Mr. Robot Recap 7/29/15: Season 1 Episode 6 “br4ve-trave1er.asf”


Mr. Robot returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday July 29, season 1 episode 6 called, “br4ve-trave1er.asf.” We’ve got your recap down below! On this evening’s episode, Elliot [Rami Malek] attempts to hack Vera out of jail in order to save someone he cares about.

On the last episode, fsociety arrived @ steel mountain – most secure data facility in USA. Elliot (Rami Malek) needed to get in and get out – wuz he pwned? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Elliot attempts to hack Vera out of jail in order to save someone he cares about; Tyrell’s “game” gets crazy; and Angela digs deeper into her mother’s death.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Mr. Robot tonight.

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#MrRobot starts with Elliot talking about fight or flight and says he’s flight, panic and terror. He sits with Shayla at a diner. He tells her to eat. She’s not hungry. A guy bumps their table then the waitress checks on them. Elliot asks what she’s thinking about and she says when they first met. He says it doesn’t seem too long ago and she says look at us now. Elliot says he will get her out of this.

Vera’s guys haul her out after saying time’s up. DJ tells Elliot let’s go. Elliot is shown to the back where he picks up the phone. Vera is on it and Elliot says to let her go. Vera says he knows he did this to him and says it’s impressive and he wants his power, says it makes his dick hard. Elliot says he can’t just hack him out of prison. Vera says it has to be tonight or he’s dead. Elliot says it can’t be done.

Vera says to get him out and then he’ll hug him. Elliot says to let Shayla go but Vera says she’s cool. He laughs maniacally and tells Elliot he loves him. The call ends. Isaac takes Elliot home and Flipper barks at them. Elliot thinks about how you can’t hack a jail without research. Isaac and DJ threaten him and tell him to get to it. He looks up info on Isaac. Angela researches Colby and Evil Corp.

She then makes a lot of calls about Evil Corp and Washington Township. The work day starts and she gets a stack of stuff to take care of that pulls her away from the task. She sneaks out of work. Darlene tosses out jump drives in a parking lot. Angela goes to see a woman about the Township case. She asks about Colby covering up the toxic waste spill. Angela has info from the data dumps.

The woman pours some booze and says you can’t take internet gossip to court against Evil Corp. The woman is apathetic and discouraging. Angela tells her she was the only lawyer on the case that called her back. A cop stops and picks one up from where she dropped it outside the cop shop. He puts it into the computer inside. It says to click to get an iTunes gift card. He clicks and starts a survey.

Then he sees a malware blocked message and curses. He yanks out the flash drive and turns it off. Elliot got in but then it was lost. Isaac slaps him in the back of the head. Flipper barks and Elliot says he has to take her out for a walk. Isaac curses him and then says to go. Elliot takes the dog and leaves while the two thugs lurk in his place smoking a blunt.

They watch out the window as he leaves. He goes to meet Darlene across the way. He critiques her sloppy code on the flash drives and she says she had an hour. He says malware detection caught it and she says this is a shit show and requires time. She goes to leave and says she’ll tell the douche bags what’s up. DJ comes out and flashes his gun and says that’s what’s up.

The lawyer tells Angela the other lawyers are pussies. She says the Township case ruined her career. She says Evil Corp is bad but it’s not worth it. Angela asks what they need to prove the case and the lawyer says an eye witness on the inside they can flip who will talk about the dump and the falsification of paperwork. Angela looks thoughtful.

The lawyer asks about her job and family. Angela says she has a crap job, a cheating BF and her dad is deep in debt. Tyrell waits to see Scott and encourages him to come pay hookie the rest of the day. Scott says he knows Tyrell thinks he should have been CTO and is mad. He tells Tyrell to cut the BS and Tyrell says he’s being paranoid and thanks him for dinner the other night.

He says his wife Sharon was lovely. He says to be sure to tell her that he said hello. Scott asks if he enjoyed the view and then tells Tyrell of course his wife told him. Scott asks if he wants to watch him piss too. He unzips and says he can flash his dick and he can watch him then offers to fly his brother in too. Tyrell says Sharon was imagining things.

Scott says to accept that he won’t be CTO. He says to let that look wash over his face so he knows he’ll stop playing silly games. Tyrell says he knows Scott is CTO and has nothing else to offer him. He turns to go and Scott offers him his pricey watch and says it will pay of his mortgage then asks isn’t he still in the two bedroom in Chelsea with a kid on the way. Tyrell stares and then Scott says that’s the look.

Tyrell glares and walks out. Scott rezips his pants. Elliot is frustrated that he’s not making progress. The doorbell buzzes. Isaac gestures for quiet. It’s Angela and she calls up for him to let her in. DJ says it’s a little blond bitty. Isaac tells him to go get rid of her. He asks about Darlene and Isaac says they will watch and not to try anything.

At home, Tyrell has a fit while Joanna calmly eats her dinner. She asks if he knows why he’s angry and says she was right. He says he had her and she opened her legs for him and his wife says, not far enough. She reminds him she said Scott was dangerous. Tyrell says he put them at risk and he overstepped. Joanna says he’s out of control and says this may have helped them. She says now they know what she wants and says – to be wanted.

