Stalker Recap 5/11/15: Season 1 Episode 19 “Love Hurts”

Stalker Recap 5/11/15: Season 1 Episode 19 "Love Hurts"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Monday May 11, season 1 episode 19 called, “Love Hurts,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, Beth [Maggie Q] must make a major decision about her future with the LAPD.

On the last episode, Beth desperately fought for her life after her deranged stalker (Eion Bailey) dragged her to a remote cabin in Ojai, leaving Jack and Janice to frantically search for clues to their location. Also, the TAU waited for updates on Ben’s prognosis after he was shot.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Beth must make a major decision about her future with the LAPD. Meanwhile, the team zeros in on a suspect who may be connected to recent murders, and Vicky (Mira Sorvino) reveals why she returned to Los Angeles.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 episode 19 of Stalker.

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#Stalker begins with a car pulling up to a house and shutting off the lights. A woman gets out and goes inside the house then re-locks her doors. She sets down her purse and keys and goes to the fridge for a bottle of wine. She pours a glass then goes and turns on some music. She goes and starts a bath running. Then she hears a noise and calls out for John.

She goes to check and says she’s going to call the cops. She dials 911 and says it’s Francine Johnson but then a man is there and she runs from him screaming. She knocks him down, grabs her keys and tries to get the door unlocked but he gets to her before she can get out. He takes a knife to her. Next day, a police officer comes to TAU and asks for Agent Vicky Gregg. It’s Doug Baer for robbery homicide.

He tells her about Francine’s murder and asks for info on her stalking case. She’s filling in for Beth who is with a reviewer and asks if she still wants the job. She says this career belongs to Beth and now everyone knows her as Michelle. She says she doesn’t know who Michelle is anymore.

Janice goes over the details of Francine’s stalker case. Her boyfriend John Murray was sentenced to a year and got out two weeks ago. Jack says John is in rehab in another state and couldn’t be the killer. Beth shows up and Jack greets her warmly. He asks when she’s coming back and she says she was suggested to take some time off. He says she thrives on work but should take the time she needs.

Janice greets her with a hug and says Ben is much better and is due to be released from the hospital soon. Jack asks if they can get together for drinks since he saved her life. She says that might be worth a whole dinner and leaves with a smile. Janice meets with Pam about her husband Darren Tyler. She says her husband cheated on her and she says he violated the TRO and shows her a Taylor Swift love songs and a bottle of champagne.

She asks if she’s sure Darren left them and she says he’s stalking her and leaving gifts. Janice says they don’t have proof that he left them. She says he has zero taste and that tells her it’s him. She’s upset and says he’s one love song away from snapping. She says she did everything they asked her to do and says the only thing she hasn’t done is move and asks Janice to arrest his ass. She says she doesn’t scare easily, but this is getting to her. Janice says she’ll talk to Darren and promises to get her through this.

Vicky sees Will and is surprised he showed up there. He says he left a message and she tells him to come with her. Jack and Janice watch with interest. Jack asks who it is but Janice doesn’t know. Vicky tells Will not to sit down because he’s not staying then turns down several advances. She says it’s not a good time and he says that sums up their marriage then asks how long she’s in town.

He says he wants to sell the house and the last remaining detail from the divorce. She promises to call to talk about it before she leaves. He says he’ll hold her to it. She looks unhappy. Pam walks to her house and then heads up the stairs but stops at the darkness. She pulls out her keys and rushes for her door. A shadow crosses the light. It’s not her ex Darren, it’s Clay and she asks why he’s there.

He says he came to see her because she didn’t answer his call. She says she was busy and he says he wants to tell her his side of things. He says this is all wrong. She says this is not the time or place but he says she ruined his life. He says he’s chosen direct confrontation to deal with her. She threatens to call the cops but he attacks her. She manages to get away from him and lock herself behind a door.

Vicky tells Jack and Janice that Pam was accosted and it was a co-worker named Clay Adams who had been fired last month for sexual harassment. Pam works in HR. Clay insists that Pam shoved him and says he just wanted to talk with her. He says he wasn’t there to accost her. Jack asks if he has feelings for her and he says no. Jack asks if he left gifts outside his house but he says no, she got him fired.

