Justified Recap Series Finale: Season 6 Final Episode “The Promise”

Justified Recap Series Finale: Season 6 Final Episode "The Promise"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, March April 14, season 6 finale called, “The Promise” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the series finale, one last battle between Raylan, [Timothy Olyphant] Boyd [Walton Goggins] and Ava will determine who—if anyone—gets out of Harlan alive.

On the last episode Raylan and Boyd’s paths cross as they searched for Ava in the mountains. Markham recruited an unlikely ally to his cause. Written by Chris Provenzano & VJ Boyd; directed by Michael Pressman.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “Raylan and Boyd’s paths cross as they search for Ava in the mountains. Markham recruits an unlikely ally to his cause. Written by Chris Provenzano & VJ Boyd; directed by Michael Pressman.”

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#Justified is on. Boyd is going crazy looking for the money at the cabin where Zachariah blew himself up. He can’t find the money and is getting frustrated. He goes outside and smokes a cigarette then grabs a shovel and sees fresh dirt on it. He starts looking around the property. The dirty cops bring Ava to Avery Markham along with the backpack of cash. He asks where’s the rest and she doesn’t answer. Avery asks if she remembers when they first met and he told her women have to be tougher than men to survive in this life.

He says she’s tough since she killed one husband and put a bullet in Boyd. He says Boyd stole his money and she stole it from Boyd. He asks if she’s going to give it back. She says it’s up the mountain at Grube’s cabin. He asks how she got it up there and she says she dragged it on a sled. He asks if she did it alone. He slides her chair close to him and gets right in her face and says he’ll ask just once. He wants to know who helped her. She says her uncle but he didn’t have any part in the taking, he was just trying to keep her safe.

Avery asks if her uncle is still up there. Tim and Rachel coordinate the man hunt for Boyd and Ava on the mountain. They have K9 units and a helicopter. They report that the dog lost Ava’s scent at a bridge and they found an animal tooth necklace. Raylan hears this from the back of a cop car and asks them to please ask if it’s an alligator tooth. The cop relents and asks and is told they are in inch long and sharp. Raylan tries to talk to the cop who now won’t listen to him. He sounds like he’s channeling Raylan.

Raylan is pulled out of the car and Art says he’ll take it from here. The cop says he’s on an FBI BOLO and he’s going to hang onto him. Art pulls rank and tells him to change his attitude or he’ll tear him a new asshole. The cop says it’s up to Lt Mathison, the duty officer. In the gray light of dawn, Boyd is digging around the barn. He thinks he found the bag of money but found a body. It startles him then he laughs hysterically. He hears the phone ringing in the cabin.

He staggers inside and picks it up. It’s Ava and she says Zachariah’s name but Boyd says he can’t get to the phone right now. She pretends it’s her uncle and says she was worried that Boyd would have found him and put a bullet in him. Boyd says he did. She tells him that Avery has her and her life depends on the money. She says only the two of them know where the money is. He tells her to send an unarmed man to meet him at Compass Rock.

Boon says he and Loretta will go meet him. Avery says to make sure he gets the money then kill the old man. Art escorts Raylan and says he told him he’d get him. Raylan tells Art about the necklace and says Avery probably has Ava or will have. He says Boyd’s at large too and he’s going to take them off the board for some bullsh-t he knows isn’t true. Art pulls the car over angrily then gives Raylan his gun and badge and calls him a dumb SOB. He asks Raylan where they start looking.

The cops are all over the mountain and Tim makes it to the cabin. Boyd hides in the woods nearby. Rachel says they have a blown up body and one in a shallow grave. They spot Boyd running and they start taking shots at him. Tim screams his name and shoots at him. He scurries through the woods gasping. He tops a hill and sees the helicopter nearby. The dogs and Tim are getting closer. He lights a stick of dynamite and throws it at the cops. He does this several times to get them to back off.

Raylan and Art go to find Deputy Stiles and the dirty cops tell them they have to have tits or a badge to drink there. Raylan tells Art to show him his tits and then they flash their badges. The boss says they have to check their guns. Art pulls out his gun and Raylan looks at the bat that the guy lays on the bar. Raylan slams the bat near his head and asks where Avery is. Art says they don’t have a lot of time and they know he let Carl into his room and is going to tell them where he is and won’t tip Avery off.

