Scorpion Recap 11/2/15: Season 2 Episode 7 “Crazy Train”

Scorpion Recap 11/2/15: Season 2 Episode 7 "Crazy Train"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday November 2, season 2 episode 7 called, “Crazy Train” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the team must stop a runaway train with Paige (Katharine McPhee) and Ralph (Riley B. Smith) aboard.

For those of you who don’t know, a computer genius and his equally brilliant friends investigate high-tech crimes.

On the last episode, a nefarious virus was uploaded to Walter’s computer that turns the team’s new “smart” building project into a burning death trap with people locked inside. Did you watch the last episode last season? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the CBS synopsis, “the team must stop a runaway train with Paige and Ralph aboard. Meanwhile, Toby competes in his first boxing match in an attempt to impress Happy.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Scorpion’s first season.

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#TeamScorpion starts with the gang playing She Blinded Me with Science as Ray carries the boom box and Toby goes into his first fight. His robe reads ‘The Raging Id.’ Cabe coaches him and Ray wants to act as cut man at the corner and Cabe relents and lets him into the ring. Toby is fighting Hector Gardeno Paige, Sylvester and Walter watch nervously. Toby plans to psych the guy out but Cabe says stick and move. Toby tells the guy he’s the reason his parents got divorced and gets in a good punch but then the guy hits him with a knockout punch. It’s not pretty.

Later, Sylvester makes him a liquid nitrogen sponge to hold against his face in a cloth. Toby is upset that Happy didn’t see the fight and Walter wants him to stop. Happy comes in and asks what happened. He says he had his first fight last night and she asks how it went. He says – you should have seen the other guy – and Walter says he was standing over Toby with his arms up in triumph. Happy says maybe she can be there next time. Sylvester says his pretend relationship with Happy is over. They think Toby is in the stages of grief.

Ray calls Walter into his RV and says he wants to take him to the beach. Walter says he doesn’t want to lie in dirt near water. Walter looks at a photo of Ray and another guy in firefighter gear. Ray takes it away and doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells Walter to get his junk in the trunks and let’s go. Walter says he has to work and tells Walter to have fun in traffic. Ray says he’s taking the subway to Santa Monica. Paige and Ralph are also on a train headed to the museum. The other mom tries to make small talk but her kid and Ralph have nothing in common.

The kid complains to his mom that he doesn’t want to be friends with Ralph. The train zips past their stop and then the train starts to go off kilter. Paige tells Ralph to hang on and then someone falls over. Ralph stares out the window and tells his mom the train is going too fast for the track and is speeding up. Cabe is ready to leave but Walter calls him back based on Paige’s call. He tells Cabe to call DOT. Paige says 75 mph and it’s the Olympic Line where it’s automated and they have no conductors. Toby says something is off. Cabe yells for a supervisor.

Sylvester hacked the DOT site and says the train is over 80 mph and if it gets faster, it will be fatal. Cabe tells Taggart, a boss there, about the train. Walter hacks the system to try and stop the train and it’s not working. Taggart isn’t happy and Happy says the train is 25 miles from an unsustainable curve radius. Happy explains the situation and Sylvester says the train is going to derail. Walter promises to fix it. They head out with 11 minutes to deal with this. Walter tells Paige to get everyone on the right side of the train to try and counterbalance it.

The team stops at a fast food joint above the deadly curve. Paige tries to convince the passengers to move but a guy resists until Ralph explains it. Then Ralph uses the cell phone and some earbuds to tap into the PA system and tell people in other cars to move to the right. The team is trying to put enough grease on the tracks to help it stick. Happy and Walter run with grease containers to grease the tracks as the train hurtles towards them. Walter puts himself at risk and is almost hit.

The train rushes by and Walter sees Paige and Ralph as it speeds by. It worked and survived the curve. Happy tells Paige there’s a hatch and she needs to open it to switch to manual and override the automatic. The doors are locked and Ralph uses the battery from a construction workers stud finder to pop the servo motor in the door. He gets it open and Paige tells the other mom that’s why they have no time for Boy Scouts.

Happy tells her to open the hatch and Paige does but someone took out the switch. Walter says someone sabotaged the train and is controlling it remotely. Happy says there’s no way to stop the train. People are panicking and Paige tells the team to find a solution now. Walter runs back into the garage and Sylvester says the DOT gave them jurisdiction over it. Toby doesn’t think it’s a terror attack since no one has taken credit and they could have already crashed it.

They see the other trains are being called back so there won’t be a collision. Toby wonders if the culprit wanted the tracks cleared. Happy says she’s been through the tunnels and it’s just rats. Sylvester says maybe the LA airport is the target. Happy says they could get into the airport and it may be terrorists targeting something else. Happy heads out with the part of the team for the airport. Ralph reassures school buddy Tyler that they’ll be fine.

LAX has shut down their terminals and Cabe, Happy and Walter are searching the area where the tunnel had access. Turns out it was a heist – there was a pile of gold there being held before being shipped to a billionaire. They hear a noise and Cabe, Happy, Toby and Walter hop down into the tunnel. They see a guy running and Happy tells them to get off the track. She arcs the track after the guy gets wet and shocks him into a knockout.

They finds the coins and nothing else. They assume he has a partner controlling the train. Sylvester says the train will be there soon and Walter says he’s going to get onto the train and build a firewall to block the hacker. Cabe asks how Walter can get a plane going 90 and Walter says with great caution. Happy drops Walter off at a stop and Ralph tells Paige that structural integrity is compromised and Ralph says Walter is coming. He runs and jumps and grabs the side of the train.

