Grimm Season 4 Finale Recap and Spoilers: A Royal Mess and a Death or Two

Grimm Season 4 Finale Recap and Spoilers: A Royal Mess and a Death or Two

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday May 15, season 4 finale called “Cry Havoc,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Trubel helps Nick, (David Giuntoli) who is hell-bent on getting revenge on the Royals after making a horrifying discovery in the Season 4 finale; at the same time, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) alliance continues to lead her down a dark path.

On the last episode, while investigating a grisly murder, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) got closer to uncovering the identity of the serial killer while Wu’s (Reggie Lee) life was put in grave danger. Having turned down Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) offer, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) solidified a new alliance as she worked to get her revenge. Elsewhere, Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) made a surprising return to Portland. Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee also star. Nico Evers-Swinderll guest stars. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “on the heels of a shocking discovery, Nick (David Giuntoli) is hell bent on getting revenge and taking the fight to the Royals with help from Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni). Meanwhile, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) alliance continues to lead her down a dark path.”

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The season finale of #Grimm starts with Nick screaming “no” over his mom Kelly’s head in a box. Hank asks Trubel what she saw and they agree they need to go before more of the killers come back. Trubel says it’s a trap and he has to snap out of it. The guards report to Kenneth that Nick and Hank are in the house with someone else. Kenneth says to kill them all then tells Juliette that Diana seems quite taken with her. The hundjagers are closing in on the house and Trubel screams that they have to go.

The hundjagers burst in but the house is empty. They sniff around but the gang is over the back fence and running through a neighbor’s yard. The head in the box gets left behind. Rispoli yells at the men to find them. They spread out in a search then Nick stops and says he’s going back. Trubel tells Nick that she killed a Verrat and it’s the royals. He wants to see the body of the man she killed. Kenneth and Juliette head to a large estate.

Nick says to grab the head and says Adalind may know where they are. That surprises Trubel. He says they can use the Verrat’s head to find the royals. Wu pulls up and Hank says the royals killed his mom. Wu is surprised to see Trubel – and with a head. They toss it into the trunk of the cop car and Nick says not to call it in – he says they’re doing this his way. Sean is at the spice shop with Monroe and Rosalee and he looks at the rubber bullets they shot him with – Rosalee explains why they had to do it.

Monroe says Jack the Ripper wouldn’t know about rubber bullets and would think he was getting shot. Sean says he was shot then says he killed three women but Rosalee says it wasn’t him. She reminds him they never found the real Jack the Ripper either. Nick and the guys with Trubel head to Bud’s to talk to Adalind. He says she’s asleep but then she’s there. He says the royals killed his mother and have Diana. She says it’s Kenneth and Rispoli who is in charge of the Verrat.

She says she wants Diana back and says they may be at the hotel. Trubel sees she’s pregnant and Nick says the baby is his. They also agree they have to bring Rosalee and Monroe to safety. The king is at the estate and is happy to see his granddaughter Diana. He introduces Juliette to King Frederick. He thanks her and says she will have a whole new life in Vienna and says he has a soft spot for hexenbiests. He kneels down to look at Diana and says she’s beautiful.

He asks for a hug and she goes to him and he hugs her. He says he has longed to hold her for so long and says she’s where she belongs at last. He tells the nanny to feed, bathe and dress her properly for travel. Rispoli calls and the king says to put him on speaker. He says the grimm got away and says he doesn’t know where he is. Kenneth says to meet him at the hotel and they’ll deal with it. Kenneth tells the king he’ll take care of the grimm and the king says he better.

He wants to take Juliette to lure Nick but the king says Juleitte’s job is done and she stays with him. Kenneth leaves and Juliette sits with the king who asks what Nick is like. She says he won’t stop. Adalind goes into the hotel suite and calls out a greeting. She asks if anyone is there. She looks around. She puts the dead Verrat’s head, now wrapped in plastic into a closet then opens the doors and screams like she just found it.

Bud and Trubel head to pick up Rosalee and Monroe when they hear a phone ringing. Bud tells Trubel to get the call in case it’s Nick. It’s a woman’s voice and Trubel updates her on what’s going on. Is it Kelly? Is she still alive? At the PD, Sean gets an update on the ripper killings. He says there was a fourth attack and the victim Judith Nichols from tonight described him. They tell him it was a tall guy with a British accent.

