Once Upon a Time Season 4 Finale Recap and Spoilers: Unhappy Endings and Dark One Drama

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Finale Recap and Spoilers: Unhappy Endings and Dark One Drama

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday May 10, season 4 finale, called, “Operation Mongoose” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode in the fourth-season finale, the Author aligns with Gold [Robert Carlyle] and no one can stop them as they turn the tables on both the heroes and the villains. Henry [Jared Gilmore] then realizes he has the daunting task of helping his family and restoring the balance of good and evil.

On the last episode, Emma returned to Storybrooke to reunite Lily with Maleficent while Regina and Robin struggled to cope with the implications of Zelena’s pregnancy. When Gold’s health took a turn for the worse, Isaac looked to a new ally for help procuring the magic ink he needed to re-write history. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Cora returned from Wonderland to beg Regina’s forgiveness on the anniversary of Daniel’s murder. Cora vowed to help her daughter find true love, but Regina remained suspicious of her mother’s intentions. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “part 1 and Part 2″ – The Author proves to be a formidable wild card and forges an alliance with Gold. Emma, her parents, Hook and Regina scramble to stop them, but when Gold and the Author turn the tables on heroes and villains alike, the prospect of any happy outcome appears worlds away. Henry discovers he has big shoes to fill as he steps up to save his family before the story’s final page is turned. It’s a race to the finish, and everything culminates with a shocking twist that will leave the residents of Storybrooke reeling.”

Tonight’s season 4 finale looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime starts with a show on TV called Knight of Valor back in the day. Isaac, the author, is in the 1960s era store trying to sell a couple on buying a color TV set. The customer wants to know if it comes with a clicker and another salesman steals his thunder – and the customer – right out from under him. Isaac gets chewed out by the guy who says he needs to sell better and Isaac says he’s a writer at heart. The guy says he doesn’t tell stories to make sales and says no one wants his stories.

Isaac flips through the mail and sees an envelope and says – maybe that’s about to change. He opens the letter from a publishing company called Star Publishing that says they want to meet him immediately – he had submitted something to them. He goes to their office which is a large empty space with just a couple of chairs. He calls out and no one is there but then suddenly a ma is there – it’s the apprentice! He sets out several pens on the desk. Isaac is nervous and asks questions.

The man says their organization does things differently. He tells Isaac to choose one of the pens. Isaac says he likes his typewriter but the man tells him again to choose one. He tells him to choose the one that calls out to him and he chooses the enchanted quill. It sparks and the man tells him it’s a sign that he’s to be their next author. He says the last one recently passed away. Isaac asks what he’ll be the author of and the apprentice asks if he’d like to take a trip. He holds out the quill to him.

Isaac takes it and looks timid. The apprentice magics a door and says it’s time for him to take on the most important job in all the realms and stop selling TVs. The apprentice opens the door and there’s a forest. Because Isaac can see the realm beyond, the apprentice says it means he believes in magic and it’s his destiny. He tells him to come with him to get the answers he wants. Now, Regina and the others flip through the empty journals at the sorcerer’s place.

There’s nothing in the journals and they wonder where else they can look. August shows up and says he has an idea. Emma says she called him. August says the apprentice gave Isaac his power and says he thinks he’s in Storybrooke. He holds out a sketch and Killian says he knows him. He says he also knows exactly where to find him. He takes them to the magical hat trap and says he trapped him in there but didn’t know who he was.

Blue is able to magic him out of the object. The apprentice appears and says there’s no time to waste. He says Isaac has abused his power and they need to put him back in the book now. He says he needs the page with the door and the key. Henry says the page is in the loft. Emma warns Killian and David that Gold may also go after the page. Isaac is with Gold and he tells him to hang in and says he’ll be better than fine soon. Gold says now that he has the quill, Isaac doesn’t need him.

Isaac says he has a lot in common with Gold and says it’s hard to see other’s happiness bloom. He says he wants to upend the world and give villains a happy ending. Gold asks what Isaac wants in his happy ending. Isaac says he likes room service and indoor plumbing and says he doesn’t want to be in the Enchanted Forest. Isaac says he just needs one last detail and asks about Baelfire. Gold says magic can’t bring back the dead.