Angela asks where he was after Gideon’s and he says he had things to think about. She says they knew what Evil Corp did and were right all along. She says the news report was a reminder of how mad she is about it. She asks about Nayar the lawyer and says she met with her. Elliot says now is not the time but she says she has an idea to change the world and knows how to do it.

She says she can’t tell him what it is. Elliot has too much on him and tells her to trust herself and do what’s right. She hugs him and asks about Shayla. He says she’s you know and he goes back inside. Mr Robot lurks in the stairwell and tells Elliot these guys are not playing and will kill him. Elliot says he can’t leave Darlene and Mr Robot says to call the cops. Elliot says Shayla will die.

Mr Robot says she was dead the moment she went to work for Vera and knows it. Mr Robot says if he can’t pull it off, Shayla and he will both die. He says if he gets Vera out, he’ll kill them anyway so it’s a zero sum game. Elliot says he can think of a way. Mr Robot says the best thing to do for Shayla is to let her become a memory. He says no. Mr Robot says true courage is being honest with yourself.

He says there’s no plan where he and Shayla will survive. Mr Robot says to focus on fSociety and says this is failure. Elliot thinks about the three lives at stake here. Elliot says he’s ready to bust Vera out and says they need to go to the jail now. Darlene wants to go and they all four head out. They head over and he gets out of the car. He takes his phone and gets out. He starts doing something.

He goes inside and tells Vera he needs more time. Vera says it has to be tonight. He says he means more time right now. He tells Vera to keep talking to him now while his cell phone does its work. He’s running a sniffer program and left it with the guards. Vera says they will look at Elliot and Elliot says he’s letting everyone out so they can’t trace it back to either of them.

Vera stands and hoots and Elliot tells him to sit down. He says when Vera gets out, he has to leave town and will need funding to survive. Elliot says he hacked Isaac’s phone and says he took all the info and now owns his world. He says he knows his crew and shipments. Elliot says he has to leave he and Shayla alone forever. He says he will leak it all if he sees one guy.

Elliot says he coded the leak to auto send unless he disables it and says it’s set for every 24 hours. He says anything happens to them, his money will be deleted. The guard says time is up. Vera tells him he’s going to hug him. Angela goes to see Terry Colby. He asks if he knows her. She sees his ankle monitor and stands their mute. He tells her to go away. Elliot sees that the jail network is tough.

He spots the mobile feed on the police car and sees that’s his way in through the 4G. He walks back to the others and says he can do it. Isaac wants to talk to Elliot alone. Elliot says he has no time but the guy says to get in the car. Elliot does. DJ and Darlene stay behind. Isaac says it’s not Elliot’s day. He takes him by the waterfront and holds a gun to his head. Elliot is calm.

Elliot says – you don’t want me to free Vera and is trying to kill him. Elliot says he never wanted him to break him out. He says if Vera gets out, he’ll kill him because Vera knows he’s why he’s locked up. Elliot says Vera was just bragging about being protected and says if Isaac doesn’t get him out, he’ll kill him but says Isaac can’t kill him inside.

Elliot says he can break Vera out then he can do what he wants with him. He says that’s the only outcome where Isaac has a chance to live. Isaac asks why he shouldn’t kill him after. Elliot says it’s his best move too. Isaac backs down. Elliot explains the escape plan to Isaac. Darlene talks to a cop to help lay the prep work for the hack. She distracts the guy while Elliot hacks the computer in his car.

From there, he pushes to the jail’s network. He tells Isaac to drive and says Darlene is no longer part of this. The cop notices something and Darlene pulls off her jacket and flirts more. Elliot pushes back on Isaac and says he can easily shut it down. The cop asks her to move back and says he has to get back because of computer problems. The guy calls in and Isaac says they can go.

Elliot hopes he did the commands perfectly and says he doesn’t make mistakes. They wait outside the jail with one minute to go. Isaac cocks his gun and DJ asks why he needs it. He says Elliot is opening all the cells and someone might rush them. It’s time. The doors buzz and all hell breaks loose. There’s a power surge that takes out the lights and Elliot says no alarms for two minutes.

They hear glass breaking, dogs barking and then see men running for the fence. They smash through the fence and a bunch make it out. They scatter. Vera runs over and says this shit is better than any p-ssy he ever had. He laughs and then tells DJ to shoot his brother. He shoots Isaac. Elliot is startled. Vera says he can’t believe his own brother did this to him and says he’s like Cain after Abel.

He grabs Elliot and says he helped him and that’s bravery. He says to look at Isaac and makes him look at his brother’s body. Things are getting crazy at the jail. Vera says to crash his operation to the ground and it doesn’t matter because he’s gone now. A car pulls up and Elliot asks where Shayla is. DJ tosses some keys to him and he tosses them to Elliot.

He opens the trunk and then steps away upset. Looks like she’s dead. He chokes up and goes to touch her. She’s got a bloody wound in her chest and is clearly gone. He pulls up his head and walks away.