Rosalee and Monroe drink wine and talk about how tied they are of the violence. Monroe worries that they haven’t heard from Nick or Trubel. They say they should call them but the phone is too far away from where they’re relaxing. Trubel and Bud show up and she says that Kelly is dead, the royals have Diana and the hundjagers are after Nick. Bud says they’ll be safe at his house and they grab their coats and leave in a hurry. Wu reports to Hank and Nick that a head was found. They’re playing a little scene.

The hotel manager is there and is horrified that this happened at his hotel. He brings Hank and Nick to Adalind and introduce her to them. She says it’s awful and she’s pregnant. Nick says to get him the names and vehicle info on everyone who stands there. Hank says once they have the info, they pull out a BOLO and arrest Kenneth and Rispoli. Adalind tells Nick she’s sorry about his mom and says she died trying to save her daughter. She says she knows how it hurts.

The king tells Juliette her life changes must be so difficult. He says she sacrificed so much for the grimm. He says a powerful hexenbiest can be an ally and says his family have always embraced them when others burned them at the stake. She asks if he’s Sean’s father and says she knows he tried to have Sean and his hexenbiest mother killed several times and he says it was the queen. Juliette says if they queen tries it, then she woges, but the king tells her the king is dead then tells J she’s beautiful.

Nick thinks about the evidence at his house including the fingerprint Juliette left on the mouse. Nick says Kelly was set up and says someone contacted him from his computer which means it was Juliette. Hank says Kelly would have trusted J with her life and they agree she did and that’s why she’s dead. Kenneth is arrested at the hotel. Kenneth insists there has been a mistake. Rispoli sees it going down and tells his driver to keep driving.

Kenneth asks Wu where he’s taking him and he says – where you belong – he sees they’re headed out of Portland. Rispoli comes and tells the king that the grimm set up Kenneth and he’s been arrested. He asks if he wants him to get Kenneth out but the king says to let the grimm have him since they both need closure. He tells Rispoli to prepare to leave for home. Wu drives Kenneth out to a remote location and pulls him out of the car. Kenneth says this doesn’t seem like standard procedure.

Wu tells him to lie down then kicks his knees out from under him when he refuses. Wu uncuffs him then drives away. Kenneth tells Nick that his mother was a complete let down and says he expected more of a challenge. Nick asks Kenneth how he got Juliette to cooperate and he says it didn’t take much – just a quick romp with her in their bed. He says she’s with the king and helped change history. Nick says Kenneth won’t live to see it and they brawl.

Wu waits with Hank but he’s worried and wants to go check on Nick. He reminds Hank that this guy killed Kelly, another grimm. Hank says they’ll finish what Nick started if Kenneth kills Nick. He gets the drop on Kenneth and has a blade that pops out of an arm gauntlet and puts it through Kenneth’s next. He bleeds out rapidly. Hank checks his watch. They hear a noise and panic but it’s Nick. He tells Wu to get back to the station and triangulate Juliette’s cell so they can catch them.

Adalind is with Trubel and the others (Monroe, Rosalee, Bud) and they ask about Kelly’s death and Adalind asks if Trubel was with Nick when they found his mom’s body. Trubel says there was no body, just a head then everyone groans. Trubel asks where Juliette is and they have to fill her in on the whole Juliette gone evil thing. Rosalee says J torched the trailer and almost killed Monroe and Adalind. Monroe hears a noise and they all go on high alert – but it’s Nick and Hank.

Wu calls and tells them where Juliette is – at a big gated compound. He gives them the address and details but Nick tells Wu not to meet them so he stays out of danger. They want Trubel to go along and Rosalee and Monroe offer to go but Nick wants more protection for Adalind. Rosalee says she’ll stay with Adalind and Bud and the others leave. Rosalee asks how Adalind is doing and she says tired, angry and scared.

