Scandal Recap 11/19/15: Season 5 Fall Finale “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Scandal Recap 11/19/15: Season 5 Fall Finale "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday November 19, season 5 fall finale called, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Olivia (Kerry Washington) has new duties at the White House, and she finds them irksome.

On the last episode, Olivia made a judgment call about intel she received as Fitz worked on an important peace deal. Meanwhile, Huck’s assistance allowed Jake to inch closer to his target; and Cyrus refused to sit back when he’s excluded from the inner circle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Olivia has new duties at the White House, and she finds them irksome. Elsewhere, Mellie demonstrates the impressive power she can yield; and Jake and Huck keep searching for Rowan.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping tonight’s episode for you here live. In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 5 fall finale.

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It’s the #Scandal winter finale! We start with Olivia doing official First Lady type functions. She’s with Girl Scouts, a dinner and on the cover of magazines. She’s got a new dog and poses on the porch of the White House. She looks at all her new dresses as Fitz comes into the closet. He kisses her and points out a dress he likes. She takes it off the rack and puts it on. Fitz asks her someone’s name they will see at the party and she answers impatiently but he says they’re important for the spending bill.

They go to work the holiday party. Rosen smiles and chats with Susan and he talks about all the holiday parties. She says she’s glad it’s the last one of the night. Abby and Liz talk about how America is falling for Olivia and Liz says don’t get used to it. Olivia is bored at a party then a wife says she has a problem and Olivia says ask but the woman asks about a presidential cookie. Olivia was hoping for a more controversial problem. Olivia’s brain is melting. She asks if Olivia can get her the recipe.

Olivia says she would love to. Mellie comes to talk to Gibson who mentions the spending bill. She says she found a mistake and mentions that Planned Parenthood was moved to discretionary which means the money could be taken away at any time. She says she can’t vote for it and Gibson says it will pass without her. Mellie says others will agree with her and Gibson says this bill will pass and that’s why he’s good at his job. He tells her vote yes and they can all go home and enjoy the holidays.

She smiles. Fitz talks to Olivia about another dinner and she says she knows the schedule. He says he knows she doesn’t like this but he says it’s working and his funding bill got passed. She says it’s a crappy bill then walks off. Quinn tries to reach Huck but can’t. Marcus comes in with holiday flowers and mentions a holiday party. She says gladiators don’t decorate, they work and he says bah, humbug. Rosen has a gift for Liz and says happy holidays. He shows her the bracelet.

She says she doesn’t want it but he says she’s special. Liz says that is sad and lame and says no need for presents and says she hopes he kept the receipts. She zips her skirt and leaves. Gibson talks about the spending bill and calls for a vote on the bill. Mellie speaks up at the last minute. She takes the podium and says this bill keeps the lights on but it hurts people. Gibson tries to interrupt but she says she has the room. She says the Planned Parenthood line item is a problem and says they can cut it off.

She says this is the way that they chip away at that budget until Planned Parenthood no longer exists. She adds that she would like to get home for the holidays but can’t do it at the cost of women’s health. She begins a filibuster about line item budget items. They have no choice but to let her go on. She reads about the Congressional hair care budget and all the pork barrel line items. Gibson is furious but she keeps going.

Huck is out of touch because he has Rowan tied up – literally. He has Christmas carols playing while he unwraps his lunch. Rowan complains that he didn’t get him fries then asks what Huck wants since he kept him alive and says he knows Huck likes to skin people. Huck enjoys his sandwich. Rowan says he’s being kind to him. He says worse men are out there. He says he’s allowing Huck a little power then calls him son. Huck says Rowan is no one’s father and he’s not his son. He tells Rowan to eat.

Rowan sips his drink and tips over his lunch. The news covers Mellie’s filibuster. They report that if the bill doesn’t pass by midnight will lead to government shut down. Cyrus tells Fitz that Mellie can’t make it 16 hours without eating or peeing. Abby says if Mellie looks desperate it reflects poorly on Fitz. Cyrus says let her hang herself and Abby recommends letting Olivia handle this but he says no. Mellie is tired and talks about the importance of Planned Parenthood.

