iZombie Recap 12/1/15: Season 2 Episode 8 “The Hurt Stalker”

iZombie Recap 12/1/15: Season 2 Episode 8 "The Hurt Stalker"

Tonight on the CW iZombie airs with an all new Tuesday December 1, season 2 episode 8 called “The Hurt Stalker” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) arrives at the crime scene of a wedding planner who was shot to death and is shocked to realize that he used to date the victim.

On the last episode, Liv consumed the brains of a death-obsessed illusionist who was murdered in cold blood during a magicians’ convention in Seattle. Meanwhile, Blaine gave Liv some interesting news; and Major continued to distance himself from Liv. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Babineaux arrives at the crime scene of a wedding planner who was shot to death and is shocked to realize that he used to date the victim. To make matters worse, the probe reveals the victim was stalking Babineaux, which makes him the chief suspect in the case. Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi pose as an engaged couple and infiltrate the victim’s wedding planning business.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 8 of iZombie on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#iZombie starts with Liv coming home and drinking from a bottle. Her roommate is there and asks where she’s been sleeping. Liv says at her boyfriend’s place that she used to be engaged to. Gilda says she tried to make things work with an ex and it flopped.

Gilda heads out and we see a woman in a parking garage – Regina. A man says she brought it on herself and attacks her. She fights back and then cuts him. She goes to stab him but it shot by a third party. The guy tells his buddy to get in the car.

Ravi and Liv are told that Regina is a wedding planner – and her wallet was left there. Clive drags in tired and says it’s been a bad morning. Clive looks at her then says he knows her. He says they used to date. Liv tells him she’s sorry.

A street cop says they found a 9 mm Beretta under a car and Clive says it’s his gun. Vaughn is doing a Super Max taste test in his office. He hands two samples to Gilda and she reports that Major is shagging Liz again.

Gilda tastes and shudders and says the yellow one tastes like urine. He tells her to taste the other and she gags and says, go with the urine flavor. Gilda can’t believe he’s not worried and he says she can’t go tell the cops that zombies exist.

Gilda asks what if Liv gets mad and eats him. He says she’s probably hoping for that. Vaughn and Gilda are called to the lab. Vaughn says not to worry about Major killing the last three. He says they bonded over working out.

In the lab, a zombie is on a treadmill with a brain dangled in front of it. Gilda asks where Dr Irving is and Vaughn says lab accident. They introduce the Super Max into the zombie’s bloodstream. Now it can run much faster and has more strength too.

Vaughn asks when they can test on a human. Then he says he has someone in mind. Ravi pulls out the bullet and it’s a 9 mm. Liv says Detective Cavanaugh is on the case. They trash talk him but the guy is there and hears.

He asks for details and Ravi says the bullet matches the gun. Cavanaugh is thrilled that Clive had no alibi and there’s also a voice mail of him threatening her to leave him alone. Cavanaugh says it’s motive and says she was killed an hour later.

Cavanaugh quips if the case was any easier, he would have slept with it in college. Liv and Ravi worry about the case against Clive. Liv says she’s going to eat the brain to help Clive then Ravi reminds her it’s a wedding planner.

He wonders if she will have a vision of sex with Clive then says he thinks his “o” face will be super angry. Dale shows up to the lab and she introduces her to Ravi. She asks about Clive and Dale says they’ve got him in interrogation.

Dale hands Liv an envelope and says Regina left it on her doorstep last night. It’s a wedding album but the pics are photoshopped – Clive only went out with her a few times. They are surprised to see a pic of Clive cooking and playing piano.

Then there’s some of Game of Thrones. Dale says to ask Ravi about George RR Martin to set him off. Dale says Clive asked her to bring it by to spark a vision. Liv asks to keep it but Dale says she has to turn it over to Cavanaugh. She leaves.

Ravi says it’s a fatal attraction brain. Liv says no visions yet. Major tells Liv he wants to get Minor a little Seahawks jersey. Liv finds spendy shampoo in Major’s shower and confronts him. He says it’s Ravi’s. She’s being very jealous.

Liv is awake late that night going through Major’s phone. She doesn’t know his passcode but uses his sleeping hand to fingerprint scan her way into it. The next morning, Liv asks Major who’s Rita. He says to give back his phone.

She’s teary and angry. Liv threatens to speakerphone call her. Major says she was meaningless and threw herself at him when he was at a low point and they were split up. Liv says she ate an unhinged stalker brain.

She promises to fight this and hands back his phone. She leaves for work. Major goes and hides his knock out tranquilizer in the closet safe. Liv asks when he got a safe and asks him to open it. He says no then says she needs to stop this.

She says she’s sorry and leaves. Ravi and Liv talk to Clive at the PD. He says him being on the front page of the paper as a murder suspect means he’s going to get suspended. Liv promises to clear him. He says she has to tell Cavanaugh if she comes up with anything.

Ravi whispers to him about Robb Stark. Liv asks for a history on Regina and how they met. He says she was a badge bunny – a chick who likes to shag cops. Ravi says he has a badge. He says she wanted details on cases.

He says she wanted him to wear his holster during sex. He says he dumped her but she wouldn’t leave him alone and says she stole his gun the night before she died. He tells Liv was with a client and to start there. Clive worries they’ll all get fired.

Ravi quotes more Game of Thrones to annoy her. Liv goes to see the owner of Karma Cleaners – someone who sued Regina after she planned the owner’s wedding. Ravi and Liv go inside holding hands. Liv says they’re engaged.

