Nashville Recap – Jeff and Luke Feeling Old: Season 3 Episode 20 “Time Changes Things”

Nashville Recap - Jeff and Luke Feeling Old: Season 3 Episode 20 "Time Changes Things"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday April 29, season 3 episode 20 called, “Time Changes Things,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Luke, [Will ChaseJeff [Oliver Hudsonand Layla [Aubrey Peeplesattend Jade’s [Christina Aguiler] wild party in Malibu.

On the last episode, the brightest stars of Nashville had gathered in support of Teddy’s music education initiative, “Note By Note,” where Juliette planned her return to the spotlight – and Layla found herself thrust into it – alongside Jade St. John. At the gala, Rayna, Deacon, Maddie and Daphne got ready to take the stage and perform, but before they can, Deacon received the call he’s been waiting for containing some life-changing news. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Luke, Jeff and Layla attend Jade’s wild party in Malibu. Meanwhile, Rayna heads to Mississippi to assist an ailing Deacon, and insight about their past is revealed; Juliette holds an impromptu rooftop concert; and Kiley gives Gunnar life-changing news.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Deacon getting a call from Rayna to check on the girls. He says he’s got the home front under control and says to focus on her label. He says don’t neglect it because of him. He thinks she’s in New York but she’s really in Buloxi. Avery chews Juliette out for setting a rehearsal without telling him. He has his mom there to take care of Cadence. He says she can be a wife, mom and Juliette Barnes and just needs balance. He asks her to let him know. Glenn tells them there’s a problem.

Caleb is surprised Scarlett is up before him and she says she has a radio interview. He’s also a little put off that the band is now her and Gunnar alone. He asks her to come to a staff dinner with him tonight at the country club and she agrees. He asks to pick her up at seven. Kiley shows up on Gunnar’s doorstep and asks to see Micah. He says her parents took Micah from him because they found out that he’s Jason’s son. He yells at her for lying to him and abandoning Micah. He tells her to leave.

Kiley cries. Luke is on the balcony looking out at the ocean then goes downstairs to ask Jade about the over the top party. She says Jade St John stages events, not just a party. He says he came for the LA experience and it seems like he’s getting it. He asks for some quiet time before the circus. Layla laments the lack of outfits to wear to Jeff’s party and he says a stylist is too expensive. She says the Jeff she hired should know this is time to spend some money.

He apologizes and says he doesn’t like Jade and this touring business and says she doesn’t need Jade. He says she can choose her own destiny. She says she chooses this and they have to go shopping so she can look fab. Glenn and Juliette meet with Bucky about promoters not being interested in her. Bucky says she’s a tough sell. J asks if that means her career is over but he says no – he says she needs an album and to book smaller arenas. She tells him to go to hell and slams out of his office.

Deacon comes home and hears a noise. He calls for Scarlett but sees Maddie is getting dressed and so is Colt. She says she can explain why they’re half dressed. Rayna is in Mississippi to see Beverly, Deacon’s sister. Is she going to offer her money for a chunk of her liver? Colt runs out of the house terrified and Deacon rants that she was having sex with him in her house and skipped school. She cries and apologizes and he tells her to get dressed in the car.

Rayna tells Beverly that Deacon doesn’t know she’s there and begs her to help Deacon. She says they kicked her to the curb when she said no. Rayna says Deacon called Beverly a lot from rehab and she wouldn’t see him and didn’t help Scarlett when she needed her mom. Rayna tells Beverly this is the chance to make things right. Beverly thinks back to her and Deacon leaving home together. Rayna begs her but she won’t listen.

Juliette shows up looking for Rayna and Deacon asks when girls start having sex and tells him he walked in on Maddie and Colt. She asks if they were doing it and he says he doesn’t know but he’s freaking out. J offers to talk to her and says she can be a cautionary tale. Gunnar shows up to meet Scarlett for the interview and says she wanted to see Micah. He says he doesn’t know if he should tell her parents. They have to go into the interview.

Jade talks to Luke about Notting Hill and says it’s the best romantic comedy ever. She asks what his fave is and he says Shawshank Redemption. She calls him such a guy and he kisses her. She says she likes having him there and he says being Jade St John seems like a full time job. He quotes Notting Hill and she shoves him into the pool and laughs. Scarlett and Gunnar play a live song on the radio show. The DJ says it was nice and calls them the exes. He asks about them being courted by labels in town.