She says they have to say sorry we can’t help you because we need more than one million for tree snake control in Guam. She mentions a study on Hangry then steals a snack. She says the rules say nothing about taking food already on the floor and eats the granola bar she stole. She’s reenergized and Olivia watches it on the news. Tom leaves a building looking banged up and Jake watches. He moves on and parks elsewhere. Jake sees Tom get into a car with someone.

Tom is meeting with Franklin and they discuss that Rowan has been taken. Tom says he knows he was supposed to report to Franklin and Franklin says Rowan is the only one who can stop Lazarus and tells Tom to find him so he lets him keep breathing. Tom agrees to keep on it and gets back into his own car. Huck asks his question and Rowan says he must have known he was marked for death then asks why save him. He says Huck is working for someone and asks if it’s Olivia.

He reminds Huck that he is her father and says he has many sons including Jake and him and calls them ungrateful children. Then he mentions Huck’s son Javi and asks if he’s seen him recently. He asks if Javi is happier knowing his insane shell of a human father is out of the picture. Huck tells him to stop it. Rowan keeps on and Huck chokes him. Rowan says that’s the son he knows and respects and tells him to do it. Huck stops and then gets close and asks if he had a TV in prison.

He asks if he saw all the things they said about Liv. A whore and a homewrecker who spread her legs to get to the top. He says that would hurt if it was his child and then tells Rowan she’s not his anymore, she chose Fitz over him. He asks if Rowan thinks she loves him or just hates Rowan so much she’s with him to spite her father. He asks if he prefers Jake then asks which white boy he prefers being inside his daughter. He tells him he’s been a good father staying away from Javi so he could have a life.

He says Rowan, however, failed and is no one’s father. He says he knows Rowan wants to die and knowing that is almost better than killing him. He walks off and Rowan has a mini meltdown. Fitz rants and says Mellie is doing this to raise her profile not because she believes in hit. Olivia says this is not about him at all. Fitz says he needs to get back to work. He leaves her watching Mellie on the news. Olivia later meets with the White House event planner about the china choices for the dinner.

They go over the seating chart and she makes all sorts of choices. Abby tells her she’s good at this and Olivia says she knows. The news talks about the physical toll this could take on Mellie. She can’t even leave to go to the bathroom and a commentator talks about the urethra elasticity. Olivia drops off cookies for someone then says they’re called snickerdoodles and to let the Senator’s wife know. The news says if another Senator could ask a long drawn out question, Mellie might get a bathroom break.

A note is brought to Senator Moskowitz who steps out to speak to Olivia but she refuses Olivia’s request to ask a lengthy question so Mellie can go pee. Olivia tells her as a Democratic female Senator she should be more vested in the Planned Parenthood issue. Susan comes to see Rosen with a Christmas gift of expensive whiskey. He says he has something for her too but says she may not like it. He hands over the bracelet he bought for Liz. She’s thrilled and says it’s beautiful.

He puts it on her wrist. Susan’s cell rings as she stares dreamily at him. Mellie is getting worn out. She’s barely hanging on as she lists off the ridiculous line items in the budget. Fitz and Cyrus watch the news and Cyrus says she’s about to be the first person to empty their bladder on the Senate floor. Then Susan comes into the room and is announced to the Senate. She says hi to Senators and goes down and says she hates to be someone who throws her weight around and kicks the guy out of her chair.

She asks if Mellie will yield the floor to her so she can ask a lengthy question about the services that Planned Parenthood provides. Mellie yields and runs to the potty. Susan starts in with questions about abortion then moves on to gonorrhea. Mellie is in the bathroom when Olivia approaches. She thanks Olivia and says she should have known. Mellie says she thinks she’s done and can’t do it. Mellie says she’s a Republican.

Olivia tells Mellie she’s the biggest bitch she knows and says don’t tell me you can’t do this. Olivia tells her just a couple of more hours. Olivia says she can’t watch and has to be somewhere. Mellie says the Cabinet Dinner is always a bore. She wishes Mellie luck and leaves. Olivia is late and the chef is in a panic. Fitz says go ahead and serve. The news reports that Mellie is just a couple of minutes away from accomplishing this. She says she’s sorry for anyone who missed their travel plans.

