Humans Recap 7/5/15: Season 1 Episode 2 “Episode 2”

Humans Recap 7/5/15: Season 1 Episode 2 "Episode 2"

Humans airs on AMC tonight with an all new Monday July 5, season 1 episode 2 called “Episode 2” and below is your weekly recap. Tonight, Niska [Emily Berrington] stages a brutal escape from the brothel and Leo’s [Colin Morgan] secret is revealed.

On the last episode, the Hawkins family bought a robot servant called a Synth in the opener of this series based on a Swedish sci-fi drama. They soon began to suspect, however, that they may have been in danger from this highly-developed machine and the man in search of her.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Niska stages a brutal escape from the brothel and Leo’s secret is revealed. Meanwhile, George is horrified to be given a new Synth, Vera.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 2 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the show.



#Humans begins with Laura wakes in the night and goes to check on Sophie who is asleep in her bed. She notices some damp clothes on the floor. Sophie calls to her and Laura asks if she wet the bed and that’s why she changed her PJs. Sophie insists she didn’t wet the bed. Edwin has Fred in his lab and tells an assistant that the AI is both the Mona Lisa and the atom bomb.

She looks at Fred’s memory fragments and finds one of a woman swimming that must be important. It’s Anita swimming with him. The family chats at breakfast while Anita cooks and cleans. Joe tells Anita maybe she could do his job for him too but she doesn’t get it. He’s excited about the dinner she’s making and heads off to work. Laura notices wet shoes on the window sill stuffed with napkins. She tells Mattie she’s a shit mother.

Max and Leo are together and head out to look for the family. Pete helps Jill to the toilet – she’s got physical disabilities. They laugh and joke while she toilets and then he whacks his head getting her more toilet paper. She says he broke his head and will leave her stuck on the loo. She calls for Simon. Max tells Leo maybe they’re not meant to be a family. He says his creator designed him to be a certain way and he can’t escape it. Leo says he sees him as a brother, not a design that was made.

Laura gets the hidden photo album out of her closet and then sees Anita lurking. Laura shouts and asks why she creeps around. Anita says she was programmed to be quiet and not intrusive. She asks why Anita washed her shoes and she says she got them wet outside this morning. Laura tells her she’s watching her and Anita tells her she’s watching her too – then says, you’re right in front of me. But did the AI mean something more.

Leo tells Max this guy is a head cracker who can’t realize what Max is. He tells Max to run if he tells him to. They pound on a door in a shady part of town. He says he’s looking for Silas for a mod for his AI. They are allowed inside and they see different AIs being tinkered with. He says their boss brings them the broken ones. Leo chats up a guy and says he bailed out his buddy. He says he needs something for Salim and shows him a photo of Anita.

Simon says he remembers that one and says to give Salim something for him then strikes Leo who puts a knife to his neck and says to tell him what he did with the synth. He says they had some fun with her then he sold her to the company who wiped her and gave her a new personality. The guy gets the drop on Leo and beats him. Max doesn’t step in for awhile then does and takes down the guys. Leo tells him to run and he does and he gets away also in the distraction. But the bad guys give chase.

Leo pushes a stack of synths down to block the stairs and then sees he’s stuck on a balcony. He jumps and Max catches him. The bad dudes watch them get away. George and Odi hear the doorbell ring and George tells Odi to hide out in the shed. It’s the chick from social services. He tells her he recycled Odi and she brings in forms for him to sign. Vera starts to open the drapes and clean. George says she’s there to do what she’s told and that’s all.

Vera spots mold and says it could cause his bronchitis. He asks how she knows this and she says the contract lets her access the records. Odi is at the window and George fakes an incident to draw her attention from the window. At school, Mattie and a buddy try and hack a synth to make it act out but then the alarm goes off and they run off panicked. Peter leaves for work annoyed with his synth Simon. Laura gets a call about Mattie’s school activities.

The principal says Mattie has brilliant grades and asks if she has a trouble with synths and Mattie says they’re making human existence pointless. The principal says modifying synths is illegal and dangerous. Laura asks the woman if she has any proof and says without evidence, nothing will go further. She takes Mattie and leaves. She tells Mattie to meet her after school to go shopping and seems pleased by what her teen has done.

Her partner in crime tells her he’s got no future but she does and should do something with her life. He says to be more careful and she says next time she will get the hack. They watch people use synths as golf caddies and she thinks it’s a huge waste of the tech. She says she doesn’t like her mom treating her like a problem to solve and he says his dad hates him. George works when Vera brings him some healthy, tasty food. He says he asked for a grilled cheese.

She says this meets his dietary requirements. He calls and says he wants to return his synth and says she’d be better suited guarding a chain gang. The customer service person says unless there’s a fault, he can’t return or replace it. He realizes he’s speaking to a synth and is annoyed and ends the call. Vera lurks nearby listening. Mattie meets Laura after school and she wants to know why and Mattie says to see if she could. Laura says not to mess with Anita.

Mattie says Laura told her they’d never get one because it would make them lazy then she let her dad get one. Vera and Peter are synth cops. Vera gets a call and tells Peter that Silas K-Pack is back in business. She says she can’t believe they let him out. They go to follow up on the call. They find Silas with a bunch of units and Vera asks if he has licenses for them all. The guy sasses them and Pete slams him into a car. Vera tells other cops to round up the synths.

