Shameless Recap 3/15/15: Season 5 Episode 9 “Carl’s First Sentencing”

Shameless Recap 3/15/15: Season 5 Episode 9 "Carl's First Sentencing"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday March 15, season 5 episode 9 called “Carl’s First Sentencing” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Frank [William H. Macy] plays tour guide for his doctor. Fiona [Emmy Rossum] preps Carl [Ethan Cutkosky] for sentencing.

On the last episode Ian got upset when he learned he was under a mandatory 72-hour hold at the psych ward; Frank returned home from the hospital and refused to apologize to Sammi; Jimmy and Gus had a face-to-face meeting about their futures with Fiona; Lip discovered he never filled out his financial aid forms and now owed thousands in tuition; Debbie tried to get out of the “friend zone” with Derek. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank plays tour guide to the seedier side of life for his doctor after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer; Fiona prepares Carl for his sentencing hearing; Lip sleeps with a professor; Ian realizes he needs to get back on his meds.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 9 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless starts with Fiona taking off her wedding band and tossing it on her dresser. She asks Sammi why she’s there who says Fiona should be at her husband’s then says he left her. Sammi tells her that groupies are going to bang him. Fiona says Chuckie didn’t get arrested because of her and says Chuckie wasn’t destined for greatness. She tells Sammi to pack and get out of her house. She tells Fiona she hopes Carl gets a long sentence and gets his salad tossed in jail or has to toss salads whichever is worse.

Ian wakes and freaks out thinking the MPs are coming to get him. Fiona and Mickey try to get him to calm down. Ian gets a bat and almost hits Debbie. Mickey takes the bat and says there is no one out there and tells him to f-ing look. Fiona tells Ian it’s only going to get worse. Mickey says they need to get him some meds today. Frank says not to do it and Fiona tells him to shut up. Mickey takes Ian back upstairs. Fiona asks if Debbie is okay.

Fiona says she’s going to go try and get Carl out. Kevin is partying with coeds and Lip says he thought he was going home. Kevin talks about doing shots off some girl’s ass. Lip tells him not to do something he’s going to regret. They call Kevin a rape walker and tell Lip he’s getting them back to their room safely. Carl tells the lawyer that he’s not a rat when the lawyer asks to know his drug dealer’s name. Fiona says the Gallaghers don’t snitch.

The lawyer says Carl’s fingerprints were all over the drugs and duct tape and says Carl has a terrible record of violence at school. Fiona asks what if she shows remorse. Carl isn’t upset about getting a year in juvie. The lawyer says the dealer may have him hurt in prison because he lost him a lot of money. The lawyer says if he gives the dealer’s name, he’ll be safe.

Chuckie’s lawyer comes in and says his IQ is 71 and that can help. She wants him to get probation but the lawyer says even if he’s functionally retarded, he had 10 pounds of heroin strapped to him. She says he will serve time. Sammi tells Chuckie to put down the f-ing video game. She says he’s always been her innocent little bunny and says in prison, bunnies get raped. She asks if he knows what it means and she says big scary men will treat him like a woman.

She tells him to do anything it takes to feel safe including making them feel. Chuckie doesn’t understand and Sammi tells him to jerk the guards off for protection. The lawyer is horrified. Sammi asks Chuckie if he knows how to jerk someone off then says she’ll teach him how to do it. Lip comes in late to class and the professor, Helene, says he’s late and says he’s a week and 10 minutes late. He asks what he missed and she asks his name.

He says a lot of other classes were full so it was this or environmental studies and he says hippies don’t use deodorant. She asks if he knows what critical theory is and he rattles off a good definition. She tells him to sit, listen and come see her in her office later. Fiona comes to work late and Sean asks how Carl is. She says he’s doing anything and everything to get the book thrown at him. He advises her to tell him to do the right thing and he might surprise her.

Frank comes to see the doctor, Bianca, about his gunshot wound and asks for something for the pain. She looks at his wound and then turns away. She says she can’t do this and has to go. He follows her out and asks why she didn’t rewrap the bandage. She’s freaking and says she needs a tranq and he asks what’s the occasion. She says cancer and says stage three pancreatic. He asks when she found out and she says 10 minutes ago. He tells her she needs a drink and takes her to The Alibi.

A shrink meets with Mickey and Ian to talk about his mental symptoms. She offers different meds and says they may have to tweak them to get a good balance. Ian asks how long will he need to take these but she says 30-40 years is likely. Mickey looks upset. Frank asks Veronica where everyone is and she says it’s 10 am. Frank says she has cancer and asks V to comp her a drink. She says BS and Frank says her heart is as black as her skin. Bianca pulls money out of her wallet and buys drinks for Frank too.

Veronica tells her to do the world a favor and Kevorkian Frank’s ass. Frank asks her survival rate and she says 2%. He tells her he OD’d twice in 88, 84 and then in 92. He says he’s had last rites three times. Bianca says she’s spent all this time in school and working hard and now it’s time wasted. Frank says every day is an opportunity and you shouldn’t waste it working. He tells her he woke up in Mexico once and says he wouldn’t trade a day.

