Major Crimes Recap 7/6/15: Season 4 Episode 5 “Snitch”

Major Crimes Recap 7/6/15: Season 4 Episode 5 "Snitch"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday July 6, season 4 episode 5 called “Snitch.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a complex gangland shooting is investigated, and Det. Amy Sykes [Kearran Giovanni] focuses on protecting the identity of a witness. Meanwhile, Rusty [Graham Patrick Martin] tries to manage new information about a case, and Flynn works up courage to take his relationship to the next level.

On the last episode during his first drive-along as a Reserve Officer, Buzz Watson discovered a dead body in a hotel room bathtub, not only threatening an extremely expensive wedding, but also Flynn and Provenza’s planned to take the division to a Fourth of July Dodger’s game. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “while the Major Crimes unit investigates a complicated gangland shooting, Det. Amy Sykes finds she must protect the identify of a witness capable of identifying the killer. Rusty struggles with how to manage newly gained information on the Alice case and Lt. Flynn works to gain the courage to take his relationship with Captain Raydor to the next level.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.



On #MajorCrimes Rusty listens to a voice mail on Alice’s phone. He plays it for his therapist Joe and says he doesn’t know who it is. He asks why he’s not playing it for the cops. He says he can’t let them know yet so it won’t become part of the case. Dr Joe asks why it’s so important to the Alice story. Rusty says the guy was looking for her in the shelter in Vegas and Alice was running from him. He asks his advice. Rusty says the messages have created even more problems for him.

We see a crime scene. A guy has been shot and a woman too. The guy holds a cell phone. The team is there working the scene and talking to bystanders when Provenza shows up. Julio says it’s Breezy and Tamara related to a local gang the Monsters. Neighbor Ernest Parks was also shot. Amy says the neighbors are being tight lipped. They have shell casings from a 40 caliber and would like a witness too.

Rusty asks Dr Joe for advice and says Sharon is very busy with some gang shootings. He says he’s not looking for a killer, but a victim so it’s different and says he has to be her voice. Amy is looking around when a girl in a house whispers to her to look behind a screen. She does and finds the gun. She asks Amy to come inside and says she unlocked the back door. Joe tells Rusty that rules of evidence are different. He says journalists must protect sources but police must ID their witnesses.

Amy finds an 11 year old girl in the house and asks if she’s home alone. She says she saw the whole thing even the killer. Amy tells her to stop talking then says not to tell anyone she saw her or they talked. She leaves her card just in case but the firl asks doesn’t she want to know who did it. Amy says she’ll figure it out and it’s her job.

She tells her not to tell anyone what she saw and to stay away from the window from now on. She tells the girl to forget she met her and they spoke and only to call if she’s in trouble. The little girl tucks Amy’s card into a book. Tao says Parks is in surgery and never spoke. Buck says he came up with nothing. Julio says it’s likely not a drive by. Buzz goes to check cameras at the mini mart.

Amy says she found the gun stashed under a house and could be the murder weapon. She says it smells like it was fired recently. Provenza is suspicious of her statements and how she found it. Sharon asks Julio about the gang and he says it’s the West Side Monsters and the crime scene is on their main block. Tao says the gun Amy found is the murder weapon and it was also used to kill Humberto Perez, a taco truck operator. They had no evidence until the gun turned up.

Twizz is the likely shooter but the witness to the taco truck shooting recanted. Amy says Monster had even found people they put in Wit Sec. Provenza says Twizz has done hard time and Buzz says Twizz was at the party because he’s in a photo on the woman’s phone. She was the GF of the other victim. Sharon asks Amy how she found the gun. She says she was doing door to doors and noticed a screen was off and says stash spots are common in gang areas.

Sharon says to check in with Twizz while they look for prints from the gun. Provenza tells Amy he knows someone pointed out the gun and they will need the witness’s name. She says not if Twizz confesses and walks away. Provenza and Sharon swap a look. Rusty tells Joe he’s put a lot of time and effort into this case then says TJ helped him with the security question. He says TJ Shaw has been a source and is now a friend.

Joe asks how old TJ is and whether he took an interest in Rusty or the case. TJ is 20 or 21. Rusty freaks out and says that’s a personal question and he doesn’t know how he feels about TJ. Andy tells Provenza he’s asking Sharon out on a real date. Provenza says okay. Andy asks what that means. Buzz comes in and says Twizz is in interview. Sharon and Julio sit with him and asks about him being at the taco truck six days ago. Julio says he shot Humberto and Twizz says the witness must have him confused.

They show him the gun and says they found the gun he shot the guy with. Twizz says people lie and he doesn’t like tacos. They show him that the gun killed Humberto and in a triple party that Breezy and Tamara threw and Twizz says he wasn’t at the party. They show him the photo from Breezy’s phone showing he was there. He asked why he would kill Breezy. He says the guy was selling tacos without giving them a cut.

The witness calls Amy and she steps out. She says the guy is there outside her house looking for the gun. She tells Amy to come get him and Amy says to get back from the window. Amy asks Buzz about the security cameras nearby and he says they were fake to scare off winos. Amy tells her to walk down to the mini mart and use the pay phone. She asks how to use a pay phone. Amy says to call this number and ask for the desk sergeant. She tells her what to say.

Julio says they printed the gun and asks whose prints will be on it. Twizz says they’re making shit up and he’s calling his lawyer and he’s done talking to them. Provenza tells Amy the gun was key. Rusty tells Joe that TJ is not out and has never dated a guy and hasn’t told his family. Joe turns it around on him and Rusty says he’s different from TJ. Andrea and Sharon offer Twizz a deal for the four homicides. He calls Andrea a bitch.

