Scandal Recap – Olivia Doesn’t Wait for a Rescue: Season 4 Episode 11 “Where’s the Black Lady?”

Scandal Recap - Olivia Doesn't Wait for a Rescue: Season 4 Episode 11 "Where’s the Black Lady?"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday February 5, season 4 episode 11 called, “Where’s the Black Lady?,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode Olivia [Kerry Washington] remains missing, so her team members unite to try to rescue her safely.

On the last episode, the winter premiere picked up right where the finale left off, this time from Olivia’s point of view. Exactly what happened when Jake went to the bedroom? Who took Olivia and where did she go? The fight of Olivia’s life began on the January return. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “with Olivia still missing, the team comes together to do whatever it takes to find her and get her home safely.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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At the White House, Fitz tells Charlotte he wants Jake Ballard, Cyrus and the heads of the to intelligence organizations. The Secret Service comes in and tells Fitz they are there to help. One says they are there to help him not search for Olivia Pope and says they are there on orders of the Vice-President. The man says there is a huge roster of staff that are there to act as his support group to make sure he doesn’t go after her. He says there are cameras and video recordings. He says it would be a shame if Olivia was beheaded and says they don’t call the White House the crown jewel of the American prison system for nothing. They walk out and leave Fitz stunned.

He goes to see Cyrus and says he’s working on the guest list for his arranged marriage to an opportunistic sex worker. Fitz tells him he wants him to gather the joint chiefs. Cyrus asks if he’s all right and if they’re talking about West Angola. Mellie chats to Fitz and says they changed her Secret Service agents and doesn’t like it. He largely ignores her. She asks him to zip her and he looks away as he does. She says he’s quiet and asks if he’s all right. He says it was a long day. He says the necklace is caught in her hair. She tells him she’s sleeping with Andrew again before she found out he was sleeping with Liz.

She says she wasn’t going to tell him but since they’re partners now, she doesn’t want to hide anything from him. She says she thought being with him would make her happy like being with Olivia makes him happy. She says this is better now that it’s clear. She says she knows his dirty secrets and he knows her. He tells her to stop talking and puts his hand over her mouth. She backs away then stomps out slamming the door behind her. Fitz calls Andrew and demands proof of life. He says he’s the only one that can give him the war he wants.

He says the only thing he can offer is that she’s alive somewhere in the world. Fitz says nothing gets done without proof of life. His hand shakes as he drinks. Olivia holds today’s newspaper and reads from cue cards. She veers off the cues and Ian says he could let the guards tear her to pieces. He tells her to start again. She asks for a glass of water. Ian hands it to her and she gulps it. She starts over and says she’s safe and hasn’t been abused and that for her to be safe, war must be declared on West Angola within 48 hours.

She says if he refuses, he’ll be killed. The Secret Service slams the laptop shut and then leaves Fitz with a copy of the message he can watch later at his leisure. Liz tucks her daughter in and kisses her goodnight. She’s grabbed by Huck and shoved against the wall. He demands to know where Olivia is and threatens to gut her daughter while she watches. She swears she doesn’t know but says she’ll find out. He says he’ll be back and she better. She’s terrified. Liz goes to see Andrew and tells him that Olivia’s henchman threatened her and her daughter.

He reminds her that the war in West Angola was her idea. He says Winslow and Kubiak are gone and it’s just him and her now and he’s going to be the next president. He tells her to get her head together and get in the game. At the meeting, Fitz thinks only about Olivia. Cyrus and Abby tell him he needs to deny Tom Larson’s pardon petition. He demands to see him. He tells Tom he would never pardon him for what he did to Jerry. Tom says that he had to choose between a nice boy and a great man and chose Fitz. He says Jerry was a sacrifice and that he is too.

He says sometimes brush needs to be cleared for the path of history. Fitz says he needs to know who he can trust in the White House. He asks where he can speak privately and who he can trust on his detail. Tom asks if he would launch a 1,000 wars to save Olivia. He says he can trust no one on his detail. He says the only place he can speak privately is the only place he ever could. Fitz is shocked that Tom knows about her kidnapping.