Isaac agrees and says in his new life, he can make him forget Bae. Gold says he wants his memories of his son but asks for a slight adjustment. He says he wants memories of doing right by his son even though he’s dead – he says that way he can live with the loss. He wants Bae to have seen him as a hero. Isaac says he can do that then says it’s time to finish. He continues writing. Emma, Regina and the apprentice head down the street to Gold’s while the others run to the loft to find the page.

Killian finds the original book and then Isaac writes “The End.” Magic begins to spill out around him and around the book and expands out of the shop. Henry wakes on the floor of the loft. He calls out for his grandparents then runs downstairs. He calls out to Hook. All of them are gone. His original book lies on the floor but no one else is there. The magic doesn’t affect Henry since he was born in this world! He walks down the streets of Storybrooke calling out. He sees no one.

He peeks in the windows of Gold’s shop and sees a record on the player and it’s at its end, the needle grinding against the label. He lifts the needle off the record and shuts the gramophone down. Later, he drives his mother’s car out of town. He stops at a diner and goes inside. The woman inside asks if he’s old enough to drive. He shows her photos of his family and asks if she’s seen any of them. She says she hasn’t. She says she’ll ask around if he’ll wait but then makes a call to the cops.

She says she thinks he’s a runaway. He sees a book in the rack called Heroes and Villains by Isaac Heller. He flips it over and sees the author. At an event, Isaac is being cheered by an enthusiastic crowd of his fans. He talks about his book Heroes and Villains and says it’s been a passion project for longer than they would believe. He says he thinks people wanted something different than heroes always triumph and asks – what ahppens when villains win the day.

He autographs books. One fan says – long live Regina and hands him a button that says that. She begs him to tell her if Regina gets her happy ending in the next one. Henry is there and slides the door page in front of him and demands to know what he did with his family. Henry says either give him some answers or he’ll open the door and Isaac will get a new ending. He goes backstage to talk to Henry and says his family is fine and says they’re in there and shows him the original copy of the book.

He says they all live in there in an alternate reality. Isaac says everyone but Emma got the ending they deserve but Emma. He says there was no room for a savior in his world. Henry demands that he change it but Isaac says he broke the cardinal rule of not writing his own happy ending and says his pen is powerless now. Henry tries to wrestle the book away from Isaac who tells Henry the reason he’s stuck out there is because he’s not from a magical world.

Isaac laughs and tells Henry he’s just a child who needs saving. He tells him to put the key away and stick to the world he’s destined. Henry tackles him and flips through the book. He plunges the key into the page and he’s sucked into the Enchanted Forest while Isaac screams at him not to be stupid. He finds himself near a couple of thatched roof houses and looks around in amazement. He finds a sword in the dirt and picks it up and says – cool.

Isaac is there too and asks if he feels like a hero now. Isaac strikes Henry with something, knocking him out. Henry wakes tied to a wagon and Isaac tells him he’s trapped them in a terrible place. He says he can’t have Henry running around changing things. Henry asks if a hero gets a happy ending, will it destroy the book. Isaac says he put them into the final chapter and says everything will remain like he wrote it. An ogre heads toward them and Isaac says he only has to be faster than Henry.

He heads off and leaves Henry to face the giant ogre. The ogre growls at him and Henry calls out for someone to help him. A knight on a white steed comes out of the woods and uses magic to fell the monster. The villagers come out to thank their hero – it’s Gold! He says they need not thank him and says good deeds need no rewards. He frees Henry and asks his name. He tells him he’s Rumplestilskin, a knight and asks if Henry has family around there.
[2015-05-10, 8:34:51 PM] Rachel Rowan: He tells Henry to run home to his family and then he rides off in true hero style. Henry grabs the book out of his pocket – the paperback he bought and flips to the final chapter. He spots a trap he read about and walks around it. He spots the fallen log, steps over another trap then reads that a large log should be home. He walks up to the giant log and calls out a greeting. Regina is there, dressed like Snow and she has an arrow nocked and aimed at him. He tells her his name is Henry and he’s her son.

Isaac comes back to the village hoping to find Henry dead. He’s upset to see that the ogre was slain and says he should have remembered that. Regina sits with Henry as he tries to tell her the past. She can’t recall any of it. He calls her mom and she looks carefully at him and says she wonders one thing. She holds a knife to his throat and asks who sent him and if he’s working for the queen. He says he just wants her to find her happy ending and says they called it Operation Mongoose.

