Scream Recap 6/30/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “Red Roses”


Tonight on MTV Scream airs with an all new Tuesday June 30, season 1 premiere episode called, “Red Roses,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the premiere, the murder of a high-school student in the small town of Lakewood conjures memories.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about the murder of an entitled teen reverberates through a town’s social hierarchy; and impacts arty loner Audrey, her nerdy pal Noah and one-time best friend Emma. At the same time, the town’s sheriff is joined by the medical examiner—Emma’s mom—in investigating the murder, as they fear it may be connected to a dark chapter in the town’s past.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “in the premiere, the murder of a high-school student in the small town of Lakewood conjures memories of a similar murder that occurred 20 years earlier in the community.”

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#Scream begins with a man singing a song to Daisy about being half crazy in love with her. We see a two teen girls making out in a car and someone taking a video of it then posting it online. The peeper calls it Audrey’s face sucking extravaganza. It’s everywhere and is getting tons of views and comments. Audrey looks at the video unhappily. Nina and Tyler chat about how they just had to post it and now Audrey is trending.

Nina says it’s the food chain and the weak are outed. He says he knows her parents are out of town and wants to come in but she turns him down cold. Nina says she needed his tech savvy not what’s in his pants. She lets herself into her house and her little dog runs up to her. She switches some music on and pulls off her jacket and slips on a suit to go into the hot tub. Her phone chimes and she picks it up. She sees a video of herself undressing moments before.

Then a text asks how she likes to be the star of the show. She slams her laptop shut when she sees her webcam light is on. She says she needs to get a restraining order against Tyler. He texts again and she can tell he’s still listening. She goes through the house yelling at Tyler. The dog barks and Nina goes out the front door. She gets another text and it’s a video fro behind of her walking out of the house. Tyler (or someone) is in the house. The phone chimes again.

This text says maybe her video will get more hits than Audrey’s. Nina says maybe it will and tells him to get a clue. She goes out back and turns up the music then gets into the hot tub. The house lights go up suddenly and she calls out to Tyler. She texts back and then he asks if this is where it gets interesting. She texts that she may have underestimate him. She sheds her robe and gets in the hot tub. The next text says – you’re killing me because she posed sexy.

She texts back and says to get over there and do something about it. The next text says – heads up – then the hot tub water churns and there’s a splash. She sees aTyler’s dead body in her hot tub and runs screaming. She tells her phone to call 911 but it says – calling Pottery Barn. The house doors are locked and she screams for help. She runs door to door trying to get inside. Her back is slashed with a knife. She tries to run and the killer grabs her and slits her throat violently as she screams no, please.

All we see is a long black coat and the famous white scream mask. Will tries to make out with Emma but she wants him to concentrate on the calculus. She says he could have shown up last night and he makes a lame excuse for blowing her off then says he’s sorry. Emma says not to do it again. He says he doesn’t deserve her and she agrees. They kiss some more and she asks him to stay for breakfast. He says he has to go and says to tell her mom hi.

Her mom Maggie comes in Emma asks about Clark but her mom says they work together often over dead bodies. Emma says he likes her and says to take a second chance. She tells her mom she’s a coroner not dead. Audrey is dropped off to school and everyone is staring and giggling. She’s shooting with her video camera and tells Noah today will suck hard. He asks why she’s making out with Rachel and the lesbian thing. She says she’s not a lesbian and isn’t talking about it.

Jake, Riley, Zoey and Brooke talk about taking the Audrey video and agreeing to delete it. They conclude of course it was Nina that sent the video out. Brooke says Emma’s little friend Audrey will be fine. Emma says they’re not really friends anymore. Jake insists he deleted the video. In class later, Brooke checks out the new guy Kieran from Atlanta. The teacher, Mr Branson, asks Brooke a question and she’s clueless. Then they compare gothic literature to today’s TV shows like Walking Dead.

In class, Noah says you can’t make a television show out of a horror storyline. (How meta!) He explains it would unfold too quickly then talks about finding the body. We see Nina’s parents come home and they see their dead daughter in the pool. Her mom starts screaming. Noah says by then there is a bloodbath and it all burns out too quickly. The class and teacher listen with interest. The news spreads about Emma’s death and a grief counselor is there.