Fitz goes to Olivia’s apartment and tells his guards to wait outside. He finds Jake waiting for him and says Tom reminded him this was the only place they could talk. He says he’s being watched and can’t make a move. He gives him the flash drive with the proof of life message and says they only have 48 hours. Jake watches it again with Huck and Quinn and they try to look for coded messages and clues to where she’s being held.

Quinn says there are no coded messages and Huck says they can’t tell where it was filmed. Huck points out where she held the glass up to drink. She showed them a reflection in the bottom of the glass. They see her kidnapper and Huck says he may be able to get an ID from the breadcrumbs she dropped. She washes her face while Ian watches. She tells him that Fitz won’t go to war over her. He says he doesn’t care and he gets paid either day. He says he’ll bet her $1 and says he’s just a sad scared man who wants his Olivia doll back.

Ian says emotion, sex, insecurity and jealousies drive this. He talks about Clinton launching bombs to distract from Monica and that Bush Jr went to war in Iraq to avenge Bush Sr. He asks her if it’s a bet and holds out his hand. She says he used the word “our” demands but says it’s their demand, not his. She tells him he’s a pawn and a puppet. He strokes her arm and says she’s pretty. He says it would be such a shame to return her damaged. He touches her neck and says she has 30 seconds to finish her little bath or it will be the last she gets. He gives her some privacy then.

Huck, Quinn and Jake have a rough sketch. A woman comes in and asks for the black lady in charge. She says her name is Rose and Quinn offers to help her. She says unless she’s the black lady, she can’t help. She leaves and says she’ll be back tomorrow. The Joint Chiefs go over strategies with Fitz on West Angola. Andrew speaks up when Fitz mentions a longer time line. He gets very pushy and says that waiting has consequences.

Abby finds Cyrus pacing furiously. He asks her why Fitz is listening to the Vice-President when he hates him. She says they all hate the VP. He asks why he’s in the room all of a sudden and being heard. Cyrus says he’s out and the VP is in but she says that’s not true. He tells her he didn’t even know there was a coalition for West Angola much less that a list was needed. He throws her out of his office then breaks something. Quinn, Jake and Huck sit staring. Huck says he ran facial recognition failed 22 times. Jake and Huck stand. She asks where they’re going but they’re both gone.

Liz checks her windows then turns off the light. She peeks in on her daughter and sees Huck sitting on her bed. He says if she screams, he’ll break her neck and says she didn’t do what she promised. She says if he hurts her daughter, Olivia Pope is dead. He opens his toolbox and asks her what to do about this. She’s terrified. Fitz walks down the halls of the White House staring suspiciously at everyone. He goes out on the balcony to mull things over. Mellie comes to ask if he’s going to bed. She thinks he’s mad about her and Andrew. She asks what’s going on when he pours yet another drink.

He just glares at her. He sees someone in their room and backs her up to the rail. He leans close like their getting romantic and tells her that Andrew kidnapped Olivia and says if he doesn’t start a war in West Angola, she’s going to die. He says her boyfriend is staging a modern day coup. He asks what kind of President he would be if he sent thousands to die just for one life. She puts her hand on his head to make the charade look real. He says he can’t do it and she says she can’t believe they’ve been through all this for a cheap screw and says she thought he loved her.

He says he does love her and she says then he knows what he has to do. She walks away and leaves him alone on the balcony. Next day, Fitz says they’ve begun the first stages to help West Angola see democracy and in retaliation for the attack on the Vice-President. Abby asks Cyrus if this is really happening and he says it is. Ian and Olivia watch the news. He says we cannot allow terror groups that use human civilians as a shield to continue on. Ian smiles and closes the laptop and asks her who’s the puppet now.

Fitz finds Andrew in his chair in the Oval Office. The VP tells him it was nicely done and Fitz says to let her go now that he has his war. Andrew says a round of drone strikes is not a war. He says wars take time and they need that time to get his second term back on track. He says there’s not limit to what they can do if they do it as partners. Fitz asks if he’s going to just keep her and Andrew says it depends on him. Andrew spells out his agenda and what else he wants.