Provenza gets a call from the desk sergeant. He tells Amy to pull Sharon out of the interview. Provenza says the caller was an eye witness and reported that the guy is Big Hazard and she saw him looking for the gun that Amy found. Julio says it could be Twizz’s family trying to cut him loose. Sharon asks if there are cameras at the mini mart she called from. Provenza says someone else asked him that today. Sharon admits it and says she has an eyewitness. Andrea shakes her head in frustration.

Dr Joe asks again how Rusty feels about Alice and asks why she’s important than more missing girls. He says he was around the investigation and she needs him. Joe says she’s dead and doesn’t need him. Rusty says she died from apathy and neglect and then Slider. He says he knows that’s his story before Sharon too. He says he wants to show how hard it is for homeless kids to catch a break. The chief asks Amy why she held back on the witness.

Andrea says they need the witness in court. Julio says Jason deRay is Big Hazard and the likely shooter. He got out of jail two and a half weeks ago and Tamara, the dead chick, is his ex. He’s also a good friend of Twizz. The Chief says they can protect the witness but Amy says they have a complex situation and says they can use the anonymous tip to question Big Hazard. Amy says she can’t let her witness get killed. She says the police are supposed to protect the innocent.

Sharon says Amy can keep her witness private for now under the law. Sharon says if they can make deals, the witness issues goes away. The Chief says Amy can have some latitude for now. Outside Sharon tells Amy the moment she knows her witness’ name she’s putting her in protective custody. Provenza tells Andy not to ask Sharon out right now and says too much is going on. Rusty says he knows what he’s doing for Alice is right.

He says not telling Sharon is the only thing that bothers him. He says not telling her about the messages makes him feel uncomfortable. Provenza tells Twizz’s lawyer that his prints were found on the gun and he’s on hook for four murders. Julio says that he may not have killed people at the party, but he did kill the taco truck guy. They tell him to give up the party killer and he may have parole. Amira’s grandmother shows up furious and says she’s going to get them killed and says for them all to stay away.

Sharon tells Andy to call Chief Taylor and put Twizz in protective custody. She says she wants to do a public search of his house and they talk about bringing a moving truck along. They’re also going to bring Big Hazard in and try to trick him into a confession. The team shows up at the neighborhood. They are ready to take Big Hazard in. He runs and amy hits him with a barbecue grill lid and takes him down. They haul him away.

Julio tells Hazard he hopes he’s not in any pain. The neighbors all watch him being taken away points and talking. Then he sees the cops at Twizz’s place and asks what’s going on. Julio says he thinks that may be the guy’s place that went into Wit Sec. Hazard asks for his phone call now. Joe tells Rusty the messages are important and Rusty says Sharon taking him in could have been the difference between him ending up like Alice. But he doesn’t want to lose his story if he hands the message over.

Rusty says he has to decide what to say to her. Joe says once he posts the messages, isn’t it more a matter of when now how. Joe abruptly ends the session and Rusty panics and asks what to do. He asks to go longer but Joe asks him to leave. Sharon says he heard that Breezy was sleeping with his ex and running the Monsters. Julio says he knows he doesn’t care. The lawyer says her client denies knowledge. Julio says they have an eyewitness.

Sharon says they have Twizz in protective custody and the guy asks how they’re choosing Twizz over him. Sharon says they know Twizz did the taco shooter and says if they make a deal with Twizz they don’t need him anymore. Julio grabs the file and walks out then he turns and screams at him that he will let Twizz walk just to see his ass on death row. Julio asks if he wants to help or die. He says he wants to see Twizz in prison. The lawyer says she wants to see the evidence before they cut a deal.

Andrea says it’s a good start. The Chief says they need Twizz’s statement and Provenza says he just got a photo of Twizz’s crib and asks Tao to print it. He shows the photo of Twizz and it’s been tagged with 187 and Tao tells Twizz and his lawyer they let Hazard think Twizz is in Wit Sec. He says when Hazard got his phone call, things went bad. He says Hazard told him all about the taco truck and says he also fingered him for the triple at the party.

The lawyer offers to clear up the taco truck incident and tell them what Hazard wanted. Provenza asks why he gave Hazard the gun he shots Humberto with. The lawyer says hypothetically and he says it was Hazard’s gun. He says all this bullshit over a taco truck driver and asks if they have nothing better to do. Provenza says they don’t. Andy tells Amy they don’t need her witness. Sharon says she protected a girl who is a hero and tied up four murders.

She says she wants to honor the girl quietly. Andy asks Sharon if he can speak to her but then Rusty shows up. Andy says to go talk to Rusty and what he needs will keep. Amira sits doing homework when she hears a noise. It’s her cell phone. There’s a message from Amy saying to stay away from the window. She tells her to take care. Rusty plays the messages for Andrea and Sharon and then asks Sharon if she wants him to wait so they can eat. She says it will be just a moment.

Rusty tells Sharon he knows he doesn’t show it a lot and says she’s more important to him than any story he will tell, even about Alice. She says she’s so proud about what he’s done and brought them the messages. She goes to talk to Andy. He asks her to dinner tomorrow at a new romantic place. Sharon asks about the word romantic then hems and haws then says fine. He’s stunned. She then goes looking for Andrea and she walks off mouthing OMG.