Redneck Island Recap 1/8/15: Season 4 Episode 5 “Never Let Go”

Redneck Island Recap 1/8/15: Season 4 Episode 5 "Never Let Go"

On CMT tonight Redneck Island returns with an all new Thursday January 8, season 4 episode 5 called “Never Let Go,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the team bonds are tested when they must rely on each other’s strength and endurance; new romance.

On the last episode, a challenge landed a player in the hospital; Margaret continued to alienate the rest of the house. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you right here.

On tonight’s episode as per the CMT synopsis, “team bonds are tested when the rednecks must rely on each other’s strength and endurance to win a challenge. Meanwhile, a new romance develops and causes controversy in the house.”

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#RedneckIsland begins now. All the girls are hot for Josh and ready to see Margaret out of there. Katie says Parigi is so cool but is a weak teammate in the competition. Jorden asks if they can all agree that tonight was f-ed and they have to act like Margaret and Cowboy don’t exist since they didn’t come home. Cody asks Josh to come help him carry something. Cody is upset that Cowboy took out Corey and they take his mattress outside.

Cody says Cowboy needs a taste of his own medicine. Jorden says they are all acting like children and tell them to put the bed back upstairs. She nags and Hunter helps put it back up. Hunter says you don’t mess with a man’s car or his bed. Hunter tells Cody it was a chicken shit stunt. Hunter says he won and should have some respect not his bed in the dirt. Hunter and Cody have a showdown and Hunter punches a chair and walks off.

Hunter says Cody is a 22 year old baby. Sarah says Cody is crazy and has a huge ego. Hunter says if he has to go in the pit, he can do it. Hunter says he’s weak because Sarah is his partner and Josh reassures him. Josh goes to talk to Margaret and says he likes her. She asks if he duck hunts. He’s keeping his feelings close and doesn’t want the house to turn against him if they find out. She says Josh is wonderful and it might be something more but for now it’s just flirting.

Next day, Cowboy comes to see Margaret. She hopes they win to avoid elimination and the pit. She asks what he thinks the challenge will be and he says he has no clue. He says he likes her because she’s sexy and he’s going to stick up for her until she gives him a reason not to. He tries for a kiss and she holds out then finally gives him a little one. They head out for the challenge. Becky sees stuff hanging up by the lake shore. Jessie and Steve welcome them to the challenge.

Steve says it’s called pole dancing. Rocky says Margaret has seen a pole or two in her time. He says it’s all about holding on. They have to dangle on a pole attached to your teammate. He says first team loses, last team hanging on wins. The losing team is automatically up for elimination and the winning team gets to pick another team to go to the pit. Sarah says she’s terrified of heights and Hunter tells her she just has to hang on.

They each grab a pole and they’re lifted out over the lake. Parigi is worried since he’s the heaviest and says Katie won’t be able to hold his big ass up there. Becky says everyone is wrapped around the pole and says her feet is all that’s holding her onto it. Jorden tells Tank she’s hurting and says it’s the first challenge since her injury. She says she’s terrified and doesn’t want to get hurt again. Jorden tells him she’s about to fall. She tries to use her legs to hang on.

Hunter puts some weight on Sarah when he slides lower and she is barely hanging on. Hunter is annoyed that she’s sliding since Parigi is still on his pole. Parigi says it feels like the harness is going to make his d*&k pop out his eyeballs. Katie says she hopes someone else falls before Parigi but then they’re down and out and the first to fall. Katie is upset to have lost and be headed to the pit. Hunter and Sarah fall next and Hunter is annoyed and says she’s holding him back.

Shelby is scared of heights but says she’s going to hang on so she doesn’t let Jeremy down. Heather and Josh are hanging by a tether. Cowboy tells Margaret he’s going to let go and she tells him no. He says he’s letting go and then he does. Margaret says she doesn’t like that Cowboy does just enough to get by. Jorden is flagging too and is totally freaking out. She tells Tank to hang on. She’s sliding down the pole and then they’re out of it and in the water too.

Heather and Josh are out of it next. Becky and Rocky are hanging in and then she loses her grip and they plunge down. That leaves Nicole and Cody still in it and Jeremy and Shelby are in it. Jeremy says he’s going to drop and let them make the choice so they can continue flying under the radar. Cody and Nicole win it and he says he wouldn’t trade his partner for anyone. Steve tells him it was a good job. Cody says this is their third win and calls themselves masterminds.

Katie and Parigi are up for elimination. Parigi hopes it’s a gladiator event he can win and says he’s not scared. He says he’s a beast. Cody and Nicole get to decide who else is going into the pit. Jessie says she’ll come by the house tomorrow to find out who they’re sending in. Steve tells them to get their asses out of there and get to stepping down the road. They head back to the house. Hunter is annoyed that he may get sent to the pit.

Hunter says he can’t win with Sarah as his partner. He says he’s confident that he can get out of the pit okay. Cowboy is checking out Margaret while she’s in the shower and she says she thinks they’re going to send them to the pit. She says she won’t be a kiss ass and try to convince them not to throw her in there. Rocky throws a soda into the fire and says it’s going to blow up. It does and all the rocket scientists scream. Rocky calls it redneck chemistry and says this was how atoms were found. Wow… Just wow.