He says he doesn’t have a grudge, but a grievance. He says he made an offhand comment about a female co-worker’s appearance and it was just a compliment on her perfectly proportional chest. He says it’s all a misunderstanding and says he’s only guilty of a bad sense of humor. Janice and Vicky watch them talk and Janice asks if Will is her ex.

Clay says Pam ruined his career. He says Pam said he groped himself and Jack says he’s kind of creepy. Clay says Pam needs to file a new HR report so he can get another job. He says she’s taking it out on him because she had a bad deal from her ex and says they all know about it. Jack tells Pam that Clay is blaming her for a bad work thing. But they tell her that Clay wasn’t the one sending the gifts.

Jack says she should get a security system and cameras and take out a TRO against Clay. Pam laments the cost of all that. Janice brings in Darren the ex and says they spotted his car in the area. She says he still loves Pam and is upset that she dumped him. He says he will not admit to leaving her gifts and says her place is just on his way home.

He says he knows things didn’t end well but he’s better and is moving on now. He says the TRO hit him hard and he got help and joined a love and sex addict support group. He says he understands now what went wrong. Janice says he’s obsessed and he says he fears abandonment and loneliness but says he’s working on it.

Vicky comes to see Beth at home and asks if they can chat. She tells her that came to fill in for her because she wanted to check on an old case with Stan Gardner. She shows Beth the file and says he strangled his wife. He says Barry Newley was his alibi but he didn’t verify it. She says Stan’s DNA was all over the crime scene. She says Barry surfaced and is now corroborating the alibi.

She says the conviction could be overturned and if he didn’t do it, that means there’s still a murder to be solved. Vicky asks her to look at it and says this case is personal to her. Beth agrees to check it out. Pam heads home and someone lurks outside in a car. She goes through her gate and unlocks her door. She turns on the lights and locks her door.

She heads to the kitchen sorting mail and then grabs a letter opener. She grabs a carton of food from the fridge and then goes onto her balcony. She eats and looks down at the pool below. She goes back inside and the letter opener is gone but she doesn’t notice. She gets undressed and pulls on a nightgown then hears a noise. She screams but the man attacks her with the letter opener.

She fights back hard even though he drew blood. She shoots him in the face with mace then runs out screaming for help. Jack and Vicky head to Pam’s place and Vicky says she only suffered a superficial stab wound. Jack says Clay the co-worker has an alibi. Darren shows up and rushes over to them. He pushes back against the cops then asks how Pam is.

He says he was out with friends and gives names from his sex addicts group. He says some of them went to the diner after the meeting and Jack asks how they find them. He says there’s a meeting today. Jack and Janice head to the sex addict meeting to verify his alibi and they discuss love being a drug to these people, essentially. He says she seems to know too much about this. They head inside and stand at the back of the room and listen.

One of the men in the group says coming there makes him feel not so alone. Jack and Janice find Wanda who says Rachel isn’t there today. They ask if Darren was with her last night. She says they went to dinner after the meeting at about 11:30. She says she’s known him for a month or so then tells them to go easy on Darren.

She says his wife cheated and broke his heart and he’s struggling with the betrayal. Pam tells Jack she never cheated. She says she told him that she did because she was angry about his cheating. Jack says Darren has an alibi and she has no clue who else it could be. Clay is out for a jog. He’s being followed and is attacked and left to bleed.

Beth looks through the case file Vicky gave her and then a confidential folder. Something gets her attention. Jack tells Vicky that Clay was attacked and bashed in the head with a rock. Janice says the attacker may have seen Clay as a threat or a rival. They wonder if it was Darren and go check leads. Beth shows up to see Vicky but tells Jack she’s not back to work yet. He asks when and she asks if he misses her. He asks when she’s making dinner and she laughs.

