Shameless Recap – Fiona’s Big Secret: Season 5 Episode 4 “A Night to Remem…Wait, What?”

Shameless Recap - Fiona's Big Secret: Season 5 Episode 4 "A Night to Remem...Wait, What?"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday February 1, season 5 episode 4 called “A Night to Remem…Wait, What?” and we have your weekly recap below. Frank [William H. Macy] tries to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what he did with his six-figure insurance settlement; Gus admits he is falling in love with Fiona [Emmy Rossum].

On the last episode Frank asks Carl to discourage lesbians from buying property; Ian went on a cleaning spree. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank tries to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what he did with his six-figure insurance settlement; Gus admits he is falling in love with Fiona; Lip visits Amanda in Miami; Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer; Debbie develops a new crush; Debbie begins training at Derek’s boxing gym; Kev blows off a date because he doesn’t want to leave the girls with a sitter.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 4 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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A cop wakes Frank who was passed out under a statue in the park. He says he’s in a good mood for a guy covered in pigeon shit. He tells him he was celebrating his last day being poor and says he got a big insurance settlement. The cop tells him to wait for his limo elsewhere. Gus plays his guitar and sings to Fiona about how hot it is and how sweaty his balls are. She calls it the ballad of sweaty balls. She asks how they’re not sick of each other yet and he says it’s only been nine days and 12 hours not that he’s counting.

He plays her something else and she dances around. In Miami, Lip shows up to visit Amanda. She runs out and hugs him and he thanks her for the ride. She says it’s weird to see him there but she’s glad he came. She drags him inside. The house is palatial. He says it’s nice if you like this kind of thing. She says her parents and sisters are out at a squash tournament. She asks if his dad is going to want his $10k back. He says he’s just glad not to be hauling rocks for a few days.

Carl tries on his new grill and Debbie tells Fiona she wants to get on the pill. Fiona says there’s more than pregnancy to worry about. She tells her to use condoms too and Fiona agrees to take her to the clinic. Carl says he has to leave for his job. Gus comes down and she introduces him to Debbie, Carl and Liam. Carl asks if they’re BF/GF or just f-k buddies. Fiona says – welcome to my family. Fran is waiting at his lawyer’s house.

He asks about the cash and she says it was 121 grand. She asks what the smell is and he says it’s pigeon shit. She says the check came in and he picked it up yesterday. She tells him that he must have gone out celebrating. He wonders what happened and she says they opened him a bank account and the whole amount was deposited there. He’s relieved and says he could kiss her but neither of them would enjoy that. Mickey gets his suitcase that was lost from his trip. Ian asks what trip then covers when Mickey glares.

Mickey says the guy rang the doorbell and says it was lost so he decided to keep it. They find a bottle of pills and Mickey takes one and washes it down with beer. Kevin explains to a potential sitter that Amy and Jemma are very individual and aren’t identical twins either – he says they’re the other kind of twins. Kevin asks why Fiona can’t watch them or her mom. She says Fiona is busy and so is her mom. Veronica says they need to go out for a date but Kevin says he can’t do it.

He says maybe in a couple of months and says he can’t leave the girls with a stranger. She blows up and tells Felice she can go and says she’s going on date night by herself. Amanda wants to have sex on her parents’ bed before they get back and she says she wants vagina sex. He says that’s a big step. She says no one thought that was romantic especially since she’s been doing it in the butt, blowing guys and taking it in the face.

She says she doesn’t want to marry him or anything. Carl shows up looking for work with a drug dealer. The drug dealer tells Carl he needs to put on khakis and docksiders so he’s a kid the white people aren’t scared of. He says he’ll be like a WalMart greeter. He says if he sees any cracker buying crack, his ass better jump. Fiona pours Gus a coffee and flirts. He says sitting in a family dinner with an erection is weird. Sean complains about Gus being there and says he has to order more than coffee.

Fiona says she’ll make him order pancakes. The other waitress says she’s glowing from all the good sex. Fiona says she’s just happy but Sean gets snippy and says it’s been just a week. Frank and his bird poop self comes to the bank and the clerk calls security but then the bank manager rushes over to get him coffee and a danish. He sits him down and offers to get him a money manager to work on his long term financial goals.

Frank says he wants his money. The bank guy says he withdrew it yesterday in cash. He asks the bank manager if he said where he was going when he left. He says – you said you were going to celebrate. Frank gets up and walks out. Debbie is confronted by her school friends and asked about her party then said they heard about the boy she raped. Debbie punches one in the face and then another and it turns into a brawl with them ganging up on Debbie.

