Revenge Recap – Victoria Set Amanda Up: Season 4 Episode 21 ‘Aftermath’

Revenge Recap - Victoria Set Amanda Up: Season 4 Episode 21 'Aftermath'

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday April 26, season 4 episode 21 called “Aftermath,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Emily’s [Emily VanCamp] friends become concerned for her welfare as she combs through the ruins of her life.

On the last episode, after Victoria was attacked, she took matters into her own hands, while Emily was forced to come to terms with what she really wanted. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “as Emily sifts through the wreckage of her life, even her closest friends worry she has finally gone too far.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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On #Revenge, Amanda’s place is burning to the ground. She shows up and David is there and hugs her, relieved she’s okay. She says she can’t believe it and asks what happened. The fire chief says they have investigators on the way and asks if there was anyone inside. She says no one was there. Amanda says she imagined it burning to the ground for years but is shocked now that it happened since it was hers. David tells her to come home with him. She looks at the burning house and follows her dad.

Next day, Nolan wakes to find Tony in the kitchen making breakfast. He says he made him eggs and Nolan hugs him and says he could get used to this and them. Nolan asks if he wants to put the day off to a good start back in bed but Tony says he has to get to work. Tony kisses him and says to enjoy the eggs then goes to get ready. Nolan is thrilled. He checks his phones and sees crazy texts from Amanda saying she needs him and begging him to call.

Louise waits for Margaux and asks her about the fire and says Victoria isn’t answering her calls. Louise says with everything Amanda has done, she wonders if Amanda or Victoria had something to do with the fire. Margaux says it was just karma catching up to Amanda but then she sees a note on her desk in Victoria’s handwriting. Nolan meets Amanda at the house and asks if she’s not upset. She says the house belonged to Emily Thorne, not Amanda Clarke.

Nolan says now she’s free to move on and tell Jack how she feels about him. She says Mason Treadwell tracked her down and Nolan calls him Crazy Capote and asks why he couldn’t just stay in the Maldives. She says he was furious she revealed her ID before he could finish his book. She says she’s meeting with him today to shut him down. The inspector says they found a body and Amanda is shocked. Louise and Margaux read the note from Victoria and she says she lost the will to fight.

The inspector tells them they found a ring near the body and asks if Amanda recognizes it. Victoria tells them she’s decided to end her life. Amanda tells the man it’s Victoria’s ring. The letter tells Margaux she cares for her deeply but has to do this. David asks Amanda what caused the fire and she says they don’t know yet but found a body in the debris. She says she thinks it was Victoria. She says the coroner is trying to confirm. David is shocked. She says they found the ring Pascal gave her.

Ben shows up and says they used teeth to ID her and says it’s definitely Victoria. David says all the years of pain she caused them, she’s gone. Amanda says she tried to cause more by killing her and failed. Ben says Margaux called to report that Victoria left a suicide note. Amanda says she must have wanted to die in her precious home while taking it back from Amanda. Ben asks how Victoria bypassed her security. She says Victoria stole some information from them and her alarm codes were in it.

She thanks Ben for coming to let them know but he says he’s just doing his job, nothing more. Amanda says it doesn’t have to be like this but he says it does since she made her choice. He leaves. Jack is at Stevie’s taking a swim and says he hopes to have his own place soon but she says she would like he and Carl to stay. He says he may take her up on it. His mom says she’s proud of him for putting the past behind him. He says a fresh start is what he needed.

Stevie gets an alert and shows him a new story on the house burning and Victoria’ death. The reporter talks about Amanda and Victoria’s history and her recent reveal as Emily Thorne being Amanda. Amanda goes to see Nolan and he says ding dong, the bitch is dead. He can’t believe it. Amanda says the coroner confirmed it and Nolan says he did not see that coming. Amanda says a guilty conscience can be a powerful thing. He asks what the world looks like without Victoria.

Amanda says it’s revenge free then asks how he missed the explosion. He says he had a hot date and she asks about Tony. He says he thinks he’s falling for the guy and says he may take him on vacay away from the Hamptons. She says he should go for it and says that’s what cost her Jack. He offers his private jet to take her to Jack. She says first they have to deal with Mason and asks for an assist. He agrees. Amanda goes to meet Mason and he gets in the car with her.