Rose comes in and says she gave Lois a medical alert bracelet and says now she’s missing and that’s why she needs the black lady because she knows Lois. She says her car is in her garage. Quinn asks why does Olivia have her key and she says she lives across the hall from her and she’s knocked on Olivia’s door and she’s not answering either. Huck, Quinn and Jake go to Lois’ place and Huck quickly finds the ring she hid. Jake says it’s another breadcrumb. They figure out they were using this place to watch and then find a router and try to figure out who used it.

Huck says they found someone and then pull his known associates. They pull up one of them and then spot the guy in the glass. Ian Woods aka Martin St John. Cyrus comes to see Fitz and the President gives him a report to read. He says he wants his thoughts but Cyrus says it’s a little late since he already sent troops in and says 31 servicemen have already lost their lives in this battle. Cyrus says those are his thoughts. Fitz tells him to take the report back to his office and read it. Cyrus leaves mad and Fitz sits down angrily.

Ian brings Olivia some food and she kicks it at him and says she wants beef stew and then an orange creamsicle for dessert. She says she wants that meal and then wants to be shot in the head. She says they got the war and knows they’ll kill her now. He says she has this all wrong. He says this is a long term gig for at least the next three years. He says after Fitz’s second term, then he’ll kill her. He kicks the food back at her and says he’ll see about the creamsicle. Huck is trying to ping Ian’s cell phone and they get several pings.

Huck says he’s bouncing his signal and they can’t use it to find her. Liz comes to see Mellie and she says she thought she’d be out celebrating her victory with the VP. Liz says she has nothing to do with it. Mellie says kidnapping is a felony and that she should expect them to do everything in their power to get her back. Liz pulls off her shirt and shows her that she was flayed. She says the man will kill her if Olivia doesn’t come back. Mellie says Andrew will have to release her. Liz tells her that Andrew will keep her and just keep making demands.

Mellie goes to see Andrew who’s on the phone with a Senator. She asks why he’s working so late. She says she knows about Olivia. She asks what his intentions are and if he’s on her side or Liz’s. He says Fitz forced him to stop seeing her and says none of this means anything without her. He says it will be the two of them in the Oval. He kisses her and she kisses back. Cyrus drinks while Abby says they have to rethink the media strategy for the war. He opens the report and sees a note that says simply “They have Olivia.” He thinks about what’s happened recently and it all starts to make sense.

Ian throws a newspaper at Olivia so she can see the headline about the casualties in West Angola. She asks what he wants and says that’s the first question she always asks clients. She says she would say power but that can’t be true. She says to imagine the price she’d fetch on the open market and says he’d rather honor his contract and be a well-paid babysitter. She says she can help him sell her so she doesn’t have to die and he can get rich. She says it’s a win win but the question is whether he wants to be babysitter or a boss.

Fitz stands out on his balcony when Cyrus comes out. He asks if Cyrus read the report. He says he did. He asks if he has any thoughts. Mellie comes out and asks if he needs a sweater. She acts like she’s kissing him but says she took care of everything. We see her take Andrew’s cell phones and give them to Liz who takes them directly to Huck. She says she never wanted this to happen and begs him to leave she and her family alone. They look over the phone and figure out she’s likely in Pennsylvania.

They narrow it down to an abandoned aircraft hangar but realize they can’t call the White House for help. Jake goes to see David Rosen and tells him he’s helping to save Olivia Pope. David tells him to acknowledge that and says he’s wearing a 10 gallon white hat for the record. He signs what Jake asked for and then calls in a drug raid to the DEA. Jake nods and leaves. Jake goes along with the DEA as they raid the facility. They reach the red door and then head down the hall.

They search room by room and find her cell but she’s not there. Jake tells them she’s not there. David watches on camera and is disappointed. Huck tells Quinn that he believes Olivia is alive. Fitz is shown footage of the killed and missing servicemen. Fitz gets a call from Olivia and then Ian takes the phone. Ian says he doesn’t care about the war. He says he’s selling Olivia to the highest bidder and it will cost him. He says everyone will want to buy her since she controls him.

He tells him he’ll be in touch and wishes him good luck. Huck calls Quinn in and says there’s chatter from the breadcrumbs Olivia has left. Olivia looks out the window of the private plane she and Ian are on. She’s clean, well fed and looks calm.