Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap – “For the Family”: Season 2 Episode 10

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap - "For the Family": Season 2 Episode 10

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday November 9, season 2 episode 10 called “For the Family” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Willie discovers that Shanda’s been dancing again.

On the last episode, Rich tried to guide Moniece and her mother to peace; Teairra went in for surgery; Nikki fretted about the fashion show; Amber and Miles met up. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Willie discovers that Shanda’s been dancing again; Teairra might not be ready to walk the runway; and Fizz talks to Rich about his involvement in his family. Elsewhere, Apryl asks Omarion about getting a turn in the spotlight.”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Rich has been trying to fix Moniece’s relationship with his mother. He also just met her son for the first time, and needs a break, so he meets up with Ray J in the studio.  Ray J asks him if he is officially going to be going back and forth between two cities.  Rich says he loves her, but he has to be Rich as well. Rich says in confessional that he’s trying to do the right thing by Moniece, but it’s a lot. He says the old Rich would have gone to the club with Ray J and a couple bad ones and not answered his phone.

Drew thanks Moniece for doing her part in taking care of Cam. He also asks her how serious her relationship with Rich is since someone is going to be around his son. Moniece says she is dating and committed to the relationship, and will eventually have to bring Cameron into it. Drew says he has what he has heard in the media about Rich and he isn’t judging anyone but he is concerned about about anyone who will be in his son’s life. He says he will need to meet him face to face. Moniece says she will talk to Rich and try to set something up, but in confessional she says she’s not sure how Rich will take the idea of meeting her baby daddy since the other meet ups they have done have not gone so well.

Miles has not seen Milan since he kicked him out of the apartment, and he has been ignoring his calls. He says in confessional that he did everything Milan asked, and he hopes he sees he is serious. The two of them meet at the beach, and Miles says again that he did not go into Amber’s place when Milan was following him and saw him with her. Milan asks how he is supposed to believe him, and Miles swears he is telling the truth. Miles says he isn’t here to fight and apologizes, saying he should have told him where he was going that night. He confirms that he told Amber about their relationship by taking her to a meeting with a counselor. He says Amber flipped out and threatened to tell everyone that he is gay. Miles says that he called Milan, the only person he could talk to, and he ignored his calls. Milan gets angry, saying that he ignored his calls because Miles was ignoring his. He says that if Miles had told him what he was doing, he would have been there for him. Milan says he had to tell his family before Amber could tell them. Milan asks how it went, and Miles says that it ended with everyone crying. He says they said they love him and will always love him, but they want to meet Milan.

Fizz has been talking to Nikki about starring in his video for his new song “Good Lotion.” Fizz and Nikki meet up and he asks her about the fashion show, and she says she is concerned about Teairra being ready as she just got lipoderm.  Fizz asks her about being in his video, and she says no because she has a lot on her plate.  Fizz says in confessional that she was the inspiration for the song. He tells Nikki he built the vision around her, and she says he can find someone else to build a vision around.  Fizz looks over and sees Shanda stripping on the pole, and asks Nikki if that really is her. She says yes, that Shanda has been working there a while. Fizz says he doesn’t want to look, and Nikki tells him not to, saying that he isn’t supposed to be looking at other girls when he is with her anyway.

Moniece and Rich go on a picnic, and she tells him that Fizz wants to meet him to feel out the man who is going to be the male figure in his son’s life when he’s not around, and for her it’s just another testament to how serious he is. Rich says he isn’t going to be in the same situation that he was in with her mom. He says he isn’t going to explain stuff about him on the Internet to another dude. He says to her mother it is one thing, but explaining it to another dude makes him feel some type of way. Moniece says she doesn’t see the point in getting together if he isn’t willing to do this. Rich says that maybe then they aren’t going to work out if he needs to do everything she asks him to do. He says that he will do it but he won’t allow this so blow up in his face. Moniece says she doesn’t care what he says to him that upsets him, if this conversation goes left and he says certain things this relationship is over.  Rich says that’s all he needs to know and he is going to go play basketball. He stands up and storms off.

Omarion and Apryl do a radio interview to promote Omarion’s new single.  Apryl says in confessional that she is waiting for it to be her turn, and has been trying to be patient but it seems like her chances are dwindling. The interviewer asks Apryl about supporting Omarion and about her music career. He asks her where the support for her career is, and Omarion says she is currently supporting her like any good woman would but her time is coming. In the car, Apryl brings up how she is often the person who has sacrificed and waited for them to turn out to be not shit people. She says she doesn’t think he is that way but she doesn’t want to be forgotten. She says she needs to believe that her partner has her back and that’s why she needs to have a conversation with him. He tells her that she acts like she can’t sharpen up her skill. He tells her to sharpen up and wait for her turn. She says what if her turn is now and it’s passing her by. Omarion laughs, saying that that’s a negative outlook.  She says she just doesn’t want him to forget about her, and he assures her he would never do that.

