Hart Of Dixie Recap – Wade Plans a Proposal: Season 4 Episode 3 “The Very Good Bagel”

Hart Of Dixie Recap - Wade Plans a Proposal: Season 4 Episode 3 "The Very Good Bagel"

Hart Of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all new Friday January 23, Season 4 episode 3 called “The Very Good Bagel,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Zoe [Rachel Bilson] and Wade [Wilson Bethel] make progress with their renewed romance. Meanwhile, Lemon [Jaime King] tries to relive her teenage years by gathering her pals and crashing the lake house owned by George’s folks; and George and Lavon [Cress Williams] make huge decisions about their love lives.

On the last episode confused by Zoe’s (Rachel Bilson) attempted to make amends, Wade (Wilson Bethel) sought love advice from Lemon (Jaime King), while Zoe did her best to focus on work instead of her Wade problems. Lemon and Brick (Tim Matheson) were attempting to keep the truth about their respective love lives a secret from Grandma Bettie (guest star Maree Cheatham). Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) and George (Scott Porter) begrudgingly worked together to get the real scoop on Lemon’s new boyfriend Henry (guest star Ian Anthony Dale). Kaitlyn Black also stars. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by April Blair. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “after weeks of going back and forth with their relationship problems, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) finally start making progress. Lemon (Jaime King) reminisces about her high school days and enlists Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) and Crickett (guest star Brandi Burkhardt) to crash George’s (Scott Porter) parents’ lake house. While rescuing the girls from their fun night, George and Lavon (Cress Williams) make drastic decisions regarding their love lives. Tim Matheson also stars. Richard W. Abramitis directed the episode written by Kendall Sand.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Wade asks Zoey to let him in to talk. She won’t. He throws rocks at her window then paves outside. He gives up and sits on the stairs. He sleeps then is hit by her paper the next morning. George asks Lavon if she’s seen Zoe. She’s asleep upstairs. Lavon says he’s going to see Lemon but George is annoyed that he was going to go without him. He proposes they go together, profess that they both love her and let her choose between them.

Zoe comes in and they offer her coffee then they recant and say she can’t have it since it’s unhealthy and she says she knows Wade spilled the beans. They play dumb then ask how she is. She says she can handle it on her own. They ask what she means. Wade ask where she’s been and she says she slept here. Wade says he’s sorry for his reaction. He says it will change his whole life. He says he imagine crying and diapers and knows nothing about babies but she does.

Lavon says it likes watching a car crash. He says they can do this because she knows about babies and he can teach it to fish and fix cars and it can work. She says she has to go and he says they should get back together. She says they’re having a baby and he can teach it to fish but they are not getting back together. She stomps out. Wade sits and Lavon and George tell him that was stunningly bad. He knows he blew it.

At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon demands that Dash tell her who leaked the Henry story. He refuses. George and Lavon come in. They tell Lemon they’re sorry about Henry and she says whoever leaked the story about Henry’s girlfriend is going to be sorry and they tell her that whoever leaked it saved her life but she’s not having that. She says whoever did that screwed her six ways to Sunday. AB apologizes for her language. They run to Dash and Dash says they owe him a favor if they want his silence.

Earl comes over to him and asks what’s troubling Wade. He tells him Zoe’s pregnant but he messed up. He says he can’t mess up again and needs to show her that he’s serious. Earl says he wishes he could help. Zoe tells AB about Wade’s idiocy. Brick comes in after eavesdropping about the out of wedlock child and says he’d discourage her from eating the placenta. Lavon overhears too and is grossed out. He sits down with Zoe to talk about Wade.

Lemon says she needs to get the money or she’ll lose Fancy’s. Cricket is upset that Jaycyne hasn’t called about their date. AB says she keeps running into Lavon. They lament that they used to to be the three queens of the school. Lemon says they need to break back into the lake house and regain their glory days. Lavon tells her to give Wade a chance to make it work since they still love each other. He tells her not to close the door. Earl is at the RJ and tells her Wade he solved it.

He gives Wade his mom’s engagement ring and says to show Zoe that he’s all in. Wade stops Zoe the next morning and asks how she’s feeling. She says she has morning sickness. He says his mouth and mind have had a disconnect. Lavon comes over and says Zoe would love to go to dinner with him. Wade says Rammer Jammer at 8. Wade looks at the engagement ring and smiles. Dash has roped George and Lavon into doing Jane Austen reenactment for his silence.

Lavon says no way – he’s a football player. All the older ladies are thrilled with their Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy substitutes. Lemon comes in and is shocked. Lemon comes in and asks for a word. She asks if George’s family still has the lake house and if the key is still under the frog planter. He offers his key but she says no thanks. He says if someone was to go they’d want to use the code 3541 and she says that is of no interest to her at all then walks out.

Wade tells Wanda to start kicking people out at five. They start talking about what’s on the menu and champagne. Brick starts asking Zoe about the baby and whether she and Wade were back together. Then he starts asking her about being a single parent and how hard it is. Wade comes in and it’s awkward. Zoe asks why he’s there and he asks whether she can eat shrimp. She says it’s fine and he runs back out.