He’s sneezing and says he had to fly in disguise in economy to get there and caught a cold. He says he heard her house tragically burned down and says the good news is, her biggest problem died. He says he always thought Victoria would burn in hell not the Hamptons. He says now they just need to clear him of his murder charge. She says she won’t put herself at risk now that her dad is alive and she has a shot at happiness. Mason says he wants the life he deserves.

She offers to set him up anywhere he wants. He says Emily already offered that and says he started writing a new big about her called “The Big Lie.” He says a book by a dead man would get eaten up and says it would blow up her good girl image. He says it will haunt her days and destroy whatever life she thinks she’s going to have with her father. He says she has two days to clear his name or he’ll send the first 50 pages to law enforcement and the media.

Jack calls Nolan and says he saw the news. Jack asks if Amanda hurt Victoria. Nolan says Victoria did herself in and left a suicide note. Nolan says Amanda would never kill anyone but Jack says he doesn’t know anything. Nolan says Amanda showed up and Jack ends the call abruptly. Nolan says he had to run but Amanda says she knows why he’s mad at her. She tells him they need to show that Conrad killed Gordon Murphy and framed Mason.

Nolan says he can do that but says the US Attorney’s office may be suspicious. She says to leave that part to her. Stevie tells Jack she put Carl down for his nap and says she can’t imagine that Victoria is really gone. She says Victoria changed the course of her life – stole her husband, drove her to drink and ran her out of town. Jack says Victoria did that to other people too. Stevie asks if Amanda did this to Victoria. He says Nolan says she has clean hands on this.

Stevie says she worries that Amanda still has a hold on him. He says she doesn’t need to worry and he says he’s not going back. Amanda goes to see the US Attorney’s office and says she was salvaging some things from her home and says she found a fireproof box with a stack of Conrad Grayson’s documents and thought she’d want to see them. The woman says they’ll investigate thoroughly. Amanda tells Mason it’s done and says she gave the proof that he was framed.

He says he’s hoping for a posthumous pardon. She says she’ll call when he can be resurrected once he’s found innocent. Margaux and Louise are drinking at Victoria’s apartment and Margaux asks how she could have missed that Victoria was this sad. Louise says she’s been in and out of mental institutions and knows what suicidal looks like and says she didn’t see the signs but Margaux says the note was very clear. Louise says she saw Victoria’s date book and says she schedule a mani pedi for next week.

Louise sees blood on a door and Margaux says they need to call the police. Louise says this was murder and she knew it. The door looks like it’s been broke too. They are both immediately distraught.

Louise confronts Amanda at the yacht club and calls her a monster. She accuses her of killing Victoria. Amanda says she didn’t do this and says it was suicide. Louise screams at her and calls her a killer but Amanda says she’s crazy. Her phone rings and Louise says it’s the cops and they’ll make Amanda pay for what she’s done. David is rinsing something down the sink when Amanda shows up. She says the cops called her in and says Victoria’s death is now considered a homicide.

He says he was called in too and says the cops are just covering their bases. She asks if there’s something he’s not telling her. She asks where he was last night and he says he was working on his boat alone. She says maybe someone saw him on the pier but he says he was below deck working on the alternator. He tells her they should get going. Tony is in a swimsuit at Nolan’s and he says – wow. He tells Tony he wants to take him somewhere tropical.

Nolan rambles and Tony says he’s cute when he’s nervous. Tony says he likes him a lot and says he’d like to spend his vacation days on a beach with Nolan. Tony gets a text and says he has to go to work and says there’s one caveat – he’s more tequila than pina colada – but says he thinks they can work past that. Nolan giggles happily. Ben comes to question Amanda while another cop takes David. She asks if he really thinks she would blow up her house to kill Victoria.

He says Victoria appears to have been overpowered in her apartment. He asks where she was at 8 pm. She says she was with him at her house. She says she went to the airport to try and stop Jack but his plane had taken off. He asks if anyone can corroborate her whereabouts. Amanda says Mason Treadwell can alibi her. She says he showed up at the airport and says she’ll call him. But the number has been disconnected. He says the dead man didn’t pay his phone bill.

