Nashville Recap 12/2/15: Season 4 Episode 9 “Three’s a Crowd”

Nashville Recap 12/2/15: Season 4 Episode 9 "Three's a Crowd"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday December 2, season 4 episode 9 called, “Three’s a Crowd,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Markus (Riley Smith) discards a song close to his album’s release date, causing a headache for Rayna. (Connie Britton)

Nashville chronicles the lives of various fictitious country music singers in Nashville, Tennessee starring Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar, whose stardom begins fading, and Hayden Panettiere as rising younger star Juliette Barnes.

On the last episode Maddie got a contract offer to work as a solo artist, but Rayna didn’t approve. Meanwhile, Luke strived to repair his relationship with Cole; Gunnar’s girlfriend made waves with Scarlett; and a financially strapped Avery resorted to doing jingles. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rayna’s new artist, Markus Keen, causes trouble for her when he scraps a song on his new album one week before its release. Is Deacon part of the solution or the problem? Luke attempts to reconcile with Colt, and Scarlett surprises Caleb back in Nashville when she gets time off on her tour.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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#Nashville starts on the tour bus. Scarlett is writing a song while Gunnar and Erin are horsing around. Gunnar watches Scarlett singing. He comes to her and says they’re rolling into Charlotte. He asks if that’s a new song and says he can’t wait to hear it.

She says she wrote seven and he’s impressed. Shep says tonight’s show is canceled because of a kitchen fire. Scarlett asks to be dropped at the airport. Rihanna says Markus just scrapped a song and she tells Deacon the record was done. She rants.

Deacon says he’ll get the girls to school and Rayna runs out. She says this is going to be a long day. Luke is with Colt and Gabriella at breakfast. Gabriella asks about hip-hop and says she got her start branding in that industry.

Colt makes a call and walks off – he calls Maddie. She’s getting ready for school and he talks about being held hostage by his dad out of town. She says her mom signed them but isn’t letting them do anything. She asks if he’s okay.

Colt says he loves her and she’s all that matters. He says he can’t talk about it. Luke rants at Colt not talking to him and Gabriella says he went through a terrible thing but they are coming out. She says he’s going to be on the cover of Forbes.

He’s busy watching Colt and says leave some time for him to hang with his kid. Scarlett shows up to meet Caleb. He says he can’t have lunch because he’s got a busy workday. His patient shows up and Scarlett leaves him to work.

Will signs a publishing deal and he says an artist already put a hold on it. They toast and Will is told Wade Cole is the artist. Avery meets with a guy about singing at his bar. The guy says Avery has been out of the game.

Avery reminds him he owes him and he says 5 pm and a three song set. Rayna works with Markus who is being way picky about song choice. He says these things take time. Deacon shows up and Rayna says hey. He has coffee for her.

Rayna introduces them. Markus hugs him and says it’s great to meet him. He says Deacon could sing with him and give his album some country cred. Rayna says Deacon has so many demos and he has to agree but isn’t totally pleased.

Avery comes home and finds Will drinking. He says he got a show at the Five Spot and Will says Wade Cole put his song on hold. Avery asks what the problem is and he says Wade didn’t want anything to do with him. Avery says to give him a chance.

Luke sits by Colt on the plane and says he misses him. Colt asks what he wants and Luke says they should hang out at home just the two of them. He says he has plans with Maddie. Luke says it can wait and Colt points out Gabriella.

Luke says Colt is more important than she is. Colt says fine. Erin comes to Gunnar’s room and suggests a pub crawl with the roadies but he says he wants to write. She says it’s because Scarlett wrote some songs and says it’s cute.

She kisses him and goes with her roadie pals. Rayna apologizes to Deacon and says she thought he’d like working with Markus. He says the guy is an arrogant SOB and is only doing it because of Rayna. Markus is there and chats with Maddie.

Rayna says Maddie and Daphne need to be writing songs. Maddie sasses them and walks out. Markus says he went and bought everything Deacon did on vinyl. Deacon doesn’t like him still. Markus points out a demo he likes.

He says he’d like to put a Motown bass line on it. Rayna is thrilled. Maddie works with her guitar when Daphne comes in to show her an outfit and says her mom wants them to match. Maddie says it’s too kid like and asks if she wants to be taken seriously.

Avery did more jingle work and gets a check for a measly amount. He says Avery worked fast and it’s an hourly gig. The guy says Avery and his wife don’t need jingle money. Avery leaves frustrated. Caleb comes home and finds candles all over.

He’s late and Scarlett says she missed him. He sighs and says it’s a long day. He’s being distant and strange. Rayna, Deacon and Markus head to the studio to work. Markus says he has to take off. He calls them the dream team and leaves.

Deacon says he has good ideas and can sing and says he wanted to hate him but doesn’t. Luke and Colt are fishing at the lake behind the house. Luke says it’s good to be home. He talks about the first time he took Colt fishing.

He says he got his lip snagged on a hook. They laugh for a moment. Luke says he’s sorry for not doing this as much as they should. Gabriella shows up with a photographer. He asks what’s going on and she says the Forbes shoot.

Colt is annoyed and Luke says he had no idea. Colt doesn’t believe him. Scarlett tells Caleb road stories and he asks about seatbelts. She asks what he’s been up to and he says working on a clinical trial. He asks when she has to go and she says 3 pm.

He says he has to go but will see her later. Emily shows up with a toy Cadence left in her car. She asks about how he’s doing and he says he’s not making enough to cover his bills. She says she has access to Juliette’s accounts and he says no.

Then she offers to make him a loan and he says no. He says he has to be able to provide for his child. He asks if she can watch Cadence now. He leaves and she gets a text from Juliette asking to talk. Erin shows up to see Gunnar and the room is a wreck.

