Scandal Recap – The Truth Shall Set You Free: Season 5 Episode 2 “Yes”

Scandal Recap - The Truth Shall Set You Free: Season 5 Episode 2 "Yes"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday October 1, season 5 episode 2 called, “Yes,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Olivia and her team leave Washington, D.C., to work on a new case.

On the last episode, in the fifth-season opener, Olivia and Fitz were blissful about their reunion, but Cyrus, Mellie and Huck had to face the repercussions of assisting Command. Meanwhile, a visiting queen hired Olivia to guard her family’s privacy in the wake of a recent tragedy.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Olivia and her team leave Washington, D.C., to work on a new case. Meanwhile, Abby receives surprising advice from a public-relations expert; and a driven Fitz sets out to uncover who’s responsible for the recent turn of events.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Sally going off on Fitz about shagging Olivia and calls Olivia a distraction and then shows the photos again. Fitz and Olivia watch the show and he tells Liv it will be okay and says he’ll be back in a minute. He kisses her and goes downstairs. Fitz goes to Liz and she says there were no external breaches. Abby says the leak is not the issue. Fitz says to bring Rosen in to investigate. Abby says there’s a room full of press and blood in the water. She says they need a bigger boat.

Fitz says he has to talk to Olivia and they will make a statement together. Liz says that’s a first – the president and his mistress making a statement. Abby says Fitz is about to get Poped and says no way will Olivia go in front of the press. Olivia is in the tunnels and tells Fitz not to call until she calls him. Sally says Olivia can run but she can’t hide. Olivia sneaks into a crowd to get away from the White House.

She makes it to Quinn’s house and she offers Liv a drink. Olivia strips out of her clothes and asks Quinn what cases they have to work on. She gulps the wine and says she needs to work. The news wonders if Abby will answer the questions about Olivia. She tells the press they need to stop shouting. They ask when the President will make a statement and she says when he decides to. The press goes nuts.

Mellie is at the White House in the Oval and he asks why she’s there. She says she came to help his optics and accept his apology. He asks what she means. Mellie says to just admit the he outed Olivia and put her in a dangerous position. She says Olivia is now inhuman and will be exposed, dissected and discussed because she’s American’s mistress. She tells Fitz he made a terrible error in judgment. She says he can apologize, she’ll accept and will take care of everything.

She says she will take on Sally and says that Olivia and her BF were both at the White House and their marriage is fine. Fitz asks about the apology and she says to say sorry for the divorce papers and says it was mean. He says he won’t have the kids visit her in jail and says he knows she gave the photos to Sally to humiliate Olivia and ride back in there. Mellie says those photos make her look weak, sexless and not electable as President. She says it’s not good for her career either and reminds him they’re a team.

She says they need each other and says she can put this all to bed if he just says the magic words. Fitz steps closer and says – get out. Mellie scoffs and sighs then slams the door on her way out. Fitz tells Abby and Liz they’re waiting to hear from Olivia. He says he hears their concerns but he’s not changing his mind. He says next subject and Abby says she noticed Mellie was there and starts to ask about it but he glares. Then David comes in and says he’s looking into the security breach. He says he has a list of suspects. Then Susan comes in and says she knows this is doo-doo and thinks it’s a fake.

Fitz tells David that Mellie leaked the photos and they need proof. Susan is stunned at the truth and Abby asks if they can push off the press briefing. Fitz says he’s not ashamed or hiding, he’s waiting to hear from Olivia. Liz says to make Fitz say something but Abby says she can’t make him talk. Liz tells Abby to talk to Olivia. The press is all over Olivia’s office and Jake comes in and says the place is surrounded. Huck is with him and Jake tells Quinn to lay off of him.

Quinn says they don’t need a bud of people hacked up and Huck says he’s fixed. Jake tells Quinn to let it go and get back to work. Jake asks for Olivia and Quinn says she’s not there and took a case. She’s with a client – she’s working on the case of Gavin Price who is accused of killing Walter Price his dad. Walter has a new younger wife who says she hired a good lawyer and bailed him out then Gavin took off right away. Jake asks Quinn how she let Olivia go looking for a murderer.

