Mr. Robot Detailed Recap and Spoilers Premiere: Season 1 Episode 1 “HELLOFRIEND.MOV”

Mr. Robot Detailed Recap and Spoilers Premiere: Season 1 Episode 1 "HELLOFRIEND.MOV"

Mr. Robot premieres on the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday June 24, season 1 premiere called, “HELLOFRIEND.MOV,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On this evening’s episode, the premiere of the psychological thriller finds cyber-security engineer and vigilante-styled computer hacker Elliot (Rami Malek) wooed by a notorious hacker; and an evil corporation hacked.

This techno thriller follows Elliot (Rami Malek), a young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. When the mysterious leader (Christian Slater) of an underground hacker group recruits him to destroy the firm he is paid to protect, he must make the decision of a lifetime.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “anti-social cybersecurity tech elliot (Rami Malek) meets mr. robot leader of hacker group fsociety. evil corp – biggest co. in the world – is hacked. is robot behind it? brb.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this new show. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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#MrRobot starts with a guy talking to someone in his head. He says this is a top secret conspiracy and says a powerful group of people are running the world. He says they are the top 1% of the 1% and play God without permission. Elliot says now he thinks they’re following him. He’s on the subway and says it started last night. We see Elliot in a hoodie at a coffee shop. He watches a man who comes in and takes a table. Elliot grabs his backpack and goes to sit with the guy. He says – you’re Ron.

He says his name is Rohit and he changed it to Ron when he opened his first coffee shop and has 17 and more coming. Elliot says he likes coming there because he has fast WiFi. Elliot says he noticed something strange on his network so he hacked him. He says he knows Ron runs a site called Plato’s Boys. Ron tells him to leave. Elliot shows him a photo and says he has him. Ron threatens to call the cops but Elliot says he has so much child porn he’ll be the one in trouble.

Ron says he didn’t hurt anyone and says it’s just his personal life. Elliot says he knows what it’s like to be different. Elliot says he’s very different too. He says he doesn’t jerk off to little kids like Ron does but says he doesn’t know how to talk to people and says his dad was the only person he could talk to but he’s gone. Ron asks how he died. Elliot says leukemia and he got it from a company he worked at but Elliot couldn’t prove it. He says the company is still fine though.

Elliot tells him he doesn’t have to worry anymore. Ron says he doesn’t understand then asks if he’s blackmailing him. Ron says no. He says if he pays him, he’ll just want more and more. He says he knows he’ll tell the police anyway so he won’t pay him. Ron says he also broke the law. Elliot says he’s partly right. He says he usually does this from his person but this time he wanted to do it AFK to work on his social anxiety. He says he might flee and tells hi sys admin to wipe the data.

He says he got the time and location on his anonymous tip. Ron then offers him money but there are sirens outside as cop cars pull up. Elliot says that’s the part Ron was wrong about and says he doesn’t give a shit about money. Elliot says since then he’s being followed. He says higher ups don’t like people with his powers. A guy yells at him from across the subway train and asks what’s happening. He says it’s an exciting time in the world right now. The guy looks like a bum.

Elliot walks down the rainy streets. He says he’s a cyber security engineer by day and vigilante hacker only by night. He gets to work and his manager calls him into his office. He puts down his backpack at his cubicle at Allsafe then goes to see his boss. He hands him Gideon a file and says they were hacked last night. Angela, Elliot’s friend from childhood works there too. Elliot says it’s awesome and Angela rants at their boss. He says the networks are getting attacked every week.

Elliot asks if they’re coming in and Gideon tells him to be ready at the meeting in case the client has questions about the hack. He asks Angela if she’s smoking again and she says she sent 13 texts last night. He says he couldn’t make it to the party and she says he promised he’d try. We see him outside the bar watching Angela and the other people at the bar. Now, she tells him to stop thinking about other things while she’s talking.

She says Gideon thanked her for bringing him in but she thinks he hates the job. He thinks to himself that he does but tells her he loves it. Angela says she’s late on two student loan payments and Gideon won’t give her a raise. Her BF walks up and kisses her and Elliot walks off. Later he sees his therapist Krista and says he didn’t want to see her but he was referred. He hacked her too. He thinks to himself that his secret is that he looks for the worst in people.

He thinks about hacking her eHarmony account and a new guy she’s dating Michael Hansen. He says the guy isn’t on LinkedIn or anywhere else online and that bothers him. Krista says she knows he has good reasons to be angry but says it’s not good. She says they need to get to the pain underneath and asks why society disappoints him so much. Elliot says he doesn’t know and says they thought Steve Jobs was a great man when he made billions off the backs of children.