He plays three notes and says that’s what he has plus no lyrics. Then he shows her some doodles. She says he has crazy eyes and drags him out of the room. Will meets with Wade and says he’s surprised he put a hold on him.

Will says he didn’t think he was comfortable with him. Wade says his fans and wife have trouble with his lifestyle. He says they would see it as an endorsement and says he personally has no problem with it. Wade says whatever gets you through the night.

But he has pro-family stickers on his guitar case. Maddie rants at Daphne for taking her stuff and wearing her makeup. Maddie laughs and says she looks stupid. Daphne snaps and yells at her. Maddie leaves.

The photographer wants to get Colt in a shot with his dad grooming the horse. Luke says they ride after school and Colt says they haven’t ridden together in years. Colt says he’s done pretending and walks off. Gabriella says they can take a break.

Markus sings while Deacon and Rayna listen in the sound booth. Deacon sings along to his song. He changes a lyric and Deacon doesn’t like it. Rayna stops him and Deacon says he’s not singing it right. Rayna goes to talk to Markus.

She asks why he’s changing the lyrics. He says it needed changing. Rayna says let’s try it once the way Deacon wrote it but Markus is insistent. Rayna tries to make peace. Deacon says good luck and walks out. Markus grabs her hand and thanks her for her support.

Erin takes Gunnar to a museum and he says he thought they were going to have fun. He says they’re boring and she shows him a sculpture of a hot chick then says touch the statue’s boob and make a wish. He won’t but she does.

She tells him to stop being a chicken. He looks around and goes to touch the statue. The guard chases them out. Daphne throws Maddie’s stuff at her and says she knows she’s stuck with her. She says she’s a stupid 12 year old, sorry.

Avery tells Emily his job search sucked. He says everyone thinks he’s married to a millionaire and he can’t even say where she is. He says J is ruining his life. He gets a call from Brian who says he needs him for a Diet Coke spot.

He says it’s $3k flat rate. Avery is thrilled but the guy says it has to be at 5 pm. That’s when his gig is. Now Avery has to call Five Spot and cancel with Cagney. He asks for a later slot but he says no way. Cagney says he can’t want it that bad if he’s canceling.

Will looks up Wade online and reads all about his anti-gay activism. He watches him calling homosexuality unnatural. Deacon is in the kitchen slamming things around and he tells Rayna she picked Markus over him.

He says Markus wants to sleep with her and Rayna says it’s just work. He says don’t kid yourself. He says Markus must think he has a pretty good shot at sleeping with her. He says she needs to tell Markus he’s out of line. Then she gets a text from Markus.

Then she gets a text from Markus that makes her think Deacon might be right. Luke confronts Colt for sassing him in front of the photographers. He calls his dad Luke and they end up coming close to blows. Colt says go ahead, you can’t hurt me anymore than you already have.

Luke almost punched him and then is upset at himself for losing control. Colt storms out. Gabriella tells Luke that they need to do spin but he says he has to slow the roll on this for three to six months then says he has to focus on his son right now.

She’s not happy. Caleb comes home and makes excuses. Scarlett says it’s okay. She says she’s going to the airport and says dropping in on a whim wasn’t a good idea. He says he’s sorry he can’t be spontaneous and says he has a real and important job.

He says she just showed up and he has cancer patients to deal with and he mocks what she does. He says he’s just tired and the long distance thing is hard. Erin and Gunnar are in the park eating and laughing and he thanks her.

Gunnar says he’s been blocked writing songs and he knows why now. He says he’s been writing about Scarlett for years. He says she was his muse. He says now he doesn’t feel it anymore. She says maybe he can get a sad song out of that. He says he might.

Maddie goes to talk to Daphne and says being 12 is fine. She says things start changing when you’re a teenager and things happen. She says they’re doing different things now. Maddie says she loves their music and is sorry for making her feel bad.

She says they should figure out what to wear for the shoot together. Rayna comes to see Markus who offers her a drink. He says Deacon was unprofessional today and she says she wants to make sure there is no confusion about their relationship.

She says she likes working with him but Deacon is her guy. Markus says he never thought like that and she says good. She tells him good work today and leaves. Markus sighs – he was lying. Will rants to Avery about Wade being a hypocrite.

He tells him that Wade and his wife are gay haters. Will says he can’t work with him. Avery snaps at him and says he had to cancel a decent gig to take paying work. Avery says it’s one damn song and can make his career, but don’t do it if he doesn’t want.

Cadence starts crying and Avery says what we want to do and what we need to do don’t always line up. Gunnar plays a song for Erin who asks if she needs tissues. He sings a fun song. Scarlett sees them together and comes to listen.

He howls at one point. Scarlett claps and asks if it’s new. He asks about her trip and she lies and says it was good. She says have fun and she liked it. Erin tells him it was really good. Will stares at the internet site about Wade.

He calls Wade and leaves a message saying he enjoyed the session and working with him again. Avery lays Cadence down but she’s still kicking. He plays her the set he was going to do tonight. Rayna comes home and finds Deacon playing guitar.

She sets his guitar aside and says she loves him and has her whole life and will until she dies. She says no one will come between them. He says he got jealous and says he’s not used to her being all his yet. She says she made it clear to Markus.

Deacon laughs and she says Markus acted like she’s crazy. Deacon says he might be right. Deacon says he can change the lyrics and have the whole damned song because he’s got the real prize. He and Rayna kiss. Colt comes down with bags packed.

Luke says he’s sorry. He says he should never have raised his fist. Luke says this thing is eating him up and says they can do whatever he needs. He says he’s going to stay with his granddad but Luke says it’s not his decision.

Colt says his mom said it was fine and everyone is on board except for Luke. He says his dad is stricter than he is and Colt says at least he stands for something which is more than I can say for you. Colt walks out. Emily gets a call from Juliette and decides to take it.