Nashville Season Recap 10/14/15: Season 4 Episode 4 “The Slender Threads That Blind Us Here”

Nashville Season Recap 10/14/15: Season 4 Episode 4 "The Slender Threads That Blind Us Here"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday October 14, season 4 episode 4 called, “The Slender Threads That Blind Us Here,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a reporter shadows Juliette, (Hayden Panettiere) who has another setback and copes by turning to pills and alcohol.

On the last episode Beverly became brain dead following a second aneurysm, which left Deacon overwhelmed with guilt as Scarlett was forced to make a painful decision. Elsewhere, Avery decided to file for divorce when Juliette’s behavior continued to spiral out of control. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “a reporter shadows Juliette, who has another setback and copes by turning to pills and alcohol. Meanwhile, Rayna struggles to please a demanding rock star; Layla and Jeff have a fight; and Zoey returns to check in on Scarlett.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville begins with Rayna and Deacon getting ready for Beverly’s funeral. He says he’s got his eulogy done and she asks if he’ll be able to do it. He says someone as to and it sure won’t be Scarlett. They head to the funeral. Scarlett is there but Deacon turns away from her. Rayna goes to give her a hug. Deacon sits with Maddie. Will tells Gunnar to say something to Scarlett but he says he has to respect her boundaries. Zoey sings to start the funeral. Scarlett thanks her for singing.

Deacon stands and goes to his sister’s casket then turns to the assembled and starts to read his eulogy. He says she was complicated and had demons but had a big heart. He starts to break down. He can’t get control and says he’s sorry. He says she’s not supposed to be there right now. Scarlett starts bawling. He says he can’t do it. He goes to sit with Maddie and just sobs. Rayna takes the eulogy and reads it. She reads about the things that Beverly overcame and says she lost her way but she never stopped fighting.

She reads we love you Beverly, thank you for your sacrifice and for taking care of your little brother. Jeff tells Juliette to get her ass out of bed and says she’s missed three interviews in a row. He says she has no work ethic and she says she’s taking a few days off. He yanks the blanket off her and says if she wants an Oscar nomination and her album to stay on top, she needs to get up and says an E! reporter will be trailing her for three days. He tells her to get it together and show how amazing it is to be her.

Jeff says he has to get back to Nashville and walks out. Gunnar talks to Zoey and says she looks good. He asks to get a drink and she says she has a BF in LA and she’s there for Scarlett but she’ll stop by if she has time. Avery is there and hugs Scarlett. She asks how the baby is and he says great. Will says he’s sorry about her mom and he should have been around more. She tells Will he’s been brave and busy. Gunnar waits and she says hi then thanks him for coming. She thanks him for being her friend and he hugs her.

Caleb comes over and Gunnar shakes his hand. Deacon stands by the casket and Scarlett goes to him. Gunnar asks Caleb how she is and says to let him know if she needs anything. Scarlett tries to talk to Deacon but he walks away from her. He goes to Rayna and says he’s got a few people to speak to then he’ll head home. Rayna gets a call from Markus and he says he’s ready to work and is coming to Nashville to work. Rayna calls Bucky about finding a producer for Markus ASAP.

He says he’ll get Markus settled in and show him around since she’s got the funeral. She says bring him to the Opry tomorrow when she’s playing. Juliette is doing yoga with the reporter watching her. Juliette says exercise is important and the reporter asks how she finds time for family. She gets a call and pretends it’s Avery but it’s Lindsay. She tells her to get her something stronger to get her through the day – something for energy. She makes smooch noises and pretends it’s the baby then ends the call.

Avery meets Cadence and Emily. She babysat while he was at the funeral. She says she’s happy to do it anytime. He says Beverly never stopped loving Scarlett even when she was sick and says maybe Juliette still loves Cadence and is in there somewhere. Someone snaps photos of the three of them together. Markus asks where Rayna is when they’re at the label. Bucky explains she’s at a funeral and will see him tomorrow. He says he’s in with a producer during the day then he’ll be at the Opry.

Markus asks isn’t that where they did Hee-Haw. Layla is in bed with Jeff and she says Rayna signing Markus blindsided her. He says no one saw that coming then says Rayna isn’t doing bad by her and says she’s got her at the Opry and signing Markus will help Layla. He has a gift for her – he bought her some new boots. Juliette is at an album signing and she leaves early to see Lindsay who brought a doctor. He offers her adderrall and she asks him to writ the scrip to Lindsay and she gives him a big check.