They pry at the door and have to get him in or Walter will hit a junction box and die. Walter tells Ralph to figure it out. Paige shatters the glass and they pull Walter inside at the last minute. Ralph is upset she broke his telescope to let Walter in and Paige promises a new one. Happy tells Cabe that Walter may not have enough time to find it. Cabe is beating on the thief to get the partner’s name. He asks why cooperate and Toby drags over a box to shove the guy in. The guy says he’s not claustrophobic.

Toby tells Cabe to trust him and they shove him in. Sylvester tells them in 18 miles they have to go right or they die. He says the DOT locked the switches and it will take 20 minutes to unlock it. Sylvester says the switch can be unlocked manually. Paige asks for a comm and says she can handle it. Paige starts building things with a crutch and strips of cloth. Toby and Cabe are convincing the guy that they’re burying him alive. They rattle shovels and Toby says he’s in Angeles National Forest.

The guy says they’re cops and they can’t bury him alive. Cabe says their friends die, he dies. The thief gives up the names of his partner and his location. Paige builds a switch lever and Walter says he’ll do it but she says keep doing what you’re doing. She goes to the door and Sylvester tells her how to hit the lever. He says if she misses, they’ll die immediately. Happy says she needs a backup plan. Cabe and Toby find the partner and knock him out.

Toby is at his computer and he says the guy has a protocol set so he has to reboot. Walter says no time. Paige can’t hold on to the device she made and misses the switch. Paige tells Walter they’re going to crash and he has no answer. They see Happy running for the switch on foot. Paige says that’s the backup plan. Happy hits the switch and dives out of the way. She makes it and the train goes right. Happy says she told her the pole wouldn’t work. Toby shuts down the program.

Walter has control and Happy says to apply the brakes lightly and he should coast right into the downtown station. The breaks squeal as he slows them down gradually. There’s a high temperature warning and Happy says the grease they used may have leaked into the brake pads. They lost the brakes at 88. Sylvester says that train is a wide body and will hit the sides of the tunnel. Cabe cuffs the co-conspirator and Cabe and Toby head out to the station. Walter leads everyone to the end car.

Walter tells Ralph to decouple the cars and says he has 10 seconds to get onto the other side. Paige tells Walter to be careful. Ralph and Paige go to the back car and Ralph says there’s no lever like Walter said. Paige screams no but Walter says someone has to stay on there to disengage the cars. She says no and Sylvester says Walter’s car will speed up and it’s guaranteed death but Walter says it’s guaranteed life for Paige and Ralph. Paige begs him not to do it but he does.

Their car slows as his speeds away. The train hurtles and Sylvester says he has 19 seconds to do something. The rest of the team is in a panic. Walter grabs the brake cord and says he’s going to use it to get out. He climbs out the top hatch of the train which comes into the station and crashes. Cabe, Toby and Happy run over to look for Walter who is dangling from the ceiling of the tunnel. Toby asks if he’s just hanging around. Cabe catches him as he drops.

Cabe says his plans for the day were derailed. Paige is there and she slaps him hard across the face and says never do something like that to her again. Toby says she hits harder than him. Walter is stunned. Sylvester makes him a liquid nitrogen sponge too. Cabe says one of the gold coins is missing and Toby says he’ll get it. Ray comes to chat with Walter and Ray counsels him about ignoring his feelings for Paige he says denial ain’t just a river in Turkey.

Ray says clearly his feelings aren’t under control. Ray says as his best friend, he can tell him that putting distance between him and people he cares about won’t end well. Walter asks if this is from experience and Ray pulls a face then walks off. Walter asks about the firefighter medal he says wasn’t his. Walter says if they are best friends, he should tell him. He says Danny Tuggle and says they joined the firefighter company together. He says Danny and his wife were like family. He says he was godfather to his son.

10 years ago, there was a gas line that blew and says Danny went down and he couldn’t get his mask on Danny but he was dizzy too from the gas. He says he woke up in the hospital and Danny didn’t wake up. He says it was his fault for not getting the regulator on him. Walter says that’s unfortunate. Ray says he was supposed to present the medal to his wife and son at the funeral but he couldn’t face them and never saw them again. Ray says Walter is making the same mistake. Ray says don’t let the distance get so far.

Happy makes plans with Chet and tells the team goodbye. Toby looks so sad. He says he’s going to the club to see that happy is Happy with Chet and then he can move on. Sylvester rushes after him. Ralph is asleep on the sofa when Walter comes into Paige’s office. He asks how Ralph is and she says out cold but he did great today and says Tyler wants a playdate with Ralph. Walter says of course since Ralph is a great kid. Paige says she shouldn’t have hit him.

She says he’s always thinking of the greater good but should be selfish and think more about himself. She says Walter is important to Ralph, the team, and how important he is to her. She’s crying and says she hit him because she was scared she was going to lose him today. She says the idea of losing him frightened her. Cabe says Walter needs to come with him to follow Toby to the club where he’s stalking Happy. Paige tells him to go.

At the club, Toby and the gang follow. It’s a comedy club and Chet is on stage doing an act. Chet says this is someone he’s been personally training. Happy comes out and takes the stage. She starts with a knock knock joke that turns into math. Sylvester is the only one who laughs. Then she does a chemistry joke and Sylvester is in hysterics. It’s all nerd jokes. Sylvester loved it. No one else in the place laughed. Walter says that was factual and Toby is thrilled that Chet is her comedy coach and a bad one.

Toby says he and Happy have been doing the same thing – replacing the excitement of risk with each other with something stupid – boxing and comedy. Toby says he’s going to let the seed grow and it might become a love oak. Sylvester says Happy is hilarious. Cabe apologizes for interrupting a moment between he and Paige. Walter says he’s hoping for less distance between he and Paige. Chet asks them to stick around for the next show and Cabe says they’ve seen enough train wrecks for one day.