Noah wants to leave and says he doesn’t feel grief and doesn’t need grief counseling. Jake wants the gory details and finds a tweet from Nina’s neighbor saying her throat was slashed. Riley is upset by all of this. Jake says maybe Brandon James is back and Emma says he’s dead then walks off. Kieran asks who Brandon James is and Noah says he killed a bunch of students 20 years ago and cut a lot of others up. He says Emma’s dad was slashed. He says Brandon had protean syndrome.

Kieran asks how he knows and Noah says serial killers are his super bowl athletes. He says Brandon was kept out in the shed. He says the guy was bullied and beaten. He says he was deformed, his dad was ashamed and he wore this surgical mask the few times he went out. Noah says rumor is Brandon fell in love with a girl and wrote her letters and made her little carvings. He spoke to her at the Halloween Dance and then she saw his face and screamed and some drunk jocks jumped him.

Noah says Brandon snapped and killed five students before he was done. Noah says the girl agreed to meet him at the lake. She begged him to turn himself in and not hurt anyone else. He says he just wanted to be with her. He’s shot by police snipers. Noah says no one ever knew who she was. It’s Emma’s mom Maggie! We see Maggie at home looking at the little carving that Brandon made her. The police say they’re investigating and looking for Tyler O’Neill.

Riley asks if Tyler for reals did this. Emma says a neighbor saw Tyler’s car out front and his foster parents can’t find him now. Riley asks how he could do it. Brooke is planning a kegger/prayer vigil. Jake asks if her mom went through Nina’s laptop. She says she doesn’t know and then Brooke asks Jake where he was when Nina was killed. He says he was out with Will up to no good and Emma asks what about him saying he was home with a dead phone.

Emma rushes off to talk to Audrey. She invites her to Brooke’s party. Audrey says she’s grounded because of the video. Emma says it starts at 9 and she can bring anyone she wants. Will asks Jake if he cleaned up his computer and got rid of those files. He says Nina is dead and he doesn’t want Jake to take him down with him. He says Will’s fingerprints are all over this too. Will says – just do it. Brooke goes to see Mr Branson and he asks how she’s holding up.

She says she’s devastated. He says with the investigation going on, they should discontinue their “study” sessions. Brooke says okay then says what she’s supposed to do on Saturday night after he’s had a few Scotch and sodas and asking if she’s wearing any underwear. He says it can’t end well and she says she’s not wearing any and he pulls her close for a kiss. There’s a knock on Emma’s door but when she peeks out, no one is there. She goes outside and looks around then spots a package.

It’s in brown paper and she takes it back inside the house. Maggie comes in and asks what it is. Emma asks if they know anyone named Daisy. It’s the name that was carved on Maggie’s little necklace from Brandon. Emma says she has to go and Maggie says it’s probably a mistake. Emma leaves then Maggie opens the note and it says, Emma looks just like you at that age. She opens the box and there’s a bloody heart inside.

The party is in full swing. Brooke says whenever her dad Quinn gets laid, she gets to have a party. Will is being weird and Emma tells him to relax. Noah and Audrey show up and Brooke heads over and says hi. Audrey introduces Noah and Brooke tells them where the food, drink and swimsuits are. Audrey sees the stares and says I kissed a girl. Noah says she’s the star of the viral video. Audrey grabs a bottle of hooch and heads outside. Jake says there will be girl on girl action by 10.

Jake says she just showed up but Emma says she invited her. Kieran shows up too and Brooke says she invited him. Audrey and Emma talk outside and Emma asks if they’re a thing and Audrey says they met at film camp and they’re just friends. She says she’s not a lesbian and Emma says she gets bi-curious and says she would totally make out with Scar Jo. Audrey says she misses her and Emma says her too. Riley asks for a drink and Noah finds her one. She asks if his picture was in the paper.

He says his mom put him in there because he’s on the short list for an internship with Elon Musk. She says she likes perfume then laughs and says she’s joking and knows Space X. Maggie calls Sheriff Clark over to look at the heart. She tells him it’s not human and says it was way before they met. She says she’s Daisy, the girl Brandon James was obsessed with. She says her dad kept her name out of the police report. Clark asks about Emma’s dad.

Maggie says no way and says Kevin worked hard to cope after the attack but he couldn’t move past it. She says she doesn’t even know where he is now. Clark says he’ll track him down. She says she was the same age as Emma the night of the murders and shows him the card. She says she feels like it’s happening again. Riley chats up the group and says they were talking about slasher movies in English and then Nina got slashed. Noah says she was already dead.