She laughs and says it’s a silly name then backs off. He says it was her idea. He shows her the book and says this is the book they’re trapped in. She laughs and says it says she’s going to rob a tax carriage to buy a passage out of the kingdom. She asks how the book can see her future. She says she wants no part of it and throws it in the fire. He tries to grab it out, but can only get one page. Henry follows her and she says to go away. He says her true love’s name is Robin Hood.
[2015-05-10, 9:00:06 PM] Rachel Rowan: He says she needs to find him in a tavern and kiss him and says true love’s kiss can fix anything. She laughs, call him crazy and says if she ever meets Robin Hood, he’ll get a broken nose and nothing more. She says he’s her competition and says he beats her to every robbery and is the reason she’s stuck in this kingdom. She says the queen wants her dead for ruining her life and Henry asks if she did. Regina says she did and tells him to look someplace else for a happy ending.

Isaac wonders the forest calling out for Henry. He says he can help him but Isaac is caught in a trap and captured in a rope net. He struggles to get out but cannot. Men are coming out of the forest and Isaac is scared – it’s the seven dwarfs and he made them bad. They cut him down and search him. They find a button that says “long live Regina” that the fan gave him. Grumpy says he’s a trespasser in the queen’s woods and a traitor. They knock him out and take him away.

At the castle, Snow is in full evil queen regalia. She marches to where Isaac is being held then tells Grumpy to speak. He tells her where they found him and show her the Regina button. Snow says Regina will certainly live longer than he will and wonders which part of him to take off first. Isaac tells her a boy just arrived in the land who can take everything from her. She has a heart in her hand and speaks into it commanding someone to come. It’s David! He’s her servant.

She tells Charming to take his head and Isaac says that Charming had a brother named James that Snow really loved. She asks how he knows and he says a magical book told him everything about his land. He says James was cruel like her and she fell for him but then he died because of Regina so she took Charming’s heart. Isaac says Charming is a pale imitation of James. Isaac says he can still give her a happy ending and says he knows exactly where to find Regina.

Snow asks what he wants in return. He says he just wants her to kill the boy who’s trying to help Regina. Snow smiles and says – gladly. Regina comes after a tax carriage. Instead of taxes, when Regina opens it, she finds Snow. She tells Regina she’ll love to have her head in her trophy room. Regina says it wasn’t her fault that James died but Snow won’t have it and puts her hand in her chest. Charming recommends she ask about the boy before she kills her.

Snow relents and asks about the boy. Regina asks when the blood feud ends. Snow says when she’s killed her and her followers. Regina tells her she’ll never get a happy ending if she keeps on like she is. Snow conjures up some fire and says she knows nothing about her happiness. Before she can attack, an arrow strikes the carriage. Robin rides up and Regina hops onto his horseback. He takes her to the tavern and she’s surprised to hear that her rescuer is Robin Hood. He treats the burn on her arm.

He bandages the wound and she hands him a piece of hold and says it’s his cut from the money she grabbed. He thanks her and they drink to new friends and old rivals. She looks at him while she drinks and he asks what it is. She says she thought he’d be dirtier and he laughs. Robin says he’s always admired her skills even though they hadn’t met. He says he’s retiring and wants someone to take his place as leader of the Merry Men.

Regina says she can’t accept and says this forest isn’t the place for her anymore. She asks why he’s leaving and he says he met someone that he wants to change his life for. He asks if she’s experienced that before. She hasn’t but he has. He says he’s marrying. Regina asks who it is – Zelena comes in and kisses Robin. She smiles warmly at Regina and Robin introduces her as his fiancee.

Zelena says she’s excited to meet the bandit Regina and then she invites Regina to stay for their wedding later that day. Regina says it’s a bad idea and says she needs to get a head start on Snow White. She shakes Robin’s head and thanks him for saving her life. She congratulates them and heads off but gives a longing look back at Robin Hood. She leaves the tavern and Henry runs up.

She asks him to stop calling her mom then tells him Robin has his true live and he’s marrying her today. She shoves him towards the tavern and he sees her with Zelena. He runs after Regina and says she has to listen and says that’s Zelena, her sister and this must be her happy ending. She tells Henry they both need to go because Snow is looking for them. He asks if she felt anything when she met Robin.

