Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Jerry’s Doppelganger: Season 5 Episode 19 ‘Kahania (Close Shave)’

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Jerry's Doppelganger: Season 5 Episode 19 'Kahania (Close Shave)'

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday March 13, season 5 episode 19 called, “Kahania (Close Shave)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, McGarrett and Odell come under siege in Odell’s barbershop when they try to protect a man who is being hunted by a gang. Meanwhile, Jerry is wrongfully accused of committing a series of home invasions.

On the last episode, McGarrett enlisted Joe’s help after Danny and Chin are arrested for deadly past transgressions. Terry O’Quinn and Jimmy Buffett returned. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “McGarrett and Odell come under siege in Odell’s barbershop when they try to protect a young man who is being hunted down by a gang. Also, Jerry is wrongfully accused of committing a series of home invasions.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 starts with a line up at the Honolulu PD. Jerry is in it! The woman identifies Jerry and says she’d never forget that face. Steve is getting a shave from Odell saying that people don’t take the time to give a good quality haircut anymore. He says places lack the personal touch and familiarity. Odell says the barber shop is an important social institution and says people come there to hang out and talk. He says it’s one of the last bastions where a guy can unplug from the world.

Odell asks what’s going on and Steve says he’s having mother issues. He asks what Steve thinks of the new shop and Steve says he likes it. Odell wraps him up after his shave and puts his special after shave on him. Steve likes it. He tells Odell he appreciates him giving up his early surf session to shave him. Odell says he’s an artist and would like to try his hand on Danny. Steve says he’s precious about his do but will be back in a week and they’ll try.

A guy runs in and begs for help. He says – they’re going to kill me. The young guy, Aaron, has been shot in the leg and says he saw them shoot someone and now they’re after him. Steve tells him to call 911. Odell says he has no fine and tells Odell to go to his car and get out the gun. But it’s too late. There are two SUVs out front with armed men. Aaron says that’s them. Steve steps outside and flashes his badge. He tells them to drop their weapons. They don’t – they open fire. Steve fires back.

They tell Steve they just want the kid and they’ll walk away. Steve says no way and fires back. They riddle Odell’s shop with machine gun fire. The bad guys tell Steve this is going to end badly for him. The standoff continues. Steve and Odell argue about the lack of phone and Aaron says he doesn’t have one either. Jerry sits in interrogation when Chin comes in. Jerry says he had nothing to do with the home invasions. Chin says he was just a plant in the line up and it will be fine.

Chin asks if Jerry has an alibi and he says he was with Max. Chin says they have to check his alibi then he can go. Jerry gets dramatic and says he’s never getting out. He asks Chin to watch out for his mom. He tells Jerry to relax and promises to be back. The shooting continues. Odell tells Steve the wound is still bleeding. He tells Odell to pack the wound with cotton balls. He runs out to grab them then wraps the kid’s leg. Steve says HPD will be there soon but the leader says he’s bluffing.

Steve tells Odell to get the kid out while he holds them off until the cops come. Steve says someone should have called it in by now. Steve lays down cover fire and they head out but there’s a guy outside the back alley too. They go back in and lock the door. Steve is down to just a few rounds. Odell says he has a security gate that rolls down at night. Odell says he needs to open the door and pull the gate down. Steve says he’ll cover him while he pulls down the gate.

Steve counts to three and fires. Odell pulls down the gate and the lead bad guy fires but it hits the security gate. Max is counting cash when Chin comes in and asks where he got all the cash. He says it was a good eBay sale. Chin asks if Max was with Jerry last night and he says no and acts weird. Then he admits he was with him at a Magic, The Gathering tournament. Turns out Max bet on the nerd card game and made a bundle.

Steve watches the feed on the security camera and Aaron asks him if he’s going to do. Steve says he’ll get him through it. Odell gives Steve a styptic pen he uses for shaving nicks and he tries it on the young guy’s wound. He asks Aaron to tell him what happened that morning. He says he works the morning shift and he went out to dump the trash and saw two guys in the alley beating on a guy. He says they executed him – shot him in the head. He says he panicked, dropped the trash and they saw him.

Aaron says he recognized the men but doesn’t know their names. He says they’re part of an Armenian gang that runs the neighborhood. He says even if he gets out of this alive, they’ll kill him. Steve says he’ll take care of him. He gets the bleeding stopped then duct tapes a towel to the wound. Odell says he knows the Armenian crew leader and says they won’t stop until the guy is dead. The lead guy climbs up and cuts the wire to the security system so they’re trapped inside and are now blind.

Someone finally calls the police and a black and white takes the call. The cop car rolls up on the barber shop and Steve hears the policeman but says something isn’t right. The lead guy was lurking in the shop next door and puts a bullet in the cop’s head. Steve tried to warn him, but it’s too late. The leader gets into the cop car and reports back that everything is okay. They shove the cop into the trunk of his cop car and drive it away after giving dispatch the all clear.

