Once Upon a Time Recap – Gold Recruits Villains: Season 4 Episode 13 Spring Premiere “Darkness of the Edge of Town”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Gold Recruits Villains: Season 4 Episode 13 Spring Premiere "Darkness of the Edge of Town"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 1, season 4 episode 13, called, “Darkness of the Edge of Town” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a banished Gold [Robert Carlyle] seeks allies, so he recruits Cruella De Vil [Victoria Smurfit] to join him and Ursula. [Merrin Dungey]

On the last episode, in the aftermath of the Snow Queen’s spell, our heroes tried to pick up the pieces and Regina had to make a difficult choice. Hook’s fate hung in the balance as Gold’s quest for power threatened everything he held dear. And, in the Enchanted Forest flashback, an intrusion during Belle’s stay at Rumplestiltskin’s dark castle wrecked havoc in both the past and the future. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “a banished Gold seeks allies, so he recruits Cruella De Vil to join him and Ursula. Meanwhile, Hook and Belle try to free the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat; Henry and his mothers search for clues about the Author; and a darkness falls upon the town.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 13 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At the Forbidden Fortress long ago, we see Ursula attack a guard and Maleficent asks who she is. They argue and she says she was invited there. Maleficent says she didn’t send for her and then suddenly dogs come at them. Cruella is there and blows green air on them. Their eyes glow and they calm down. Cruella asks why they’re in this ghastly place and says she was invited too. But then Rumpelstiltskin is there and asks them to calm down. He says he invited them. Rumple says they’re all villains and it’s time the villains got their happy endings.

In Storybrooke now, life goes on. Mary is teaching class with Henry. Regina is getting comfortable back in her office and uses her magic fire to burn an ugly painting she doesn’t like. Emma puts on her badge as Granny watches her baby brother. She heads outside and finds Hook waiting on her with coffee. Life looks calm and happy. They walk by Gold’s shop which is closed up. They greet Belle who is opening the library. Hook goes inside with her as Emma heads off to work.

Killian is studying a diagram of the plot and he says it’s been six weeks and the fairies are still trapped in the hat. Belle tells him to calm down and says she knows they’ll figure it out. He isn’t feeling so hopeful and calls her computer a magic box. She says the internet will help. She says once they get the fairies out, they can get out the others that are trapped there. She says Rumpelstiltskin tricked them all and says she should have seen through him.

He says she has an excuse but he doesn’t. He says Gold was a bastard but did love Belle. She says now he’s gone from their lives for good and she hopes he’s found whatever it is he’s looking for. In New York City, Gold watches the microwave as Ursula comes in. She mocks him for the Dark One cooking Ramen. She says he’s all talk about happy endings and asks if that’s the last Ramen. She says she’s not made of money and reminds him she has a lowly job at the aquarium.

He says her life is crap and Ramen and shelter is no great gift compared to what he’s providing. He says he’s going to fix all her problems. He admits he cares only about himself but says lucky for her, their problems align. He gets an email and says it’s the end of their misery and time to visit an old friend. They head to Great Neck, Long Island to a mansion. They see a man dragged out in cuffs and see Cruella protesting his arrest.

Cruella grabs her fur coat away from one of the men taking their belongings. She asks what they hell Rumple and Ursula are doing there. He offers her a mea culpa and says their interests align and it will go better for them this time. He says he’s there to put an end to them all losing everything. She says she hasn’t lost everything and shows him her stylish car with the Dev Il license plate. He says he can get her back all she’s lost and more.

She says there’s no magic in this world. He says there is but she has to know where to look. He tells her to follow him and there’s no trust required. He asks isn’t she tired of feeling ordinary. She tells them to get into her car. She asks where they’re going and he says a quaint little town called Storybrooke. Back in the past, we see Rumple talking Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula. They ask if he can really offer a happy ending. He says he’s the answer to their prayer and Cruella says she’s not the religious sort.