Bianca says she’s never gotten drunk and done anything irresponsible. She says she’s never even tried weed. Frank asks if she has her prescription pad on her. Lip goes to see Helene. She says that she called financial aid and they told her his time was up to pay. She says he’s smart and it’s a shame he’s leaving school. She tells him to close the door on the way out. Lip comes back in and asks why she went to the trouble of calling financial aid.

He sets down his backpack and she says there is a policy against fraternizing with professors. He says he doesn’t want to fraternize, he wants to f-k her. She comes for him and he buries his face in her crotch. Someone knocks and she calls out that she’s with a student. Carl sits in the room when Sammi comes in. He asks what she wants. Sammi says she heard he’s planning on setting her little boy on fire. Carl says Chuckie dimed on him and she says he won’t touch a hair on Carl’s head.

Carl says he’s not scared and tells her to bring it then calls her bitch. She attacks him. Fiona calls Lip and asks if he has any clothes for Carl to wear to the hearing. Lip suggests finding Ian a real job to help regulate him once he’s on meds. Lip tells Fiona that financial aid is kicking him to the curb. He says he has to go and she asks if he’ll be at court. He says he wouldn’t miss Carl’s first sentencing. Frank takes Bianca to meet a drug dealer. He tells her to wait there but she says she wants the whole experience.

He tells her to keep her eyes peeled for pigs. They buy some weed and the doc says she’s a cop then says she’s kidding. Kevin gets a call on his cell phone for the rape walker and says she needs a walk on. She says she’s at the cantina and is on the floor by the pool table. He tells her it’s the middle of the afternoon. He tells her not to have another shot and says he’s on the way. She says – thank you rape walker – and he says not to call him that.

Lip deals with a kid in the dorm and says Joaquin stole his weed. Lip asks if the door was unlocked and he says to do something because he’s the RA. He says he’ll talk to Joaquin. Sean snaps at Fiona then says his ex is moving to Pittsburgh and is taking his son Will with her. He says he has to move there and says he has to break his lease and clear it with his PO. She says she’s looking for a job for her brother Ian and he says he can wash dishes. He says to bring him tomorrow before the dinner rush.

Bianca gets stoned with Frank. Kevin gets another rape walker call. Lip finds Joaquin smoking dope outside and says he needs to stop stealing from people. He says they’re the ones that leave their doors open. He says he has work study and has to go. He says it’s in the library. Lip asks why he even came to college. He tells the kid that he came there to study robotics and the guy says he digs algorithms and writing code. Lip asks if he’s ever hacked and asks about hacking financial aid.

Joaquin says he can take a look and says it’s just a SQL code line. He says he got into Stanford but says there’s too much sun in California. Joaquin doesn’t have a computer and Lip says he can’t use his and he says they should go to the computer lab but Lip says no then says not to worry about it. Kevin shows up to the call and Stacey says she needs help getting off. Kevin follows her in as she takes off her top. Mickey comes out and tells Fiona that Ian is sleeping off the meds. She’s getting clothes out for Carl.

Mickey offers to help and she asks if he can use an iron. Bianca tells Frank she didn’t picture her day getting stoned with a derelict. She asks if that’s offensive but Frank says he’s been called once. She says she saw patients getting round after round of chemo to spend their final days puking and bald. She says she’s going out with a bang not a whimper. The oncologist keeps calling. She ignores the calls then throws it in the water. She asks Frank if he believes in God.

He shows her his liver scar and says he survived that. She asks if it was peaceful or scary the time he almost died. Frank says it’s scary. Bianca wants to go streaking and Frank strips down with her and they run off. Lip talks to Kevin and says he was up all night trying to hack into financial aid. He asks Kevin what about Veronica but he says she left him. Carl comes in looking bad and Fiona asks who roughed him up – he says it was skanky Sammi.

She has a suit for him to wear and some glasses too. He says that makes him want to kick his own ass. She tells him to get the suit on. Bianca yells f-k you to the world while Frank takes a leak. She says f-k med school, f-k pancreatic cancer, f-k you. Then she starts bawling. She tells Frank there’s something else she needs to do and asks if he’s coming. In court, Sammi greets Chuckie who says boys hit him and called him rat because Uncle Carl told them to.

V is there in court and Lip asks about the thing with her and Kevin. Judge Gaither comes in and asks everyone to sit. She calls up the case or Chuckie first. The lawyer says it’s his first arrest and he has a barely functional IQ level. The judge asks if Chuckie wants to say anything. He says okay then nothing. Sammi asks to speak and says Chuckie is a good boy who was taken advantage of by an older family member and says his Uncle Carl is responsible, the family who raised Carl and her for putting him there.

The judge sentences Chuckie to 120 days in juvie and says 60 days with good behavior. They take Chuckie out and she tells him not to be scared. She tells him to be nice to the guards. Carl comes in next and Sammi is aggravated to see Carl looking all neat and clean. V says he looks like Ted Bundy. The lawyer says Carl knows he made a mistake, is sorry and has learned from the experience. Carl says he did something dumb and says he trusted a retard and the next time he moves drugs, he’ll use a man. The judge asks if he wants to talk to him in chambers. He says if she loses 20 pounds, he’d tap that.