She says she hates that she had to resort to theatrics to preserve what should be basic human rights. She reads off a number of thanks and says she wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas then yields the floor. The debate closes and that’s it. Mellie did it. The women cheer. Moskowitz comes over to shake her hand but Mellie walks away laughing. The news reports it’s the longest filibuster in modern history. Olivia watches the news and smiles a little smile.

She is at a medical center and is asked if she’s ready to begin. Jake has a gun on Franklin who says Lazarus One will bring the agency back to what it’s supposed to be. Jake asks if Elise begged and Franklin says that’s on him for not taking care of Olivia. Rowan says he was testing Jake about his family and says he passed by not killing him. Huck says he’s going home and Rowan calls him sad and predictable. Huck says Olivia is the only reason Olivia is alive and Rowan says family is a burden.

Franklin tells Jake they’re brothers but he puts a bullet in his head. It looks like Olivia is having an abortion. Rowan talks about how family doesn’t complete you, it destroys you. She comes back to the White House later and Fitz is waiting upset. She goes to her closet and starts looking around. He asks where she was tonight. She finds Mellie’s jar of moonshine and Fitz says he’s trying to talk to her. She says she tried to make it to his dinner but couldn’t get back in time.

He asks what happened and she drinks from the emergency hooch and he asks where she was. She says something came up and he screams at her not to lie. He says to tell him she was running. He says it doesn’t matter where she was tonight since she wasn’t there. Olivia says she didn’t want to go and sit with other housewives while he runs with the big dogs. She says she’s a big dog too and says he moved her in like a hostage and is punishing her for her father.

She says she tried to save him but he says she did that for him. He says she did it to avoid marrying him. She chuckles and asks what was worse – when she let her father go or asked him not to kill him. She asks if she gets to talk to wives at cocktail parties and live in this cage for him and not breathe. She asks what she must do to prove she’s glad he saved her father. She asks if she has to be his property. She says think about what she’s been doing and says who wouldn’t run.

Fitz says try to understand this. He says moving her in and asking her to go in – she interrupts and says he didn’t ask her to move in and says the proposal was manipulation. He says he knows what she’s been doing and says she’s been wielding undue influence. She asks if he’s bitter knowing how ineffectual he is and he says she’s worse than Mellie and he says he knows where she came from. She says at least her father loved her. He says he was trying to save them and she says there is no us.

She says no Vermont, no future anymore. She cries and turns her back. He says – you just needed time to get used to the way things work around here and to be here. He says you needed time. She says she didn’t get any. She says she told him if it got out… she says they needed time before and never had a chance. He says he was unavailable before. He says she liked him unavailable. She says she doesn’t know him available and says Mellie understood this side of him and got it and she didn’t have to.

Fitz says they could have had something and been something. He says that’s what Mellie said to him. Olivia sits and sips her hooch and sighs. She offers him the jar. He sits by her and takes a sip. He makes a face and groans. He says he hates that Olivia is always right. She says me too and takes back the jar and drinks. He says they tried. She agrees they did. Ava Maria plays as Quinn comes back to the office with a bottle and Marcus says he’s going to Aunt Sylvia’s. He invites her long but she says she has plans.

Abby is getting ready to go out for the night and is excited to have time off but then she sees that Olivia is packed and walking out. Abby starts scrambling and calling press contacts. Susan gifts Liz a scarf and Liz notices the bracelet and asks about it. Susan says Rosen gave it to her and Liz looks stunned. Huck drops Rowan off at home and tells him Merry Christmas. Jake is there and tells Rowan he was right and says Lazarus wasn’t him. He goes to walk away but Rowan calls to him.

He says – welcome home son. Olivia is at home on the couch when her phone rings. She says – come on up. Quinn sits alone at her place and uncorks the bottle and keeps drinking. There’s a knock. She opens it and finds Charlie in antlers with a tree in hand and he asks if there’s room at the inn. She kisses him. Olivia waits by the elevator as her new couch is delivered. Fitz sits alone boozing in the Oval. Mellie is with her son checking out the tree. Her daughter is with her too.

Rowan goes inside with Rowan. Olivia pours a glass of red and has a big bowl of popcorn. She sits back on her new couch and sighs. She looks at the snow falling outside and smiles.