Hannibal Recap 7/9/15: Season 3 Episode 6 “Dolce”

Hannibal Recap 7/9/15: Season 3 Episode 6 "Dolce"

NBC’s hit show HANNIBAL returns tonight with an all new Thursday July 9 season 3 episode 6 called “Dolce,” we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Will [Hugh Dancy] and Jack [Laurence Fishburne] reunite and renew their alliance, yet Jack questions Will’s true loyalty. Meanwhile, Hannibal [Mads Mikkelsen] and Bedelia sense their time in Florence is reaching its end as Hannibal plots his final stand, and Mason Verger plans Hannibal’s capture.

On the last episode Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and Inspector Pazzi (guest star Fortunato Cerlino) searched for clues that lead them closer to Hannibal Lecter’s (Mads Mikkelsen) location in Florence, but the promise of riches offered by Mason Verger (guest star Joe Anderson) threatened to corrupt Pazzi’s quest for redemption. Meanwhile, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Chiyoh (Tao Okamoto) traveled to Florence, both on a mission to find Hannibal, but at odds over the desired outcome. Elsewhere, as Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) continued to work with Mason Verger she grew concerned for the safety of all involved. Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the NBC synopsis “in Florence is coming to an end, Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) consider their parting as Hannibal plans for his final stand. Meanwhile, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Jack Crawford (Jack Crawford) reunite, but Jack remains uncertain about Will’s true loyalty. Back in the States, Mason Verger (guest star Joe Anderson) hungrily makes plans for Hannibal’s capture, while Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) and Margot Verger (guest star Katharine Isabelle) makes plans of their own for Mason.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 6 looks like it is going to be amazing, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s new series at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series so far.



#Hannibal begins with drops of blood falling. A battered and bleeding Hannibal walks across the bridge. He pops his dislocated shoulder back in and limps on. He stops to wash his face clear in a spigot and staggers forward. At home, Bedelia stitches up his wounds. Pazzi is cut down by the police and zipped into a body bag. Will finds Jack at the crime scene at the museum.

Jack tells Will that Hannibal is wounded and worried. Will says Hannibal can’t be rattled. He says if Pazzi had done his job, he would have been in custody. Will says as soon as Pazzi decided to sell Hannibal those resources became unavailable. Will asks if Jack told the Polizia are looking for Hannibal Lecter. Jack says it’s enough they’re looking for the murderous Dr Fell.

He wonders if Jack will try and slip away with Hannibal. Will says part of him will always want to and Jack says to cut that part out. Will says the torture exhibit makes sense and asks Jack why he didn’t kill him when he has him beaten down. Jack says maybe he needs Will to do it. Hannibal sketches the streets and Bedelia says he won’t be able to come back to Florence for a long time.

He says he became a man there and sees his beginning and ending there. She takes his sketchbook and he comments that she packed lightly. She says she packed just for him and says he needs to leave her there. He says he did not intend to say goodbye this way. He says he imagined it differently and she says she knew he intended to eat her and not hastily. He says it will be a shame not to savor her.

She says when they come for him, what will he say of her. He says he will help tell the version of events she wants told because she asked him too. She says he may yet make a meal of her. He kisses her and she opens her mouth to accept his kiss. Then she says – not today. She steps away. Mason has an expertly prepared meal of pig tails to give the aesthetic of fingers cut at the joint.

Cordell tells him to imagine how Hannibal will feel watching him enjoy his fingers. He offers him some marrow and Mason says it’s wonderful. Mason talks about his father then says he trembles at the notion of eating man. Cordell says it will make Mason an apex predator. He says they could Peking Duck Hannibal and says you have to torture it to get the flavor just right.

Mason wakes to a ringing phone. The news reports about Pazzi. Mason is upset that he paid money for a dead Dago. Margot, Cordell and Alana talk with Mason. Alana asks what if they trace Pazzi back to him and he says he can take care of this. Alana says Hannibal could disappear and says he better buy another cop. Margot says to buy the whole department.

Bedelia gets out a syringe she’s hidden and plums a vein. Chiyoh is there and Bedelia asks if she’s looking for Hannibal. She asks if she’s a patient. She says no and Bedelia asks who the hell she is. Chiyoh says family. She asks who Bedelia is and she says she’s his psychiatrist. Chiyoh says they are both like his birds that he puts in cages to see what they will do.

Bedelia says fly away or bash themselves against the bars. Bedelia asks why she’s flying towards him. Bedelia asks if she was there and if she watches the wild beast turn from the teat and toward toward the world. Chiyoh says she watched the beast grow and says someone wants to kill him. Bedelia says more than one someone. She asks what Chiyoh wants and she says she wants to cage him.

Bedelia says she thought Will was Hannibal’s biggest mistake, but it might be her instead. She excuses herself to go take her medication and she injects herself then lies back in her chair. She hears a knocking at the door. She staggers to her feet and pulls down her sleeve. It’s Will and Jack. They say – Mrs Fell, I presume. She’s utterly stoned.

Jack looks at the drug vials and she says her husband is a doctor and has been treating her condition. He asks what condition and she says she gets confused. Will says to get over herself. She says her name is Lydia Fell. Will is blurry as he talks. Jack holds out his phone and asks if it’s her. She says she’s really confused. Will says he doesn’t believe her.