He says their heroes are counterfeits and the world is a hoax. He says social media fakes as intimacy. He rants about materialism and says we want to be sedated because we’re cowards. He thinks all of that and doesn’t say it. Krista interrupts his internal reverie. He tells her nothing is wrong and not not be frustrated with him. She asks why she shouldn’t be and he says she tries to understand what it’s like to be alone and tries to protect people from pain. He says he respects that.

She asks why he thinks she knows what it’s like to feel alone. He curses to himself since he knows from reading her emails. She asks if he went to Angela’s birthday party. He lies and says he went and it was nice. He lies more and says he got a cute girl’s number. Krista says he’s hiding and when he does, delusions come back and it’s a slippery slope. She asks about the men in black he’s been seeing. He says they’re gone and the meds are working.

Ollie comes over and tries to get Elliot to go to lunch with him. He says he’d like it not to be awkward between them and Elliot says awkward is okay. He doesn’t like Ollie – Angela’s GF. He hacked him too. Elliot knows that Ollie is cheating on her from his hacking and he lets Ollie rant on. He says Ollie is easy to manage and at least he knows him. Ollie tells Elliot he likes him and calls him bro. He says he wants him to like him. Elliot says he’ll try harder. Ollie asks him to chill sometime and pats him.

Then he says he’s sorry and forgot about the no touching thing. Elliot thinks that Ollie is not a bad guy and is too dumb to be bad. He says E Corp are the really bad people – their client – he calls them the perfect monster of society and says the E may as well stand for Evil. He says they’re a conglomerate of evil and he has to help them. Terry Colby, the CTO, is with the group. Elliot thinks it’s ridiculous the guy owns a Blackberry and says he’s an arrogant moron, the worst kind of moron.

Tyrell Wellick introduces himself to Elliot and says he started out a tech like Elliot. The guy talks about Linux and Elliot is intrigued. He says it’s going to be fun working with him and goes to join the rest of the E Corp crew. Elliot thinks that he dreams of saving the world from an invisible hand that brands is with an employee badge, forces them to work for the companies and pushes them around without them knowing it. Elliot says he can’t do it though because he’s just anonymous and alone.

He says if it weren’t for Qwerty, he’d be completely alone. We see him sitting and crying and he says this has been happening too often. He wonders what normal people do when they get sad and says they reached out to friends and family. We see his mom abusing him as a child. He says he does morphine. He says if you do just 30 milligrams a day you won’t become a junky. He has another drug for maintenance. Shayla, his dealer, brings him some other pills.

She says it’s on the house and he says no. She says she looked for him on Facebook and couldn’t find him. He says he hates it and isn’t on there. She offers him some Molly and says they can do it together. He relents and lets her stay. Later, he says don’t make decisions on morphine and we see he and Shayla are naked in bed. He sees Krista is out with Michael Hansen and he goes to find out about the guy. He lurks outside the restaurant. He sees a couple of men he thinks are staring his way.

Then he sees Krista and Michael leaving. He makes a call and says he left his keys in one of their cabs. We see the subway guy that Elliot noticed asking the two staring men for change. Elliot gets an address from the cab company and heads out. He sees a guy yelling at his dog and telling it to piss already and holds it by the leash. It’s Hansen. Elliot asks if he can use his phone to call his mom and says his phone is dead. He hands over his phone and Elliot makes a call then deletes it.

He heads off into the subway. He calls Angela and she asks him to come into work. She says they attacked Evil Corp and it’s a DDOS attack. She says Lloyd is there but says he can’t handle this. She says she can’t screw up the account and asks him to come in. He goes to the office and she says E Corp has lost millions. Elliot asks Lloyd what’s up and he says it’s the worst he’s ever seen. He says someone is fingerblasting their entire network. Elliot is intrigued.

Angela says they just started reporting on the outage and reads a news story that it’s the worst hack ever. Elliot says it’s the worst thing he’s seen. Gideon shows up freaking and Elliot says the attacks are coming from all over the world. Elliot says it’s not just a DDOS attack. He says there’s a rootkit sitting in the server. Lloyd tells them how bad that is and says you can’t stop it. Elliot says when they restart the server, the virus replicates. Elliot says we can’t and that’s what they wanted.

He says by defending them, they spread the virus. He says they have to take the whole system offline and Gideon tells Elliot he has to come with him. They head to the server farm at Dulles on the private jet. Elliot spots another server they forgot to shut down and stops them from making a critical error. Elliot runs through their pile of servers and then goes to switch the DNS. He spots this and Gideon yells out that’s it’s almost to the bad server.

Elliot saves it and Gideon says they’re okay. He touches Elliot on the shoulder then pulls his hand away. Elliot says he wants to look at the infected server and says to give him a minute. Elliot goes to see if the hacker left a signature and says no one does a DDOS attack for no reason. He finds a mark that says fsociety and a .dat file. He says they didn’t even try to hide it. A note pops up that says LEAV EME HERE and he says he knows the note is for him.

