Jennifer Lawrence Drinking Binges Blamed on Amy Schumer: ‘Trainwreck’ Star Bad Influence On JLaw?

Jennifer Lawrence Drinking Binges Blamed on Amy Schumer: ‘Trainwreck’ Star Bad Influence On JLaw?

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence started hanging around with Amy Schumer, has she been hitting the bottle a lot more than normal. Jennifer is just having a good time with her new friend but is Amy a bad influence on the A-lister?

Lawrence has admitted recently to drinking so much that she got sick and now her friends reportedly want Jen to take a break from Amy before she turns a recent streak of drinking and partying into a much bigger problem.

Jennifer and Amy became instant friends after Jen went all superfan and emailed the comedian about how much she loved the movie Trainwreck. Now Lawrence and Schumer are spending a lot of time together. The BFFs are even writing a screenplay together and have reportedly bonded over booze.

A brand new National Enquirer report claims that Jennifer’s camp is starting to get concerned that she might need help after the Oscar winner recently admitted to bouts of binge drinking. Jennifer has even talked about throwing up at an Oscars after-party thrown by Madonna back in 2014.

During a visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert a few weeks back, JLaw admitted, “I’m a puker. I’m a big time puker.” Apparently not just booze will set off the star’s sensitive stomach but that doesn’t stop those close to Lawrence from worrying about her recent desire to party.

“Jen’s friends are worried her drinking and partying have gotten out of hand,” reported a National Enquirer insider. “No one thinks it’s a coincidence that Jen’s outrageous behavior ramped up after she and Amy started palling around.”

Jennifer Lawrence admitted in an Extra interview about her Golden Globes nomination that she was hoping to get drunk during the show. Lawrence talked about how she wanted Amy Schumer and Brie Larson at her table.

Then Jennifer joked about wanting a ‘pina colada tap” so she and her friends could get drunk during the ceremony.

Amy Schumer is known for partying hard. The stand up comic talks about heavy drinking and recreational drug use in her routines. It’s no secret that Schumer can get pretty wild. JLaw’s pals are reportedly afraid that wild streak is rubbing off on their friend and that it might impact her career.

The industry insider says those closest to Jennifer are hoping she’ll stop hanging around with Schumer all the time.

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