A guy breaks it up and says four on one isn’t cool. He tells the other girls to beat it. He tells Debbie she needs some moves if she’s going to start a fight with four other girls. He jogs away with a smile. Gus shows her the video game he’s working on music for. It’s a game with green pigs for four year olds. He tells her he’s falling in love with her. She thanks him and he says he wasn’t going to say anything. He tells her to go away because it’s awkward but asks for more coffee.

Her phone rings and it’s Veronica who tells her they’re going dancing and she can’t bring her new BF. V says she needs to be objectified like a sex object and not be a third wheel. She says she doesn’t want to her about him. But then Fiona says he told her he was falling for her and it freaks her out. She says she’s tingling. V hangs up on her. Frank comes into the alibi and everyone is cheering for him. They tell him that they thought he was nickel and dime cheapskate but he restored their faith in humanity.

He asks how much he spent and they tell him a couple thousand. Mickey says it sounds like he missed a good time. He asks what’s wrong and Frank says he lost a fortune last night and Mickey asks if he lost a $20. They tell him to check his pockets and he finds keys to a Porsche. They wonder if he stole it or bought it. Debbie finds the gym the guy who saved her works out at. He’s working a bag and she asks if this is where he learned to fight.

She says she wants to learn and asks him to train her. He tells her if she wants to fight, punch the girl in a tit but if she wants to learn to box, take a class. She says she can’t afford to but he tells her to sign up for a free class. Carl is a total white bread drug dealer. Carl gives the buyer too much drugs and the other teen dealer says now he owes him $100. Frank finds a horribly banged up Porsche that looks like it had been new recently.

He gets into it and finds a crack pipe. Kermit is asleep in the back seat. He tells Frank – what a night. Frank asks what happened after the alibi. Kermit says he bought the car for $60k then crack and then Frank did it all then they went to Chinatown for dim sum. Amanda’s parents come home and her dad asks for his $10k back but then he laughs. She introduces Wendy and Marsha, her younger sisters and each of their nannies.

Lip turns down food and he asks Amanda why they each have a nanny. She sees her dad locking the wine fridge and asks if he’s doing it because Lip is there. Lip is very uncomfortable. Fiona and V hit a dance club and Fiona goes to get drinks for them. V heads to the dance floor and starts grinding with a cute white guy. Fiona ignores the guy who tries to approach her. V dances close with the guy who touches her ass and he rubs against her. She gets a big O right there mid-song.

Then she runs off and V says they have to leave right now. She drags Fiona out. She asks V what happened. She says she was dancing with this guy and there was some friction and she had an orgasm. V says that’s how horny and lonely she is because Kevin is giving all his love to the babies. She asks if she cheated on Kev and says once the grinding started, it was intentional. Kermit and Frank head to the dim sum place and the manager asks if they’re back for more and takes them downstairs.

It’s a gambling den. The man tells Kermit that Frank is an expert at Pai Gow. We see a flashback to Frank playing last night. He says he almost lost it all but doubled it and left with three ladies. Frank asks if he said where he was going but the man says he has no clue. Gus plays the piano when Fiona stops by. She kisses him passionately then stops abruptly. He offers her a beer. She says she’s falling for him too and he says okay. She asks if it really is.

He pulls her back into a kiss and she starts to undress him. They have sex, eat a snack, he plays some music, more sex, then some booze, then shower sex. Debbie tells Kevin about the girl boxers at the gym and he says MMA chicks are super hot. V comes down as Debbie is leaving. He says he’s watching Liam for a couple of hours. V says she’s going to go open the bar. Melinda gets the phone at the diner and Fiona tries to call in sick.

Gus is face deep in her crotch and they put Sean on the phone. He says she has to come in for dinner and slaps Gus to get him to stop so she can finish her call. Mickey wakes to noise. Ian is in a suit – he went to the airport and picked up some more suitcases from the unclaimed baggage area. Svetlana is in a fancy dress that Ian got her and Mickey says they both look ridiculous. Ian says he also found some rum and then holds up a giant dildo.

Mickey says it has a hair on it and Ian chases him around the apartment with it while Svetlana laughs. Ian uses it like a light saber. Carl can’t believe his dad bought a Porsche and says he needs a hundie. He asks Carl if he hid anything in the house. He finds a credit card – but then Frank says it’s a hotel key. Fiona tells Gus she’s happy and Gus says he worried he went too far. She says he makes her feel sane and she likes to be around him even when they’re not f-ing.

He asks her if she wants to marry him. He says his parents married after knowing each other two days and are still together. She says she’d marry him and he says he’s a great choice. He tells her they should do it today and they get the laptop and look up how to get married the same day. They print an application for a license. Debbie takes a boxing class but is distracted watching the guy she likes. She ends up kicking the girl she’s sparring with and the instructor calls her on it.