Elliot says he has to delete it but then he doesn’t want to delete it. He says he’ll reconfigure the access to the root directory so only he can use it and no one will know. He and Gideon head back on the jet and Gideon asks if he knows he’s gay. Elliot says no. He says he can consider this him coming out to him and says he doesn’t like to talk about his sex life but his partner thinks he’s ashamed and wants him to be more public about it. Elliot says thanks.

Elliot tells him not to worry about it and says hackers have a short attention span and will move on. Gideon says Evil Corp is thinking about leaving them and he doesn’t blame them. Elliot says they could have called another security team but called them. Gideon says they’re 80% of their business and if they lose them it will put the company under. Gideon says he feels like he can talk to him then says Elliot would be happy if they went under. He says he knows he hates wearing the stupid shirts.

Elliot promises he’ll find the hackers. Gideon is still worried. Later, Elliot is in the subway thinking about the servers and says he’ll ask his IRC contacts about fsociety and says they’re good. Mr Robot sits down across from Elliot and says he should come with him but only if he didn’t delete it. Elliot asks if he’s talking to him. Mr Robot (the homeless guy from earlier) gets off the train. At the last minute, Elliot hops off and follows him. He asks who he is. Mr Robot says they have to wait for the Q train.

Elliot asks then what and he says they have to go to Brooklyn out by Coney Island. Elliot asks what’s there. He tells Elliot he can’t tell him anything until they get there. Mr Robot lights up and Elliot says he can’t smoke in there then asks why he’s following him and what he wants. Mr Robot says his dad was a crook but it was small time stuff like convenience stores. He says his dad told him everyone steals. He says his dad told him that he stole but didn’t get caught.

Mr Robot says if you can’t catch him stealing, he gets away with it. He says he thought that shit was cool as a kid. Then he says his dad finally got caught and he was sent to jail. He says his dad died five years later and his respect with it. He says he thought his dad was free doing what he did but he was in prison just like Elliot is now. Mr Robot says he’s going to break him out. They go to Brooklyn and sure enough, they’re near Coney Island.

They head to a row of closed down shops and into a door that takes them into a narrow alley. He knocks on a door and a guy opens it and lets them inside. Elliot asks why they would meet IRL. Mr Robot tells him that a hacker group was caught from one member’s computer. He says it was the one point of failure. He says they hack there and only there and it ends when they walk out the door. He says the encryption is the real world. He asks how they talk to each other.

Mr Robot says they don’t, they come and go and work. Elliot asks how he trusts them all and Mr Robot says he gives them a test. Elliot asks if he was testing him last night with the hack. He asks what the project is and he tells Elliot that comes later, he just wanted him to see the place. He says there’s not much he can do without a CPU. Elliot is on the subway leaving and wonders if this is a delusion since he’s a schizo. He says he knows he really worked on the servers at Evil Corp last night.

He finds Angela waiting at his place and she asks if he knows he lives in a bad neighborhood. She asks if he wants to get high and watch their favorite movie – Back to the Future. She says she thought he’d be sleeping and he says he fell asleep on the train. She says she knows he’s lying and asks if he wants to get into this. They go upstairs and they see Shayla still naked in his bed. Elliot says she’s not supposed to be there and he’ll get rid of her. Angela is happy and says it’s good he’s dating.

She says she’ll see him on Monday and says they’ll do movie night next time. She leaves and says to have fun. Elliot slams the door to wake her and she asks if it’s Wednesday and says she has to move her car. Elliot tells her to leave then gets louder and says – now. He looks for Mr Robot on the hacker boards and everywhere. He says no one has heard of them. He researches the property and finds the owner of the property was shot and killed a year and a half ago and now nothing.

Elliot says the arcade network will have an IP file and it will be enough to turn them in. he puts together an envelope of evidence. Then he keeps digging and wonders – what’s your ask, Mr Robot. He heads back to the place and asks where’s the boss. A girl is smoking out front and asks when he’s going to give them access to the root directory. She says she wrote the root kit. He stares. She calls him a dickhead and heads inside. Mr Robot walks up and says he scored a bag of Twinkies.

He says she called him a dickhead and Mr Robot says – that’s Darlene. He takes Elliot to go ride a Ferris Wheel. Elliot says he came to tell him that he’s turning him in. Mr Robot says he’s there because he senses something wrong in the world he can’t explain that controls him and everyone he cares about. Elliot asks what he’s talking about. Mr Robot says money hasn’t been real since they left the gold standard. He says they’re on the verge of taking down the virtual reality.

