Once Upon a Time Recap – Hell Hath no Fury Like a Fury Scorned: Season 5 Episode 2 “The Price”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Hell Hath no Fury Like a Fury Scorned: Season 5 Episode 2 "The Price"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday October 4 season 5 episode 2, called, “The Price” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a royal ball is held in Camelot, but a dark turn of events forces David (Josh Dallas) and Robin (Sean Maguire) to take action.

On the last episode, in the fifth-season opener, Emma seeks help from Merlin as she tried to fight her new dark urges in the Enchanted Forest, and she got some assistance from Merida, King Arthur and his knights. Meanwhile, Emma’s loved ones unite and tried to save her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “a royal ball is held in Camelot, but a dark turn of events forces David and Robin to take action. Meanwhile, Regina’s fortitude is tested as she tries to safeguard Emma; and back in Storybrooke, Hook attempts to bring Emma back to the light.”

Tonight’s season 5 premiere looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!



#OnceUponaTime begins back in Storybrooke with the dwarves at the town line wondering how to test the new curse. Dopey starts to step over the line when Regina, Snow and Charming pull up. The dwarves tell them they can’t stand against Dark Emma and says no one can save them if they stay. Dopey steps across the line and then he looks back and everyone is gone. He gives a thumbs up. The others start to step across the line but then they see Dopey swirl in a pile of leaves and turn into a tree right across the town line – Regina says, “That’s new.”

Six weeks ago in Camelot, the gang arrives at the castle and King Arthur is announced and he introduces them to Guinevere. They tell the crew that they’ve been waiting their arrival since Merlin issued the prophecy. Arthur says they’re throwing a ball in their honor. Zelena tells Regina to take off the magic dampening cuff and threatens to blab to them about the Dark One. Regina magically silences her and says she’d better not tell anyone they have the Dark One with them.

Hook is impatient and asks when they can look for Merlin. They tell him they know where he is – he’s inside a tree. Emma asks if they can get him out. Arthur says they know and asks why they’re so eager to free him. Charming says their home has been threatened by the Dark One. Arthur says he knows of that demon and it’s bad. Arthur asks which of them is the Savior. Regina steps forward and claims the title. She says she’ll free Merlin and they can take care of the Dark One and go home.

Emma stays silent and allows this to play out. Now, Hook comes and asks Belle why true love’s kiss didn’t work for she and Gold. Belle says it did the first time but then Rumple chose power over love and the darkness got its grip on him. Hook is confident that won’t happen with Emma. Belle says it’s different and says it’s far easier to hate a Dark One than love one. Henry is at the docks and conjures Emma by saying her name three times. She appears and says he doesn’t have to be scared of her.

Henry asks his mom what happened in Camelot and says he’s sorry they failed her. Emma says he didn’t fail her, the others did. Regina shows up and tells her to get away from Henry. Regina says they won’t stop until they get their memories back. Emma says she learned from Regina and built the curse without a savior to break it. Regina says they always find a way and Emma says they have no savior now. Henry tells Regina she can be the savior but Emma says she doesn’t have it in her.

Regina says she can do it and Emma says there’s trouble heading to Storybrooke only a savior can deal with and it’s too bad there’s not one. Grumpy worries how to take care of Dopey as a tree and then horses ride down Main Street. They circle the two dwarves and Arthur says to kneel before the king then asks where he is. The others tell Arthur it’s a curse and he’s been brought there. Then they admit Emma was the Dark One and she cast the curse. Arthur says they must use the dagger to defeat her.

They tell Arthur they don’t want her defeated but cured and says she has the dagger. Robin comes in and says many people of Camelot also came with the curse. The men leave and Regina talks to Snow. She says this can’t be what Emma warned them about because she could just kill them all with a wave of her hand. Regina says something else must be coming. Six weeks ago, Regina and Emma searched Merlin’s tower for something to free him.

Emma is angry at Regina for using the dark dagger to keep her quiet and claim she was the savior. Regina says she’s preventing her from using dark magic to solve their problems. Robin tells Regina they rounded up the residents of Camelot from the forest and are helping them. He asks Regina what Emma said since she looks upset. She says Emma told her she can’t protect the town but Robin says she’s come far. Emma says she has to prove she’s not the Evil Queen and is worthy of their trust.