She yells at him and Rumple says he knows exactly what they all want. Maleficent questions that but he says their secrets can remain their own and says what they have in common is to do what villains can never do – to win. Maleficent says no spell can do what he’s saying. Rumple agrees and says they’re not looking for a spell but a dark curse. He says it can get each of them exactly what they want – their happy ending.

Cruella asks Gold why he thinks this new plan will work. He says before the odds were stacked against them but now, with the author, they’ll have an unprecedented power. He says their misfortunes are because of the author’s will. They are at a drive thru and they order Double Cluck combos. Gold says they have to hurry and get to the author before the heroes do. Emma comes in and offers Regina kale salad. She also has a root beer for Regina.

Regina says the author doesn’t want to be found and Emma complains that she can’t get the bottles open since they’re not twist off. She says her mom had a bottle opener somewhere. She opens a drawer and sees a taped together page from the book. Regina says it’s not a page from the book, that Robin found it – told her it appeared to him. She says Robin thought it was hope, a sign that things would work out for her. Regina says it was nothing more than a cruel joke.

She says she hasn’t heard from him. Belle and Killian rush in and says they found an incantation that may get the fairies out. Belle says a professor at Oxford translated it and needs Regina to enact it. Regina looks at and then they head out into the woods with the magic box and Regina waves the Dark One’s knife over it. She does the incantation and then gold light shoots up out of the box. They see the fairies have reappeared.

Emma tells Blue she has the Mayor to thank and she does so. Regina’s hand that hold the dagger is shaking and then a black fog begins to stream out of the box. It growls as it grows.

Back in the past, Rumple takes the ladies to where the curse is stored. He says it’s protected by magical spells that each of their talents can address. First are some blood thirsty beetles he asks Cruella to handle. She grabs one up and blows her green breath at him. She sends him off and he spreads the green to the other beetles who back away from the doors so they can pass. They can see the dark curse but it’s guarded by fire.

The fire is from dragon breath and he calls Maleficent forward. She raises her arm and coils the flames around herself then pulls it all into her staff. She says next time try something challenging. He calls Ursual up last. She uses her tentacles to grab the curse. He takes it and says he’s leaving with the prize while they die. He says he forgot to mention the Chernabog which eats evil. He giggles and leaves them to face it. It stands and we see a horned devil thing with wings.

Now, Gold tells Cruella to stop the car. They see a tie hanging on a tree and he says they’re here. They ask where it is and he says the town line is 100 yards up the road but says it’s cloaked by a protection spell so they can’t see or enter it. He says he left the tie to let him know. Cruella pulls a gun on him and he asks her to put it down. Ursula kicks his cane away. Cruella says out there he’s just a cripple. They demand to know who banished him.

Ursula says it was probably his little girl. He says he’s there for his happy ending and says all they seek is just beyond that line. He says if they think they can make it in there and face it all without him to go ahead. He says if they trust him they’ll be invited in. Gold says they’ll invite them in because he won’t be on their side. Cruella puts up her gun and tells him to talk. Killian is lurking when Emma comes around. She says they need to celebrate and should buckle some swash.

He says he’s no hero and was the one who put the fairies in there. She says that was Gold and he still has a mark in the hero column. They head into the party. Henry tells Regina to go on in and she approaches Blue with a question. Regina asks if she knows what the blank book is. They tell her they found blank ones in the sorcerer’s house. Regina says she was hoping he would write her a happy ending. Regina says she knows it sounds crazy but Blue says it’s not crazy.

Blue says the sorcerer isn’t the author and Regina asks why the sorcerer has the books. Blue says she knows they are two very different people. Regina asks who the author is. She says she hasn’t ever seen him and says he hasn’t been seen in many years. Emma asks Blue if she knows why he disappeared. Blue says she heard he left clues in some of his books. They hear a terrible growl and Emma asks what the hell that was.

Regina says they need to go out and see what’s killing property values this time. They go out and spot the giant Chernabog. It sits atop the town clock tower. Back in the past, the Chernabog comes at Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella. Maleficent says she sees a crack in the wall they can get through. She says once it picks one of them, the other two should run then figure out a way to save the third. They all step out into its sight. It looks at them each and then focuses on Maleficent. She prepares to fight it. Now, in Storybrooke, everyone runs screaming.