Mr Robot says they’re getting ready to take down the world’s largest conglomerate. Elliot says they’re creating an economic crisis. He tells Elliot they can erase all the debt everyone owes the corporations. He says they can’t reinforce outdated paper records. He says it would be the single biggest incident of wealth redistribution in the history of the world. Mr Robot says the US Cyber Command and the FBI are coming to Allsafe tomorrow. He tells Elliot to put Terry Colby’s IP address into the dat file.

Elliot says Colby is a moron and no one will believe he did it. Mr Robot says they’ll think he hired someone. Elliot says it won’t be enough but Mr Robot says they are unraveling the illusion of control. He asks who he is and Mr Robot says that will come later after he changes the dat file and sets in motion the biggest revolution the world will ever see. Elliot walks in the subway thinking and looking optimistic. He’s almost smiling. He sees an ad for Evil Corp about student loans.

The girls looks like Angela. He looks at Angela’s debt of nearly $200k. He looks at news about the crippling debt in the world. He prepares the evidence folder to take to work. He sees men in black watching him as he heads to the subway. He sees a movie poster for a film called Villains that says – Evil Always Win. At work, the authorities are there. Elliot hands over his folder of evidence. Terry asks what they have. Gideon tells them to go to the first page of the agenda.

Terry tells Elliot he knows he’s the one who stopped the hack and says he did good. Gideon says Angela can start. She says they noticed the breach at Saturday morning at two am. Tyrell is there too. Terry asks Angela why no one logged in from a laptop remotely and Elliot explains it would have made it worse. Terry whispers to Tyrell who steps out with Gideon. He comes back in and Gideon pulls Angela out of the meeting. Terry wants to hear just from Elliot.

Elliot asks about Angela but Terry says she’s not working out and says he needs to get to the heart of this. He says he can’t get through all this. Terry demands to know who did this. Elliot puts up the white folder and pulls out another. Tyrell notices the swap. Elliot says he found the IP address for the root kit and says once they decrypt it, they’ll know where the hack came from. 19 days later, Elliot notices there is no news, no arrests, no FBI, no revolution.

He sits at his cubicle frustrated then goes to Coney Island. Mr Robot and the fsociety aren’t there anymore. He thinks that he needs to take his mind off things and he calls Michael while hacking his accounts. He tells Michael his accounts have been hacked and then asks some security questions. He asks his pet’s name. Michael asks for his name and number then Elliot hangs up. He goes to hack his password and then looks at Angela’s social media profiles.

He says he would love to be normal and live in the bubble of naivete. He says he justifies that his actions keep their naivete intact. He can’t hack Michael’s password then says that must not be his real name. He watches Michael’s apartment and waits for him. He uses his aliases then tells Michael he’s going to break up with Krista and never see her again. He says he knows he’s cheating on his wife with seven different women. He says if he doesn’t break it off with Krista, he’s going to his wife and the cops.

He says one of the escorts was 15. Elliot thinks that he made the last part up but the guy doesn’t know it. He tells Michael to break up with Krista tonight. He agrees. Elliot says when he breaks up with Krista, to tell her the truth that he’s married and is a cheater. Michael asks why and says it will break her heart. Elliot knows this but doesn’t want her to trust dickheads so easily in the future. Elliot also demands he give him his dog – the one he saw the douchebag mistreating.

He takes Flipper the dog home with him and tells the little dog he likes him, he’s cool. Elliot says people never disappoint. He writes Pink Floyd on the disk of information about Michael and says he’ll stay in his digital cemetery. Krista cried all night after Michael told her and she looks sad at their therapy session. Elliot asks if she’s okay. She tells him to go on. He says Angela blames him for what happened at the meeting and asks what to do. She says to talk to her but he says she won’t respond to his texts or emails. Krista says to go in person and have real human interaction.

She says that’s what’s important for him right now. Elliot goes to work and asks Angela if they can talk. He says she hasn’t talked to him since the meeting and she says she’s embarrassed by what happened but says she’ll get over it. He says it’s been three weeks and she tells him never to stick up for her again even if she’s losing. She tells him not to look confused just to agree and says okay. He says okay. Elliot steps closer and hugs her. She hugs him back hard.

Angela steps closer and says his name. The whole office is looking at them – actually past them at the TV. Gideon turns up the TV and it’s news about Colby’s arrest for the hack and it mentioned a prolonged investigation. Elliot is thrilled that it’s happening. Colby is all over the screens in Times Square. Elliot says – it’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening. He puts up his arms in a silent victory salute. A man in a black suit asks him to step inside the car.

There’s two men in black and a black SUV. He gets inside and he’s driven to a large building. They escort him up and inside the elevator and up to the top of the building. Not a word is spoken. They tell him to go on inside. He stands there and they tell him again. He steps out ahead of them. He sees people up ahead in a board room. They are talking loudly. They all stop when he steps into the room. He looks around and sees Tyrell at the head of the table. Elliot says – please tell me you’re seeing this too – to the audience (us).