rosalee is worried then goes to get it. There’s two FBI agents on the porch. The marshals stop for gas and Wemlinger asks to use the bathroom. One takes him with him. The other marshal mocks and says – don’t be dangerous. Wemlinger asks to take the cuffs of but the guy says no and the door stays open. He marshal turns his back. Wemlinger flushes then comes back in woge and attacks. The other guy gets a call about the death threat and that more security is coming. He says they’ll wait.

He goes to check in the bathroom and sees a mountain of blood and his partner’s throat ripped out. Wemlinger then comes at him too and eats them both. Blood seeps out from under the bathroom door onto the sidewalk. Pogue says he and Hank need to go find the murder weapon at the office. Hank suggests maybe a garden tool. Wu comes in and says the marshals just got hit. Hank heads out and Renard fumes.

Nick comes home and finds the agents there with Rosalee and Adalind. They ask to talk in private. Adalind says they’ll go upstairs and she takes Kelly with them. Nick asks what’s up and they tell him Chavez is missing. They ask him what the argument was about in her office. He says he thought she was investigating him for the Westin Stewart case then says she thought he was involved. He says she interrogated him at the precinct. She says there were signs of a struggle at her bedroom. He says he was at the hospital last night delivering his son and offers the doctor’s name.

They threaten him if he was involved in Chavez’s disappearance. They congratulate him on the baby and go. At the gas station, they tell Hank and Pogue that it’s bad and there’s blood all over. He opens the door and they see the dead marshals in the bathroom. Pogue is stunned. Hank sees the four slash marks on the mirror in blood. Adalind asks Nick why the FBI was there and says if something happens to Nick, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

She panics and says what if Kelly is like him or her or a Grimmenbiest. She says she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. He gets a call from Hank and says Wemlinger killed the marshals. He says the same marks were at the scene and he says he sent him a photo. Nick says it’s the same. Hank wonders if this is tied to what Chavez was warning him about. Nick says if they trace the money, they may have a lead. Hank says forensic accountants are going through the files.

Nick tells Adalind he needs to go. She’s frustrated. The tech tells Hank and Nick that the embezzlement has been going on for two years. He says it was all done from Wemlinger’s computer then says there was also a phone call to a Portland number each time a transfer was made. Wu meets Hank who says the phone number belongs to the company and it’s registered to a PO Box. Wu says it went to this location and says it’s an apartment building. Betty Frame lives there, the assistant.

They go see if Wemlinger is with her. It’s Hank, Wu and Nick. They head to the apartment and Nick listens with his super ears and says he hears electric motors. They kick in the door and find Wemlinger and a pile of computers. He woges and threatens to rip Betty’s throat out. She acts scared. He takes her into another room and kicks the door closed. She says help me and says he made me do it. Wemlinger goes out the window and Hank tells her to stay put.

They go after Wemlinger who is on the fire escape. Nick is hot on his trail and the other two take the stairs. Wu gets in his car and Nick and Hank continue on foot. Wemlinger hops a fence and Hank keeps going. Nick makes it to the fence and tells Hank to look behind him. Wemlinger attacks and he and Nick take him on. He’s getting the best of both of them. The guy hops over a building and he come at Wu who has to shoot him to stop him.

He lies bleeding out on the hood of the cop car and Wu says he had no choice. Wu calls it in while Hank and Nick run back to Betty’s place. They find her deleting the files form the computers. We see a photo of Renard on the screen for a moment. She says – not even a Grimm can stop what’s coming. She woges then says “Occultatum Libera” and jumps out the window to her death. Later, Monroe says that loosely translates to “free what’s hidden.” Rosalee asks what is is but they don’t know.

They look at the symbol and Rosalee says they’re still researching it. They talk about all the Wesen symbols but they don’t know what it is. Wu looks at it and wonders what it means. They all dig into the books. Pogue tells Hank none of this makes sense. Pogue says why would she kill herself and then Hank suggests she and Wemlinger were a pair and she had nothing to live for after he died. Ick comes home and finds Adalind sleeping. He checks on Kelly. There’s a for sale sign in front of the house.

In a call, a creature screams. A guy comes out of the cell – the one who was watching the gang earlier and says it went better.