Gus says they have to fill these forms out. The first question is if they’re related. Then it asks if she wants to take his name. She says she does. She asks what time it is and says she has to be at work at five. He says they have to hurry to squeeze in a wedding. Carl and Frank come to the fancy hotel room and find the Chinese hookers there. One hooker says she’ll take the young crippled one. Frank asks if he paid in advance and she says for the weekend.

They agree to give him and Carl both a whirl. He asks them to tell him what happened. She says he invited up some dentists, a business man from down the hall and the guy who works out front dressed as a hot dog. She says that he left with the business man from down the hall. He left his card and Frank calls him. Apparently he gave the guy $113,000 who says it was a great investment. He asks if he wants to come to the office and see for himself and Frank takes down the address.

Amanda’s dad asks about Lip’s major and he says engineering or robotics. He asks him about his latest project and he says he’s making an eco-friendly packing material. He explains the project and then offers to show Lip his workshop. Gus and Fiona are at the courthouse and he says they have no rings. She says it’s okay. They buy $2 worth of flowers and she says they can use the rubber bands as rings. They wonder if they should go through with it then their names are called.

Carl and Frank head to the address. Carl asks if he’s good with fractions like a 16th of an ounce. Frank says if Fiona finds out he’s helping him with drug fractions, he’ll be in trouble. Frank rattles them off like an expert and Carl says he may need to write this down. Fiona and Gus get married! They use their rubber band wedding rings and say their I do’s. They kiss and it’s down. She says holy f-k and asks what they do now. He says the judge has to sign it. He does.

She pulls him into a kiss. She tosses her flowers behind her. Frank and Carl find Buddy Diamond and he says he founded the organization and he can see this is personal for Frank. He brings them to the back and they see that Frank invested his money to help homeless children get prosthetic limbs. The kids all cheer. Frank says this is wonderful and is moved but says he needs the money back. He says cash or check is fine. Buddy says the money has been spent.

He says they already bought the prosthetics. The guy says this one alone costs $60k. Frank snatches it as the girl begs him to give her leg back. Frank says it’s all them money he has left in the world. Debbie finds the boy she likes and asks him about his training and how he got into it. He says his dad beat his mom and then says he was joking. He asks Debbie if she’s going to stick with it and she says she thinks so. She smiles and leaves.

Frank sits outside the hotel and complains to Carl about losing all the money. He tells Carl that charity is taking from others, not giving it. Carl says at least he has the car. Then some hotel clerks come running for him and start beating him. Frank asks what it’s about. He says Demitri works with them and Frank ran the guy over. They start to call the cops. They ask if he’ll pay his medical bills and Frank says he’s short on cash then offers them the car keys to the Porsche.

They take it and now Frank is back to zero. Fiona is at work and Sean bosses her around. He asks if she’s okay and she says she just has an upset stomach. She pours a soda and then watches as Gus greets Davis and the others. Sean tells her to tell them to cool it but then they all play the wedding march and then Davis announces they just got married. She kisses Gus as the others throw shredded napkins. Sean does not look happy.

Amanda’s dad shows Lip some of his projects including an electric that folds up into small spaces. He correctly guesses that there’s one engine in each wheel. Amanda tries to get Lip to come drink by the pool but he says he’ll be there. Amanda asks if they’re really bonding or if it’s a gag. Her dad says he’s only doing it to annoy her. Her dad explains is fungus thing and then lights a joint to smoke with Lip. He asks about what Lip wants to do and then what he’s doing this summer.

He says he’s hauling cement and her dad says he can get him a paid internship and says he’s headed for a serious career. Fiona accepts tips and congratulations. Sean tells Fiona she can go home. He tells her she didn’t have to call in sick to get married. Sean says next time, she can take the whole day. Debbie calls and says she’s not going on the pill since she’s in training. She asks if she’s coming home tonight and Fiona asks if she can see her in the morning and she can watch Fiona. Debbie agrees.

Mickey comes home and finds that Ian has more suitcases. Mickey says it’s too risky. Ian is getting manic and putting everything on the porch. He has all the stuff in piles. Svetlana tells Mickey – your BF is losing his shit. V comes home and asks how Kevin’s day was. He says Amy says da. V says she had an orgasm with a stranger on a dance floor grinding. Kevin says not a real one, right. She says a real one because that’s how horny she is.

She tells him that the orgasm was a cry for help from her coochie saying things aren’t right at home. Carl and Frank sit on the front porch sipping from the $2,000 bottle of wine that’s all Frank has of his big insurance score. Gus and Fiona come back to his place and she starts to clean the dishes. He goes to play his guitar. Fiona pours a glass of water and watches him on the sofa. She doesn’t look so happy now. Later in bed, Carl studies flash cards to learn his drug math.