The wife asks if she can do this and Olivia says she will find her step-son before anyone knows he’s missing. David comes to see Mellie and says they’re investigating the leaked footage and need to look at her computer. He says no one will know they were there. Mellie hands over her laptop and says she knows he’s there not as the AG and says he’s like a two bit bus stop divorce attorney. She says she has nothing to hide and hands over her devices.

Olivia is in Quinn’s car and the team is following up on leads to help find Gavin. He took his dad’s watch and they found it at a small pawn shop. The owner asks if he knows her then she asks him to call if the guy comes back. She’s in North Carolina and tells the team she thinks he’ll look to sell the car soon but then Olivia spots a casino. She goes to sit beside Gavin at a blackjack table. He says the table is cold and she says maybe she can warm it up. Then he tells her he has no interest in paying for sex.

She says they can take it slow then see if his luck picks up. She cuffs his ankle to a barstool and says there are other ways for ladies to make money. She says if he makes a scene she’ll have the cops on him in a quick minute. He says she’s not what he expected from a bounty hunter. She says his step-mother is in a hurry and he says Steph is tying up loose ends. He tells Olivia he could take her out. Jake is there and she smiles. Jake says he thought she could use some help.

Gavin says old people slip and fall all the time. He says he and his dad were always yelling at each other. He says he heard a noise and then his dad was at the bottom of the stairs. He says Steph could have pushed him. He says Steph signed a pre-nup and she’d been cheating for years. She gets a billion and cheating would have invalidated her pre-nup. He asks them to just look into it. Quinn and Hook work it but don’t turn up any leads.

Danny Mendoza, a reporter, shows up in the office and Quinn takes the camera says to get out before she kicks his ass and he has to tell people a girl did it. She reminds him he’s trespassing. Quinn tells Huck he’s not fixed because she saw him head for the guy with murder in his eyes. Cyrus watches Abby get eaten alive by the press. He calls her and she asks if he’s gloating. He says she wrote Kimmel’s monologue for him then offers advice.

He says be the adult and bring Mellie back. She says she came back and Fitz kicked her out. He says be the adult and she asks if he’s day drinking. He says if she wants to be the hand that rules, be the adult and he’s the child. He says threaten him and make him eat his vegetables. She says he’s a terrible father and will get her fired. He says Fitz will fire her for a few hours at the most and she has to be the adult that makes Fitz behave.

Jake and Olivia have Gavin at a cheap motel and she says his story checks out and Walter made an appointment with his lawyer. Gavin whines and says he wants food and is not looking forward to facing a murder charge for something he didn’t do. Jake tries to talk to Olivia and says she wanted to be with Fitz so what changed. Gavin tells Olivia she’s on TV. She clicks off the news and Gavin says he’s not the only person on the run.

Huck is hacking Walter’s law firm files. He says the guy opened property everywhere and Quinn screams at him to find the will. Huck tries to be calm. Quinn asks if that’s a coping mechanism and asks if he’s swallowing his rage because he’s fixed. She goes off and asks if Jake filled him with beta blockers. She asks how Jake can fix him. Huck says if she wants him gone, he’s gone. Abby tells the press she’s not answering questions about Olivia Pope or the institution of marriage.

They ask if Mellie is living at Blair House. The press room is chaos. Abby says the first lady lives at the White House says they are handling this as a team. Fitz tells Liz to fix this. The news talks about Mellie being at the White House. Liz tells Abby she sets strategy and Abby is a mouthpiece. Abby says she was trying to right the ship. Liz threatens her job and says firing her would add fuel to the scandal. Gavin is at a diner with Jake and Olivia and he says he has to go to the bathroom.

Jake follows. Gavin whispers something to people on the way. People start talking. Quinn says Gavin was the one about to be cut out of the will because he was forging checks and Walter was going to the cops to press charges before he died. People in the diner rush Olivia and start taking selfies. Jake fights them off and Gavin sneaks out the side while Jake rescues Gavin. Abby goes to see Cyrus and says Fitz is furious. Cyrus says he’s frustrated with himself and is a big baby.

He tells Abby the briefing today was magic and she may have saved his presidency. She says Fitz doesn’t care about his presidency and only cares about Olivia. Cyrus says she knows what Olivia wants Fitz to do and says to tell him what Olivia wants. He says Liz hates Mellie more than anything. Susan comes to see Fitz and he wants her to sit in on a meeting for him. She says she has another event at a high school. He says no argument and she gives in then turns back and says no. She asks if he thinks about them.

