Homeland Recap Premiere – Carrie Out of CIA, World Still Ending: Season 5 Episode 1 “Separation Anxiety”

Homeland Recap Premiere - Carrie Out of CIA, World Still Ending: Season 5 Episode 1 "Separation Anxiety"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland Season 5 premieres with an all new Sunday October 4, season 5 episode 1 called, “Separation Anxiety” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight, season 5 begins with Carrie (Claire Danes) building a new life in Berlin, almost two years after the embassy attack in Islamabad. But her peace is threatened when a request from her boss forces her back into the dangerous world she left behind.

On the season 4 finale, Carrie and Saul return to the U.S. where they will investigate all that Carries saw during her time in Islambad. Did you watch last seasons finale? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “The game has changed for Carrie Mathison. Out of the CIA and living in Berlin, Carrie is trying to start a new life but realizes now she’s the one with a target on her back. As the danger intensifies, and without Saul and Quinn to rely on, one thing becomes clear – she’s never been at greater risk or with more to lose.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 4 finale – tonight at 10PM EST.


#Homeland begins at a Catholic service in Germany with the minister offering communion. Carrie is there and takes communion. She crosses herself and steps back then goes to sit in a back pew. She kneels and prays. Later, at a train station, a shady guy gets off the train in Berlin carrying a satchel. He goes to Club King George and goes inside. He’s told to be on time that this is Germany. He goes into the back where web cam models are doing sex work.

He goes into the control room for his shift. He tells the coworker his dad got onto him for being late and the guy asks if he finished it and he hands him a flash drive. They took a terrorist video and added funny captions to make it look pervy. They talk about where to post it and decide to put it on a recruiting website. They make it the lead video of a terrorist recruiting site. The computer beeps and an alert pops up. At the CIA Berlin Station, they see the video and ping it.

The two guys talk about the other person being secretly in the site too. They each ping each other. The one guy says it’s probably a government IP. The CIA tech says the guy is just hanging outside the firewall. He says they’re probably there in Germany and then says they’re trying to ping him too. They need more computing power and shut down some of the web cam channels but the guy says his dad will freak. The CIA people freak when the guy gets into their system. He tells them to shut it down.

It’s too late, he’s stealing files and the German says it’s the CIA. He says he knows. He gets 1361 files. Carrie drive Frannie to school on her bike. It’s Frannie’s birthday. She drops her off then heads to work as head of security at Düring. She meets Ambassador Jamil who leave straight after. Otto tells her they have to go to Lebanon and says ISIS is regrouping and civilians are in mass exodus. Otto wants to go to a refugee camp in Lebanon. Carrie says it’s a war zone and they’re not equipped for this.

Otto says they have three days to prepare. Quinn is introduced by Dar Adal to a room of important people and tells the group Quinn has been on the ground in Syria for two years. He says he’s been in Al-Raqqah and says the approach is constant – air strikes against Assad and the Islamic state. He says he’s been heading up special ops there for 28 months. They ask him what the hell is going on over there. Saul is there too. Quinn says the program has been effective and should be continued.

He says ISIL is growing and Assad is still in power. He asks Quinn if the strategy is working and Quinn ask what strategy. Quinn says tell me what the strategy is and I’ll tell you if it’s working. Then he says that’s the problem. The other side knows it’s there and says there’s a revival of slavery, beheadings and says it’s in their f-ing book and they read it all the time. He says they’re there to die for the Califate and live in a world without infidels. He says that’s been their strategy since the 7th century.

One asks what he would do. He says 200k soldiers on the ground plus doctors and teachers. He says he can’t do that and then Quinn says hit reset and pound the place into a parking lot, otherwise he needs to get back. Quinn stands and walks out. Saul tells Dar that Quinn went off book but it was good for them to hear the truth. Saul gets a text and curses. He says there was a data breach in Berlin. He goes back into the room to grab his coat then rushes out. Dar stays with the meeting.

Carrie is with Frannie at her birthday party. Her boyfriend Jonas is there and says Otto asked again about the trip to Lebanon. She says it’s a bad idea then he goes to answer the doorbell. Carrie’s journalist friend Laura shows up and asks to talk to her then says she was sent a CIA email from a hacker about a backdoor German and US deal. She asks Carrie to look at it to see if it’s legit. Carrie says she can’t look at it and keep her clearance and asks if Otto knows. Laura says Otto sent her there.

Carrie says she could do damage by publishing it and Laura says backdoor government deals like this are the problem. She leaves mad. Carrie tucks Frannie into bed and finds Jonas doing paperwork. He says he’s sorry for letting Laura in and Carrie says this day started out well then it was like her old life tried to come back for her. She says she doesn’t want to be in that world and Jonas says don’t let it and says she doesn’t have to vet secret documents or go to Lebanon if she doesn’t want to.

Carrie asks really and he holds her close. They kiss. Next day, Carrie is at the CIA station in Berlin. She’s shown to the office of Allison Carr who greets her with a hug. She says she wondered if they would run into each other. Carrie apologizes for not calling then congratulates her on getting Berlin. Allison says they went through so much in Baghdad. Carrie tells her she’s going to Lebanon with Otto Düring then asks what the real danger is that now. Allison tells her a bit then says beyond that is classified.

Carrie tells her she thought it was best to make a clean break from the agency and says a lot of people don’t get that. Allison asks what’s going on at the Düring Foundation and who her boss has been meeting with and says they’ve been burned by that place more than once then asks if Otto will disclose their transit sites in Poland. Carrie says she knows nothing and is shocked when Allison says she needs to go because Saul is stopping by for a surprise visit and says she can head out the back way.