Robin hugs her close and reassures her. Arthur puts up a tent when Guinevere finds him. He’s happy she’s all right and she asks where is Excalibur. He says it was missing when he arrived and David says they can find it. He tells Arthur that he and his sword are a legend here. A dark being drops down behind Robin and snatches him up. It looks like a black skeletal ghost monster. Roland screams as it grabs his dad and flies away.

Hook comes looking for Emma and says – don’t make me summon you. She says he just did then grabs him and poofs them away in magic smoke to a house. She says it’s her place and tells him to come inside. She asks what he thinks and he says he’s surprised she invited him in. She says they can still be together even though she’s the Dark One. He goes for a locked door and she stops him by handing her a drink and he captures her in a passionate kiss. He’s upset the kiss didn’t change her.

Emma says he’s been talking to Belle. Emma says it didn’t work because there’s nothing to fix. He demands to know what happened in Camelot. She says she can’t tell him. Emma smiles and says she’s tired of talking and asks if he wants to stay. Hook says sorry and says this is not who he is even if it is who she is now – and he walks out on her. Emma gives an evil smirk in the face of the rejection. Arthur, David and the others chase the smoke thing and Regina comes at it with fire.

The creature slaps her aside and comes for Robin again. The thing kicks her butt then grabs up Robin and takes off. Mary comes to check on her and they want her to get medical attention but she wants to go after Robin. She tells Mary she doesn’t think she can do this but Mary says it’s not a lack of faith, it’s just that she’s been hurt. Regina tells the others to go on chasing them. Back in Camelot, a knight offers Regina a necklace to wear to the ball in honor of her being the savior.

That night in Camelot, Mary and David entrust their son to one of the dwarves. Regina says she can’t go to the ball – she has to figure out how to get Merlin out. Mary says that’s not the truth and presses her. Regina says she doesn’t know how to dance. Regina says people are expecting a savior, not a reformed evil queen. Mary says she can teach her and David offers her a hand. Mary tells her to get out of the sensible pantsuit. She magics into a dark gown and David says it’s too scary.

Mary says maybe something a bit less evil looking. Regina tries again and conjures a pink and shiny dress. David takes her hand and leads her in a dance. Someone is using the gem to spy on them – the guy who gave her the necklace.

Mary gets Emma ready for the ball and talks to her about her first ball when she was eight and that she couldn’t wait to share the moment with her own daughter. They are announced and enter together. Hook and David share a smile. Hook bows to her and then the “savior” is introduced. Robin smiles at her but Regina looks nervous. Now, Gold lies sleeping and Regina comes to yell at Gold and says he made her like this and says she’s going to prove them all long.

Belle comes in and says she found something. She shows her a sketch and says the creature is a fury who comes to collect the unpaid price of magic. Belle says it comes when the price for magic is a life. Belle says the portal to the underworld when the moon reaches its zenith. She says the only way he can save Robin is for someone to give their life in his place. Looks like someone used some serious magical mojo back in Camelot.

Back at the ball, Belle watches her magical rose that shows her Gold’s health and Leroy tells her it seems like hope to him since she knows he’s doing okay. Belle asks Leroy to dance and they do. Mary points out Henry checking out a girl and he goes to talk to his grandson. He tells Henry to go say hi. David says he’s from another land and is mysterious. He hands him a couple of drinks and tells Henry to use it. The kid goes to give it a try. She tells Henry she’s bored at the ball and says this is old hat here.

Henry pulls out his iPod and says it’s a gift from the Savior. She asks if he’s a knight and he says a writer which is better. He shows her to put one of the earbuds into her ear and plays a song. She tells him her name is Violet. They listen to the music she’s never heard before while everyone else dances on. Robin kisses Regina. Percival, the guy who gave Regina the necklace, asks her to dance. He asks her who she is and says years ago, he came back to his village in the Enchanted Forest to find it ablaze.