Liv says they’re checking references on Regina the wedding planner. The woman says she heard she was murdered. She says they spent their life savings on the wedding and she messed it up then showed up drunk, puked on her dress, then sued them for a fee.

Liv gets an image of Matthew, the owner’s husband threatening Regina. Looks like he was fooling around with Regina. Turns out Matthew is a cop too, just like Regina likes. When she and Ravi leave, Liv tells Ravi about Matthew and Regina.

Liv says Matthew also had a scrapbook and threw it over the bridge. She describes the bridge and they go looking for the scrapbook. Ravi finds it. Liv checks for an alibi on Matthew. It looks just like the book Clive had. She even used the same photos.

Liv says Matthew has an alibi. They wonder who the original guy is and Liv points out locks with initials. She thinks a guy with the initials WP is their guy. Liv says they ran the plates of the SUV and it belongs to a Seattle cop.

Then she shows him a post about cyclists being aggressive and running down their bicycles. Ravi is impressed. Liv is social media stalking Major when Gilda comes home. Liv calls the computer a slut and Gilda says she’s looking at Major’s FB page.

Gilda asks why and Liv says all these chicks are throwing themselves at her man. Gilda says wow to Liv’s ranting. Liv says she’s looking for some slut named Rita who was sending desperate texts. Those are Gilda. She asks if she confronted him.

Liv says Major told him that Rita threw herself at him when he was at a low point and said she was desperate. Liv says Major doesn’t deserve this and stops looking online but Gilda says it sounds to her like Major should be punished.

Clive comes in and tells them he met with his union rep and it’s bad news. He brought dinner and Ravi says they should all go out together sometime. Clive defers the invite. They talk about not liking the food to goad him into admitting he cooked for them.

Cavanaugh shows up and asks who took it. Clive says he didn’t take anything. He won’t tell them what was taken, threatens them and walks out. Liv and Ravi tell Clive they have no idea. She gets an answer and says she needs a slim jim, hoodie and a headlamp.

She tells Clive he doesn’t need to know. Ravi asks what George RR Martin is up to and he says not writing. Liv is in the police parking lot creeping around and finds the right SUV. She breaks into the car and looks around.

Then the security locks beeps and she has to hide in the backseat as the cop drives away in the SUV. It’s Chief Price. Cavanuagh calls and says the scrapbook went missing. He says Clive must have gotten to it. Price says that will end his marriage.

Liv’s phone chimes and he looks back, sees her, and tells her she’s in a world of trouble. Liv is arrested and taken to jail and she tells the lady warden she’s got special dietary requirements. Liv puts her into a cell with others.

The woman says she’ll be fine and Liv says she’s not worried about herself. Later, Ravi comes to see her and asks how she is. She says she’s hungry. He says they won’t let him bring any food in and she’s going to be in jail until Monday.

Major is out of town and Liv tells him not to tell Major. Ravi says there were two blood types at the crime scene. He wants to talk about music for the time they have left and she says eight minutes of silence.

A woman in the jail cell is ranting about her weed arrest. Liv says shut up, shut up. She starts chanting Ferguson. Major comes to see her anyway. She says her stalker brain is out of her system and he can have women over.

He says he’ll invite porn stars. She’s about to eat her cell mate when she’s released to Ravi who brought a brain smoothie. She’s not happy to be eating Regina’s brain again. Liv shows Clive a page she stole out of the scrapbook and Chief Price is in the photo.

They notice the ring Regina is sporting looks familiar. Major is working out Vaughn who guzzles some Super Max and tells him to try more weight. He goes nuts and lifts a ton of weight – he also has energy drinks for Major.

Vaughn goes nuts and throws a medicine ball at another guy who’s working out loudly. Ravi and Liv go back to the dry cleaners and find the owner’s sister Carl there – he’s got a bandage on his neck. Liv asks him about it.

He says it was an accident. Ravi flashes a badge and they ask why the murdered wedding planner is wearing the same ring. Carl runs out the back and gets into the van. It won’t start. Cavanaugh is there – he pulled out a car part.

Uma and her brother Carl are in interrogation. Cavanaugh asks Uma why she married her cheating husband anyway since she found out he was cheating prior to the wedding. Uma says they only slept together a couple of times.

She says Matthew confessed and she forgave him. Uma says she didn’t kill her. Liv says Carl did since his blood was at the crime scene. She says Regina stole her engagement ring but she didn’t know it until she sent the scrapbook.

She says they were just going to scare her but then Regina pulled a knife and was about to stab him so she shot her to save her brother. Clive tells his boss that no one needs to know about the third scrapbook. Price says happy wife, happy life.

Liv tells her to get it all down and she will save her brother some prison time the more specific she is. Uma asks if the guy Liv was with is really her fiancée. She tells Liv every man cheats and says they can’t help themselves. Liv looks concerned.

Major comes home and finds Liv trying to break into his closet safe. She tells him stalker brain was all they had when Ravi came to pick her up from jail. She say she can’t fight it and begs him to open the safe. He does and she sees her engagement ring in it.

She says she thought he sold it but he says he hated the idea of anyone else wearing it and never gave up on her wanting it back. She hugs him. Liv wakes to Major’s phone buzzing. It’s a text from Rita but she can’t read it without unlocking it.

Liv takes his sleeping hand and opens the phone. The text sys U up? Liv texts back and Rita texts to come by and she’s wearing that thing he likes. She types back, show me. Rita sends a pic of her from the neck down in lingerie. Liv is shattered.