The reporter thinks she was signing autographs not getting drugs. Rayna tells Deacon the girls are hungry and offers to cook for them so they can have a quiet night. He rants and says he doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t want a damned funeral casserole. He says he needs to go to a meeting and leaves. Caleb tells Scarlett he got Zoey settled on the soda. He tries to talk to her about the stages of grief. She says she’s not a patient and says not to talk doctor to her right now.

Deacon is at a meeting and a guy talks about loss and says losing his dream hurts worse than anything. He says he’s powerless like all of them. He sits by Deacon and asks if he’s going to share tonight. He says no, it won’t do nothing. He tells Frankie he’s leaving and Frankie says he can talk one on one if he needs him. Juliette falls exhausted into bed at 3 am but can’t sleep. She tells Lindsay she’s too wired and she gives her a sleeping pill. Juliette pops one and chases it with some booze. She’s freaking out.

Zoey and Scarlett go out for breakfast and she asks about Zoey’s BF. She says it’s not serious and that’s good. She asks about Scarlett and Zoey says it was a nice service. Scarlett says she would have liked the funeral to be in Natchez but Deacon wanted it there. Scarlett says she may cancel the tour since she just buried her mom. Zoey says she has Caleb but Scarlett says he’s like hugging a textbook. Juliette steals Lindsay’s coffee at the start of a busy, busy day.

The reporter meets her and they hit a red carpet. Juliette is all smiles. Avery goes to see Bucky to ask if he has producing work. He asks about Markus. He asks if he can meet him but Bucky says he’s already booked him. Avery says he knows his music better than anyone else in town and begs for just 10 minutes with him. He says he can steer him best. Bucky says he will ask Rayna if she will introduce him at the Opry. Bucky says no promises.

Rayna says they need to leave for the Opry but Deacon says he doesn’t want to go. Maddie says she’ll stay with her dad and Daphne says she won’t go either. Rayna says Markus is Maddie’s favorite, not hers. Caleb goes to see Gunnar and he asks if Scarlett is all right. He says no then yes and then Caleb asks if he can help him. He says this is hard on Scarlett but he can’t say anything right and she thinks he’s talking to her like a doctor not a woman.

He asks Gunnar if he can help him speak her language and shows him a song he tried to write for her. He asks Gunnar to help him finish it. Rayna gives Will a hug and he says he came to see her and Layla play. He says he’s so proud of Layla and Rayna says she’s proud of him for telling his truth. Someone asks for a photo with Rayna and she pulls Will into the photo too which touches him since Luke wouldn’t get near him. Rayna checks on Layla who is nervous. Jeff says she’ll be great and Rayna agrees.

Layla is introduced for her Opry debut and she takes the stage. She sings Mess With Making. Jeff says he’s glad to see she’s finally done right by his client and Rayna tells him to shut up. Will stands nearby and Jeff says he thought it would be him out there. Juliette does a radio interview and she plays it coy and humble but she’s twitchy. He says people want to know everything about her and says there’s even a reporter with her. He asks if she reads the rags and he shows a photo of Avery and Emily.

He calls Emily a mystery woman. The report asks if Avery is finding love elsewhere. Juliette says that’s a dear dear friend of hers and an employee who helps with her daughter while she’s on tour. She’s all smiles but then calls Emily and curses her and asks if she’s trying to steal her husband and child and calls her a gold digging whore and says she and Avery both can go to hell. The reporter comes up but doesn’t hear and says Juliette is amazing and she’s filing the story soon.

Layla is done and Rayna tells her she killed it and Layla thanks her and says she owes it all to her. Markus is there and greets Rayna and she steps away from Layla who is annoyed. Jeff tells her what matters is onstage, not backstage. Maddie comes to sit with her dad who was reading Beverly’s obituary. She asks if he wants to play a game or listen to music. He says he needs to go back to his house and pick up some papers and he takes off hurting her feelings.

Markus talks to Rayna and some others backstage about some of his antics with Prince Harry. Avery shows up and he says he’d love a shot. Rayna says nothing would make her happier and he says he knows his music and hers. Rayna introduces him to Avery and says she thinks they should talk. She goes to get ready for her set. He says he knows Avery and he’s Juliette’s baby daddy. Avery doesn’t like that. Juliette sits crying looking at the photos of Emily and Avery.

