Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 11/12/15: Season 1 Episode 9 “Sundae, Bloody Sundae”

Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 11/12/15: Season 1 Episode 9 "Sundae, Bloody Sundae"

Tonight on NBC their new show Heroes Reborn returns with an all new Thursday November 12, season 1 episode 9 called, “Sundae, Bloody Sundae” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Noah seeks out Tommy in order to put him on the path to stop a catastrophic event.

On the last episode, Erica Kravid put her dark plan into motion in the wake of a tragedy. Meanwhile, Hiro and Angela embarked on an important mission; Luke and Joanne realized their tragic calling; Noah had a reunion; and Miko’s origins come to light. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “Noah seeks out Tommy in order to put him on the path to stop a catastrophic event; Taylor’s discoveries lead to her capture; Erica’s race to finalize her plans intensifies.”

Tonight’s episode of Heroes Reborn is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. Definitely tune into this amazing series! Hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new show.

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#HeroesReborn begins with Carlos knocked out with Evo suppression gear on him. He asks Dearing what’s going and he tells Carlos to check the cuffs – they are unlocked. They drive down the road. We see Taylor reading through the report to figure out what her mother is up to. Maline and Luke head for Carbondale, Illinois. Ren tries to get onto the game but sees the server is down. Quentin rides with Noah looking sly. This is Chapter Nine – Sundae, Bloody Sundae.

Nathan/Tommy is with Emily and he says he needs to go check on his mom. She asks if it’s safe and Emily tells him she believes in him and gives him a kiss. He hands her a bracelet with an Eiffel tower charm to remember their trip. She heads to work at Moe’s. Casper is there and makes a call saying he’s on his way. He says he has to tie up some loose ends first. Taylor puts on a disguise wig then she logs onto a server. She’s given an address to meet them at.

Richard and Erica talk about the gateway failure but she says the engineer is on schedule. He’s in a panic about the teleporter and says there’s less than a week. She says the boy has Hiro’s power and will be delivered to them. She gets out a shotgun and says that he will deliver the future. She says her grandfather used to say the secret to a kill is surprise then shoots a deer. Nathan hears about a plane nearly crashing because of magnetic issues messing up navigation systems.

Nathan’s mom Anne tells him she wanted him to have a normal life. She says the comic he loves, 9th Wonders, is key. She says he has a lot in common with his hero Hiro then says he has his powers. Nathan says he can’t time travel. But Noah is there and says he can. Noah says he has to get he and his sister to Odessa and Nathan asks then what and says he has a sister he hasn’t met, Hiro is his dad, and Claire Bennett is his mother and he has powers he doesn’t understand.

Anne tells him to take a minute and let it soak in. Malina is with Luke at a diner and asks him about fate. He says since she had a pic of a guy he knows, there must be fate. She says he’s destined to help her and she says he sounds certain. A little kid and his mom are at the diner counter laughing and they remind Luke of Joanne and his son. Malina asks how he lost his purpose but Luke says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he hates tomatoes and says they contaminate a sandwich.

He says fruits don’t belong on a sandwich. He removes it then uses his power to char his sandwich and fries to carbon. Malina laughs. Dearing and Carlos pull up at the gothic gate to Sunstone Manor. They park and Dearing hauls him out. He tells Carlos to stay away from the director and he’ll be fine. He does a comms check on their air buds and they head inside. Dearing says the Director gets in your head and says be careful.

Dearing hands over the El Vengador suits and asks if has to be cataloged. The admin says no one would likely notice. Dearing hands it over. Carlos is taken for testing and he shows up Evo positive. They haul him off and Dearing asks for his cash. She says wait on the paperwork then he can go. Back in LA, Taylor goes to the meet up in her disguise. A guy walks towards her in a mask then a black van turns. They grab her up and toss her in a van after bagging her head. They speed off.