Jack says she’s not confused and she says her name is not Bedelia. Will rattles off the name of the drugs she uses. Jack says he’s not even mad at her. Will says he’s impressed she’s still alive and would love to hear how she managed it. She asks where’s the polizia and why aren’t they questioning her. Jack says they will and Bedelia asks what’s the delay.

She says she has an idea. She asks if they do. Jack says they’re being bought by the same person who bought Pazzi. She says her husband is getting competitive. Bedelia asks who will catch him first. Margot says she made new friends in Italy and Mason asks what she wants since she’s worked so hard to give him what he wants. She says he knows what she wants.

He says his biggest regret is taking away her ability to reproduce. He says he wishes they could have a baby together. She says the last time he mentioned that he took her uterus. She asks what he’s up to and he says he has viable sperm, she has eggs, they just need a viable uterus and they can be a family again. Hannibal sits sketching Will and Bedelia’s faces onto those of a famous painting. Will finds him there and sits beside him.

Hannibal smiles at him and says if he saw him every day forever he would still remember this time. Will says it’s strange to see him here. Will says he wanted to understand him before he laid eyes on him again so it would be clear what he was seeing. Hannibal asks about the difference between the past and the future. Will says before and after him. Then he says Hannibal’s is starting to blur.

He mentions Mischa, Abigail, Chiyoh. Hannibal asks how Chiyoh is and Will says she pushed him off a train. Hannibal says – atta girl. Will says he and Hannibal have begun to blur. Hannibal asks isn’t that how he found him. Will says every crime of his feels like one he’s guilty of and not just Abigail’s murder but every murder through time. Hannibal says it’s the same them freeing themselves of each other.

Will says they’re conjoined and wonders if either can survive separation. Hannibal says now is the hardest test – not letting rage or frustration keep him from thinking. Hannibal shuts his sketchbook and says – shall we. Will stands too. He says, after you. Hannibal limps outside and Will walks beside him. Chiyoh has them in the sights of a sniper rifle. She chambers a round and takes aim. Will pulls a knife. She fires. He goes down from a shoulder wound. She takes apart her weapon.

Alana and Margot have a steamy tryst then chat as they dress afterwards. They talk about how much father ahead Mason is of the FBI in the chase for Hannibal. Margot says she needs something from Mason before he goes to prison and asks her if she has any experience harvesting sperm. Bedelia is interviewed by an inspector and says Pazzi was looking into the disappearance of two men they believe Fell killed.

Jack tells the man that Fell is Hannibal and Pazzi tried to sell him for a bounty. The inspector tells Jack he’s done with him but not with Mrs Fell. He tells her to stay put. Jack leaves. The inspector sits and waits for Jack to open the door. Hannibal tends to a wounded Will. He tells him the bullet is still inside him. He tells Will that Chiyoh has always been protective of him then asks if she or Will killed the tenant.

Will says she did and Hannibal says that’s excellent. Hannibal digs out the bullet. Will thought he was going to kill him. He’s saving him – for now. He lies will back on the sofa and gives him a shot of something and tells him to give it a moment. Will says he can almost taste the butter. He sees Hannibal cooking for him in a dream sequence of some sort.

He asks what’s for dinner and Hannibal says it spoils the surprise. Will wakes at a table. Hannibal belts him to a chair and sets a tureen before him. He sees Hannibal’s face morph into his. Hannibal says he’s sorry to be leaving Italy. He says there were things he was still reading. He spoon foods Will from the tureen. He says he would have liked to play the clavier and shown Florence to Will.

Will says the soup is not good and Hannibal says it’s more for his sake than Will’s. He says to let it circulate. He asks if they’re expecting company noting the place setting at the other end. Jack shows up to Sogliato’s building and gets on the elevator. Chiyoh stops the elevator as he’s closing the gate. She gets on with him. They go upstairs together.

Jack checks her out from the corner of his eye and she does the same. She has an instrument case with her. He allows her to leave the elevator first. She says it’s the wrong floor then heads down the stairs. He watches her go. Jack opens the door, gun out and hears Italian music playing. There’s a sizzling noise. A pan is on a small fire. Will is belted to the chair. He tells Jack he’s under the table.

Hannibal slices his tendon and Jack cries out in pain. The inspector asks Bedelia why her husband left her behind. She says she had no reason to run and has done nothing run. He shows her the work permits of her husband and she says that’s not her husband. He says this is Lydia Fell and shows her a photo. She says she is Lydia Fell. He asks if she murdered Lydia or just watched.

Bedelia says she is Lydia Fell. He says he doesn’t care who she is or if she’s insane. He says those things are inconsequential. She says she understands he’s not there on official business. She says she does not want to seem uncooperative. He says that’s up to her. He says she can be rescued or apprehended. She says she never saw herself in need of being rescued until now.

He asks if her husband is still in the city and she says he was hoping to meet a friend before he left. He asks where. She says they will be somewhere that no one is supposed to be. Will and Jack sit drugged at opposite ends of the table. Hannibal says they won’t be able to do more than chew. He asks if they enjoyed the museum. Jack says they were supposed to sit at his house in Baltimore.

Hannibal says they would be the guests of honor and Will says the menu is all wrong. Hannibal says Jack was the first to suggest getting inside Will’s head and then Hannibal opens a case with a saw in it. Jack tells him to stop when he takes it to Will’s skull. He screams as blood streams down Will’s face and flies across the room.

At the Verger slaughterhouse, we see both Hannibal and Will hanging upside down on hooks. Mason says – gentlemen, welcome to Muskrat Farms.