The DJ tells them to come back any time. Scarlett asks Gunnar if he wants to go get coffee and talk about Kiley but he says he’s fine. He says Kiley just caught him off guard. He says he’ll sort it. Juliette comes to talk to Maddie and says she’s there as a friend. Maddie says her dad can’t look at her and her mom will freak since she didn’t like Colt. She says they weren’t having sex. She says they weren’t going to go that far. J sits and hugs her.

She says she knows Maddie thinks it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. She tells Maddie they have a lot in common and says it’s a dangerous combo to have talent, dreams and to start out young. Juliette says she’d be a hypocrite to tell her to wait to have sex but says she hopes she’ll do it for the right reasons. Maddie says she’ll be a great mom. Teddy chats to a golf buddy then gets a call from Natasha saying she’s still in town. She tells him about the wire the FBI made her wear a wire.

She tells him they’re coming for him and it’s only a matter of time. She says she hopes he can forgive her and ends the call. Jeff and Layla show up to Jade’s wild LA party. Jeff is not thrilled and Layla says he didn’t have to come. She goes over to greet Jade and is blocked by a bodyguard. Rayna waits for Beverly outside of work and says Deacon was in the hospital last week about to get a transplant then something went wrong. Beverly says he’ll get another but Rayna says it won’t.

She says if his tumor keeps growing, he’ll be off the list. Beverly tells Rayna to do it and she says she isn’t a match and Maddie is too young. Beverly thinks back to she and Deacon singing on stage at the Bluebird and Rayna showing up to listen. Deacon noticed Rayna and sang to her while Beverly gave her a dirty look. Now, Rayna begs Beverly to think about it. J comes down and tells Deacon that Maddie didn’t have sex with him but says she will at some point.

Deacon is thrilled and thanks her. She says he can pay her back when she’s the one walking in on her daughter in 15 years. Deacon decides to tell her about the cancer. Teddy gets his passport out of his safe. J cries and asks Deacon what they can do – he says it’s the transplant or nothing. She cries and he hugs her. He says they’re all going to die and they know it. He says you just have to seize the day but says she’s been good like that. She says listen to what other people want you to do and do the opposite.

He takes a call from Teddy who offers to pick the girls up. He says Maddie is home not feeling great. He says him picking Daphne up will be great. Is Teddy going to run with the kids? Luke is annoyed with being blocked out of the VIP area. Layla sees Sullivan Fitzgerald and swoons and Jade calls him over and introduces them. She asks if Jeff will take a pic of her and Jade with Sully. Jeff snaps the pic but is being a real sourpuss. Layla wants to tweet it but Jade says no. Layla backs down.

Jeff says he needs another drink and Luke agrees. Neither is thrilled. Kiley is waiting for Gunnar and tells him she didn’t cheat on him. She asks if he remembers the party at Cody’s house when Jason dropped she and Gunnar off. She says she was drunk and she went upstairs to lie down to sleep for a few minutes. She says when she woke up, Jason was on top of her and she says she thought it was a bad dream. Gunnar asks if she’s saying his brother raped her. He’s stunned.

Luke and Jeff are at the bar and Luke says he’s never felt older in his life. Jeff says he doesn’t have the stomach for this anymore. Luke gets a call from Deacon. Avery calls to check on the baby and says he’s hoping if he takes another tactic with Juliette, he can get her to be better. J shows up and tells Avery she told Bucky to go to hell and tells Glenn to get her a helicopter. Back in the past, Deacon begs Beverly to go with him to tour with Rayna. He says they can get a record deal if they tour with her.

Beverly says Deacon just wants Rayna and tells him to go be a side man if that’s what he wants but says she’s going solo and will be bigger than Rayna ever could be. Gunnar asks Kiley why she didn’t tell him. She says she didn’t know and just hoped he was Micah’s dead. She says she also convinced herself that Micah would be better off without her and says she’s a monster. Gunnar says she’s not and says Jason was the monster and he should have been there to protect her. He says he’s here now.