She did and he says that’s proof. Regina says she’ll never get a happy ending. Regina says she has to get far away so she won’t hear the wedding bells. Henry freaks and says that wedding is their last chance to stop this from becoming real forever. He says they have to stop the wedding. Regina says he seems like a nice kid who clearly believes all this and then she asks who is real mom is since she adopted him.

She tells him to look for Emma but Henry says he can’t find her. He tells her she’s not in the book and says in his world, she was called the savior. He sees a look and asks what she’s not telling him. Regina says there were rumors once about a woman who called herself the savior. Henry asks where he can find her but Regina says Snow White locked her up years ago and says no one has seen her since.

He says she’s in an impenetrable prison. We see Emma lying in the middle of a floor in a tower. She wakes and pulls at her chains screaming like a mad woman.

Gold rides on his majestic horse and heads home to his beautiful wife Belle. They have a newborn son and he asks how their little son is. Isaac is there and Gold is surprised to see him. He says Belle invited him in for a drink and says the water tastes murky. Belle goes to get some fresh from the well. Gold says he didn’t come for the water and Isaac says he came to warn him that his happiness is in danger.

He says a boy is working with Regina and if he succeeds, he’ll destroy both of them. Isaac says all of this isn’t real since he created it with magic and says it’s about to crumble. He says if Regina stops Robin’s wedding, it will all fall apart. He tells Gold he has to kill Regina. Gold pulls his sword on him and calls him a villain. Isaac says he can prove it and says he knows about his first son Baelfire.

He tells him that in this story, Bae died in the ogre wars, but in reality, he died because of Rumple’s cowardice. Isaac says Bae did because of him. Gold tells him to get out but Isaac says deep down, he knows he’s not a hero and says if he doesn’t kill Regina, everyone, including Belle, will know he’s not a hero. He tells him to make the right choice then says he always does. Henry goes looking for Hook and finds him on his Jolley Rodger. He says he needs him to take him to the bottom of the sea.

He says he has to find his mom Emma who was put there by the queen. Killian says he can’t and then Blackbeard laughs – he’s the captain, not Hook. Blackbeard challenges him to a duel then calls Hook a one-handed coward. Hook cowers and then Henry says if he can’t help, he will. Henry cuts a rope and sends something crashing into Blackbeard. Henry says to toss him off and they can lead. Hook says he can’t sail alone but Henry says he can help and says he taught him how to sail.

They near the island where Emma is held and Hook says he can’t fight the soldier and is only a deck hand. Henry says he has an idea. He has Hook take him in as a prisoner and then Henry knocks him out and says the fake prisoner gag always works. He tells Hook to wait there while he gets his mother. He heads up into the tower and sees her on the floor.

He starts to introduce himself but she knows his name. She says she knew he would find her and hugs him. She says her punishment in this land is to be trapped without magic but know everything. Henry unlocks her then she runs into Killian. He introduces Killian to his mom and he’s entranced but clueless. He shakes her hand and Emma says they have to go stop a wedding. They sail away and she thanks Killian but says they have to get away before the guard wakes up.

She says her guard is Lily who is dangerous. The tower explodes and she tells Henry to go below then tells Killian to load the cannon. Lily roars out of the tower as a dragon and Emma calls her their way. She tells Killian to fire. He does and it strikes her in the chest. Lily goes down into the water and Emma is thrilled. Killian says she did it and he drinks. She takes the bottle and is surprised to see he’s drinking milk. He says he’s allergic to rum.

He asks why she trusted him to save her life and she says it’s a long story then says they need to work on his fighting skills so they can help Regina stop the wedding. Snow meets with the dwarves and Granny and asks where Regina’s heart is and the child. Grumpy says the fairies stopped them and then he calls Granny a flea-infested wolf and blames her. Snow says not to fight then says they’re a team. She says she’s the leader and must lead by example.

Snow says they have to go to extreme links to succeed and she must show them how and motivate them. She plunges her hand into Doc’s chest and rips out his heart then crushes it. She tells Grumpy he’s down to six then asks if he wants to make it five. She tells them to find and kill Regina and the boy. Killian and Emma land at the docks and she says he’s an expert swordsman. She says once you know, you’re subconscious never forgets then calls it muscle memory.

He asks if they’re close in this other reality and she says very. Killian says that makes him jealous of the other him. Lily shows up with Snow and confronts them. Emma tells Charming and Snow that they are her parents and she almost doesn’t recognize them. She says they were heroes who taught her how to believe in hope. Snow says she’s right and looks like she recognizes her. She tells Charming to kill them but he says wait and then spots Henry. Killian tells her to save Henry.

