Scorpion Premiere Recap – The Gang is Back plus Gene Simmons! Season 2 Episode 1 “Satellite of Love”

Scorpion Premiere Recap - The Gang is Back plus Gene Simmons! Season 2 Episode 1 "Satellite of Love"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday January 21, season 2 premiere episode called, “Satellite of Love” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode In the second season premiere, a nuclear-powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit and the team reunites to divert its course before it detonates over Southern California.

For those of you who don’t know, a computer genius and his equally brilliant friends investigate high-tech crimes.

On tonight’s episode per say the CBS synopsis, “in the second season premiere, a nuclear-powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit and the team reunites to divert its course before it detonates over Southern California. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Paige kissed Walter, which forces them to confront their feelings for each other. Gene Simmons makes a guest appearance as himself.”

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It’s a new season for #TeamScorpion. There’s a police chase in progress. The cops chase down a man – it’s all a movie set. Gene Simmons is playing a cop and Cabe is the technical consultant. He gets a call from Homeland Security that says he has his job back and they need the team. Cabe tells wardrobe he needs a suit. Walter is at physical therapy and struggles with a dizzy spell. Walter hacks another patient’s prosthetic hand to play classical music.

Cabe shows up and says Walter doesn’t listen to anyone. He tells Walter they have a case. He asks if Walter is ready to work and he says he’s ready to go. He tells the therapist that he has a consult. The therapist asks when his last dizzy spell was and he lies and says it’s been a while. Paige is waiting tables at the diner and dealing with stress at work. Paige wakes from a dream and falls out of her chair at the garage. Toby and Sylvester argue over his new action figure.

Happy has made a high powered paint ball gun and shoots Toby. They call Paige a nerd for reading over the break and they look at her managerial books she was studying. Walter and Cabe show up and Sylvester crushes him with a hug then asks why only Cabe got to visit him. Toby says it’s a Hercules complex. Merrick is due there any minute. Walter thanks Paige for the cupcakes and says they were moist. It’s awkward. Toby says he doesn’t like the ergonomic chair she got him and Paige walks off.

She follows Walter upstairs and helps him button his shirt. He says he’s glad she’s embracing her new responsibilities. She ties his tie for him and says the books emphasized the importance of communication. She says she kissed him while he was unconscious and she says this job puts them in tense situations and she likes and respects him as a person and says she doesn’t have those feelings she thought she had and says they need to move forward as colleagues.

Walter says it was just a stressful first year on the job and she asks if there’s anything he’d like to share. He says no. Toby listened in and says the new intercom works great. Paige comes down and says eavesdropping is a crime. Sylvester shouts that an SUV just pulled up. It’s Adriana Molina, the new director of Homeland and says Merrick is out. Molina says she’d tell them about herself but knows they’ll hack it anyway. She says the first case is at the Rocketry Aeronautics Center.

Molina talks about all the agencies they have pissed off and says she wants them to be successful unlike Merrick. She tells them to get into the SUV now. She says a Russian satellite is hurtling towards earth, likely in Southern California. Walter asks why it wouldn’t burn up on re-entry and Molina says it’s nuclear and would be like an A bomb. Happy lays out the dire consequences and Sylvester says 10 million will die and Molina says three hours until impact. The Russians won’t give them any data.

Cabe says that means it’s a spy satellite. Molina says they need to hack the satellite and redirect it. Walter gets another dizzy spell. Paige says she types 100 words a minute if they want to tell her what to do. Toby says welcome back to Scorpion. At the rocketry center, they find it’s been cleared out to avoid panic. They are down to 141 minutes. Walter tells Paige what to type and she does it fast. He says it’s wonderful. She says she’s glad to be working with him again.

They sit close and Toby makes a fraternization crack. They wonder why they can’t get a signal to the satellite. Walter says it’s illogical they can’t get into the system and thinks Molina has held back some information from them. Paige tells Walter his people skills are rusty. He has another dizzy spell and she asks if he’s okay. He says he has a headache and she asks what’s going on – he says he has post-concussion syndrome when things get intense or he has to concentrate.

She asks why his doctor let him go then says his doctor and Cabe must not know. Walter begs her not to say anything. Paige says to self-assess and he says he’s at 70%. He worries he can’t do this. Paige says she’s been having waitress nightmares and says he’s scared of failure and isn’t used to that. Sylvester says he can’t get any signal. Toby says they need to look at this another way. They talk about knocking it off its course with a missile. Sylvester says there’s not enough data.

Happy says if they can read the keystrokes of a Russian, they can get the satellite codes. Happy and Toby take off for the Russian embassy. She rigs a device on the way and Toby says he got her signal about not wanting to be with him. He says if they’re going to die he wants to talk about his. He says he grows on people and she better come to her senses before he finds someone else. They show up to BS and he tells Happy to play Japanese and not an English speaking.

He tells them he needs to access Roscosmos. Happy speaks Japanese back shocking Toby. They plant the bug and the receptionist blocks them. Toby tells her she has none of the warm friendly personality that Russians are known for. They leave and Walter says it’s working. They get the password from the keystrokes and have to translate from Cyrillic. They get into the satellite and Molina asks what Sylvester is doing. He has the flight path.

Molina dials to call for a missile. She calls for an intercept and a missile launches from Hawaii. Happy and Toby show up and Toby asks if Molina knows about their save the world bonus. Walter says it’s going to miss and they see the missile came in high and missed it. That’s a fail. Sylvester says his calculations were right. Molina says maybe they got bad data about the satellite. Molina makes a call and asks why it failed and says her people are smarter than them and says the politicians are lying to her.