He says his family was killed and his world was crushed. He says there was an angel of death who came through the flames destroying everything. He says this woman spotted him and smiled at him. She asks if he was the boy and he says yes and she’s the evil queen. She asks who else he has told and he says no one. He goes to attack her and Robin runs to save her. Emma raises her hand to help but Hook grabs her hand and says no dark magic. Davis takes a sword to Percival and stops him.

But Robin seems to be gravely wounded and Regina is devastated. Regina comes looking for Emma and bursts into her house. Emma asks where her housewarming gift is. Regina says the only way to stop the fury is to pay the price. She says she won’t sacrifice someone else to save Robin and Emma mocks her. Regina tells her she knows the good her is still in there. Emma says it’s just her. Regina says it’s Emma’s test, not hers. Emma says she did not call the fury and the price is not hers to pay.

Emma says she was the one who didn’t pay the price of magic in Camelot. She says to step up and do what needs to be done if she wants to be the savior. Back in Camelot, we see Regina try to heal Robin but can’t. Regina realizes her magic can’t heal Robin since the sword Percival used was enchanted to kill her. Regina asks Emma to heal him. Hook doesn’t want her to do it. Regina says she could use the dagger to make her do it but says she won’t. She asks her to please save him. Emma agrees.

She goes to save Robin but then evil Rumple is there and says she must take a price to do the magic. He says those are the rules. Emma says she’ll pay but Rumple says Regina asked so she has to pay. The others wonder who she’s talking to. She doesn’t answer and says she can do this. She heals Robin who gasps back to life. Emma kisses Hook and he asks if she’s all right. She says she feels woozy and needs to lie down. She walks away. Rumple tells Emma she liked the power.

Emma says she did what had to be done. He shows her that her hand is glowing with that odd gold sheen that he has. Rumple says the darkness is tasty. The fury drops Robin off at the shore of the lake to await the portal opening. Regina runs up and says stop – she tells the fury to take her life instead. Mary says she won’t let her do it alone and grabs her hand. Leroy grabs on too and so do Arthur and David. The fury sucks some purple magic off them and flies away.

Regina asks how they knew it would work. Leroy says her standing up to the monster shows she’s the one who can save the town. David says they couldn’t take the chance to lose her. Later at Granny’s diner, Hook sits drinking when the others crowd in. They have the petrified dwarf with them. Belle sits down and asks Hook if he tried to kiss Emma. He says she didn’t even flinch but he’s not done. He says he spent decades trying to kill the crocodile, he can spend more time to save the woman he loves.

Violet checks out the jukebox and Henry shows her a coin and says if you feed it, it will sing for you. He plays her a song. Violet says it sounds familiar – it’s the song he played on his iPod. She tells him her name and they shake hands. David tell Mary it’s okay and says they’re going to win this and get Emma back. She says if they win, Emma loses. Outside, Emma stands on the street looking in at the diner. She creeps closer to look inside but then turns and heads down the street.

Arthur tells Regina that Percival’s actions were inexcusable. Regina says she was the evil queen and Arthur says Camelot is a place of second chances. He says if she could save Robin with her magic, she is the savior that Merlin prophesied. She doesn’t deny it and just thanks him. Arthur sits at his round table when Gwen says she doesn’t like the strangers and says Percival is dead, who knows what other trouble will come. Arthur says he has to get his hands on the monster’s dagger so he can make his sword whole.

He lays Excalibur on the table and takes her hand. Now, we see that Emma has the dark dagger. Rumple is there and asks if she’s feeling left out. She tells him she embraced the darkness already but he says there’s more work to be done and magic opens the cellar door. He says one thing has always held back the Dark Ones. He says the pull of the family, friendships, and magic that can undo our deeds. We see Regina unfreeze the dwarf that Emma froze. He says we can’t escape the reach of the light.

Then he tells Emma she can change that and that’s why she brought the sword here. He says she can make the weapon whole again then use it to snuff out the light. She has the stone and Excalibur is in it. She touches the sword and it blows her backwards. Rumple laughs and says if she wants the sword, she has to pay the price. Remember at the Camelot movie when she was a kid when Lancelot appeared and told her not to pull the sword out of the stone. Seems like Emma doesn’t remember…