He hugs her. Scarlett tries to call but he doesn’t hear it. She leaves a message to check on him to see if he’s all right. She’s at the country club with Caleb. He asks if she’s okay and she says she was checking on a friend who was going through stuff. She says she wants to check on them so there’s no spend the night tonight. He says he likes how she cares about other people. Beverly sings at a club when Rayna shows up. She notices Rayna at the back but keeps singing. She glares at her as she finishes.

The crowd – and Rayna – applaud. She asks why Rayna was there and she says she saw the poster at the cafe and says Beverly is great. Beverly says she took her career the day she took Deacon. She says now Rayna has Deacon and can save him herself. Deacon goes to talk to Maddie and says he missed a lot of years of being her dad and says it’s awkward but he’s glad to have this moment with her. She asks if he has to tell Rayna and he says he does.

Luke is upstairs packing when Jade finds him. He says it’s not the party but he has to go handle something with his son. She says she thought he was ending things then realizes he is. Luke says it’s no one’s fault but says he’s a cowboy from Kentucky and she’s Jade St John. He says it’s time to go home and kisses her goodbye. Bucky calls Rayna and says J is doing something crazy. He asks Juliette if she can wait for Rayna’s sign off. She won’t and Glenn tells Bucky welcome to his world.

Teddy and Daphne come home – they went to get ice cream. Teddy says he has a present for her. It’s a gorgeous necklace. He got one for Daphne too and says he wants them to know and remember how much he loves them. They ask him to stay for dinner but he says he has to go. Teddy looks back at them longingly before he leaves. Juliette is on the roof of a building downtown holding an impromptu show. She tells everyone she’s back. It draws a huge crowd. Bucky and Glenn look pleased.

Deacon and the girls watch the news of Juliette’s show and beg to go. He says no way then takes a call from Rayna and says her label is all over TV. He asks if she’s heading home and she says the meetings ran long and didn’t go like she wanted. She says she couldn’t close the deal. He says to hurry home. She hangs up and cries. Layla is making out with Sully while Jeff glares. He goes and drags her off by his arms. He says they sleep in the same bed and isn’t going to stand by while she screws someone else.

Layla says it’s good for business because people will take pics. She tells him to work the party and says they both need this. She goes back to dance with Sully. The cops show up demanding permits as Juliette and Avery get excited. They run to an elevator. He tells her she’s incredible and she stops the elevator and jumps on him. Scarlett shows up at Gunnar’s but he says it’s not a good time. She sees Kiley is still there and he says it’s complicated. Scarlett says abandoning your kid isn’t complicated.

Gunnar defends Kiley but Scarlett says they all had a rough upbringing. Gunnar says she’s not better than anyone else and says she’s got her fancy clothes and doctor boyfriend. She says Caleb is an adult and says she wants something better than her past. She says he can wallow in the past but she’s done. She stomps of. Jeff hauls Layla out of the party and she’s drunk. She lies down on a bench while he picks up the stuff out of the purse she dropped. He tweets a photo of her and Sully on her phone.

Kiley calls Micah but he hangs up on her. She tells Gunnar she doesn’t blame him and Gunnar says they’ll get through it. Kiley says she wishes she could have said something back then but he says that may not have mattered. He says he’ll make up Micah’s room for her and she says she really did love him. He says he loved her too back then. Scarlett goes to Caleb’s house and says she wasn’t needed after all. He says that’s lucky for him.

Colt picks Luke up at the airport. He says Colt made a mistake and says they all get a little swept up in the moment. He says to learn from it and move on. Colt says Maddie wasn’t a mistake then asks if Jade was. His dad nods and says they should go home. Teddy writes goodbye letters to his family and seals them up in an envelope. He looks at a photo of the girls and then goes to leave. Dash shows up and he says it’s good to see him. He asks what can he do for the US Attorney’s office.

Dash says the better question is what he can do for Teddy. He runs down the list of Teddy’s sins and offers to get him out of the FBI’s sights. Dash says he just needs Teddy to do something for him first. Avery and Juliette come in the door making out and she’s shocked by the sitter. She leaves and Avery and J go back to kissing but then Cadence wakes up crying. He says to get the bottle while he gets the baby. J sighs.

Rayna goes to try with Beverly one last time. She says she doesn’t want to fight with her and hands her something she says she hopes will change her mind. It’s a check for a million dollars.