At her photoshoot, Hazel tells Princess about Teairra’s surgery and how it may affect the event she has been producing with Nikki. She asks Princess about her pieces, and she says everything is ready to go.  Hazel asks her about putting her situation with Teairra in the past, and she says she is beyond it, but asks if Teairra is beyond it. She also says she doesn’t want them to come with couture and Teairra to come with Wal Mart. Hazel says she is going to enforce the high standards for the event, and Princess says she just doesn’t want her making them look bad.

Nikki, Fizz, Shanda and Willie meet up for Willie’s show, where Nikki almost immediately drops the bombshell that Shanda has been dancing at one of her clubs. Willie asks her why she had to do that, and she says because he lied to her about his contract. Willie says he was working on it but he didn’t ask her for any damn help, so why did she dance? She asks who is going to be the money maker here, and he says if he needs help he will ask for it.  He says he will discuss it with her, and she asks what they will discuss when he lies about everything. She says they needed money now for their kid so she went and got it. Willie says if she is going to do that she can do it by herself, and she storms out of the room.

Willie says in confessional he had a hard time with his performance because all he could think about was Shanda dancing for other men when she didn’t even have to.  Shanda says in confessional that she can’t believe they are in a place where they are saying these kinds of things to eachother, but the last thing she wants is for them to be torn apart when they are both trying to keep things going. After his performance, he goes backstage and a crying Shanda apologizes, saying she felt like she had to do that for them. She says she didn’t do it to do what he didn’t want but to do what she knew she could do. He wipes her tears away, and says he understands her and also understands that he was wrong because he hid things from her. He says she doesn’t have to do that for them, and her doing that hurt him. He says he doesn’t want to hurt anymore, and they hug.

Fizz and Rich meet up. Rich says what Fizz has read in the media is not who he is, and he is there to clear it up. He says he wondered if Fizz was going to come at him sideways. “Absolutely not,” Fizz says. He then asks Rich where his relationship with Moniece stands. Rich says he cares about Moniece is a good girl but he can’t say where it will go. Fizz says if he isn’t sure that’s where he’s going with Moniece he would like it if Rich weren’t necessarily around all the time.  Rich says he understands where Fizz is coming from as he himself is a father. Fizz says he doesn’t want men running in and out of Cameron’s life and Rich says he understands completely. He says if Cameron happens to be around he will be cool and like an uncle, but he doesn’t want to be his father. He says he will treat him like his own when he is around.
Fizz says he appreciates that, and Rich says they’re cool.

The model call for Teairra and Nikki’s event takes place, and Hazel works on organizing everything.  When Teairra arrives, Hazel says she has a rack for her, but Teairra says she wants her stuff to be done to size and she has some patterns. Nikki and Hazel are concerned about when the pieces will be done, and Teairra assures them they will be. Hazel drops the bomb that Princess is also going to be involved in the event as a designer.  Teairra says in confessional that she thought Hazel was helping out with the event but now it seems like she is taking the entire thing over. She says she was so shocked she didn’t even see Princess standing across the room. She says she is out for a couple of days and they invite the one person she has a problem with to work with them.

Princess comes up to them, and Teairra says she doesn’t want to be involved in the fashion show, and an argument pops off.
Princess says Teairra doesn’t want to be a part of the fashion show because she isn’t ready, asking if she is going to send the models down the runway wearing paper. Nikki tells Teairra that if Princess is willing to get over it, Teairra should too, and that Teairra is acting like they are trying to destroy their business.  Hazel says that she and Teairra have been able to get past things but Teairra has been disloyal. She says that she knows she has never slept with her friend’s ex (referring to rumors that Teairra slept with Yung Berg behind Hazel’s back after the two of them broke up). She says no one is perfect in this room. Teairra stays calm, telling Princess that she has talked to Hazel and Nikki so they respect her. Hazel pops off again, saying she should because they didn’t do betray her like how Teairra betrayed people by meddling in Princess’ relationship with her ex just like she did to her. She lists Teairra’s instances of betrayal, such as becoming friends with Masika and Yung Berg. Teairra tells Hazel not to act like she is loyal when she immediately starts going off on her as soon as she gets a chance. Hazel says she is popping off because Teairra came in insulting her.  Teairra calls her a fake ass bitch, saying she was her friend. Hazel asks when she was her friend, when she was in an alley with Berg? Teairra says that never happened, and that Hazel was the one being a dumbass ho when she knew that wasn’t a real relationship in the first place.

Teairra calls Hazel a big nosed, crater face ass bitch, saying she hopes her nose falls off and she dies tomorrow, as Miles escorts her out of the building.