Chin says he looked into the home invasions and says they’re getting increasingly violent. The victims have just one thing in common – they are all recently divorced and living alone. Chin says they need to figure out how they know the women are divorced. They pull up their divorce records. All three used the same law firm. Lou says someone in the law firm is behind this. The leader got to a local hardware shop to buy something.

Odell and Steve look up in the ceiling and wonder where it goes. Steve says HPD isn’t coming and the longer the stay, the better the odds they all end up dead. Steve says if he can get to the store next door, he can use their phone to call 911. He tells Odell to help him get up into the ducts. He accidentally knocks something off the wall and Steve is surprised to see that Odell has a law degree. Steve asks him to share how he went from law school to criminal.

Odell says no but Steve says he told him about his mom. Odell says he didn’t tell him anything. So Steve says his mom aided and abetted a man who tried to kill him then went into hiding so he couldn’t call her on it. Odell tells him that his dad is a big time defense lawyer who came from different circumstances. The leader of the Armenian crew bought a saw and is carving in from the Sheetrock next door. Steve and Odell grab Aaron and go for the storage room.

Steve and Odell are making an IED. Odell says his granddad was a barber in England during WWII and learned how to make a Molotov cocktail with stuff on hand. He hands it to Steve and tells him he’s a pacifist and wishes him luck. The guy carves through the wall and Steve lights the rag then throws it on the two thugs as they come in. One is on fire and he gets the drop on the other and steals his automatic weapons then guns down two more. He tells Odell to come on.

Steve calls 911 on the business phone next door. Some guys bust in and Steve shoots them too but Aaron gets shot in the shoulder. Steve says they can’t wait for an ambulance and they load him int Odell’s car and Steve tells him to take him to King’s Medical and hands him a gun. Odell says he’s a pacifist but Steve says today, you do guns. Odell takes off and Steve climbs into his truck to go after the big bad guy. Lou asks Chin about Gabriel. He says Gabriel thinks he did him a favor and Lou says he may have since the IA thing is now dead in the water.

Lou and Chin go to the law firm and they find out the same clerk worked on all three cases. A woman says Levi is the kid who worked all the cases. He comes in and the guy is big but bald and short. Levi says he got his cousin a job there in the mail room and he meets the description of who they’re looking for. They go to find the cousin. He says the guy’s name is Taua. Chin tells him they’re 5-0 and want to talk to him. Levi says he stuck his neck out for him.

Chin says he saw an opportunity and took it. The guy thinks about running and Lou says he will beat him down like he’s never had. He chews him out for beating on defenseless women and says he doesn’t have the stones. He cuffs him. Taua glares at his cousin Levi. Steve heads to the shop owned by the Armenian thug, Garig. He pulls his gun on him and arrests him. Garig asks what he’s being charged with. Steve says the execution or the attempted murder of a kid. Garig says his son Aaron lied.

Garig says Aaron is his son and says he’s a sick boy, touched by the devil. He asks if Steve heard about the kids who went missing from his neighborhood. He says Aaron took them and murdered them. Steve asks why he should believe them. Garig asks what father would say that about his son. Garig says he had to make it right. He asks Steve if he stopped him. Odell and Aaron speed to the hospital. Aaron is struggling but pulls it together enough to pull the gun on Odell.

He tells Odell he’s feeling better and tells him to take a right. He forces Odell to take him to a marina. Steve and other officers are there and Aaron says he’ll shoot him if he doesn’t get on the boat. Steve tells him to stop and tells Aaron he’ll shoot him either way. Odell head butts the kid and Steve shoots him. Steve pulls Odell away from the kid’s body and Odell thanks him. Odell asks Steve what the kid did.

Chin comes and tells Jerry he’s a free man and says they caught the guy who did it. He offers Jerry a ride home and he gives Chin a big hug and says he’s the best friend he could ask for. Jerry says he wants his first meal as a free man to be tacos or pizza or pizza tacos. Chin reminds him he’s only been there a couple of hours. Jerry sees he real perpetrator downstairs and says he just doesn’t see the similarity.

Steve has Garig in lock up. He asks if his son is dead and Steve says he’s sorry. Garig says Aaron was a monster but was still his son. He thanks Steve for doing what he couldn’t. Steve says if he really wants to thank him he can help him close the case and help give closure to the family’s of Aaron’s victims. Garig asks how and Steve says he needs evidence showing what Aaron did. Garig nods his agreement. Later, Steve goes down to a basement to look around.

He finds a room with a single child’s red sneaker in it. Then he goes inside and sees stuffed animals, little kids clothes and toys. There’s a box and he opens it. Inside are photos of dirty and scared children. Steve flips through them in horror and starts crying.