He says if she makes things right, what happens to him there shouldn’t matter. She runs off and Killian faces off against David with the sword, but he’s pretty much a coward. He holds his own and disarms Charming then knocks him out. He says he’s a natural. Regina comes forward and he holds the sword on her but then Charming stabs Killian in the back and says he never liked pirates. Emma is horrified but Henry says they have to leave.

They run as Snow throws a fireball at them. Belle drinks tea and smiles at her baby son. Rumple comes home and she asks what’s wrong. He says he just learned that there’s a threat to the realm that could destroy all that they’ve built together and their happiness. She says he can overcome it but Gold says it’s more complicated and means he has a difficult choice to make. She tells him he’s a hero and will never make the wrong choice.

He asks her what if he’s not and she says things never seem as bleak after a cup of tea. He accidentally drops the cup and it’s chipped. She says it can be fixed but Rumple says it’s not that simple. Henry and Emma show up to meet Regina. Regina doesn’t know her but asks if she’s the other mother. She tells Henry it couldn’t have been easy to break her out of that tower. Emma tells Regina that everything Henry told her was true and says she can still have love.

She says her happy ending isn’t a man but that love is part of it. Regina says she can’t crash his wedding and says what if Robin’s heart doesn’t feel the same. Emma says she watched the man she loves die and says she needs to take that risk. Emma says she never told him she loved him because she was too scared that saying it would make it real and change everything. She says now she’ll never have the chance since he’s gone. She begs Regina not to make the same mistake.

At the wedding, Isaac sits in the pews. Zelena comes in and Robin is at the altar. Henry says there’s still time since no wedding bells yet. Regina says she doesn’t know what to say and Emma and Henry tell her to just kiss him. Emma says she promised her once she’d help her find her happy ending and tells her she’s got this but Rumple is there and says none of them will crash the wedding. He calls them dearies like he used to!

Emma faces off against Rumple with a sword and tells Regina to go while she deals with the Dark One. Rumple says she has the wrong name but Emma says they’ll see about that. Regina peeks inside the chapel. Emma and Gold parry. Regina sees they are swapping vows. Zelena says – I do. Emma and Gold fight on. He uses magic to throw her back. Henry grabs up the sword and tells Regina to go. Just as Robin goes to say I do, he sees Regina at the door.

She smiles at him. Henry says to go and stop the wedding just as Rumple disarms him. Regina smiles at him. Henry says Rumple can’t hurt him because he’s supposed to be a hero. Regina runs to save Henry instead and jumps in front of Henry. Rumple cuts her down then flashes away. Regina tells Henry she couldn’t let him die. The bells ring and Emma says they’re at the end of the book and can’t change anything now.

Robin runs over to Regina as he and Zelena leave the chapel. Zelena fusses that she has blood on her dress and that Regina ruined it. Her hand starts to turn green and she runs off. Robin asks if she’ll be all right and Regina says she won’t. He holds a bandage to her wound. Isaac says too little too late and Emma elbows him. She says to change it but he says he’s not the author anymore and can’t change things. Henry picks up the quill and notebook that fell out of Isaac’s bag.

She asks what the hell and Isaac says no, then says Henry is the next author. Henry says he can feel it and Emma says to fix it. Isaac says without ink he can’t write it. Emma is ready to slice her arm and says she’s not the savior there. He says they need a light savior then goes and uses Regina’s blood to write. He writes that thanks to Regina the hero’s sacrifice, Isaac’s spell was undone. There’s a flash of magic and Regina lies on a street in Storybrooke. She wakes to see Henry and says – you did it.

Henry says they all did. He runs over to Emma and hugs her. She then runs off to look for hook. She runs into the loft and she says they all reappeared where they were before this started. She thinks he’s dead but he’s just upstairs. She runs up and tackles him in glee. He says he’s a survivor and says he was just looking for Henry. She says he’s fine and she’s glad he is too. Emma tells him when she watched him die, she was afraid she’d never get the chance to tell him something.

She tells him thanks for sacrificing himself to save her and Henry. He says of course. She still didn’t tell him! Gold wakes on the floor of the shop and Isaac is there too. Isaac goes to run and says he can’t have Gold’s black heart slow him down. Belle comes in and says she can’t believe what he did. He collapses and she calls his name. Isaac drives for the border of town but the cop car cuts him off. It’s David! He yanks Isaac out of the car. He and Snow take his bag and Isaac sees his best seller is off the NYT list.