Elodie asks if they saw the bulge in his pants and Brick says that’s inappropriate. She says it’s a jewelry box. Zoe starts to panic and says he’s only proposing because she’s pregnant. Brick says he proposed because his wife was pregnant with Lemon. She tells him to tell her one marriage that worked out because the got married due to a baby. He tells her to let him think. Cricket, AB and Lemon break into the Tucker’s lake house and Lemon calls dibs on the big bedroom.

They agree it will be the best weekend ever part two. Meatball comes in the RJ and Wade says to go away. Zoe calls Wade and says they need time apart and says she thinks he’s getting carried away. She’s in New York and says she doesn’t know when she’s coming back. Her mom says she needs her to know from the bottom of her hear that she will never be called grandma.

Wade is at the RJ next day when Lavon comes and asks how it went with Zoe. He says she took off for NYC. He says he thinks she took off because she realized he was going to propose. Lavon asks why he thinks it would be a good idea to propose and he says Earl. Then Wade says he’s one step away from being called Crazy Wade. Lavon says she won’t stay gone for good. Zoe is eating a bagel happily. She says she wants to marry a bagel and her mom says at least then her grandchild would have a father.

She asks Zoe if she has feelings for Wade and she says she does. Zoe says she’s terrified to raise a baby alone and her mom says she can raise people to help but Zoe says Bluebell is her home. Her mom offers to throw a party for her. Zoe says as long as it’s a small party. Meanwhile Lemon, AB and Cricket are having a drunken bash at the lakehouse. They go looking for the wishes they left there last time. Cricket’s was that she got a new car and made head belle.

AB’s was that she married Jake or one of the Hansens and had three sons. Lemon’s was that she’s as happy as she is tonight. AB reminds her she got it on with George that night. Uncle Dexter teases Zoe about chewing tobacco. Daphne Clark is there – someone who did ballet with her. The girls are locked out of the lake house. Lavon and George are dancing with the Jane Austen ladies. Then Lemon calls and Lavon and George have to go rescue them and Dash says their secret is out but they leave anyway.

Zoe’s mom has a realtor at the party and an admission’s director at a fancy preschool. But then Wade shows up. Candace tells Wade to go away. But he asks to talk to her first. George is annoyed that they trashed his lake house. Cricket says she thought having a cat would make her a better lesbian and says she forgot to feed it. She says she has to leave. George tells Lavon to take them home. Lemon says she’ll stay and clean with George.

Wade and Candace take a walk and he tells her he’s sorry for hurting Zoe. He says he never thought he could make Zoe happy and he’s not the same person and has grown more in the last three years than he has in his whole life. He says he’s going to fight for her. AB says Roger is a great name for a cat. Cricket says they should go to Biscuit Basket and they start chanting it. George asks why the lake house and she reminds him about the weekend they snuck up there. She says they came up for a revenge party and he reminds her that he stole his dad’s car and came to meet her.

Sharon chats up Zoe about being a surgeon and says she tightens everything up after birth. Candace says they have a special guest who came from Bluebell to see Zoe. He smiles nervously. Lemon goes for a swim and George peels off all his layers of clothes and swims out to meet her. Lavon walks AB to her door but she can’t get her key in. She says the key has grown or the lock has shrunk. He says he can take a crack at it and he makes it work.

She says she loosened it for him. She thanks him for the food and says she broke up with David because she still loves him. She asks George if they’ll find what they had with other people. He says no and she says she doesn’t either. She says he was her first love. She says she will always feel safe with him. Zoe tells Wade she can’t believe he’s there. He asks why she ran away and she says because he was going to propose.

He says that was temporary insanity. She says a lot has happened between them. She says they can’t get back together just because she’s pregnant. He says he’s petrified about the baby and how it will change him and them. He says life is full of uncertainty but says one thing that you know is true you should hold on to that. He says the one thing he’s sure of is that she’s the love of his life. He asks her to give him another chance. She smiles.

Lemon wakes with an aching head and asks George what’s wrong. He tells her he’s not in love with her. He says he leaked the story about Henry. She asks why he’d do that and he says he thought he was in love with her til about three hours ago. He says he went to try and stop her from going on the cruise but being back here made him realize he’s in love with their past. He says he gets drawn back to her because life made sense when they were together and he needs to break out of his comfort zone.

She says they can have a friendship in the present. They share a friendly kiss. He says Lavon also went to the dock to say he loved her. Candace finds Wade on the sofa. She asks if he and Zoe are good. She says he’s on the couch because they thought it would be weird with her in the next room. She says they’re back together and Candace says that makes her happy. Zoe asks for bagels. Wade says they are having a baby and things are going to get weird. They smile and kiss.

Lemon finds AB sitting on a bench and she says she has to enter witness protection. She says she told him she’s still in love with him. Lemon asks if she is. AB says yes but says she’ll get over it. Lemon takes her in her arms and says they should go get breakfast. Lavon asks George how it went last night and he says he realized he’s not in love with her. He says he told her about when they both came to the dock. He says Lavon should go talk to Lemon.

Lavon says he needs to tell George about his night too. Lemon and AB come in and AB rushes away and Lavon and Lemon share a painful look. Wow. That hurts.