Malina and Luke drive down the road while she eats candy and says her grandma never let her eat junk food – not even on movie night. She says it was the only time she felt connected. Luke says he and his wife loved to take their son Dennis to the movies to make him feel like a regular kid. She asks if it worked and Luke says yeah. He says his son liked the funny stuff and says farts always made him laugh. He says Dennis had a great laugh. Then he asks for some candy and she hands it over.

Carlos is taken across the lawn and Dearing says into his comm that they’re shipping out the high value Evos. Carlos attacks the orderly with him and knocks him out just as he’s asking what his power is. Carlos drags him into a closet and locks him in. Taylor sits in a chair in a warehouse. Erica snatches the bag off her head then calls her predictable. Taylor asks if she thought she could get away with mass murder. Erica says she loved her from the moment she was born and asks why she can’t trust her.

Taylor says she almost got her then says she took Francis, killed Evos and is emotionally manipulating her. Erica demands to know who she sent the files to and Taylor says she’ll die before she tells her. Her mom shifts and turns into someone else. Then that guy backs off and Rene is there. It’s the Haitian! She asks if he’s Hero Truther and he says he’s just one of the hunted. He says they had to make sure they could trust her. She says she needs to find Francis Culp.

He says Renautus is holding someone important to them – the original Hero Truther. They tell her they need her help. Erica pours wine and tells the chef that they need resources to maintain the survivors. She asks if the chef knows she grew up on a farm. Harris comes in and says Taylor was spotted in LA and shows her a traffic cam video of her in a red wig. She says Taylor knows how to go off the grid. Erica takes over carving up the deer and Harris says he thinks they’re looking for Micah Sanders.

Erica says to find her daughter at all costs. She goes back to drinking. Emily serves customers and Casper is at her counter and holds a coin in his hand. She recommends the peppermint ice cream and she mentions her bracelet is from Paris. He sets the coin spinning and then slaps it down before she touches it. She told him that her BF gave it to her and he says those memories should be treasured. Joanne is there in the diner with a gun and tells Emily to join her.

Joanne tells her to shut up and Casper asks how much he owes her. She says $1.75 and he drops a handful of coins. Joanne picks one up and then stops and holds the gun on him. He tells her to calm down. She locks the door and flips the sign to closed.

Carlos slips into the orderly’s uniform and whispers to Dearing who says he’s still waiting on paperwork. The Director gets onto the mic. It sounds like Matt Parkman. He welcomes them and tells them to find a happy place and let their voice guide them. Carlos hears an Evo screaming as an experiment is done on him. He sees a girl levitating in another room. Carlos tells Dearing he’s going out back to check another building. Dearing asks what’s the hold up and the admin says there’s a new protocol.

She says they are swabbing bounty hunters to make sure Evos aren’t turning in Evos. He fights back but is taken and knocked out. Quentin finds Nathan at a vending machine and then he gets a call from Emily. He takes it and Joanne says she’s with his GF having ice cream and asks him to join them. Quentin follows him. He goes into the bathroom and poofs away just before Quentin goes in with a gun and curses because he’s not there.

Casper tells Joanne he knows she’s in pain and knows how it feels to be overcome with anguish. He says he knows she wants to feel relief even for a moment. He says he can give her that. He says it’s what he does. She starts to crack. He tells her to look at the penny. He says if she picks it up but then Nathan is there. He says let them go and Casper tells him he’s handling this. He has briefcase of coins nearby. He throws it, Joanne shoots him.

Casper goes down from a head shot and Luke and Malina are outside in their car. Luke runs inside and Joanne freaks. She smiles and says she hoped he went up in flames with their house. She says he embraced his powers as his arms glow. He sets a booth on fire then says all the blood they spilled was for nothing. Malina sneaks in the back. He says he only killed for her. She asks if he knew he was an Evo when Dennis was alive. Joanne says she’ll shoot Emily and he can kill her and she’ll be with Dennis.