She goes to see Vicky and says she looked over the case and says she knows why she asked her to look at it. Beth says Stan Gardner is innocent as far as she can tell. She says he has a real shot at overturning his conviction. Vicky asks where she should start and Beth says with her ex-husband and says Vicky already knows that. She says he was sleeping with the victim and she asks Vicky about the alibi she gave him. She says he went upstairs and she watched TV. Vicky says she wouldn’t lie for him.

Vicky says he was sleeping in the guest room but didn’t see him until morning but heard the TV and says things were bad between them. Beth asks if she thinks he’s capable of murder and Vicky says she doesn’t know. Janice and Jack look at surveillance footage and find Clay and see the attacker but not clearly. She points out a gray sports car that’s kind of like Darren’s. She gets the plate and runs it. It’s Darren’s car! Janice says they have him. They go to pick up Darren.

They head to his apartment with back up. He doesn’t answer the door so they go inside. They find photos of Pam all over the walls – like a shrine to their relationship. They find torn up photos then see they are photos of Darren and Pam. Jack sees a bottle of bipolar meds and they wonder if he’s in a manic state and worry he may hurt her. Pam is doing volunteer work and thanks the others who are helping out. She’s left alone for a few minutes. She turns out the lights to leave.

She hears a noise and calls out to Father James but he doesn’t answer. She goes into the vestibule of the church and goes to the altar. She kneels to pray. She hears a man groaning and looks around. She calls out again to the priest. She goes to look around and sees him slumped over. She runs to him and Darren is there and says he didn’t mean to hurt him but he tried to stop him. Darren says he just wanted to see her. She asks what he’s done. He holds out his arms and she asks what he did.

Janice tells Vicky they can’t find Darren and can’t reach Pam either. Jack says it’s Pam days off and she volunteers at St Julia’s. They head out. Darren tells Pam he came to see her because he wronged her and that’s why he sent those gifts. He grabs a candle and burns his arm again. He says he has to take responsibility and that he learned it in group. Janice sees Darren’s car and calls for backup while Jack races inside. Darren burns his arm and Pam asks him to put it down so they can talk.

She pushes him away and runs. Jack is there and has a gun on Darren and tells Pam to go find Janice. Darren puts up his hands and says to shoot him and that he’s done. Jack says to get on his knees. He drops down. Jack puts up his gun and Darren charges him but Jack has his night stick and gives him a one two shot that take him down. Back up is there and arrest and take him away. Pam says Darren never told her that he was sick.

Janice says he was sick and Pam says he wasn’t going to hurt her and never would have. That means someone else is still out there. Janice looks over the file while Jack says it’s time to go because they caught the bad guy. He asks what’s up but she says it’s okay. We see Vicky meet Will at the bar and he reminds her they haven’t seen a lot of each other in the last five years. She says she believes people can change if they want to.

He asks why she’s really there and he asks if it’s about the woman who ran her old unit. She asks if he heard about Stan Gardner and says his conviction may be overturned because of a new witness. She says she doesn’t know who it is, but it checked out. She says if Stan was innocent, then she screwed up and the killer is still out there. Janice texts and asks her to come back to the office. She says she’s got to go and leaves.

Jack goes to Beth’s and says he wanted to check on her. She says if she knew he was coming, she would have cooked. He says it’s weird not having her at the office telling him what to do. She says Vicky is good and he says she’s not Beth. He asks if she’s not coming back and says his instinct would be to run and start over and become someone new. She says he did that but he says he ran to not from – his son. He says he got a new life in the process. He asks what she’d be running to.

Beth says she doesn’t know and just has to figure out the next chapter in her life and start living it. Jack says it would be nice if he was part of that next chapter. They stand awkwardly then he leans in to kiss her. She kisses back. Then she backs down and looks at him. Janice tells Vicky she thinks she has something and says Pam told her that Darren would never hurt her. She says the MO jimmied the window and laid in wait. She pulls out a similar case – Francine Johnson.

She says the killer took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the chest. She says she found four more murders and can’t tie them together but says the stalkers attended a love and sex addiction support group. Vicky says the means they have a serial killer out there.