Mary asks Isaac why he set them off on the path to hurt Maleficent. Isaac says it’s who they represent – a boss he once had. He says people like them push around people like him and says it was his turn to win and be the hero. Mary says he became a villain – she says those people make themselves happy at the risk of others. She says she knows what it feels like to have your heart go dark and says it’s something to pity. Henry sits looking at the Heroes and Villains book when the apprentice comes in.

Henry says he was thinking he could use the power one more time to bring back his dad. The apprentice says you can’t bring back the dead – Henry says Hook came back but the Apprentice says that was a fiction created by Isaac. He shows him the Heroes and Villains book is blank. He says Baelfire died it the real world and it can’t be undone. He says Henry can honor him by telling real stories. He tells him the other stories are the truth. He says Henry must only write the truth.

He says the quill can be a temptation – he says the cost of changing the future outweighs the benefit. Henry snaps the quill and says no one should have that much power. The apprentice says this time they found the right person for the job. Belle asks Gold what’s happening and he says the last of the red is disappearing. She says it’s his ability to love. He says at least he got one last taste of love and says they were happy and in love. Belle tells him she was already in love with him.

She says he could have been a good man there with a good marriage for real and asks why wasn’t it good enough. Gold says he didn’t believe anyone could love him. Belle says she knew who he was and still loved him. He tells her to go with Will and explore the world. She says she doesn’t love Will and won’t let him die. She pulls him to her but he grabs the dagger and gives it to her. He says once he dies, only the Dark One will remain and says he’s far more dangerous than she could know.

He collapses and she calls his name but it seems too late for Rumple. Everyone is at the diner. Henry and Regina flip through the book. Robin comes in and gives Regina a kiss then asks if she checked on Zelena. She says she’s still locked up and pregnant. Robin asks Regina to go out for a walk in the moonlight with him. David apologizes for killing Killian then says Mary made him do it. Emma hugs her parents and says it was tough to see them as villains.

Lily shows up and asks if she remembers the necklace. Emma says it’s the thing she saved for her. Lily says it’s the only clue to who her father is and says her mother doesn’t even know. Lily asks if she can stick around Storybrooke and look and Emma says that would be great. Belle bursts in and says Gold is nearly dead and told her that they’re all in danger. The apprentice brings the box and says they can try and pull the darkness from him. He says it may heal his heart.

He says it’s more dark power than the hat has ever been asked to contain. He pulls out Gold’s black heart then opens the magic hat from the box. He holds the heart to the hat and chants a rhyme. He asks the hat to take all the darkness and keep it there forever. The hat sucks the black off the heart. The name Rumple glows gold on the dagger. The heart is now bright white. He pushes it back in Gold’s chest. The dagger seems to be just a knife now.

The apprentice says the return to who he was will be difficult. He says he’s preserved him until they decide if they can help him. The black breaks out of the hat and plunges into the apprentice. His eyes turn black. Emma plunges her white magic into him and the blackness pulls out of him and heads out the door and across Storybrooke. Emma tells her parents to go after it. She asks the Apprentice what it was. He says long before their stories began, the sorcerer battled the darkness.

He says he tethered it to a human soul that could be controlled with the dagger to control it. He says the sorcerer is the only one who can destroy the darkness once and for all before it destroys everything. He says the sorcerer is far away and his name is Merlin. He says they must stop the darkness. He says – find Merlin. Then he dies. Emma and Killian run out and find Snow and David. They tell them it just disappeared. Regina asks where it went.

Emma says it’s surrounding them. Regina looks up and then it grabs her up. Robin asks what it’s doing. Emma says it’s snuffing out her light. Robin tries to run at it but it throws him out. Emma says they have to tether it to a person. Regina tells her to stop but Emma says she worked too hard to have her happiness destroyed. Emma tells her parents they pulled the darknesss out of her once and can do it again. She tells Killian she loves him then she stabs the dagger up into the darkness. It pours into her.

They all watch horrified as it overtakes her. The light in her fades as it swirls around her and then it creates a tall tower then explodes. The dagger falls to the ground and now it’s inscribed with “Emma San.” She’s gone!