Nathan yells and slows time to a halt. The bullet is heading for Emily. Everyone else is frozen. Nathan smiles. Nathan changes the aim of the fire and then changes the trajectory of the bullet. He sees Malina coming out of the back. He then takes Emily and flashes away. Joanne comes to as the room explodes. Joanne runs out and Luke runs after her. She keeps running. Luke turns back as he hears sirens. He jogs off the way that Joanne went.

A car pulls up and Harris is there. He tells her to get in. Rene tells Dierdre to show Taylor the evidence. She flashes through them and Rene says her mother is using him and they need to stop him. She asks for leads on his location and they flash photos and she says she knows that place and points to a mansion. She says it’s the first property her mom bought. Jose sits talking to his dad who’s telling him he can fight crime. He’s trapped in a happy memory. Carlos says they have to go but Jose is trapped in his head.

Jose tells him he wants to stay. An orderly comes and then the priest is there and says they all found what they need right there. Carlos has to run when orderlies surround him. They tase him with shock sticks and he goes down. It fries the ear bud and the Dearing’s is crushed. Matt is with him and remarks on his self-hating rampage and says hunting his own kind for gain is a new low. Matt says at least he has a higher purpose. Matt tells him he can determine his own punishment.

Dearing stands and walks down the hall. He goes into a room of plastic tarps all over with just a table there. Dearing sees a gun on it and puts it to his head. We see the door close and hear a gunshot. Later, Carlos wakes groggily on the floor of a room. An orderly he tussled with tells him the Director will be with him in a moment. Carlos fights to stand and Matt asks if his plan was to grab his people and go. Carlos is stunned he can read his mind. Matt says he knows he’s not an Evo.

He says his friends are happy here – except Dearing. Matt says when you’re not supposed to think about something, that’s all you can think about. Matt digs into his head and says one thing defines each of us. Carlos hits his head. He asks what’s happening and says to get out of his head. Matt says he’s hiding a shameful secret and living a lie. He says – let’s see where this goes. Carlos goes into a room like the one Dearing was in – obvi in his mind – and sees a military rifle on the table.

He picks it up then he’s in the war. There’s a firefight going on and he cowers terrified while others fight. He hides while others in his unit are gunned down. He hides behind a pillar terrified. Farah runs in and tells Carlos to focus. She tells him to get in there and fire his rifle. He doesn’t move. He’s bawling. Matt watches his breakdown and recognizes Farah and says Carlos might be more useful than he thought. Carlos cowers in the plastic room and cries.

Noah is at the hospital with Anne when Nathan and Emily pop into the room. Noah freaks out and he says Casper is dead and they have to go. He can’t make them time travel and he wonders what’s happening. Noah says they have to go now. Lights flicker as they walk out. Noah pulls a gun and tells him to run. Phoebe is there but then Quentin is there too and pulls a gun on Nathan. He tells Nathan and Noah that’s his sister Phoebe.

Noah asks what he’s doing and he says he’s working with Renautus to save the world. Noah says Quentin is the butterfly. Noah holds a gun on Phoebe while Quentin holds one on Nathan. Noah stops and Phoebe tells Nathan time to go. Noah tells him to stay calm and says he’ll find him. At the ice cream shop, cops are all over. Casper’s body is zipped into a bag. Noah comes there and is told police only. Noah sees Malina there and says he’s her grandfather. He hugs her and says she’s safe now.

Quentin and Phoebe take Nathan to Erica’s place. Erica comes over to introduce herself to him. She says she made venison and hopes he’s hungry. She takes him outside. Quentin and Phoebe go upstairs. Erica says she knows his grandfather told him that he’s meant to save the world then says she’s going to tell him how. Phoebe goes to the balcony and casts darkness over the place so only Erica’s candles shine. In the desert, a butterfly flutters and lands on Miko’s hand. She opens her eyes and gasps.

The butterfly flies away. She stands. It’s 7957 years in the future. The world is a desert. She marches across it with purpose. Mohinder’s narration says when all seems lost, we take solace that the sun will rise again. Miko sees something in the distance. Mohinder says what is destined will remain.