Over dinner, Josh tells Margaret he’s attracted to her and asks her not to use it against him. She says she wouldn’t use it against him and says he can’t say it to anyone else there. She asks why he’s interested in her. She has a thing with Riley and says if the girls find out he likes her, there will be another target on her back. Katie says she’s tired of losing and wants to go up against Hunter and Sarah so she can send Sarah and Parigi home and get a new, better partner.

Becky proposes truth or dare so she can get to know everyone. Jorden asks Nicole and she picks dare. They dare her to kiss Cody and he gives her a big old kiss. He says it was a hell of a kiss. Tank dares Margaret to tack a body shot off Parigi. She says she’s going to do it to seem more social. She takes a drink from his belly button and Hunter says it’s the grossest thing he’s ever seen. Josh wants a kiss from Sarah and she lays one on him.

Nicole says truth or dare is just a good excuse to kiss. Sarah gets a dare to flash her chest. Heather made out with Rocky, they do body shots and funnel beer. It’s absolutely trashy and insane. Margaret tells Sarah that someone else has a crush on her and says it means a lot that she can talk to her and says all the other girls hate her. She says she’s not sure how she feels about Josh. Margaret says she needs to be friends with him.

Next morning, everyone is a mess. Cowboy says Rocky is still passed out. He goes in to try and wake him up. He lies down and cuddles with him and acts like a girl. Rocky thinks it’s a girl and then he starts rubbing his back thinking it’s one of the girls then he feels a beard. He wakes up and curses Cowboy. He says he smells like beer and ruined his dream. He says he almost kissed him on the mouth and says it never happened.

Sarah says she feels like she let Hunter down. She says he could have a better partner and he says she did let her down. He says he doesn’t dislike her but says he just wants to win this. Josh wants to use Hunter wanting a new partner to his advantage. Cody says it sucks to not know what challenge there is in the pit. He says no one likes Cowboy and Margaret but Josh says he wants Hunter to not be a guaranteed last place and says he really wants another partner.

Josh is trying to facilitate to save Margaret. Cody hears him and is interested in his proposal. He goes to talk to Nicole about sending Hunter and Sarah. She says these decisions keep getting harder. He says it’s stressful being in first place. Jessie shows up to see who’s going to the pit. Margaret thinks for sure they’re getting sent to the pit again. Jessie asks if they need a shot before they decide. She pours them a shot and says they have to do it and then call out who they’re sending.

She counts three and they slam the shots and then say they’re sending Sarah and Hunter. Hunter says he’s a warrior and he’s excited that means he’ll get Katie as a partner once he wins. Josh is excited that he masterminded this. Parigi says he feels good and is going to send Hunter back to Texas. Hunter says he better hope it’s a Sumo challenge and Parigi agrees. Katie says she’s excited because she really wants a new partner.

Margaret talks to Sarah and Sarah says she’s really going to try her damnedest to come out of this. Hunter asks how Parigi can be so cocky about his skills when he’s fat and out of shape. Parigi is down by the lake praying before they compete. Hunter says he hopes Katie can win and they’ll be the new dream team. Austin greets them at the pit and Parigi says he was all conference in wrestling and can beat anyone. Jessie reminds them this is their last shot to stay in the game.

Jeremy wonders if one of them will get hurt since they’re both big guys. Steve says it’s the Curtain Call. They have a player at each end of the pit and then they run in blind toward a buoy they have to carry across to the other side. Parigi says he’s excited. Katie and Sarah are up first. Katie doesn’t want to go home and says she’s there to win it. Sarah says she’s trying hard to win. The ladies take off and they have to wrestle for the buoy. Katie wins round one.

Katie says Sarah is very strong and it’s wearing her out. Sarah says she knows what to do this time and is ready to win. They go off for round two. Katie is dragging Sarah and the buoy but then Sarah flips her and Hunter is worried that Sarah could win this. Katie makes a comeback. She’s exhausted and doesn’t want to have to do it a third time. She drags Sarah back with her and is close to winning it. She gets it over the line and wins it. That means Sarah is going home.

Katie says she feels amazing and says Sarah is much stronger than she thought she would be. Sarah says Katie put up a good fight and she just couldn’t win. Hunter says this is better for him because now he’ll have Katie. Now it’s Parigi versus Hunter. They start out and it’s the clash of the titans. Hunter just grabs it and runs and easily takes the first round. It was over lightning fast. Now it’s round two. Parigi says Hunter’s speed worries him.

It’s time for round two and Parigi tries to knock him down but Hunter slips out of his grasp and runs past him. Parigi goes down. Austin says Big P is out of there. Hunter says he just showed him who’s boss. Parigi says he was just faster and wishes it had been more of a wrestling match. Jessie tells Katie and Hunter they’re a brand new team. Hunter grabs her up in a hug and is thrilled to have Katie as his new partner. He says she’s athletic and there to win. Katie says it’s a new game now.