Little Women LA Recap 3/11/15: Season 2 Episode 11 “New Orleans, New Engagement?”

Little Women LA Recap 3/11/15: Season 2 Episode 11 "New Orleans, New Engagement?"

Tonight on Lifetime Little Women LA airs with an all new Wednesday March 11, season 2 episode 11 called, “New Orleans, New Engagement?,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, tension mounts as the gang anticipates the arrival of Terra’s boyfriend.

On the last episode the ladies visited New Orleans with their husbands and embracd the Big Easy lifestyle, but tempers flared when Briana’s desire to see a psychic infuriated Tonya. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Tension mounts as the gang anticipates the arrival of Terra’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Todd and Christy argue after he sides with his ex-girlfriend Briana instead of backing up his wife; and Briana falls hard for her new Internet boyfriend, much to the dismay of the other ladies.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be a fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Little Women LA Season 2 Episode 11— tonight at 10PM EST!

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Traci and Christy decide that they need to pray for Briana.

Christy says in confessional that she doesn’t want to mess with the devil when she’s trying to get pregnant. Them praying together becomes a bonding experience and they hug and apologize to one another for their previous remarks about eachother.

Elena tells Briana that if she wants someone to love her she needs to know what she wants in life, referring to her relationship with Matt, but Briana is sick of people telling her about her own relationship and decides she’s going to put her foot down.

Todd doesn’t understand why Christy and some of the others are being intolerant. He tells Christy even if she didn’t believe in it she could at least hear her out. Christy says she doesn’t want to mess with spirits, and asks him how he would like his wife to act.

Christy also starts to speculate out loud that Todd may still be hung up on Briana. She cries bringing up the fact that he cursed at her, which she thought he would never do.  “Alright, I guess I never realized you were so holier-than-thou,” Todd says.

Terra is worried for Joe and Todd to reunite, as the last time they saw eachother they physically fought. Todd had apologized to Terra and wants to apologize to Joe, but Terra doesn’t know if Joe will be cordial with him.

Tonya brings up the fight with Briana, saying she felt Terra threw her under the bus. Terra says she just didn’t think it was fair Briana listened to her but Tonya didn’t do the same, but Tonya says if Briana doesn’t want to hear about her views she doesn’t have to. Tonya also says she didn’t want Matt jumping in and that she isn’t sure about him because he’s trying too hard, a sign that he’s hiding something.

Joe arrives, and Christy can already feel the coldness between Joe and Todd. Joe doesn’t say hello to Todd, and when Terra asks why, he says that he has nothing to say to him.

Christy tells Todd that she has been seeing things about Matt that she doesn’t like, such as his tendency to drink too much. She also says in confessional that Matt is loud and obnoxious, drinks at night and tells Briana what to do, and that something is “off about him.” She tells her husband that maybe Briana is attracted to alcoholics. Todd says Christy wouldn’t be a friend if she didn’t tell Briana her concerns.

The entire group goes to the restaurant, where Christy glares at Matt as he jokes about her throwing his drunk ass over her shoulder.

The group orders a giant drink which is almost the size of Briana and everyone goes up and sips from it. When Matt sips from it, Terra, Joe and Tonya watch him and talk about how controlling he is and how he wants to move in immediately.

Matt tells Briana he wants to take her away from her friends for a walk.

Terra says in confessional that she has been watching Matt for a while now and something about him isn’t right for her.

Christy suggests talking to Briana, but Terra say she doesn’t think that’s a good idea. They talk about the fight between their husbands. Christy says she and Todd are forgiving people, and Terra says it will just take time.

Terra tells her husband what was said, and he says he sees right through that shit and won’t give Todd another opportunity to smell like roses.

Matt takes Briana to a gazebo, gets down on one knee and says that he is missing a piece of his life, which is her. He says there’s nothing he imagines from this day forward that doesn’t have her in it. He pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. He says he doesn’t want anyone else in his life ever again (creepy music is playing in the background, literally). A montage plays showing Briana’s conflict between their good moments and bad, like her family and friends speculating about him. She mentions in confessional that he hasn’t met her family.

He tells her hasn’t loved anyone like her, and that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He says she has changed his life completely, giving him a reason to keep living. He keeps talking. And keeps talking. “I want you forever,” he finally says. And commercial.

Briana agrees to marry the schmuck. In the confessional, she ironically cites the girls who hate him as a source of inspiration in her decision to marry him, saying they’re right and she should be more confident.

The next morning, Christy comes into their room. As soon as Matt leaves, she tells Briana her concerns about his drinking. Briana says he does it to manage the pain in his back because pill don’t work. Christy says that worries her because she did that for her own pain and became an alcoholic. Briana says that she doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t hurt anyone. Christy says Briana is defending him and that one drink can become many drinks, and that if they decide to live together, she’ll be in the middle of it. She tells Briana to be careful.

At dinner, Briana tells everyone that she’s moving. Elena asks her if she’s moving by herself or with Matt. Briana says is going to move by herself, but she says Matt wants to but they won’t do that for a while.

Briana wants to tell everyone about her engagement, but after being barraged with questions about moving, decides not to do it yet.

The next day, Briana asks everyone for tips on sex positions. Tonya tells her about the wheelbarrow, and Tonya demonstrates it on her. The women also talk about the things they’re into. Elena says she likes having sex in different places.

Before they go to the pool, Briana says she’s going to go call Matt. She goes into her room and puts the ring on her finger. She comes back out and tells the ladies she has an announcement: that Matt proposed to her last night, and she said yes.  Everyone is in shock.

Tonya says she saw a couple of red flags, asking if he’s putting on a front or if he’s the same behind closed doors.

Briana says he is different and she isn’t going to make excuses, but they are happy together.

Her friends question her about what Matt will do about their distance as he has kids of his own, and Briana says he was basically planning to travel back and forth to see his kids.

She says she doesn’t want to get married right away, and that marriage is a process.

Terra asks Briana what would happen if her daughter doesn’t like him, and she says her daughter comes first. Briana lists all of the concerns her family have, and Traci asks if she would still marry Matt if her parents didn’t want her to.

Terra says there have been things that have made everyone concerned about her, and Tonya asks her why she’s rushing to marry this man. Briana says she isn’t rushing to marry him.

Christy says there are red flags, and she needs to fix it. Traci tells Briana that if her best friend doesn’t approve of this, there is a problem.

Tonya asks if he’s different when he drinks, and Briana says he takes a couple of shots for his pain.

Christy says she loves Briana but she can’t stand by this.Briana says that if anything, Christy should be the one to understand. Christy says she’s deathly worried for her, and Briana says she shouldn’t be. Briana storms out.