Regina asks if that thing came out of the hat. Emma says they should just put it back in the hat and Belle says you can’t put it back. Killian says the evil queen and savior should be able to defeat it and Regina says to watch the E word. They go out and aim their magic at it. It flies back and Regina says that should have killed it but it only stunned it. Belle runs off to research it while Mary goes to get everyone else to safety.

Outside of town, Gold has the number entered into the phone and has told them the whole story. He says the plan depends on him trusting them this time and not the other way around. He asks if they’re in this together and Ursula says he’ll find out later. She makes the call. Regina says it’s Ursula the sea bitch. She asks how she’s got the Dark One’s cell phone. She says she stole it. Regina puts the phone on speaker and she and Emma listen. Ursula says she and Cruella are there for redemption.

They ask to come into Storybrooke. Regina says they have enough problems. They hear the Chernabog and Ursula says she knows what it wants. Regina says she can’t invite them in but Emma says she may know a way. Regina says if her info pans out, they’ll consider letting her in. Ursula says they have a deal. Gold smiles. Back in the cave, maleficent fights the Chernabog and is cornered. She can’t fight it off anymore and says she hopes it chokes on her bones.

But then Ursula grabs her with her tentacles and pulls her out of harm’s way. The best is trapped and can’t get to them. Now, Emma says they can’t be sure it’s after her. Regina says of course it is since with Gold down, she’s the darkest one around. Emma says they won’t sacrifice her but Regina says they don’t have a lot of choice. Emma says what happens if it leaves town since it’s magic. She says they can lead it over the town line. Emma says she has a plan to get it out and leave Regina safe.

Emma calls Mary and tells her the plan and that Cruella and Ursula are there. Emma drives Regina toward the town line in her VW. Regina asks why yellow and Emma says she stole it. The creature lands on the bug and starts to crush it. It busts the window. Regina says she won’t let them both die. She thanks Emma for trying then magics herself out of the car. The creature keeps on after Emma but then sees Regina at the town line waving at it.

Emma speeds up then slams on the brakes and send the Chernabog flying off her car and over the town line where it dissipates. Mary and David pull up at the town line and Mary says it’s a bad idea to let them in. Emma says she always believes the best in everything but Mary is cautious this time. Mary says they’re villains and Regina agrees that they’re horrible and Regina says they’re not as horrible as she once was and they deserve a second chance. Emma sides with Regina.

They turn and face the town line. Regina tosses the scroll over the town line and Cruella picks it up. She brings it back to the car and she and Ursula get inside. They unroll it and can see the four of them. Regina welcomes them to Storybrooke and Cruella says she won’t regret it. Regina says she’d better not. Gold stands by the town line staring up at the moon. He starts to walk away when he hears a sound. He sees it’s the scroll.

He unrolls it and then sees Ursula and Cruella waiting for him on the other side. Cruella says – we’re back darling. Gold says it’s time to begin their task. He says for them to repent and make friends while he does all the work behind the scenes. He says he’s the one who translated the spell for Belle that freed the fairies and the Chernabog. He says he did all that at his lowest point with no magic and says imagine what he can do now.

He says they’re one team member short and need to reunite the band. They tell her that they heard Maleficent was dead. He says she’s only mostly dead. They’re worried about Regina and are fixated on her but Gold tells them the Chernabog went after the person with the potential for most evil and points out it wasn’t after Regina but Emma. Killian and Emma are having a drink watching Henry pore over the book looking for clues.
[2015-03-01, 9:01:01 PM] Rachel Rowan: She wonders where her parents are. She calls them but they’re out on the edge of town in the rain. They meet Cruella and Ursula. David says they need to talk. Mary says it’s their town and if they’ve really turned over a new leaf they can stay. Mary says that no one can know what happened between them in the Enchanted Forest, especially not Emma. Mary says she’ll rip out their hearts herself and they won’t need to worry about Regina.