She’s very upset that Juliette is with the king and helped steal her daughter. The guys arm up and Trubel asks Monroe what weapon he wants but he just woges. Trubel asks Nick what to do with Juliette if they find her and he says to kill her. They head to the estate. Hank says they need to pull off soon and they spot a car behind them coming fast. Nick says to pull over and see what happens. The other car pulls over too. They get out so they won’t be trapped in the car.

They lurk in the trees and see that it’s Wu. He says he has to be there and says he left his badge at home. Nick is happy to see him and goes over the plan. They head off to walk the rest of the way. Bud hears a noise and goes to peek outside. She startles him and says she’ll take over the watch for a while. He asks if Adalind and Nick will move in together. He says Juliette – the old Juliette – was so right for Nick. He wonders what they’ll name the kid. They ponder.

The gang spots some guards and take them down quietly. One woges and Trubel beats him down fast. They run on. The king is playing blocks with Diana in front of the fire and calls her princess. She knocks the castle over and then her eyes flare red and she magics the blocks up and builds a perfect castle with her magic. The king cackles in delight and says she’ll be the builder of kingdoms. He asks Juliette to take Diana and says they’re going to take a nice ride on a big boat and go home.

They get ready to leave as the gang gets closer. Nick hears something with his new super grimm hearing – it’s a helicopter. The guards walk towards the bird and Nick says they can’t let Juliette get on there with Diana. Monroe woges, the others arm up and Nick rushes the front door of the estate. He sees the toys but no Diana. He runs upstairs. Outside, the others dispatch guards and move on. Hank heads into the house for another entrance and a hundjager comes at him.

Monroe woges and takes the guy out. Hank tells Wu to go down while he goes up. Another hundjager comes at Wu who shoots him. The king, Juliette and Diana run for the chopper. Nick sees them going. He runs back downstairs and out the front. Rispoli has gone back in to deal with them and shoots at Monroe and Trubel but misses both. Nick runs for the chopper. Hank grapples with Rispoli. He throws him over the stairs and he’s down too. The chopper takes off. Nick runs for it.

It’s too late. The bird is in the air and he can’t stop it. He’s furious and frustrated. The gang heads back to Buds and Trubel says they got away. Adalind is upset her daughter is gone again and Nick says he’s sorry. He tells Monroe and Rosalee they can go home and Adalind asks where she should go and he says to stay with Bud until they wrap all this up. Hank tells Nick to go home and says he’ll handle Sean. He heads out morose. Hank tells Sean that they did everything they could.

Sean asks if Adalind knows and Hank says there’s a pile of bodies out there and Sean says it’s out of their jurisdiction. Hank also says that Kenneth is dead and they get the idea to pass Kenneth off as Jack the Ripper. In the chopper, the king tells Diana she really is a princess and that they’re going home. She points to the window and shows him his face in death. Her eyes glow and one of the chopper pilots throws the king out of the chopper killing him.

He takes off his helmet – it’s Meisner! He says down with the king and Diana smiles warmly (if a little evilly) at him. The chopper flies on. Sean and Hank plant evidence on Kenneth to frame him for the women’s deaths. Nick heads home. He sits in the car quietly for a moment looking at his formerly happy home. He heads inside. The box is still there. He looks at his mom’s face. He hears footsteps – it’s Juliette. She says she didn’t know Kenneth was going to do that and Nick says Kelly trusted her and she betrayed her. She says she just thought they wanted Diana. He chokes her and she whispers for him to do it – just kill her.

He tightens his grip then lets her go – he can’t do it. She says he can’t put her out of his misery, huh. She says next he’ll says he’s still in love with her. He says to get out and she says it won’t end that way and woges. She says he should have killed her when he had the chance. She throws him across the room. He says he’s done and she says she wishes she was. She tells him goodbye, woges again and goes to kill him but Trubel is there and puts a crossbolt in her chest. Nick goes to her.

Juliette speaks his name then she shudders and blood runs out of her mouth. Nick cries and says – no. He cries as he holds her. Cars pull up outside Nick’s house – a bunch of them. A bunch of men rush the house and a woman who’s leading them says – get her! OMG that’s who Trubel was talking to. And, holy cow, Nick has now lost his darling Juliette and his mother. He will be OFF THE RAILS next season! Can’t wait!!