The judge sentences him to one year in juvie. Fiona asks why the hell Carl did that. He says he’ll learn to make IEDs and launder money. He says you can’t buy that education. He says his street cred will be off the chain and says he’s going to make juvie his bitch. V says he’ll run the joint. Fiona asks if there’s any chance they’ll scare him straight and they all say no.

Bianca takes Frank with her to Daisy’s house – the girl who stole her prom date. She punches the girl in her face. She and Frank run off. Lip and Ian talk about his college thing and Ian’s new job. Lip says he heard he went to the clinic and asks if Mickey made him but Ian says it was his idea. He says he knows he has a problem. Lip says he’ll get better but Ian says it will be 30 years. Lip asks Ian if he remembers the kid who gave him all the black eyes in school. He says Ian told him – I got this.

Lip tells him it’s like that and he’s got this. Lip comes to see the financial aid guy and say she knows he wants to toss him out. He asks Lip if he’s heard about the topless maid service. He says the guy who created it went to school there and says he was his roommate and he talked him into bailing Lip out this semester. Lip asks the catch and the guy says he has to say thank you and says it was an interest free loan. He says his friend Nick got kicked out and a buddy covered his.

Lip asks how long he has to pay him back. The guy says not to worry and says Lip will have piles of job offers when he graduates. Fiona brings Ian to work and Melinda says Sean isn’t there and is late. Fiona leaves Sean a message and Melinda says she’ll show Ian around. She tells him he’s going to love being a dishwasher. Kevin is cruising the halls of the dorms sniffing his pits. He knocks on a door and there’s a chick there and a hand full of guys.

The guys are all annoyed that he’s been walking the girl’s home and says him treating the girls right is f-ing things up for the rest of them. He says if he wants to treat a woman right, get a wife. He shows them a photo of V and they all say she’s hot then asks why he’d leave that. He tells them that life is hard once you grow up, have bills and babies. They ask if she’s bad in the sack or something. He says she can do more with the flick of her tongue than these girls can do with their whole bodies.

Kevin thanks the guy and says it was a great talk. Chuckie sits at the table looking glum when Sammi comes in. She says she’s sorry and was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. She says not to worry. She pulls out a pen and a needle and says no one will mess with him again. Lip comes to see Helene and says he has bad news – that he’s back in school. She says it’s okay because it wasn’t that great because he was over-exuberant. He says he thought she liked it.

He offers to be less exuberant if she gives him another chance. She tells him to get his assignments read and turned in. Then she asks how he paid tuition. He says he got a loan – he says the guy at financial aid hooked him up but he can’t figure out what the angle is. He says he can’t understand what’s in it for him. She says he should get used to the world picking him up. Helene says it’s like Sheila, this Austrian painter. She goes and gets him a book and shows him the painting. He does have a similar look.

She says when he’s done with that, he can try again. She takes off her dress. He slams the book shut. Fiona goes to Sean’s apartment and rings the bell. He doesn’t answer so she calls his name. She goes around back and climbs the stairs up. She sees him sitting there and tells him she called a couple of times. She asks how long he’s been out there. She asks if his PO said something. He says he can’t leave. She asks why not and he says travel restrictions. He says he can’t leave the state.

She tells him they should go inside. He says he’s not moving. He says he’s fantasizing about his PO and his family being in pain like he is. He says he knows one visit to the street corner and he’ll feel better. He says if he moves, that’s where he’s going so he’s going to try like hell not to move. Fiona goes inside his apartment and comes back out with a jacket. She says if they’re going to sit out there, he needs it. She sits down beside him.

Bianca asks Frank why he didn’t tell her punching someone would hurt so much. He offers to roll her a joint but she says she’s tired. She says thanks to him it’s the best two days of her life. He says he can take her to a guy who has opium. She lays her head on his shoulder. He reaches for her wallet and unzips it. He sees all the cash and goes to take it. Kevin gets a call on his phone and takes it. He says the Rape Walker is out of service and hangs up.

Kevin looks at photos of V with the girls and thinks. He looks at a photo of just Veronica. Lip looks at the book of paintings as Helene sleeps naked, post-coital. He hears a guy come in and she says it’s her husband then calls him upstairs. He tries to hide and she laughs. The guy asks who this is then kisses her. She says this is Lip and he’s quite bright. He offers Lip some food. He says whatever is good.

Bianca wakes at home – she asks Frank how he knew where she lived and he says her license was in her wallet. He takes off her shoes and has her all comfie. Chuckie gets on the bus to juvie and we see that Sammi tattooed a swastika on his forehead. A white supremacist pulls him into the seat next to him. A guy sits by Carl and says G-Dog knows he didn’t snitch. He hands Carl a doo rag to put on his head. Carl says word. That puts Chuckie in the white supremacist gang and Carl in with the black kids.