She’s chewing out the President. She says the US government intentionally knocked it out of orbit and thought it was weaponized. They sent another satellite to knock it out of orbit. That means the mass is larger. Sylvester recalculates with new mass from the combined satellites. Happy says it’s too close and will cause a nuclear winter if they hit it now. Walter calls for a new file and it’s a video feed of Paige kissing him. She’s appalled that he hacked the hospital footage to record the kiss.

Toby asks if Walter is hoping now that the satellite would take them all out. Walter says it was just curiosity and Molina asks for Plan B. The phones all start ringing and Cabe says NASA and NORAD and NATO want to know about the missile launch. Happy yanks the phone lines. Molina says they need to get them out of LA so they can save people later even though 10 million will die. Walter says he has nothing and Cabe says they need to evac. Molina says to head for the roof.

Walter says the satellite is too far away and they need another way to talk about it. He mentions a super secret jet program. He says the 24G could talk to it if it gets close. Sylvester says it would be in proximity in 48 minutes. Molina says if they stay they are at risk. Cabe says he understands that. They tell Sylvester to stay and Molina stays with him. The rest go for the chopper to the jet location. They take them to the location while the rest of the base is in evacuation mode.

Happy gets into the flight system and Paige types but Walter stands back too far from her so she can’t hear. Walter says they have 20 seconds to reprogram it. Sylvester does the coordinates and says they haven’t linked yet. Walter has a virus and Happy says he got it from the hospital server when he took the video. They get the coordinates entered and Molina asks if it worked. Sylvester says the jet is too far from it. Walter says it’s ironic he got a virus from a hospital.

Paige says no one is dying today. She tells him to work it out. Happy tells her they’re in the blast zone and she should call Ralph now. Walter says they need to send an EMP to the satellite. That would reboot it and Walter says to send up the device up with a weather balloon. They have less than 30 minutes. Molina is stunned with the microwave oven idea. They grab microwaves from the mess hall and rapidly fill the weather balloon. Happy build the device and tests is quickly.

She’s blown back when she attaches a loose wire. She says it works like a charm. He says her eye has pressure and says she can’t go up in the balloon or she’ll go blind. Paige has to go with him and Walter says they have to parachute down and it’s too risky but Paige insists. They suit up and take off. Paige is cold and Walter says wait until they get outside. Toby takes care of Happy’s eye and says it’s full of fluid. He says he’s plunging it out like a toilet.

Toby says she trusts him to save her sight but not to date her. She tells him to keep plunging and shut up. Walter says if he hadn’t hacked the hospital footage, everything would be fine. Walter admits he has feelings for her. He says his head injury has provided clarity and says he can’t risk Scorpion not working so their feelings are destabilizing. He says they should let it lie like she said. Paige says while he was in rehab she thought how close she came to losing the team and won’t jeopardize Scorpion.

She says friends and colleagues. Toby was eavesdropping again. Sylvester says they’re almost in range and tells them to set the device. Walter goes up to set it. He has it in position then it falls. He dropped the device. Walter has to climb down and tells Paige to bring the battery. He’s on the edge of the orb and says he can’t reach it. He says the parachute is in the way and has to pull it off. He grabs it and hands it up to Paige. She plugs it in. Walter starts to have a dizzy spell and loses his parachute.

He says – that’s a wrinkle. The ground crew sees the parachute hit. The satellite is in range and Happy tells Paige how to set up the EMP. Paige is getting dizzy from lack of oxygen. Sylvester tells her to hit it and they tell her to get it together. Walter tells her she can do it. She sets off the EMP and Sylvester says it’s in safe mode. He gets into it and redirects it. Then some g-men are there and Molina pulls out her badge and tells them to back down. It’s DOD and she backs them down and tells Sylvester to do it.

Paige tells Walter he needs to climb to her and he says she should jump without him. She refuses. Paige climbs down to her. She buckles her parachute around them both and Walter struggles to latch it to him. They get it and realize it’s too short and won’t close. The satellite’s engine boosts and they see it’s going to hit the balloon. Sylvester warns Walter and they see it coming at them. Paige tells Walter she has an idea and he says to drop. She connects it to him and they let go of the balloon.

They pull the ripcord and Paige laughs. They are stuck together as they drop through the atmosphere. Molina puts together a press conference and Happy tells Toby she’s scared about her eye. He says he’s never heard her admit that and he says there’s a better chance of a nuclear apocalypse than him hurting her. He pulls off the bandage and she says she sees a rare and delightful fungus. Molina takes credit for the win and talks about the satellite. Molina then thanks the team of scientists who helped.

Later, Paige watches Toby and Sylvester argue over the superhero toy until Happy takes it away. Walter tells Cabe he’s glad to be back and Cabe says after working with actors, this is still better. The team, except for Walter and Paige head out to eat. Cabe tells Walter not to lie about his health and he says Paige didn’t tell him, he just knows him. Walter tells Paige she seems perturbed. She talks about worries over the business plan for Scorpion. He says they need to test it.

Then says it’s like the two of them and says they assume their feelings will interfere so they’re avoiding them. Paige says they never really tested the assumption. They kiss. Walter breaks off the kiss and Paige says she felt nothing and Walter says he agrees it’s nothing and says he must have just liked the symmetry of her face. She leaves and they each sigh – they were both totally into it and were lying about not being so.