Vera asks Pete what’s wrong with him and he says synths are ruining the world. She says it’s humans that have always done her wrong. She tells him she’s going to drop him off home and they leave. Max tries to wake up Leo who is not doing well. He hauls Leo down an alley to take him for injury treatment. Niska lies in her bed when the buzzer rings. The synths are taken for a disinfect. Niska has a bloodied lip. She’s told she has a customer and she screams in quiet anguish.

At home, Laura sees Joe and Toby outside tooling with a bike. They’re laughing and having fun. Anita watches them from another window unseen by the family. He takes him to a junkyard. Leo tells Max that they did something to Anita’s head and Max tells him to save his energy. They see flashlights and Leo says they need to go now without their stuff they stashed there. They leave with Max supporting him. It’s Edwin, the scientists, who’s looking through their stuff.

Toby is in his room chilling with Anita comes in to clean. He panics when she starts to pick up his undies and grabs them up. She leaves and he closes the door embarrassed. Joe and Laura are eating and she keeps watching Anita doing chores. She asks what Anita is doing and goes to look. She sees Anita with something in her hand then screams when she sees she’s holding a spider. She says she found it on the wall and asks if she did it on purpose and says she’s scared of spiders.

Laura goes off and tells Joe she doesn’t trust it but Joe says it’s just a machine. She says the thing is watching her. Joe says she sounds crazy and asks what the hell is up. Vera tries to examine George to make sure he swallowed his medication – she wants to check his tongue. He takes the pill and says she’s a jailer, not a caregiver. He says Alistair would be sick if he saw what she has become. He tells her to get lost and calls her Tugboat.

She says a name change must be cleared with the local health authority. She tells him to sleep and says his GP will be notified of non-compliance. He says he helped create them and she offers to soothe him by petting his head or making forest sounds. He says he’ll go to sleep and tells her goodnight. She shuts off the light and stares then leaves. Laura watches Sophie sleeping again that night. She asks Joe if we love our children because we have to or want to. She asks if they’re hard wired to love them.

Joe asks where’s that from and he says no everyone love their kids so we choose. He says whatever is going on with her has nothing to do with Anita and says to leave it. She says the synth gives her the creeps. Anita knocks at the door to give Laura her cell. She snatches it and slams the door in her face. George sneaks out to chat with Odi and tells him he’s supposed to be hiding. He tells Odi to go into energy saving mode and puts a cloth over him. Odi asks if it’s a game.

Vera follows him outside and says he shouldn’t be outside as this hour. George says he doesn’t take orders from her. She puts her hands on him and he says he didn’t give her permission. She forces him back into the house while he says this is not right. Anita sits in the kitchen when Toby comes down for a drink. He goes closer and sits by her then touches her hand. She tells him hello and asks if he’s having trouble sleeping. She startles him and he says he thought she was hibernating.

She says she’s charging and goes into energy saving mode. She asks if he needs help and he says to pretend he’s not there then sits back down beside her. He goes for her breast and Anita says that’s inappropriate physical contact and must be reported to a primary user – his dad, in other words. Toby starts to freak but she says since he didn’t actually come into contact with her, nothing needs to be reported. He thanks her and asks why they had to make her so fit.

Niska is told she has a customer and she puts on a nighty. The older man seems hesitant and nice. He asks to sit down then says he hasn’t done anything like this before. He says she’s beautiful and asks if she’s ever let out of the room. She says she can initiate sexual contact if he prefers and confirms. He says yes and she touches him. Then she asks if he wants to talk. He says he’d like something different. He says he wants her to act scared and young.

Niska says no. He asks what she means by no and he says she will do what he says and she belongs to him for the next hour. She says she doesn’t belong to anyone. He asks who taught her to talk like that and then gets rough. She says her father did then chokes him and snapped his neck. She puts on a jacket and then uses his hand print to open her door so she can leave. She walks out. The madam curses and gets a knife. Niska tells her that what her men do to them, they want to do to her too.

Niska rips open her neck and pulls out her chip. The madam faints. Niska walks out pleased with herself. Mattie gets a text from Harun as she watches Anita take out the trash. A synth outside speaks to her. He asks – why don’t you share? Edwin tells Fiona they need to work fast before Fred’s people come for him. He suggests they try talking to the rogue synth. Max hauls Leo into a bathroom to try and give him some first aid. A man pounds on the door.

Max uses a wire to cauterize Leo’s wound. Looks painful and uses electricity. Is Leo an AI too? The treatment seems to revive him. Rise of the machines! Did that synth create the other synths? Joe and Toby are riding bikes. Anita offers Laura breakfast and tells her they left to ride bikes. Laura ignores her. Mattie comes in and says that Anita is weird and why she doesn’t share data with another synth. Laura asks if she took Sophie outside and she says no.

Laura says she’s lying but Anita says she can’t lie, it’s against her programming. Laura gets upset with her and Anita says it rained that night and says maybe Sophie went outside. Anita says she will always keep Sophie safe and Laura asks what that means. Laura freaks and goes to get out Anita’s documents. She calls customer service. She says there’s a problem with her synth. Anita hears Sophie calling for her. Anita goes upstairs and finds Sophie in bed crying. She says there’s a wolf under her bed.

She tells her to cuddle but Anita says she can’t without permission. Sophia says again – cuddle and Anita does. She says it was eating her. Laura comes upstairs and finds Anita with Sophie. She tells Anita to get into the car and Sophia freaks out and says she’s her friend but Laura says to say goodbye. Anita says if her mummy says she’s broken, she must be because her mummy wouldn’t like and she must be fixed. Sophie cries and then Mattie says she’ll look after her.

Anita offers to drive then asks where she’s taking her. Laura says – back. Anita stands by the car but doesn’t get in.