Lindsay comes in and says the reporter uploaded the story and it’s great. Juliette says to get her the doctor. Gunnar tries to play Caleb’s lyrics but then changes them for the better. Caleb says he makes it looks so easy. Caleb says he’s sorry for what he said to Gunnar before and says it’s a gift and says he couldn’t do what he does. Gunnar agrees he couldn’t do what he does. Avery talks to Markus and says he loved Drunk Moon and says he bought the demo off eBay.

Avery talks to him about his work. Then he gets a call from Emily who says Cadence has a fever and she has to take her to the ER. Avery says his kid is sick and he has to go. Markus says they just stared talking but Avery says sorry he has to go. Maddie’s BF Colt is there and she says she doesn’t know what to do for Deacon. He says maybe it’s more about doing than saying. She says maybe she can bring him dinner and he says he’ll drive her.

Markus and Rayna talk and he asks her about stage fright at the Opry. He says there is no rock equivalent to it. Layla comes over and she introduces her to Markus. Then Rayna takes the stage. She calls Layla onto the stage with her and says Layla is a Highway 65 album then Markus comes out and says it’s his new label too and that pushes Layla to the side. Markus suggests they do a number. Layla stomps off stage mad and Jeff goes chasing her.

Avery meets Emily and he says he’s got to get hold of Juliette. Layla tells Jeff that Markus literally just stole her spotlight. She says she should be on stage with Rayna now but he’s out there. They do a number that brings down the house. Layla says that’s all anyone will talk about. Avery calls Jeff again and he says he has to take it because it’s an emergency. She kicks him out of her dressing room and throws her new boots at him.

Avery asks for Juliette’s new number and says Cadence is in the hospital and he needs a way to get hold of his damned wife. Juliette is with the shady doctor. He asks what she wants to feel. She says nothing and he holds out a syringe and says he can do that. He tells her to lay on her side and he gives her the shot and she conks out. Deacon is at his place and he starts tearing up the place and throwing things around. He breaks things in Beverly’s room and goes nuts.

He punches the mirror and his hand is bleeding. He doesn’t see Maddie who is there and looks terrified. Markus tells Rayna it was awesome but she says it wasn’t cool to walk over Layla’s debut and says there are a lot of traditions about your debut night. He says he’s sorry and won’t do it again. Then he asks her about Avery and she says he’s phenomenal. He says to cancel the meetings and says his gut says Avery is the one. Lindsay takes the call from Avery and says she’s sleeping.

He says it’s an emergency and to wake her up. She tries to wake Juliette. She says there’s a call. Juliette says if it’s not about work she doesn’t care. Lindsay tells Avery that Juliette says she doesn’t care. He hangs up. Will comes to see Layla and finds her crying. He asks why the door is closed and she says she was so embarrassed. He says it sucked but she’s been through worse. He tells her she’s part of history and put on a hell of a show. He says she got her Opry debut and he’ll likely never get the chance.

He says it’s all right to be happy with what you’ve got even if it’s not perfect. She thanks him. Caleb comes to sit by Scarlett and he says he’s sorry he doesn’t always get her and knows how powerful music can be. He says he wants her to know what he’s feeling as the man who loves her. He says he wrote her a song and hands it to her. She asks if she can play it and he says sure. She plays it on her keyboard. We see Gunnar playing and singing it – he’s the one who really wrote it.

It’s all about how he’ll be right there waiting. She asks if he wrote it. He says he had a little bit of help. She kisses him. Colt asks Maddie what happened – she’s crying outside Deacon’s. She tells him to just drive. Deacon sits at Frankie’s bar and tells him he wants a drink. Frankie says he does too. Avery gets the news that Cadence’s fever broke and that she’ll be okay. Emily is there and she hugs her. Avery tells Emily he was wrong about Juliette – he says she’s gone for good.

Zoey shows up to see Gunnar and finds him singing. Layla finds Jeff waiting for her with her boots. She says sorry and says she was happy then got upset and angry and can’t be the way she wants to be with him around others. He kisses her in front of everyone and Bucky looks concerned. Zoey tells Gunnar it’s an amazing song and he says it’s Caleb’s. She says Caleb doesn’t have a musical bone in his body. She says he was never really over Scarlett. Scarlett tells Caleb she’s sorry for blaming him.

She says terrible things just happen. He says he wishes he could have done more to help Deacon. She says she didn’t just lose her mom, she lost Deacon too. Deacon comes home and Rayna asks where he was. He says he wasn’t drinking and she says she wasn’t worried about that. He says he’s angry. She pulls him down to lie near her. He says his whole life, his sister was a fighter and she never gave up ever. He says Scarlett gave up on her.