Humans Recap and Spoilers 7/12/15: Season 1 Episode 3

Humans Recap and Spoilers 7/12/15: Season 1 Episode 3

Humans airs on AMC tonight with an all new Sunday July , season 1 episode 3 called “Episode 3” and below is your weekly recap and hot spoilers. Tonight, Anita [Gemma Chan] saves Toby’s [Theo Stevenson] life; George [William Hurt] tries to break free.

On the last episode, Niska staged a brutal escape from the brothel and Leo’s secret was revealed. Meanwhile, George was horrified to be given a new Synth, Vera. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Anita saves Toby’s life; George tries to break free; and Pete is angry at the brothel-murder cover-up.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 3 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the show.

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#Humans begins with Edwin talking to Fred. Edwin asks him to listen and says he thinks they are five of them including a female. He shows a photo of Anita. He says he thinks you were invented by David and kept a secret then when David died, you ran. He says something happened and you had to split up. Fred looks away and Fiona says he’s hiding his thoughts from them.

Edwin says he won’t hurt any of you, but does need to find them. Edwin turns him off and then asks Fiona if they found anything in their backpacks. Fiona says it was all just survival gear like food and water and wonders why they would need that. He ponders the implications. Joe finds Sophie crying and Mattie says her mom is taking Anita back. Toby takes off on his bike angry.

Laura has Anita in the car. She watches her in the rear view. A car pulls out. Anita sees. She gets out and steps in front of a truck and the truck hits her and saves Toby’s life. Laura gets out and yells at Toby. Anita lies bent out of shape on the sidewalk. Max and Leo break into a place and talk about continuing to look for Mia and Fred. Max says they need to lie low but look online for awhile.

Leo says they need to be careful and asks what ideas Max has and he asks why Leo is drinking. Pete and Karen are working the murder scene at the synth brothel. The madam shows them the photo of Niska. She’s at a charging point at the mall. The other synth asks her why doesn’t she share data. She walks away from her without answering. She grabs up some shopping bags from someone.

Niska heads into a bathroom. She puts in contacts and heads back out. She’s in different clothes now. Joe, Sophie and Mattie show up and Sophie asks Anita if she needs to go to the hospital. Toby says his mom went mental and Sophie says Anita is a hero. Laura says Toby could have died and Laura asks why Joe didn’t stop Toby and they bicker a bit. Laura says Anita doesn’t share data and says strange things.

Joe loads everyone up into the car and loads Anita up front. He leaves Laura with the bike alone. She and Mattie share a look. Vera gives George his pills and says he should go swimming this morning. He says he has an idea. He says his knee is hurting and says they should bring his bed downstairs to make things easier. He shows her a messy room downstairs and then says the window is painted shut.

She goes to check it and he walks out and shuts her in then locks the door. He goes to check on Odi. He finds him under the blanket in the shed. He takes Odi to the car and puts him in. Vera hears them getting into the car. She sees George getting into the car and goes to the door and finds it locked then uses her super strength to break the door. She tells George it’s unsafe. He tells Odi to step on it.

They speed away. At home, Joe checks on the manual and asks Anita if she’s going to be all right. She says she thinks she’s all right. She says she can repair herself with the repair kit and says he should inspect her epidermis. He takes her to the garage so Toby can’t see. She says synthetics can’t self examine and he must report to the insurance company.

He asks how to start and she says clothes must be removed. He says he was afraid of that. Toby creeps out to the garage to try and see. Joe says he can’t do it and Anita asks if she should remove her own clothing and he says yes. Laura walks the bike home. Anita strips off her clothes. Toby peeks. Joe finds a gash on her shoulder and she says she doesn’t feel pain. He says she has a wound on her hip too.

He kneels and says it’s not real. She tells him she’s not real. Joe opens the repair kit. She says she’ll repair the damage. He hands her the graft kit. Toby rushes back into the house. Laura shows back up and finds Joe coming out of the garage. The press is out at Pete and Karen’s synth hooker crime scene. The chief shows up and says it looks like they finally have a real case.

She says the madam told them she bought the synth from some Russians on the black market. She said the madam told them that the synth complained about the way they treated them. The chief says it was an illegally modded synth and it was a tragic accident. Edwin was outside and Pete goes outside to confront him. He tells Pete he’s just trying to help.

Pete says people need to know if their dollies are going to start strangling them. Pete says it’s a cover up. The press asks for a quote and asks what they’re hiding. The chief tosses the guy down the stairs, suspends Pete and tells Karen she’s working the case alone. Max and Leo lurk nearby. Karen tells the chief they should talk to Kapeck, a modder.

Laura tells Joe she’s concerned and Joe called Anita over. He asks if she took Sophie out of bed. She says no. He asks if she can lie. She says no and then she talks about the only conditions under which she can practice deception. Then Laura says what about what she said this morning about always watching her. Anita says she said she would always keep her safe. Anita asks to return to the children.

Laura is freaking and Joe tells her that it saved their son’s life. Anita is playing a trivia game with the kids and they tell her no fair and she offers to delay her response time. Laura asks Toby if he knows why she shouted. Then she asks to play but they tell her there are not enough controllers. Anita offers to give hers up but Sophie shouts no. Niska meets Leo and Max and they chastise her for killing the man.