Carrie leaves and goes down the stairs. She sees Saul getting out of the car and ducks back into the stairway but then steps out to greet him. He says nothing and then says if he was mad at her she wouldn’t have a clearance or a job. She says she didn’t tank his bid to be director of the CIA again. He says she did and he gets that she needed to leave the CIA but says not to go to the other side. He tells her that Düring does have some atoning to do since his family made an illicit fortune in WW II.

Carrie says she’s just trying to do good work and Saul says she’s not and is being naïve and stupid, something she never was when she worked for him. He walks away. Carrie goes back to work and tells Düring to postpone the trip or send someone else. She says she can’t make this safe for him and says no one can. She says she even went to the Berlin station and their strong advice was not to go. Laura says they shouldn’t do anything if the CIA said no.

Laura say Carrie spent the last ten years killing people and needs to do something different. Carrie says Saul is the European division chief and showed up the day after she got a hacked document. Laura says that shows the document is legitimate and she’s publishing it. Otto says the refugees will be out of food and medicine within a week and the ambassador came to him. He says he’s going to write a check then ask six more wealthy people to write a check and they will if he was there on the ground.

He says it may be stupid but it needs to happen and happen now. Saul reads a report about the data breach. Allison sits while he looks through it. He sees it 1361 docs and he asks how this happened. They tell him some cabling got left behind during a remodel. She tells Mills he can step out of the meeting once he answers Saul’s questions. Saul says it looks like they got the docs on the surveillance program with the Germans. She says so far none have been published so it might be an intelligence service.

Then she says they went back to the site where the intruder came from and she shows him the video and says it could be Anonymous or another hacktivist. She says it won’t stay secret and they agree they have to meet with the Germans who won’t be happy.

Carrie puts on a head scarf and goes to a mosque to see the Imam. She says she’s from the Düring Foundation and that they’ve donated money to the mosque. She waits. She is told Sheik Hafiz will see her and taken to his office. He offers her refreshment and she accepts. They sit and she says the Foundation needs his help. She says she needs to speak to the Hezbollah commander who’s living underground in Berlin. She says she needs to talk to him about safe passage.

The Imam says he doesn’t know the man and she says she knows he knows someone who could get a message to Al Amin. He’s annoyed. Saul and Allison meet with the Germans to tell them about the data breach. Saul tells them that this program was important and the problem it addressed is getting worse. He says he thinks they should continue with the surveillance. Saul says they will develop a contingency plan to deal with what could happen if the documents surface.

The German says the program is over and trusting them is a mistake. The woman stays behind for a moment longer as Saul says this program is more for German safety than US. The woman says whatever they’re planning, don’t leave any tracks and says she can’t help them at all anymore. Allison is furious and asks what’s wrong with these new Germans. Saul says they used to fight like hell then he tells her he’ll see her back at the office. Saul walks down the street with purpose.

He walks by Quinn in the city plaza of Berlin. Carrie is back at the church. She goes outside and sees a woman with a headscarf lock her bike to Carrie’s. While she’s distracted, some guys grab Carrie, bag her head and shove her into a van. She’s taken to a dark warehouse and the bag is removed. She’s given a scarf and told to cover her hair. She does. The men stand guard and she waits looking afraid. Quinn is outside a café playing Arabic music. He hops a fence and goes around back.

He’s in an alley and climbs up the outside of a building and goes into an apartment. He looks around and taps a desk top then checks and pops it open. Inside is electronics equipment and a tube. Someone enters the apartment and he goes to hide. The guy sees the desk is open. Quinn hits him hard with a pope and looks through the guy’s bag. It’s more bomb making stuff. He rifles it while the guy is out cold. Carrie asks the man who approaches to take the ties off her hands and says she’s not a threat.

The man says he was part of the team protecting Abu Nazir and knows how dangerous she is. He says she hunts them and keeps them from their homeland. She says all that suffering is one of the reasons she doesn’t work for the CIA anymore. He asks what she wants and says Otto Düring wants to bring supplies to the camp but needs his invitations since Hezbollah runs it. She says she’s risking disease and starvation. He says their strength is their suffering. She offers money for security.

Al Amin tells her she killed his son in Beirut. He says he will fight them forever He walks away and she begs him not to do this and says she has asked respectfully for safe passage and he’s obliged to take her message to the council. She’s shoved back into the chair by the other men after he leaves. Quinn uses the guy’s components to make a pipe bomb. He has the guy duck taped to a chair. He talks about the ingredients the man uses in his bombs. Quinn talks about what the smell of it reminds him of.

He clicks the timer and says the man has two minutes to prepare himself for paradise. He walks out. The time clicks down. Quinn goes out the front door. He crosses the street, the apartment explodes and people scream. Laura reads her article to Jonas and he says there’s some wisdom in waiting on the national security implications. She asks if Carrie has been working on him. He hears a car squeal to a stop and sees Carrie thrown out of it. He hangs up on Laura who gets mad and decides to post it.

Jonas asks if she’s okay. She says she is and just wants to go inside. Saul gave Quinn a key to a PO Box and he opens it. Saul asks how it went and Quinn says the man is now a martyr in paradise. He tells Quinn the Germans won’t support them anymore and if he’s caught, he’s out of the agency. Saul says they can’t have any more contact and says the box will have money and the next target. The next is a woman who recruits kids. Quinn says put the names in the box and he’ll take care of whoever it is.

Carrie lies in bed with Jonas, Frannie sleeping between them. Her phone buzzes – no caller ID. She answers it. Al Amin says Otto Düring is invited to the camp as their honored guest. He hangs up on her. Carrie looks at Frannie and Jonas sleeping peacefully.