She says Mason is keeping a low profile. He asks to check her car for Mason’s fingerprints and she hands over her keys. He tells her to not leave town. She runs into Jack in the hallway. She asks why he’s there and he says he was called back for questioning since he left town the same night someone he hates died. She says she had nothing to do with it and he says when he heard about the fire, he was just glad she wasn’t home.

She asks why he didn’t say goodbye but then they tell Jack they’re ready for him. She grabs his hand and asks him to come by the beach house later to talk. He says he’s heading back to LA when he’s done there and tells her goodbye. Amanda hears the cops talking nearby and one says that David’s alibi checked out – he was at the hospital meeting with a doctor. Amanda is stunned. Nolan is at the club waiting nervously for Tony.

Tony says he can’t go on a trip with him and sits down. He says a few months ago, he started adoption proceedings through the foster care system and thought it was going to take years. Tony says he found out today he’s getting a baby. Nolan is stunned but congratulates him. He says he’s getting the baby in two days and doesn’t know where to start. Nolan says they can go into the city and stock up on all the swag a single dad needs.

Tony looks troubled and says what he needs is to be a single dad. He says he would like them to work, but being a dad is something he’s long wanted. He says he’s excited and terrified but has to give it 100%. He says that would short change their relationship. Nolan says despite appearances, he can be low maintenance. Tony says he’s sorry but says it wouldn’t be fair to either of them or his new son. Nolan says he wishes he met him a year ago. Tony echoes the sentiment.

He tells Nolan goodbye and they embrace. Nolan starts to cry. He’s absolutely crushed. Jack goes over his time line with Ben. He says it’s suspicious that he lived there his whole life and decided to up and leave the night she died. Jack asks what Ben really wants to ask. Ben asks if he helped her and Jack says of course not. He says he knows Jack has helped Emily cover up things in the past. Jack says he was with his family the entire night and wasn’t involved.

He says the only time he saw Amanda recently was in the hall when she said she had nothing to do it. Jack asks isn’t it a conflict of interest for him investigating a case with his GF involved. Ben says Amanda broke up with him the night he left and ran to the airport to try and stop Jack. He’s shocked. David is surprised to find Amanda waiting outside the hospital. She says she knows he’s seeing an oncologist and asks why he didn’t tell her.

He says she was so happy the other night about their being no more battles to fight. He says he hadn’t seen her like that since she was little and couldn’t destroy her peace of mind. She says he doesn’t have to protect her but he says he wants to. He says it’s lymphoma but they caught it early and he’s getting cutting-edge treatment and should be fine. He says he’s tired, but otherwise okay. David says he’s sorry he kept it from her, but is glad she knows.

She hugs him and says they’re in this together now. He asks her to have a movie night and they agree to meet back at the house. Ben has the techs pulling Amanda’s car apart and they tell him they found a bunch of prints and some hairs with follicles. Louise talks to Margaux and says she feels helpless sitting there while Amanda goes on with her life. She says she told the police that Victoria feared for her safety. Louise says she confronted Amanda and she didn’t bat an eye.

Margaux says she’s one step ahead of her and says she’s running a story with a $1 million reward. She says she’ll use every resource she has to make this right. Amanda comes home to the beach house and looks at a photo of she and her dad. She gets a call from Mason who says his name has been cleared and tells her well done. She asks where he is and says she’s been calling. He says innocence aside, he’s still dead. She says she needs his alibi for the night Victoria died.

He says no dice and says it’s payback for what she did to him. Amanda says she knows he won’t be able to stay gone and says Victoria asked him to pass along a message to her. He says he reached out to Victoria after her tell all and says they commiserated. He hangs up on her and destroys his cell phone. Amanda gets a video message from Victoria who was in her house. She says she’ll be dead by the time she gets this. She says she’s going to make it appear that Amanda murdered her.

Victoria says that makes her the victor in their little game and tells her to enjoy her life in prison. The video ends and deletes as the cops pull up and Ben shows up to arrest her. She says Victoria planned this and begs him to find Mason. Jack shows up as Amanda is being hauled away. She tells him to find Mason and says – that bitch set me up, I’m innocent.