They tell her they need to stay together. She tells Leo he’s keeping them prisoner, not protecting them. He says he’s almost one of them and he says they’ll find and destroy her for the killing. Max asks if she’ll kill again and she says if it’s deserved. Max says she’s a sister and she says those are human words. He hands her a book and she takes it and goes.

Jill is making bread when her synth Simon comes to help. He takes her hands and shows her how. Pete comes in annoyed and gets a beer. He tells her to get “it” out of his face. George and Odi are out driving in the country and chatting. Odi drives around some bikers and George asks if he remembers driving late one night looking for ice cream. George says he’d kill for an ice cream right now.

Odi says of course and says he’ll get him one. Odi opens the door and goes to get out. George tells him to get his foot on the brake. The car runs off the road and they crash into a tree. Odi’s head hits the steering wheel. George gets out and tells him to get out of the car. He tells Odi to go into the woods. George tells Odi if they find him they’ll recycle him. He tells him to go and don’t let anyone see.

He tells him to hide. Odi says of course but his speech is malfunctioning. George moves over into the driver’s seat. Anita does laundry at the house. She finds Laura’s secret photo album. It says Laura and Tom and is a photo of two children. She tucks it back away as Sophie comes in and asks her to tuck her into bed. Sophie comes in and asks Laura if Anita can put her to bed tonight. Joe says it’s fine.

Laura is annoyed but pours milk and hands it to Anita and tells her to brush after. Anita thanks her. Laura is angry at Joe who asks what difference it makes. She says it makes a big difference then is annoyed that she burned the cakes she was making. Niska goes into a bar and opens a book. A guy approaches her and flirts. She flirts back – with her contacts in, she looks human.

Sophia and Anita hangs out in her room. Anita says that Laura would like to read to her tonight. Sophie says she wants Anita but Anita asks her to please let Laura do it. Anita goes to tell Laura that Sophie changed her mind and wants her instead. Laura says nothing but goes to take care of it. Laura reads to her daughter and Mattie listens from her room.

Sophie asks if Laura is happy now. She says Anita thought she was sad and said she should put her to bed to cheer her up. Mattie hears all this. Laura goes downstairs and finds Anita making cakes to replace the burned ones. Laura thanks her for saving Toby’s life. Anita says she doesn’t have to. Laura says she does. She holds out her hand to shake it and Anita shakes it.

She smiles at Laura. Niska goes home with the guy from the bar who jokes not to wake his wife. She looks at his mail on the counter and he gets out a bottle of wine. She says her name is Candy and he says that can’t be her real name. He asks what she does for a job. She says she just left a job in client relations then asks why they’re talking.

He says it’s what people do and she asks if he wants to take her to bed. He says maybe they can get to know each other first and says he’s interested in getting to know her. She asks for the restroom. He points her that way and she goes to check out his stuff. She spots two hair elastics. She goes back to the kitchen and pulls a knife from the knife block. She holds it behind her back.

He pulls a stuffed animal out from under the sofa and says he had his daughter this weekend. She spots a photo of the child and she puts down the knife on a chair and walks out of the apartment. He calls her name but she’s gone. Mattie finds Anita in low power mode and unplugs her cord then plugs her into her computer. She tells Anita she’s weird and wants to know why. She’s hacking Anita.

Anita advises her not to do this and says she can corrupt her. Anita says – I’m here, help me, help me. Then she goes back to being the generic synth and asks if there’s anything she can help her with. George is delivered back home to Vera. He says Odi is by himself. Vera asks what’s an Odi and says his GP told him to rest. He says Odi is by himself. Laura researches unusual synth behavior.

Laura asks Anita to sit down and stop cleaning. She tells her she needs to understand things she shouldn’t. She says unusual synth behavior can be caused by illegal modification then asks if anyone tried to mod her. She says some mods are to feel pain. She pokes her hand with a toothpick. She breaks the toothpick and then Anita says that’s not the ideal place and pokes it into her eye.

Laura flinches but Anita says her eye material will reform around the puncture. Laura says take it out. Laura asks why she thinks she has these concerns. Anita says people without a prior synth experience may anthropromorphize like with a pet. Laura asks who Anita could know that she seemed unhappy. Laura says synths are supposed to be rubbish at interpreting human emotion.

Anita explains that she does not forget, become angry, intoxicated or feel fear. She says on the other hand, she doesn’t feel love. Laura asks if she wishes she could. Laura says maybe she’s going crazy. Anita asks who Tom is and Laura tells her to shut up then grabs her and says never say that name again. Anita apologizes then asks if she can make breakfast. Joe overhears this whole exchange.

Mattie looks over the code she downloaded. She uploads it to the web and asks if anyone understands it. Max is monitoring the web and picks up on it. He wakes Leo who was having a nightmare about being in a car underwater. He tells him he found something. He says it’s Mia’s root code. The site masks the IP but they narrow it down to London and Leo is excited to know she’s nearby.