He tells them he’s at the Bennet shed and they wonder if Loretta is partnered with him. Art gets a call about the dynamite throwing. He says Rachel set up a perimeter and they pulled back. He says he has to get up there before it turns to Ruby Ridge. Art tells him whatever he finds Avery has done to Ava or Loretta, he needs to handle it properly. Raylan says he gets it.

Boon calls to tell Avery that the man isn’t at Compass Rock. Avery says Ava is one of the few people who knew that Katherine played him and she may be trying to do the same. Ava says Zachariah is an old man and is trying to avoid the cops so it will take some time. Avery points a gun at her and shoves it under her chin. He says he can make a big mess of her beautiful head. He asks what the other side of the call was like and where they buried his money.

Boyd is there and has one of the dirty cops at gun point. Avery asks if uncle is dead and Boyd doesn’t have his cash. Avery says he didn’t make a good choice in a hostage and he shoots at the guy that Boyd is holding. They exchange shots as Avery calls him a hillbilly. Boyd shoots Avery dead then finishes off the other cop. Ava looks at the gun he dropped but Boyd says not to do it. He tells her to look at him and holds the gun on her. She looks at him.

He fires but the gun clicks – the chamber is empty. Raylan comes in and Boyd yells at him that his timing sucks. Raylan says he’s heard that before. He asks if Raylan is happy that he did his dirty work for him. Raylan says he doesn’t care as long as it gets done. Raylan says there’s another option and Boyd says he’s out of bullets. Raylan kicks a gun over to him and tells him to try that one. Boyd picks it up and Raylan tells Ava to get out of the way.

Boyd says he has a question for Ava before they do this and asks her why. He says they had the money and were home free. Ava says she did what she thought he would have done. She walks slowly out of the way. Boyd and Raylan face off. Boyd says he’s not doing this and Raylan tells him to raise the gun so they can end it. Ava starts to speak and Raylan tells her to stay out of this. Boyd says when he gets out of jail one day, he’ll come and kill Ava and Raylan both.

Raylan stares him down. We see Boyd led out in cuffs and Ava in the back of a cop car. Art hands Raylan the bag of cash and says she wouldn’t tell him where the rest of the cash was. Raylan says he’ll get it out of her on the way to Lexington. She tells Raylan there’s another $9 million and she can tell him where it is. She asks if there’s still a deal to be made but he says no deals and no outs. She asks why he didn’t just kill Boyd. She says there’s not a cell that can keep him.

Raylan says he likely didn’t prove anything by letting him live. Raylan notices a truck behind them that speeds up and bashes into the back of his Crown Vic. They go skidding across the road and stop. It’s Boon with Loretta riding shotgun. Boon gets out and Raylan tells Ava to stay down then he gets out. He walks out to meet Boon face on. Boon says he’s sorry about that and says he pulled up at the barn and saw him leaving with Ava and thought he was going to leave without saying goodbye.

Boon says he saved him the trouble of coming to look for him. They pull their guns and fire and both take a bullet. Raylan goes down flat on his back and Boon turns his hand to take another shot but Loretta steps on his hand and he goes unconscious. She kicks the gun out of his hand and goes over to check on Raylan. He sits up with his head a little bloody then sees that he just grazed his head but blew a hole in his hat. His car is thrown into reverse and Ava takes off. Raylan curses.

Raylan shows up at the office with a bandaged head. He knocks on Art’s door and he says his flight is in a couple of hours. Art asks if he’s going to get sentimental. Raylan says Ava is still out there and he can stay and help run her to ground. He says there’s still $9 million on the mountain but Art says the mountain is crawling with people. Art says he asked him to come to Kentucky and help him get Boyd and he finally did it. He tells Raylan he got him right.

Art shakes Raylan’s hand and says to tell Winona hi. He says he still doesn’t see what Winona sees in Raylan and Raylan says it would be weird if he did. Art and Raylan shoot back a whiskey. He goes to his desk and Tim lurks nearby. Raylan says he hopes he gets someone at the next desk who’s less a pain in the ass and Tim says it couldn’t be someone who’s more of a pain in the ass. Raylan puts on Boon’s hat and gets on the elevator.

