Lark Voorhies Saved By The Bell Star Talks Film

Lark Voorhies Sex Tape Leaked Despite ‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Denying Film Exists

Images from a Lark Voorhies film were leaked online to an Instagram account possibly owned by Lark herself. The Saved By The Bell Star has previously denied the existence of such a tape but now it looks like there might be some Lisa Turtle love scenes floating around after all.

Lark has been denying that a film was made with her ex-husband Jimmy Green even exists but now it looks like the Saved By The Bell star may have been lying about the tape in hopes it didn’t surface. The Shade Room posted screenshots of a still photo from the supposed secret love scene.

To be honest, there are still questions about whether Voorhies is the woman in the picture but it looks like maybe the amateur adult film star could be her.

The photo was posted to an Instagram account @TheLarkVoorhies and was captioned, “BREAKING!! We will be releasing clips every few hours on 12/14!! Stay tuned to see the former ‘Saved By The Bell’ Star in a variety of freaky s** acts performed with her now ex-husband, Jimmy Green!”

The picture and it’s creepy caption have since been deleted and now many are wondering if the clips are really going to be released on social media.

Lark Voorhies has denied that a tape even exists through her publicist, Marky Hutt. He claims that Lark doesn’t have an account on Instagram and that the @TheLarkVoorhies account is an imposter even though it is billed as an official account and is linked with Lark’s confirmed the Twitter account.

Hutt also claims that Voorhies Twitter account has been hacked so many times by her ex-husband that they are looking to temporarily shut it down.

It sounds like there really might be another Saved By The Bell film is out there and this time the star is Lisa Turtle actress Lark Voorhies. Her ex-husband Jimmy Green seems to keep getting access to Lark’s Instagram to post some controversial messages as well.

Let’s see if Green makes good on promises to release more of the secret tape or if Voorhies and her team can get the embarrassing footage stopped.

Image Credit: FameFlynet