Kieran says maybe they should be afraid. He says this party is a natural slasher setting and it’s where Brandon died. Audrey says Nina made her life miserable since 4th grade and Emma agrees she could be a real bitch. Will says it’s better that she’s dead and Brooke says Will’s life is certainly less complicated. Emma gets it and walks off upset. Will goes running after her. She says she knows about his conveniently dead phone and says he slept with Nina.

Will says no. She says to look her in the eyes. He says they were on a break and she says it was for just a few weeks. She tells him she’s getting a ride home with someone else and walks off. Brooke says Riley will get over it then Riley sees lights off and on in the garage and asks if her dad is home. Brooke goes to check. Noah says you’re pretty safe at a party if you stay together. Riley sits down beside him. Noah says the slasher is a wolf waiting for one of them to wander off alone.

Brooke goes to the garage where the lights are off and wont’ come on. She says whoever is in here needs to get out. She hears a car door chime and goes to look. She gets in the car and pulls the keys out. There’s a sound of metal scraping. She goes to walk back in the house in a hurry and then Will is there. She says someone is in here and he flips the lights on. They come on and he says no one is there but then tells her if she ever gets between him and Emma again, he will break her.

Drunk Noah says the key to surviving a party is not to wander off alone. He passes out in a heap. Emma finds Kieran in the greenhouse and he asks if she’s okay. She says she feels stupid for thinking people are good deep down. He reminds her they’re in high school and hands her a beer. She asks why he’s in there and he says he’s avoiding Brooke. She asks why is he in Lakewood. He says his mom and step dad died in a car accident six weeks ago so he came to live with his bio dad.

Emma says she’s sorry and he says they all have their problems but she seems to have a perfect life. She says her perfect BF slept with the deceased and he make a necrophilioa joke. She says he has a dark mind then says she needs to get back to her friends. He asks if she even likes them and she asks if you’re supposed to. He says he could use a friend and she kisses him. It turns into a makeout sesh.

Noah wakes on the floating dock out on the lake and finds he was stripped down to his underwear. He can see the house a couple of hundred yards a way and calls for help. No answer. He says it’s no big deal, it’s just the lake where Brandon James died. He gets in the water and swims for the house. He hears a sound and then whispers and starts to freak. Someone grabs him. He struggles and goes under. He splutters to the surface then goes under again and starts thrashing. He swims hard.

Kieran is in the lake and pulls him out and says he has him. Emma takes him over to comfort him. Jake makes a joke and says he was the first one to pass out and it’s tradition. Noah asks who grabbed him and Emma says it must have been fishing line but he says it felt like someone pulled him down. Audrey runs over and tells Emma her friends are great then says – thanks for the invite. The lake looks ominous. Kieran drives Emma home then asks why is his dad at her house.

She says Sheriff Hudson is your dad then says this is even more awkward. Audrey hangs with Rachel and tells her about the party. Rachel says she was brave to go and Audrey says she just doesn’t care and doesn’t regret the video. Rachel says she sees all those comments and feels ugly. Audrey says she’s beautiful and takes a photo of her then kisses her. The killer watches from some nearby hedges. The sheriff is at school looking for Noah then asks about his interest in Brandon James.

He asks him to come by and answer some questions before school tomorrow. He agrees. Audrey asks what that’s about and he says it’s questioning about Nina. Audrey says no one could think he killed her and he says he hated the way Nina treated her. Riley comes up to chat Noah up about his theories on who killed Nina. He says the who done it may not be that important. He says to forget it’s a horror story and says the hot lit teacher is too into a hot student.

He says you have to care if the smart pretty girl forgives the dumb jock. He says you root for them so when they’re brutally murdered, it hurts. Emma comes to see Audrey and makes a friendship gesture. Emma tells her she was there in the parking lot when Nina filmed her. She says she didn’t even realize it was her at first. Audrey says she wants to be friends again because she feels guilty then calls her bitch and walks off.

Emma leaves and gets a call from a man who says he’s a friend then asks why she’s sad and crying. She asks if he’s watching and he says that’s what you want on social media – big smiles. She asks who it is and he says he’s the one who will lift the mask. Noah talks to Riley on the phone and she wants to know how the story ends. He says everyone has secrets. Audrey has a photo of Brandon on her bulletin board hidden. He says everyone tells lies. Jake watches the video he told Will he deleted.

Noah says everyone is fair game and we see Emma looking scared. He says until there’s no one left. We see Noah is in his car talking to her and he’s out doing something, but what? He brushes his hair aside and we see in the mirror a large mark or scar across his forehead.