He asks what. She says does the thinks about the people who voted for him when he had an affair in the White House and wonders why they voted for him. He says he fell in love and is a flawed person like anyone else. Susan says he doesn’t get to be like anyone else – that’s not the job he signed up for. She walks out. Olivia hides in the hotel room and thinks about Jake and Fitz and them deciding to bring this into the light. Jake comes back and says they didn’t have wine.

He says he brought beer and she takes one grudgingly then asks how bad it is. He says the diner photos are everywhere and the press is on the hunt. He says he has good news too then says a car was stolen from the diner and Quinn is tracking it and they can pick up Gavin. He says they’ll be out of there soon. Olivia lies down unhappily. He lies down beside her and she scooches over. She says she keep asking herself when it happened and when did she make the turn that brought her to this moment.

She says she can’t retrace her steps and says she’s scared. Jake says it’s a good thing. She says she doesn’t know what to do and has no answers. She says that’s not good but he says you have adrenaline and are laser focused and just know what should come next. He says she knows what to do and knows the answers and then acts. She asks if her dad taught him that and he asks if she really wants to know. He asks if he’d mind if they… he says come on and he spoons her in comfort.

She says she spent so much time ashamed and with shame suffocating on her and she let herself breathe then the photos came out. She says that’s what she’s running from – the feeling of shame. Jake says loving Fitz isn’t a crime and she says she’s hunted and chased like a thief anyway. She says she’s basically Gavin. Fitz is on the balcony when Abby finds him boozing. She asks if he saw what happened to Olivia and he knows who she’s with. He asks her point.

Abby says Olivia does what she does – she stays out of the storm. She says as soon as Olivia steps into the light, her life will be destroyed and says no woman would choose to live like that. She says Olivia will never tell him she’s okay with that. David reports someone on Mellie’s team likely leaked the photos. Fitz says it doesn’t matter and calls Mellie. He says he’s sorry and asks her to come home. She smiles. Quinn calls Olivia and says Gavin ditched the car near a lake in the Shenandoah Valley.

Jake and Olivia tell her they know where Gavin is. They go to his partially built house. He holds a nail gun on them and Olivia says put it down. He says make me. He fires a nail then says sorry. They slam him into a lawn chair. David comes to see Abby and says he has a report from the investigation but Fitz doesn’t want it. He says Mellie’s key code took the footage but it was never on her computer. He says he read something in Mellie’s email. He says plausible deniability is a key issue in his life now.

Abby says she doesn’t want to know but then reads the report and looks thoughtful. Liz goes to see Fitz and Mellie is there in the Oval. Fitz says they’re doing a sit down with Noah. Liz is not pleased. Liz rants at Abby that Mellie is back in the White House and tells Abby it’s the nail in her coffin and she’ll be fired. Abby says she knows she leaked the photos to Sally. Liz yanks her into her office. Liz asks who she’s told and what she wants. Abby says she doesn’t want to work for her but with her as equals.

Liz asks if equality is what she wants. Abby says she can make her her bitch if that’s what she wants. Liz is thrilled. They agree to go over Noah’s interview questions together. Gavin tells them his dad called him a weak little weasel and never let him have anything of his own. He says his dad would laugh at him and tells his friends the same thing. He says he pushed Walter but he died because he was weak. He hears sirens and asks if they called the cops. Olivia says no more running.

Quinn finds Huck at a bar and says she’s been mad at him forever. He says go away. She says she’s not sane either and says crime scenes turn her on and hacking is hot. She says she doesn’t want to be the all American girl. Huck says something is wrong with him and Quinn says something’s wrong with her too. He says he missed her a lot. Jake drives Olivia back and she listens to her voice mail. Fitz says he gets it now – that she doesn’t want this. He says he’s going to bring Mellie back and deny the story.

He says he loves her too much for her too much for her to throw her life away for him. Fitz and Mellie get ready for their interview with Noah Baker. Abby smiles as she watches the feed. Jake asks Olivia if she’s good and she says she is. She gets out at her place and the press swarms her. She walks through them and the ask if she’s the president’s mistress. She says yes.