Four year later, in Miami, Raylan is having ice cream with his daughter. They talk about terrible flavors of ice cream and she asks to go play and hands him her ice cream cone. Winona shows up and gets onto him for giving her ice cream when she feeds her kale salad. He hands her the cone and she eats it. She asks Winona if her daddy can come for dinner but he says he has some work stuff. Richard shows up – Winona’s BF – and chats with them. Willa heads off holding his hand.

Winona tells Raylan that frogs are Willa’s new obsession. He doesn’t like that Richard calls her punk like she’s a criminal and Winona says it’s short for punkin. She asks him to pick Willa up after school one day that week and he agrees. Raylan heads into work, still wearing Boon’s hat, and talks to his new boss. They tell him he has to transport a prisoner to the Glades. Raylan looks at an article that Rachel sent that says profits from a pumpkin patch are benefiting a local elementary school. Ava’s in the photo.

Raylan is in Lebec, California. He heads to a house and knocks. Ava answers. He asks if she’s going to invite him in. She says all she has is water and he asks if she has coffee or an RC. She says she has a hard enough time sleeping as it is. She says the place is a mess so she can’t ask him in. She says they can take a walk if he wants and he says as long as she leaves behind her rifle. She props it at the door and they walk. She tells him she’s in the caretaker house of the ranch.

Raylan asks how she got out of Harlan and who helped her. She says she hitchhiked. Raylan says she was in handcuffs. Raylan says they talked to Ella Mae and Limehouse but he thought it was Wynn Duffy. Raylan says Wynn has vanished off the face of the earth. She asks how he find her and he says someone saw her in the background of a new story about a pumpkin patch. She says she never should have gone and the one she bought had rot.

He asks how she’s getting by and Ava says she helps the owner of the ranch work with special needs kids and she looks after the big house, works at the school in town and other volunteer work. He says she ran on him three times and she says she’s not running whores or robbing banks. Raylan says he can’t congratulate her on not doing what she shouldn’t be doing anyway. She says she has something to show him but he can’t tell Boyd about it.

She calls and a young boy comes out. Raylan says that makes it more clear – they were looking for a woman, not a pregnant woman. She says she can’t ever let Boyd know he exists. He asks what she named him and she says Zachariah and says he was the only man in her life who never wanted anything. She says if this is going to go any further, she needs to know her son will be set up. Raylan says he won’t take her in then jokes that it looks like she’s being a good mother.

She thanks Raylan. He says hopefully she can sleep better now but she says he’s not the only one she’s been afraid to see at her front door. Boyd is at a podium at the jail preaching a sermon about how he lost it all then saw the light. He says he succumbed to temptation and it takes a real man to walk away from it. He shouts like an evangelist. A guard comes in and calls his name and says he has a visitor. Boyd says it’s to be continued and walks out. It’s Raylan and Boyd laughs when he sees him.

He asks to what does he owe the surprise. Raylan says he heard he was preaching again and Boyd says he knows he’s never believed a word that came out of his mouth but hoped he enjoyed hearing them. Raylan says he can grant him that he believed he loved Ava. Boyd asks if he found her and Raylan says he did. Boyd asks where and Raylan shows him a death certificate. He says it was the name she was using at the time. He shows him an Oklahoma driver’s license and says they DNA matched it.

Boyd asks how and Raylan says three years ago in a car crash in Tulsa. He says she was still on the run and must have fallen asleep at the wheel. He says they only found out when the woman whose name she was using reported identity theft. Boyd is floored and tearful and says maybe it’s for the best. Raylan asks for who. Boyd says Ava was trying to get out but he didn’t think it was possible. Boyd says the only way to get out of Harlan alive is to never be born there.

He asks Raylan how life in Florida is and he says Boyd wouldn’t like it because there’s a lot of Jews. Boyd says Jesus was a Jew. Raylan says he has to go and Boyd asks if he can ask one question. Raylan says if it annoys him, he’ll just hang up. Boyd says the penitentiary is a long way from Miami and asks why he came that far. Raylan says he thought it was news should be delivered in person and Boyd asks if that was the only reason after all these years. Raylan says if he was being sentimental, he would let his mind wander back to… then Boyd says when they dug coal together. Raylan says that’s right.

That’s it – Justified is done forever!